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RESEARCH AT PENN STATE RIEGER ELATIOR BEGONIAS PROGRESS REPORT I Floriculture Growth retardant, temperature, holiday, Day length, Fertility,
Regulating Carnation Production with Lights Under Colorado Conditions Floriculture Short-day treatment, Lighting Equipment, Flower initiation, internode elongation, Quality
Quality Achieved in Fast Crop Pot Mum Production Floriculture More succulent, balanced plant, Suppress this elongation, three consecutive cycles, nitrate
Prospects For Biological Control Of Fusarium Roseum 'Culmorum ' on Carnation Floriculture Stem Rot, Plant disease control, F. roseum 'Culmorum', Antagonistic microorganisms, pathogen
POINSETTIAS vs STREETLIGHTS Floriculture light and darkness, controversy, aluminum half-circle, Safety, neighborhood.
POINSETTIAS ARE NOT POISONOUS Floriculture Toxicity, Zoology, laboratory rats, LD50, active ingredient, Administered orally
PLANT ANALYSIS FOR FLOWER CROPS Floriculture Yield and quality, Fertilization , visual plant symptoms, Essential Elements, Plant Analysis
PHOSFON-D FOR HEIGHT CONTROL OF HARVEST GIANT GARDEN MUMS Floriculture Soils and fertilizers, Stage of development, Soft Pinch, Early March, soil mixture
Past, Present and Future of Seedling Geraniums Floriculture Seedling, Germination, evaluating these cultivars, flower uniformly, Dark green foliage
LILY BUD BLASTING Floriculture Symptoms, Food material, light intensity, soil and air temperatures, REDUCING LIGHT INTENSITY
HOW WE GROW POT MUMS Floriculture Soil mixture, High quality, schedule, Superphosphate and Lime, Pinch Soft
HEIGHT CONTROL METHODS FOR POINSETTIAS Floriculture Ancymidol, Chloromequat (Cycocel, CCC), Internode elongation, Foliar phytotoxicity, withholding water
GERANIUMS IN 6 WEEKS Floriculture Ornamentals temperatures, Single stemmed, high moisture and fertility, Bacterial stem rot, cost
GERANIUMS AS A FAST CROPS Floriculture Loose-well drained soil mixture, Full light intensity, Frequent irrigation and fertilizat, Suggested Procedures, Major Problem
GERANIUM STOCK PLANTS Floriculture tree-form, Cuttings are being stored on the pl, tree-type stock plants, Single-eye stem cuttings, terminal cuttings
GERANIUM DISEASES Floriculture symptoms, Botrytis blight, Botrytis cinerea, GERANIUM RUST, Preventive measures
FORCING HYDRANGEAS Floriculture Mildew, Easter, Timing, Fertilization , Chlorosis, Red Spider and aphids
FLOWER IMPORTS FROM LATIN AMERICA Floriculture commodity groups, fresh cut flowers, Orchid plants, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecua dor and, Problems
Growth Response of Petunia Floriculture Toxicity, Acidity, Seedlings, Composition
FAST CROPS POT MUM CULTURE 1967 Floriculture Axillary growth, Succulence, Growth Regulator, General Treatments, Varieties
FACTORS INFLUENCING THE DEVELOPMENT OF CARNATION STUB DIEBACK Floriculture Ascospores, Fusarium stem rot, G. zeae, Effect of Temperatures, Effect of Light, Effect of Relative Humidity
BASIC FACTS ABOUT THE RESPONSE OF POINSETTIAS TO DAYLENGTH AND TEMPERATURE Floriculture Flower primordia, flower initiation, extraneous light, frequency of premature flower init
CALYX SPLITTING OF CARNATIONS Floriculture Temperature control, Genetic factor, Fast temperature drops, Delay of heating, Soil nitroge
CARNATION BUD CRIPPLING and SHRIVELING March 1962.pdf Floriculture Axillary bud, Mechanical affect, Growth hormones, careful handling of the flowers., Mechanical injury
CARNATION PLANTING TIME May 1965.pdf Floriculture SOIL PREPARATION, REPLANTING, Steam sterilization, Nursery bedding
CHEMICAL CHANGES IN SOILS POST-STEAMING TOXICITIES A REVIEW OF CAUSES AND REMEDIES Floriculture Total Soluble Salts, Water-Soluble Organics, Modified Physical Characteristics, Ammonium Accumulation, Manganese Accumulation
CHEMICAL SOAKS FOR PREVENTION OF GROWTH OF PATHOGENIC ORGANISMS ON CLAY PLASTIC POTS Floriculture Fungi or bacteria, Disinfestant soaks, Formaldehyde, PG-141, PG-142, concentrations
CLIMATE CONTROL IN THE GREENHOUSE Floriculture Winter ventilation, temperature, Shading, Modification In Design Factors, velocity of air
Close Spacing Can Cause Blasting Of Iris Floriculture light intensity, Effect of spacing, Three by three inch spacing, 50 degree night temperature, soil moist
CO2 FERTILIZATION October Floriculture Photosynthesis, LIMITING FACTORS, Light, temperature, and CO2, C02 CONCENTRATIONS, SOURCES OF C02
Control of Gladiolus Bacterial Scab Floriculture Pseudomonas marginata, Corm rot, treatments, Delsan A-D, Fusarium oxysporum f. gladioli
CONTROLLING HEIGHT OF POINSETTIAS WITH CCC Floriculture Cycocel, 2chloroethyl trimethyl ammonium chl, Rates of application, high fertilizer, water heavily
Cost of Poinsettia Production Floriculture selling price, Various Factors Influencing Costs , cost of the plant material, spacing
CULTURING AND INDEXING CUTTINGS FOR DISEASE CONTROL Floriculture Verticillium Wilt, Soil inhabiting fungus, CULTURING TECHNIQUE, transmitted by soil and water, chrysantheum stunt virus
CYCOCEL FOR HEIGHT CONTROL OF FAST-CROP SEEDLING GERANIUMS Floriculture Pythium and rhizoctonia infection, dexon-terrachlor drench, date, fresh weigh
EASTER LILIES BASIC FACTS ON THE RESPONES OF LILIES TO PHOTOPERIOD AND TEMPERATURE Floriculture bulbs, Eight weeks at fluctuating 40 and , Non-verna lized bulbs, optimum temperature for vernalizat
EASTER LILIES --PRODUCTION POINTERs November 1969.pdf Floriculture Temperature, Fertilizer, Lighting, Soils, Drench
EASTER LILY HEIGHT CONTROL PROGRESS REPPORT III Floriculture Concentrations, Growth retardant (Quel), Moisture or fertilizer stress, Growth Stages, combination of methods
ECONOMIC IMPACT OF AIR POLLUTION TO GREENHOUSE CROP PRODUCTION IN PENN Floriculture Crop damages, Air-Basin Case Study, air pollutants, Ethylene, ozone, peroxyacetyl nitra
Effect of Roof Shape On Plant Growth to be Studied With New Research Greenhouses Floriculture curved surface, average cost, fiberglass, environmental control unit.
EFFECTS OT LOW MOISTURE STRESS ON THE GROWTH OF RED AMERICAN BEAUTY ROSES Floriculture Soilless media, fertilizer programs, irrigation regimes, Q.I. values
ENGINEERING DESIGN AND OPERATION FOR AERATED STEAM TREATMENT OF SOIL MIXTURES Floriculture psychrometric properties, Zero gage pressure, Air-steam flow rate, pressure-depth relationship, Aerated steam
OKSU Poinsettia Cultivar Trial.1995.pdf Floriculture Cultivars, AVAILABILITY, STAND-OUT PERFORMERS, Emost votesineach colorcategory
Care of Freshly Cut Flowers Floriculture Fungicides, Acidifier, Remove foliage from the bottom, Never store flowers with fruits or
Chlorosis Prevention in Piggy Back Plant Floriculture Tolmiea menziesii, Optimum pH, Ferrous sulfate, fertility levels, Hydrangea macrophylla
Cineraria Floriculture Production, Growth regulators, Photoperiod, Cultivars, Temperature and Age Effect
Clerodendrum Hanging Baskets Floriculture Propagation, Chlorosis, Clerodendrum thomsonae, Leaf bud cuttings, acidic growing medium
Cockroaches in the Greenhouse Floriculture feeding behavior, Source of infestation, nocturnal, eliminating food and water sources, insecticide spray
Poinsettias - Droopy Bracts Floriculture ethylene gas, Sleeves, shipping temperature, 50°F
Consumer Data on Houseplants--- A Survey August 1975.pdf Floriculture basic background information, WHERE CONSUMERS BUY, SIZE AND GROWTH HABIT, CONSUMER KNOWLEDGE, Apartments and house
Delayed Transplanting of Tomato and Petunia Seedflats Floriculture Alar, spray concentration 5000 ppm, run-off every 7 days, holding seedlings
Disease in the Greenhouse --- Verticillium Wilt of Chrysanthemum Floriculture soil borne fungus, chloropicrin, steamed, Chloropicrin or steam treated soil, disease-free cuttings
Easter Lily Results 1981 Floriculture Night temperatures, Flower initiation, case cooling of bulbs, CTF forcing, A-Rest Spray
Growth and Mineral Composition of Petunia Tomato to Nitrogen Treatments and Media Floriculture Ca and Mg, high salt treatment, High pH-NH4, Peter's Peatlite Special, Greenhouse mix-N03
Kalanchoe Trials 1975-76 Floriculture night temperature, long post-harvest life, year-round production, heat delay, timing
Light and A-Rest Influence Easter Lily Height Floriculture shade-grown plants, uniform internode elongation, chemical retardant, drench application, Cooling method
Lily Height Control Floriculture A-Rest treatments, Drench stage, Spray, cooling, night temperature.
New Hydrangea Production Technique Floriculture Daylength, inflorescence formation, forcing characteristics, Production scheme, gibberellic acid
Floral Foam Characteristics Floriculture Quickee or Filfast, Niagara, Hydrafoam, Solution reservoir, Vertical profile
Poinsettia Trials 1982 Floriculture Cultivars, temperature, Drenches of benlate-subdue, bract diameter, height
Poinsettia Trials 1982 Floriculture Cultivars, temperature, Drenches of benlate-subdue, bract diameter, height
Gray Mold Disease in the Greenhouse Floriculture Symptoms, Botrytis, Dead or aging material, Bud distortion, major elements
Producers and Importers Vote Down Proposed Floral Order Floriculture National floral research, referendum, promotion
Quick-Grown Cyclamen Floriculture Schedule, growth, gibberellic acid, Short-time production system, 68 F growing temperature
Starflowers February 1974.pdf Floriculture Syngonanthus, S. niveus., Eriocaulaceae, Monocots, unisexual
Slugs in the Greenhouse Floriculture Snails, Mollusks, slime trails, lay eggs, Mesurol and metaldehyde
Soil Heating August Floriculture soil warming, Hot water systems, Night air temperatures, steam lines, PVC tubes
Starting Salaries Range Widely Floriculture Economy, Agricultural graduates, Temporary employment, Full-time permanent employment, Employment plans,
Studies with a Spray Floral Preservative Floriculture Carnations, Ultra Life,3, without a water supply, aerosol
The Effects of B-Nine SP on the Height of Lisianthus November 1985.pdf Floriculture Eustoma, reducing plant height, Longevity of Lisianthus vase life, pot plant
1996 Oklahoma State University Poinsettia Cultivar Trial Floriculture Postharvest, Flowered, Fishcer, Oglevee
1997 Oklahoma State University Poinsettia Cultivar Trial Floriculture Flowering, Gutbier, Puebla, Stems, Premixed media
1998 Oklahoma State University Poinsettia Cultivar Tria Floriculture Rose, Cutting, Foliage, Multi color
Another Look at Cyclamen Floriculture Germination, Transpllanting, Seed, Sandpaper
Optimizing Postharvest Life of Cut Dahlias Floriculture Cut flowers