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Use of Benzyladenine to Enhance Production and Postharvest Quality of Floricultural Crops: 2. Postharvest Performance


Postharvest Performance


Lower leaf yellowing, leaf abscission, and flower bud abortion of floriculture crops are production disorders that reduce plant quality and negatively impact sales across the United States. Exogenous applications of products that contain a synthetic plant hormone benzyladenine (BA), alone or in combination with (±) the hormone gibberellic acid (GA), reportedly can improve quality of potted plants by reducing these disorders. However, the use of BA on floral crops has been limited at least in part due to the lack of adequate information on application techniques, timing, and effective rates of these products. This research evaluated the use of several BA±GA products to improve plant quality and postharvest characteristics, which could increase sales, reduce shrinkage, improve consumer satisfaction, and potentially generate a higher sales price.

Source: • American Floral Endowment Special Research Reports #430

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