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Sneak Preview: FTD's new Fact Book Floriculture FTD Statistics make the world go around. Think of a subjec…
Do Plants Cry? Floriculture Fruits Vegetables Ornamentals Ethylene, Streptomyces, Trauma Do Plants cry? Do plants have a centralized mechanism …
Influence of Mother Bulb Nitrogen on Subsequent Nitrogen Uptake in Tulips Floriculture Tulips, Nitrogen, Bulbs Influence of the nitrogen concentration of the mother …
The Development and Keeping Qualities of Flowers after Picking Floriculture A lengthening of the life span by growth substances is…
Over De Houdbaarheid Van Snijbloemen Floriculture
Influence of x-Naphthyl Acetic Acid, Sucrose and Boric Acid on the Flower Drop of Lupinus Polyphyllus LDL Floriculture
The Keepability of Cut Flowers Floriculture
Ethylene: An Urban Pollutant Floriculture Ethylene
Are Substituted Benzothiadiazoles Specific Inhibitors of Ethylene Action Floriculture Ethylene, Inhibitors Ethylene is known to promote seed germination. However…
Just the Facts Ma'am Floriculture Reel mowers, White fly
Peatmoss...Treasure From the Bogs! Floriculture Peatmoss
Plant Care Floriculture Ornamental kale
Influence of Styles Development on Longevity of Carnation Cut Flowers Floriculture Carnation
Parameters Influencing Gerbera Cut Flowers Longvity Floriculture
Management of Insecticide Resistance in Q-biotype Bemisia tabaci Populations in U.S. Floriculture Crops Floriculture
Attribution of Tospoviruses in Floral Crops Floriculture Monocots, Wilt virus, Bunyaviridae, Ornamentals, Ospoviruses Tomato spotted wilt virus(TSWV) and Impatiens necrotic…
An Economic Analysis of Xeriscaping Floriculture
The Environmental Horticulture Industry in New England- Environmental Horticulture Survey 2006 Floriculture
Pinching, Photoperiod, and Fertilization on Growth and Flowering of Lagerstroemia L., 'Victor’ and 'Zuni’ Floriculture
Controlling Diseases on Bulbs, Corms, and Rhizomes Floriculture
Who's Buying These Plants, Anyway Floriculture
Water Gardening From a Retail Point of View Floriculture
Tips on Using and Calibrating Injectors Floriculture
pH Stability of Commonly Used Pesticides Floriculture
Marketing Fallacies and Realities Floriculture
Labor Saving Devices and Equipment Floriculture
Greenhouse Sanitation and Pest Exclusion Floriculture
Greenhouse Production of Boston Ferns Floriculture The Boston fern is actually a cultivar of a wild fern …
Bacterial Wilt of Geranium- A Continued Threat Floriculture
Using the Sun’s Energy for Growth Floriculture
Subirrigation Shows Promise For Bedding Plants Production Floriculture
PGR's for Plant Height of Achillea X 'Coronation Gold’ Floriculture
Pansy Growth and Mineral Nutrient Content Daniels 10-4-3 vs. Traditional Inorganic Fertility Floriculture
Invincible Achillea Floriculture
Importance of Controlling Oxalis Weed Species Floriculture
Growing Higher Yielding Bell Pepper Transplants with Compost Floriculture
Advanced Technology in the Horticultural Industry Floriculture
Prevent and Exclude Pest Problems Floriculture
Garden Mums Floriculture
Fertilizer Practices for Highly Alkaline Water Floriculture
New Guinea Impatiens Production Floriculture
Fertilizer Practices For Highly Alkaline Water Floriculture
Crop Records For Greenhouse Problem Solving Floriculture
Overwintering Containerized Perennials Floriculture
Forcing Cut Branches for Winter Flowers Floriculture
Perennials Armitage's Tantalizing Thirty Five (from a list of tantalizing 47) Floriculture
Bio-Control- Building New or Retrofitting Floriculture
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus on Bedding Plants in South Georgia Floriculture
The Five Questions of Advertising Floriculture
Spin Outâ„¢ Enhances Subsequent Growth of Tomato, but not Pepper, Transplants Floriculture
Problems with Sweetpotato Whitefly on Poinsettia on the Increase in 1993 Floriculture
Plant Material Requirements of Landscape Architects as Related to the Greenhouse Industry Floriculture
Growth of Vinca as Affected by Form of Nitrogen, Presence of Bark, and Type of Micronutrients Floriculture
Growth Retardant Practices to Avoid Effects on Poinsettia Bract Size Floriculture
Greenhouse Fires, They Can Happen to You Floriculture
Proper Placement of Irrigation Wells Floriculture
Poinsettia Height Control (1995) Floriculture Controlling height is critical in producing a high qua…
Getting the Most Out Of Trade Shows or...How to Convert Your Trade Show Visit into Something More Profitable Floriculture
Effective Use of Marathon on Greenhouse Crops Floriculture
A Penny for Your Pensees (GA) Floriculture Pansies have become the most popular annual for mid-fa…
What Grows Where - Annual Specialty Cut Flowers (GA) Floriculture The growing of specialty cut flowers (cut flowers othe…
Some Tips On Harvesting Cut Flowers Floriculture
New Cut-Flowers You Should Consider Floriculture
Low Volume Pesticide Application Systems for the Greenhouse (GA) Floriculture Though high volume (HV) spraying is the most tradition…
Why Has Insect Management Become More Difficult Floriculture
Managing Micronutrients in the Greenhouse (GA) Floriculture Excesses Can Cause Deficiencies. Excessive application…
Cold Hardiness is Determined by Fall Conditions or The Kale Who Lived to Tell the Tale Floriculture
Hot Tips for Cooling Your Fall Pansy Crop Floriculture
Growing Herbs as Bedding Plants Floriculture
Greenhouse Cooling (GA) Floriculture Cooling is a fundamental requirement of almost any gre…
Wet Feet in the Landscape Floriculture
Using Air Movement for a Better Greenhouse Environment Floriculture
Today's Interns, Tomorrow's Employees Floriculture
Seed Propagation of Ornamental Grasses Floriculture
New Media-Applied Humectant Can Improve Plants' Drought Resistance Floriculture
Light- Its Role in Germination and Early Plug Growth Floriculture
Greenhouse Recycling Procedures Floriculture
Cut Flower Quarterly Floriculture
Water Quality- pH and Alkalinity Floriculture
Our Raving Reporter Floriculture
From the Industry Side- True Differences between Pine Bark, Hardwood Bark, and Bark Ash Floriculture
Misting External Shade Cloths Relief from the Heat Floriculture
Marketing Annuals and Herbaceous Perennials to Landscape Installers Floriculture
Herbaceous Plants for Landscape Color Late July - Early August Floriculture
Determining the Value of Your Nursery Floriculture
Bedding Plants That Take the Heat Floriculture
The Six Most Common Easter Lily Problems Floriculture Height control on Easter lilies is an annual problem. …
Propagating Herbaceous Perennials- Is It Really That Mysterious Floriculture
Do's and Don’ts of Perennial Division Floriculture
Diseases of Perennials Floriculture
Are Your Nutrients Competing Floriculture
Altering Retardant Spray Rates Helps Growers Adapt to Varying Conditions Floriculture
A Study of the Herbaceous Perennial Plant Industry in the U. S Floriculture
1994 Easter Lily Schedules Floriculture
10 Suggestions for More Successful Research Trials at Your Greenhouse Floriculture
Success with Hydrangeas Floriculture
Recycling-How Are You Going To Dispose of Unsalable Plants in 1993 Floriculture
Microcomputers for Nurserymen -1990 Update Floriculture
Managing Greenhouse Production with Computers Floriculture
How Should You Merchandise Annuals and Perennials Floriculture
Production and Marketing of Garden Asters (GA) Floriculture Garden asters are a perennial, fall-blooming crop whic…
Growing Garden Mums For Fall Sales Floriculture
Cost of Goods Sold Floriculture
Verbenas - The Tall and Short of It Floriculture
1994 Herbicides Registered for Use on Cut Flowers Floriculture
Specialty Annuals: Persian Shield Floriculture In the quest for color in the landscape and the retail…
Revisiting the Use of Virus Indicator Plants Floriculture
Plug Fertilization- Focus on Nitrogen Floriculture
Plant Material Trends and Factors Affecting Sales at Retail Garden Outlets Floriculture Forecasting demand for plant material is always a chal…
HERBS, Our Heritage Floriculture
Growth of Container Perennials as Affected by Fall-Applied, Pre-Emergent Herbicides Floriculture
Greenhouse Whitefly Control Floriculture
Fungus among Us Sanitation- An Important Tool for Integrated Disease Management Floriculture
Selection and Calibrating Low-Volume Sprayers Floriculture
Making the Cut - Profitable Cut Flower Production and Marketing Floriculture
Heat Stress - How to Recognize the Signs Floriculture
Basics of Handling Cut Flowers Floriculture
Will You Reach Your Own Financial Security Floriculture
The Use of Light to Control Plant Growth, Height and Branching Floriculture
Screening As Part of Insect and Disease Management in the Greenhouse Floriculture Resistance to pesticides has made control of insect an…
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms of Some Herbaceous Species Floriculture
Bedding Plant Diseases Floriculture
Worker Safety Regulation- Are You Ready Floriculture
Worker Protection Standards- The Final Chapter Floriculture
Buy-Sell Agreements- Protecting Yourself, Your Business And Your Heirs Floriculture
Managing Plant Inventory Floriculture
Garden Mums on Trial Floriculture
Consumers Prefer Red Poinsettia Cultivars Floriculture
Choose a Greenhouse Screen for Its Pest-Exclusion Efficiency Floriculture
20-10-20 Water Soluble Fertilizers, An Industry Work Horse Floriculture
The Outlook for Perennials Is Positive Floriculture
Perennial Verbena Changes Faster than the Speed of Light Floriculture
MITES- A Tiny Yet Serious Pest Floriculture
Improving Water and Fertilizer Efficiency in Greenhouses Floriculture
Disease Prevention in Your Poinsettia Crop Floriculture
Begonias Floriculture
What to Do When the Press Turns on You Floriculture
Rooting Pentas- Influence of Macro- and Microelement Fertilization Floriculture
Marketing Perennials in the Southeast Floriculture
Get Faster Turns with Production Changes at Greiling Farms Yield New Floriculture
Effect of pH on Pesticide Stability and Efficacy Floriculture
Coleus for Southeastern Growers and Landscapers Floriculture
Bacterial Wilt, Leaf Spot, and Blight of Geraniums Floriculture
A Clearer Picture of an Established and New Growing Media Component for Greenhouse Culture Floriculture
Relationship of Water to the Development of Root Rot Diseases Floriculture
Chemical Disinfestation of Thielaviopsis Basicola on Greenhouse Growing Surfaces Floriculture
Winter & Early Spring Thrips Management Keeps Populations Low Floriculture
Using Late Fall Growth Regulator Container Drenches to Control Spring Growth of Coreopsis Ianceolata 'Sunray' Floriculture
IPM Scouting and Decision Making for Poinsettias (1999) Floriculture A regular monitoring program is the basis of IPM decis…
Invasive Alien Species Floriculture
Hardy Herbaceous Plants in the Nineteenth Century Floriculture
Growing Alstroemeria Floriculture
Environmental Decision Making Floriculture
Cost of Producing Ornamental Cabbage and Kale Floriculture Profitable production of ornamental cabbage and kale i…
Consumer Segmentation Based On Perceived Plant Knowledge and Gardening Involvement Floriculture
Use Caution with Emergency Generators Floriculture
Pricing Psychology and Policies Floriculture
Herbicide Tolerance of Annuals Floriculture
Herbaceous Perennial Production in Alabama Greenhouses Floriculture
What Is The Cause of the Purple Spots on Pansy Leaves Floriculture
Use of Temperature and Moisture Extremes to Manage Western Flower Thrips in Greenhouses Floriculture
Retail Garden Outlets and the Purchase of Plant Matrial Floriculture
Plug Postproduction- Some Helpful Tips Floriculture
Meadow Landscaping- A Greenhouse Production Angle Floriculture
Industry Side- Rhizoctonia and Botrytis for Your Spring Plants Cleary's Leads The Way Floriculture
Field Production of Cut Flowers- A Primer Floriculture
The One, Two, Three's of Greenhouse BMP'S Floriculture
Hemerocallis (Daylily) Propagation Floriculture
Growing Into Herbs ....Successfully Floriculture
Consider the Economic Benefits of Water-saving Landscapes Floriculture
Bringing New Plants to Customers Floriculture
Banking on New Baskets Floriculture
Letters to the Editor Growers Speak Out on the 'Pansy Stall' Problem Floriculture
Is There a Market For.... Floriculture
Greenhouse Production of Marigolds Floriculture
Controlling Height of Tomato Transplants with Low Phosphorus Floriculture
Who's Buying These Plants Anyway Floriculture
Using Compost Products to Grow Bedding Plants Floriculture
Soil Heating For Transplant Production Floriculture
Resistance of Various Sleeve Types to CO2 Diffusion Floriculture
How to Test a Growing Mix's Pore Space and Water Holding Capacity Floriculture
Pansy Production and Marketing Floriculture
Managing Weeds in Your Greenhouse Floriculture
How to Manage Conflict Floriculture
Adept Phytotoxicity in Poinsettia Floriculture
Success with Garden Mums Floriculture
Poinsettia Production- Starting Off on the Right Foot Floriculture
Integrated Management of Poinsettia Pests- Fungus Gnats Floriculture
Diseases of Poinsettias Floriculture
1998 Easter Lily Production Floriculture
Poinsettia Scab Identified on Cuttings Floriculture
Lantana......Is It Me or Do A Lot of These Things Look the Same Floriculture
Insects and Their Control Greenhouse IPM- The Costs of Managing Pests Floriculture
Do You Know Where Landscape Maintenance Firms Purchase Plant Material Floriculture
How to Attract Wildlife Through the Use of Herbaceous Plants Floriculture
Fertilizer Calculations - Parts Per Million Floriculture
Southeastern Floriculture- A Growing Industry Floriculture
Greenhouse Weed Control Floriculture Wdssuch as creeping woodsorrel {Oxalis comiculata), ha…
Geranium Rust- Learn to Recognize and Manage this Noxious Disease Floriculture
Retail Garden Outlets- Business Characteristics and Factors Affecting Industry Performance Floriculture
Maintenance Tips for Drip Irrigation Floriculture
Finishing Poinsettias In The South Floriculture
Evaluation of Biological Control Products for Root Rot Control in Bedding Plants Floriculture
Whitefly Identification and Monitoring Floriculture
UGA Best of the Best - 1996 Floriculture
Winterizing Your Irrigation System Floriculture
Verbenas or How Do You Choose Your Dance Partner When All the Partners are so Beautiful Floriculture
Using Indicator Plants To Detect Tospoviruses Floriculture
Update on Controlling Vinca Diseases Floriculture
Performance of Angelonia Cultivars as a Summer Greenhouse Cut Flower Floriculture
Growing Insect and Mite-Free Interior Plants Floriculture
Texas Petunia (Ruellia Brittoniana) Floriculture Ornamentals
Stephanotis Vine Floriculture
Guide to Successful Outdoor Garden Aster Production Floriculture Most garden asters are cultivated varieties of the fal…
Growing Hostas Floriculture
Greenhouse Production of Petunias Floriculture
Floral Merchandising Tips for Boosting Floral Purchases Floriculture
Eight Basics to Better Baskets Floriculture
Do You Have a Pricing Strategy Floriculture
Calla Lilies for Cut Flowers and Pots Floriculture The callas are species and hybrids of the genus Zanted…
Give the Garden Writers What They Want Floriculture
Success with Container Production of Twelve Herb Species Floriculture
Compost, Growing Media & the Horticultural Industry Floriculture
Benchmarking and Employee Performance Floriculture What is benchmarking? No, it not putting graffiti on t…
Application Timing of B-Nine and Cutless After Shearing Affects Growth and Flowering of Coreopsis Verticillata 'Moonbeam' Floriculture
Using Plant Growth Retardants to Produce Coreopis Verticillate 'Moonbeam' as a Greenhouse Crop Floriculture
Using Natural Ventilation Floriculture
Look-Out for Fusarium Root and Crown Rot of Hosta Floriculture
Lessons Learned From Marketing Successes, Failures and Turnarounds Floriculture
Finding and Keeping Help in a Tight Labor Market Floriculture
Driving the Daisies Lots of Plants in the Daisy Family Undergoing Change Floriculture
‘No Pinch Method’ for Growing Garden Mums Floriculture
What Does Your Logo Say about You, Your Plants, and Your Business Floriculture
Shasta Daisy Response to Photoperiod and Vernalization Floriculture
Greenhouse Production of Herbaceous Perennials for Cut Flowers Phlox Paniculata (Garden or Summer Phlox) Floriculture
Fall Mums Suggestions for Reducing Production Costs Floriculture
Ethylene- Sources, Effects, and Prevention for Greenhouse-Grown Crops Floriculture
Vermicompost and Coir Enhance Germination of Echinacea Purpurea Floriculture
Trends in Plant Material and Service Needs of Horticultural Distribution Centers Floriculture
Rooting Out Root Disease Floriculture
Managing People Is an Art, Not a Science Floriculture
Late Season Application of Bonzi to Control Stretch of Poinsettia Floriculture
Herbaceous Perennial Growth Control Using Dormant Season Container Drenches Floriculture
Handling Of Field-Grown Cut Flowers Role of Sugar and Acidity in Preservative Solution Floriculture
Selecting the Best Shade Levels for Variegated Plant Production Floriculture
IPM Scouting and Decision Making for Poinsettias (2000) Floriculture A regular monitoring program is the basis of IPM decis…
Horticultural Distribution Centers and the Marketing of Greenhouse Crops Floriculture
Got Those Slow Season Doldrums Floriculture
Companion Plants with Fall Pansies Floriculture