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Experiments on the Metabolism Camellia Flowers in Storage Floriculture
Proof Positive- Plants Clean the Air Floriculture
Is There A Future In Irradiation Preservation Floriculture
Soil Aeration- Don't Guess Floriculture
The Potting Bench Floriculture
Acclimating Plants from Winter Storage Floriculture
Reactions of Oxygen Radical Species with Methional- A Pulse Radiolysis Study Floriculture
Ohio Florists' Association Bulletin Floriculture
Acclimation Helps Plants to Adapt Floriculture
Foliage Plant Acclimatization Floriculture
Post-Harvest Life Floriculture
Fertilization Floriculture
Effect of Solid and Gaseous Carbon Dioxide upon Transit Diseases of Certain Fruits and Vegetables Floriculture
Is It Live...Or Is It Weyerhaeuser Floriculture
Engineering Better Interfacing of the Load, the Transport Vehicle, and the Refrigeration Unit for Improved Transportation Floriculture
Delaying Postharvest Senescence of Cut Flowers Using Nitric Oxide Floriculture
A Red and Orange Heliconia for Cut-Flower Use Floriculture
Golden Torch, An Orange Heliconia for Cut-Flower Use Floriculture
Tree Care Floriculture
Sprenger Instituut Floriculture
Understanding Gerbera Powdery Mildew Floriculture Gerbera, Powdery, Mildew, Disease
Verbena Cultivar Susceptibility to Powdery Mildew Floriculture Verbenas (Fig. 1) are the spring crop most often affli…
Phytophthora Nicotianae Crown and Root Rot on Snapdragons Floriculture Significant losses in commercial snapdragon fields hav…
Biology of Pythium Root Rot Floriculture Pythium root rot is one of the most common causes of c…
Rhizoctonia Stem Rot of Poinsettia - Sequential Application of Biocontrol Agents for Control of Stem Rot in Propagation and Finishing Floriculture Rhizoctonia Solani causes stem rot in propogation of p…
Development of a PCR Assay for Detection of the Geranium Rust Fungus Puccinia Pelargonii-Zonalis Floriculture
Verbena Cultivar Susceptibility to Powdery Mildew Floriculture Verbenas are the spring crop most often afflicted by p…
Understanding Coleus Downy Mildew Floriculture
When and How to Optimally Release Natural Enemies to Achieve Effective Biological Pest Control Floriculture
Thrips/Tospovirus Management Systems Floriculture
Management of Insecticide Resistance in Q-Biotype Bemisia Tabaci Populations in U.S. Floriculture Crops Floriculture
Effect of Silicon-Based Fertilizer Applications on Reproduction and Development of Arthropod Pests Associated with Horticultural Crops – Part 3 Floriculture
No Cross-Resistance to Nicotinoid Insecticides in Imidacloprid-Resistant B Biotype Whiteflies Floriculture
Development of a Novel Control Strategy for Thrips and Tospoviruses Floriculture
Effects of Pesticide Mixtures in Controlling Arthropod Pests of Greenhouses Floriculture
Engineering Fungal Resistance in Bedding Plants using a Gene for Mannitol Dehydrogenase Floriculture
Does Being Around Plants Reduce People's Perceptions of Physical Discomfort Floriculture
The Appeal of Biodegradable Packaging to Floral Consumers- Part 3 Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer Willingness to Pay for Guarantees and Perceptions about Satisfaction and/or Longevity Guarantees From Different Outlets Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer Preferences for Guarantees Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer Preferences for Guarantees for Gifts and Different Occasions Floriculture
Consumer Preferences for Longevity Labels on Cut Flowers Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer Preferences for Redeeming Guarantees Floriculture
Not Your Grandmother’s Flowers- What Combination of Flower Fragrance and Color is Preferred by Young Adult Consumers Floriculture
Improvement of Plant Quality with Alumina - Buffered Phosphorus Fertilizer Floriculture We have developed a novel alumina-buffered P fertilize…
Crop Timing Using Thermal Units Floriculture Precise crop timing is one of the most critical aspect…
Improvement of Plant Quality with Alumina - Buffered Phosphorus Fertilizer Floriculture We have developed and extensively tested a new type of…
Production Protocol for Geranium Dalmaticum Floriculture
Production Protocol for Pennisetum Setaceum ‘Rubrum’ Floriculture
Ornamental Gingers as Flowering Potted Plants – Part 4 Effects of Light Intensity and PGR’s on Growth and Flowering Floriculture
Ornamental Gingers as Flowering Potted Plants – Part 6 Production of G. Magnifica ‘White Dragon’ Floriculture
Efficacy of A-Restâ„¢ or Bonziâ„¢ on Clerodendrum Thomsoniae as a Flowering Potted Plant Floriculture
Photoperiod of Three Clerodendrum Species Floriculture
Clerodendrum Species as Flowering Potted Plants Floriculture
Efficacy of B-Nineâ„¢ and Bonziâ„¢ on Clerodendrum Ugandense as a Flowering Potted Plant Floriculture
Efficacy of Bonziâ„¢ on Clerodendrum Wallichii as a Flowering Potted Plant Floriculture
Efficacy of Bonziâ„¢ and Photoperiodicity of Clerodendrum Quaduloculare as a Flowering Potted Plant Floriculture
Use of Benzyladenine to Enhance Production and Postharvest Quality of Floricultural Crops- 1. Branching and Flowering Floriculture
Improving Media-pH Management by Developing a Model of the Interacting Factors in the pH System Floriculture
Improving the Energy Efficiency of Greenhouse Crop Production 1. Flowering Responses to Temperature and Light Floriculture
Using Soil Moisture Sensors for Poinsettia Height Control Floriculture
Postproduction Evaluation of Rooting Room Bulbs Floriculture The use of forced bulbs as indoor flowering potted pla…
Storage, Transport, and Cultivar Evaluations of Flowering Potted Asiatic and Oriental Hybrid Lilies Floriculture
Use of Benzyladenine to Enhance Production and Postharvest Quality of Floricultural Crops: 2. Postharvest Performance Floriculture Lower leaf yellowing, leaf abscission, and flower bud …
Effects of Temperature on Unrooted Cutting Post-Harvest Longevity Floriculture
Package Design & Cold-Chain Management for Unrooted Cuttings Floriculture
Modified Atmosphere Use in Extending Unrooted Cutting Quality and Viability Floriculture
Evaluating the Vase Life of New Cut Flowers - Year 1 (2006) Floriculture
Use of Benzyladenine to Enhance Production and Postharvest Quality of Floricultural Crops: 2. Postharvest Performance Floriculture Lower leaf yellowing, leaf abscission, and flower bud …
Supplementing Nutrition with Calcium and Potassium Silicate to Manage Botrytis Cinerea on Poinsettia Floriculture
Geranium Leaf Yellowing: Causes and Solutions Floriculture
Growing Foliage Plants From Seed Floriculture
Production and Marketing of Succulents in the North Floriculture
Fields of Flowers- The California Tour Floriculture
Some Precautions During Greenhouse Rehabilitation Floriculture
Predicting Poinsettia Height Floriculture
'Rabbit Tracks' of Poinsettia Floriculture
A Bacterial Disease of Chrysanthemum (and Geranium!) Floriculture
Mother Nature Fools Peat Moss Producers Floriculture
Gloxinias Floriculture For spectacular beauty, gloxinias rate highly having h…
Geranium Rust Floriculture
Greenhouse Heater Combustion Testing Floriculture
Temik Granules on Leaves- Get Rid of Them Floriculture
Tomato Seedling Nutrition Study Floriculture
The Future of Growing in New York State Floriculture
Growth Regulators on Bedding Plants Floriculture
New Japanese Plastic Coated Fertilizer Shows Promise Floriculture
The Chain of Life- Part II Floriculture
Lowering Rose Greenhouse Temperatures May Be False Economy Floriculture Royal Trophy and Yellow Mandalay grown with 4 cut ting…
Evaluation of Fine Brick Chips as an Inorganic Media Amendment in the Production of Poinsettias Floriculture
Cold Potted Crops Floriculture
Daisy- Care Tips for the Florist Floriculture
Correction of Wood Preservative Problem Floriculture
Calceolaria for Everyday Sales Floriculture
An Exciting New Gerbera for Pot Plants Floriculture
Chrysanthemum- Care Tips for the Florist Floriculture
Combating High Humidity in Double Poly Greenhouses Floriculture
Better Pot Mums Floriculture
Comparative Advantages and Disadvantages of Steam and Chemical Soil Treatments in Common Use Floriculture
Colorful Garden Lilies for Potted Plants Floriculture
Cost of Pesticides Used in Greenhouses Floriculture
African Violets- Care Tips for Everyone Floriculture
Wiping Out Water Molds Floriculture
Big Bo the Flower Eater Floriculture
Phytotoxicity of Steam Additive Diethylaminoethanol to Chrysanthemums Floriculture
Adjusting Soil Acidity and Alkalinity Floriculture
Photoperiod Control Floriculture
Use Less CO2 in Double Poly Houses Floriculture
Production of Mini-Hydrangeas by Continuous Growing Procedures Floriculture
Insect, Mite and Disease Control on Geraniums Floriculture
Media and Its Relationship to Plant Growth Floriculture
As a Retail Grower are You... Floriculture
Star-of-Bethlehem- Care Tips for the Flortist Floriculture
Unvented Kerosene Heaters- Ok for Greenhouses Floriculture
A Grower's Guide to Begonias Floriculture
Bird-of-Paradise- Care Tips for the Florist Floriculture
Strawberries from Seed Floriculture
Anemone- Care Tips for the Florist Floriculture
For the Retailer... Keeping Quality of Bedding Plants- State of the Art Floriculture
Bridal Displays for Increased Sales Floriculture
Dramatic Energy Savings Possible for Greenhouse Operators Floriculture
Streptocarpus Floriculture Although door decorations for spring and summer may ne…
An Evaluation of Soil vs Peat-Lite Media on Post-Production Life of Selected Potted Chrysanthemums Floriculture There is criticism in the trade that plants grown in p…
Growing Gerberas Floriculture Impulse purchases will slowly but surely increase over…
Growth Opportunities in Fresh Flower Sales Floriculture
Marigold- Care Tips for the Florist Floriculture
Mimulus Floriculture
Restoring the Golden Age and Greenhouse of Planting Fields Floriculture
Zinnia- Care Tips for the Florist Floriculture
September is Crucial Month for the 1983 Poinsettia Crop Floriculture
Control of Greenhouse Enemies Floriculture
Cacti and Succulents- Old Plants for Modern Living Floriculture
Timing Fuchsia Floriculture
1984 Cornell Bedding Plant Guidelines for New York State Floriculture
The Effect of Shading and Nutrient Supply on Degree of Variegation of Variegated Peperomia Floriculture
1984 Cornell Geranium Guidelines (Part 2) Floriculture
1984 Cornell Geranium Guidelines (Part 3) Floriculture
Alstroemerias Coming into Vogue as Cut Flowers Floriculture
1984 Cornell Poinsettia Guidelines for New York State (Part 1) Floriculture
1984 Cornell Poinsettia Guidelines for New York State (Part 2) Floriculture
1984 Cornell Poinsettia Guidelines for New York State (Part 3) Floriculture
Guide to Valentine's Day Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart Production Floriculture
Dr. John G. Seeley is Appointed to D.C. Kiplinger Chair in Floriculture Floriculture
Canadian Greenhouse Tour was Informative and Interesting Floriculture
Temperature and Ethylene Effects on Cut Flowers of Carnation (Dianthus carophyllus L.) Floriculture
Day Length Effects on Bedding Plant Flowering I Floriculture
Fundamentals of Flowering in Plants - Supplemental Lighting and Earliness of Flowering Floriculture Plants, Light intensity, Photosynthesis, Light, Intensity , Growth, Supplemental lights In the previous article (July, 2003) we discussed how …
The Search for Wild Gaura, Part II Floriculture Gaura lindheimeri Last issue I described how Dr. Anderson and I arrived …
Trends in Garden Mums- Past, Present, and Future Floriculture
Celebrate the Year of the Rose with Miniature Roses Floriculture
International Floriculture Issues Floriculture
Keys to Success When Germinating Seed Floriculture
Optimal pH Requirements for Different Species Floriculture
Potted Plant Production of Gaura Lindheimeri Floriculture
Common Problems In Northern Poinsettia Production Floriculture
Fundamentals of Flowering in Plants- Juvenility in Seed-Propagated Annuals and How Supplemental Lighting Can Affect It Floriculture
Fundamentals of Flowering in Plants- Supplemental Lighting and Earliness of Flowering Floriculture
Best Performing Annuals-Perennials in 2003 Floriculture
Horticulture in Times of Climate Change Floriculture
How Does Light Affect Flowering Floriculture
How to Handle New Vegetative Cuttings When They Arrive Floriculture
Kenaf Fiber—A New Basket Liner Floriculture
The Search for Wild Gaura, Part I Floriculture
Caladium Production Floriculture
Greenhouse Nutrition Floriculture
How to Calculate the Amount of Phosphoric Acid Needed to Neutralize Water of a Known Alkalinity Floriculture
Producing Cut Flowers - Florist Statice Floriculture
Research Update Floriculture Researchers in Poland studied the effects of a 24 hour…
Water Management- The Key is Understanding Irrigation, Media and Fertilization Floriculture
‘B-Type’ Whitefly Is New Species Floriculture
Carbon Dioxide Enrichment in the Greenhouse Floriculture Ornamentals
Forcing Hemerocallis for Conservatory Display Floriculture
Light Quality- A Brief Overview Floriculture
A Plant Nutrition Primer Lesson 1- Essential Elements-- Form and Function Floriculture
Some Tips on Harvesting Cut Flowers Floriculture
A Tried-And-True Test for Residues Floriculture
Watch Your Temperature to Encourage Flowering Floriculture
What Grows Where - Annual Specialty Cut Flowers (MN) Floriculture The growing of specialty cut flowers (cut flowers othe…
What to Do When Houses Go Up Next Door Floriculture
Fungicide Trouble- Is It Over Floriculture
1994 Herbicides Registered For Use on Cut Flowers Floriculture
Ginseng in Michigan Floriculture
Greenhouse Pesticides and Restricted Entry Interval Floriculture
Magnificent Micronutrients Floriculture
New and-or Under-Used Annuals Floriculture
Proposed Revisions in the Recordkeeping Requirements Floriculture
Temperature Effects on Snapdragon Flower Development Floriculture Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus L.) is pwn as a cut flow…
1994 Bedding Plant Evaluations Floriculture
Asexual Propagation Of Bedding Plants Floriculture
Greenhouse Ornamental Insect and Related Pest Control Floriculture
Sustainable Agriculture - ‘Not Just For Outdoor Growers’ Floriculture
Bulb Scale and Leaf Counts of Easter Lily, Lilium longiflorum ‘Nellie White’ Floriculture
Determination of Photoperiodic Response Group and Effect of Supplemental Irradiance Floriculture
Summary of Pesticides Registered for Use and Control of Common Greenhouse Pests Floriculture
Hardy Chrysanthemum Released Under a New Brand Floriculture
How Do You Schedule Bedding Plants Floriculture
The Pros and Cons of Growing Plants Cooler Floriculture
Why Study Invasiveness in Floricultural Crops Floriculture
Floriculture in the North Central Region- How is The Industry Changing Floriculture
Poinsettia Pinching Floriculture
Research Update Floriculture Calgene Pacific, a California biotech company, is curr…
Thanksgiving Cactus Production Floriculture
Calcium Floriculture Calcium, an important element in plant mineral nutriti…
Cropping Systems for Green House Tomatoes Floriculture Ornamentals
Whitefly Q & A for Bedding Plant Producers Floriculture
Easter Lily Height Control Floriculture Markets are dictating the height of their floral produ…
Easter Lily Production for 1994 Floriculture
Schedules 1994 Floriculture
The Six Most Common Easter Lily Problems (1993) Floriculture Height control on Easter lilies is an annual problem. …
Tracking Easter Lily Height with Graphs Floriculture Timing and height - how can you control these two vita…
Crape Myrtle Potted Plant Production Floriculture
Do’s and Don’ts of Early Poinsettia Production Floriculture
Flower Breeding Research Updates Floriculture
Iochroma grandiflorum Floriculture Ornamentals
Photoperiodic Responses of Annual Bedding Plants (cont.) Floriculture
Sumagic For Northern Growers Floriculture
Lily Leaf Counting Technique and Time Schedule (1993) Floriculture Leaf counting is a technique used to insure proper tim…
The Impact of Pinching Technique on Branching of New Poinsettia Cultivars Floriculture
Thunbergia battiscombei Floriculture
Garden Mum Production Floriculture
How Does Daylength Affect Flowering of Spring Annuals Floriculture
Minnesota’s Lawn Phosphorus Fertilizer Law Floriculture
Things to Remember to Do in Your Greenhouse this Summer Floriculture
Factors Affecting New Guinea Impatiens Flowering Floriculture
Keys to Cyclamen Production Floriculture
Primula Production Floriculture
Recognizing and Coping with Diseases of Perennials Floriculture
Young Plant Prefinishers- A New Type of Grower Floriculture
Fast Cropping Annuals Floriculture
Forcing Perennials Floriculture
Ornamental Cabbage and Kale Production Floriculture
Biological Control Agents Registered for Plant Disease Control Floriculture
Common Problems In Poinsettia Production Floriculture
Perennial Growth Regulator Recommendations Floriculture
Banned Pesticide Corrections Floriculture
Kalanchoe Heat Delay Floriculture
Minnesota Master Gardeners Floriculture
Research Update Floriculture The effect of corm age and photoperiod on Liatru: grow…
Water Quality and Acidification Floriculture
Detergents Increase the Vase Life of Cut Sunflowers (Helianthus Annuus L.) Floriculture
Greenhouse Cooling (MN) Floriculture Cooling is a fundamental requirement of almost any gre…
Making a Graphical Track for a Poinsettia Crop Floriculture
Media Test Review (1993) Floriculture This particular media test is from a hanging fuchsia b…
Poinsettia Height Control (1993) Floriculture Height control is critical for the production of a hig…
Poinsettia Problem Avoider Floriculture
Potassium (1993) Floriculture Potassium is a macronutrient vital for plant growth. I…
Research Report- Temperature Manipulation of Vegetable Stem Elongation and Flowering Floriculture
Choose Your Formulation Floriculture
Cut Rose Early Entry Exemption Floriculture
Edible Flowers (1994) Floriculture The use of edible flowers in cooking and as garnishes …