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Poinsettia Propagation and Fungicides Floriculture Poinsettia propagation, Fungicides
Capillary Bench Watering of Pot Plants Floriculture Capillary bench watering
Tolerance of Carnations to Increasing Quantities of Fertilizer Floriculture Tolerance of carnations
Investigation of Increasing Cold Resistance of Bedding Plants with Retardants Floriculture Cold resistance of bedding plant
Soil Moisture and Aeration Floriculture Soil Moisture and Aeration
Curling of Poinsettia Bracts Floriculture Curling of poinsettia bracts
Timing Four Carnation Varieties Floriculture Timing four carnation varieties
Photoperiod Manipulation A Valuable Tool For Carnation Flower Control Floriculture Photoperiod manipulation
Timing Eleven Carnation Varieties Floriculture Timing eleven carnation varietie
Invest in Foliar Analysis- It Pays Dividends Floriculture Foliar Analysis
Importance of Light in Carnation Growth Floriculture Light in carnation growth
Consumer Preferences for Potted Plants - Easter Lilies and Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums, Easter lilies, Consumer preferences
Consumer Preferences for Potted Plants - Easter Lilies and Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums, Easter lilies
Consumer Preferences for Potted Plants - Easter Lilies and Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums, Easter lilies
Cutting Size and Nutrient Mist Affect Rooting of Chrysanthemums Floriculture Cutting size and nutrient mist, Rooting of chrysanthemums
'After Lighting' of Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums, After lighting
Nutrient Content of 'Paul Mikkelsen' Poinsettias from Juvenile to Mature Growth Floriculture Paul mikkelsen poinsettias, Nutrient content
A Look at the 1980's - Will the Florist Still be Around Floriculture A look at the 1980's
High Temperature Storage Improves Lily Quality Floriculture High temperature storage, Lily quality
Sodium Selenate Floriculture Sodium selenate
Fermate and Poinsettia Cutting Rot Floriculture Poinsettia cutting rot, Fermate
Rot in Geranium Cuttings Floriculture Geranium cuttings
Avoiding Disease Carry-Over on Carnation Cuttings Floriculture Avoiding, Carnation cuttings
Don't Let Those Chrysanthemums Bud! Floriculture Chrysanthemums
Fernace Injury to Rooted Cuttings Floriculture Fernace injury, Rooted cuttings
Revised Recommendations for Azobenzene Floriculture Azobenzene
Welcome New Members Floriculture Welcome new members
Gardenias Floriculture Gardenias
Schedule for Flowering Chrysanthemums Every Month Floriculture Flowering chrysanthemums
'Rejuvenating' Black Cloth Floriculture Black cloth
Save Your Wood with Cuprinol Floriculture Cuprinol
Carrying Over Rose Plants Floriculture Rose plants
Constant Water Level in Winter Floriculture Constant water level, Winter
More about Vermiculite Floriculture Vermiculite
Automatic Watering of Roses 1943-1946 Floriculture Roses, Automatic watering
Don't Pack Vermiculite Floriculture Vermiculite
Constant Water Level vs. Surface Watering of Roses Floriculture Roses, Constant water level, Surface watering
Azobenzene Developments Floriculture Azobenzene
Caution on HETP Floriculture HETP
Combination Azobenzene- HETP Fumigation Floriculture Azobenzene, HETP
Fungicidal Dips of Gladiolus Disease Control Floriculture Fungicidal dips, Gladiolus disease
Automatic Watering of Potted Plants Floriculture Automatic watering
Calla Root Rot Control Floriculture Calla root rot control
Removing Hydrangea Leaves and Hydrangea Fundamentals Floriculture Hydrangea
Chrysanthemum Stunt Floriculture Chrysanthemum stunt
The Cause of Cold Spots in the Greenhouse Floriculture Cold spots in the greenhouse
Developments in California Florticulture Floriculture Developments, California floriculture
Christmas Begonias in SIx Months Floriculture Christmas begonias
Parathion Aerosol For Greenhouse Pest Control Floriculture Parathion aerosol, Greenhouse pest control
Temperature and Chrysanthemum Flower Development Floriculture Temperature, Crysanthemums
Weight Grading of Cut Flowers Floriculture Weight grading
When To Water Floriculture When to water
Automatic Watering of Begonias and Kalanchoes Floriculture Automatic watering, Begonias, Kalanchoes
Marginal Lighting for Identifying Chrysanthemum Stunt Floriculture Chrysanthemum stunt, Marginal lighting
Soil Conductivity Tests Floriculture Soil conductivity tests
Soils and Fertilizers for Florists Crops Floriculture Soils and fertilizers, Florists crops
Hard Pinch and Chrysanthemum Blindness Floriculture Hard pinch, Chrysanthemum blindness
Summer Cooling of Greenhouses Floriculture Summer cooling
Powdery Mildew Floriculture Powdery mildew
Is Your Diagnosis Correct? Floriculture Is your diagnosis correct
Kendex For Waterproofing Floriculture Kendex for waterproofing
Soil Aeration and the Growth of Roses Floriculture Soil aeration
Soil Nitrate Levels for Roses Floriculture Soil nitrate levels for roses
Short Days are Necessary for Crown Buds in Crysanthemums Floriculture Short days, Crown buds in crysanthemums
Sterilizing Covers Floriculture Sterilizing covers
Chrysanthemum Stunt and Stock Selection Floriculture Chrysanthemum stunt, Stock selection
Year Around Flowering of Chrysanthemums Floriculture
Botrytis Bud Rot of Carnations Floriculture Carnations, Botryis bud rot
CSW Grades Revised Floriculture CSW grades revised
Pompon Growth After Pinching Floriculture Pompon growth
Save Coal and Go Broke Floriculture Save coal and go broke
Use Coal and Make Money Floriculture Use coal and make money
Gladiolus Weed Control Floriculture Gladiolus weed control
Begonias for Easter Floriculture Begonias for easter
Two and a Quarters are Out Floriculture Two and a quarters are out
Vermiculite For Rooting Cuttings Floriculture Vermiculite
Precision Spray Formation in Pompons Floriculture Pompons
The Nature of Carnation Diseases and How They Spread Floriculture , Nature of carnation diseases and
A Recently Observed Effect of Diseases on Plants Floriculture Recently observed effect, Diseases on plants
Bulb Diseases Floriculture Bulb diseases
Chrysanthemum Timing, Stock Selection and Environmental Effects on Stunt Floriculture Stock selection, Chrysanthemum timing, Environmental effects on stunt
Chyrsanthemum Stunt, Its Nature and Spread Floriculture Chrysanthemum stunt
Greenhouse Heating and Ventilating Floriculture Greenhouse heating and ventilati
Orchid Research Projects Floriculture Orchid research
Our Methods of Controlling Carnation Diseases Floriculture Methods of controlling carnation
Rose Production Floriculture Rose production
Self-Poisoning of Cut Flowers and Plants Floriculture Self poisoning of cut flowers an
Soil Organisms are Important Floriculture Soil organisms are important
Environmental Control for Home Greenhouses Floriculture
Benomyl, New Breakthrough in Systematic Fungicides Floriculture
Controlling Damping-off in Bedding Plants Floriculture
Leaf Compost Mixes for Bedding Plants Floriculture
Storage of Peat-Vermiculute Mixes Containing Slow-Release Fertilizers Floriculture
Timing Easter Lilies by Counting Leaves Floriculture
Use of Slow-Release Fertilizers in Bedding Plant Production Floriculture
Balsam Leaf Spot Floriculture
Disease Control in Bedding Plants Floriculture
Use of MagAmp and Liquid Supplements for Production of Bedding Plants Floriculture
Blueprints for Greenhouses and Equipment Floriculture
Common Fungicides for Greenhouse Use Floriculture
New Root-Inducing Substances Discovered in Mist Propagation Floriculture
Botrytis on Gladiolus Floriculture
Growth Retardants Improve Poinsettia Rooting Floriculture
Nitrite Vs. Ammonium Toxicities in Connecticut Greenhouse Soils Floriculture
Poinsettia Disease Problems Floriculture
Reporting Soluble Salt Readings Floriculture
Sugar Soil Treatment Floriculture
'Arai' Lily Growth as Affected by A-Rest Floriculture
Disease Control in Easter Lilies Floriculture
What Size Greenhouse Heater? Floriculture
Nitrate Vs. Ammonium Nitrogen in Pansy Fertilization Floriculture
Creosote = Death Floriculture
Bulb Forcing Reminders Floriculture
Lily Leaf Counting Floriculture
Prediction of Flowering Date by Bud Length in 'Arai' Lilies Floriculture
Soil Phosphorous and Lily Leaves Floriculture
Azalea Petal Blight Floriculture
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Injusry to Bedding Plants Floriculture
untitled Floriculture
Botrytis on Tulips Floriculture
Control Greenhouse Drip Floriculture
Whitefly Control With SBP-1382 Floriculture
Christmas Cactuses at Home Floriculture
Preventing Backflow From Your Fertilizer Injector Floriculture
Herbicide Combinations for Weed Control in Gladiolus Floriculture
Keeping Hanging Baskets Healthy Floriculture
A Summer Greenhouse Checklist Floriculture
Gladiolus Corm Treatments Floriculture
Geranium Leaf Breaking and Leaf Curl Floriculture
Geranium Rust in Connecticut Floriculture
Calendula Floriculture
Cinerarias Floriculture
Effects of pH Availability of Plant Nutrients in Greenhouse Soils Floriculture
Do Your Part to Conserve Energy Floriculture
Benomyl for the Control of Ascochyta Decay of Chrysanthemum Cuttings Floriculture
Amaryllis at Home Floriculture
Herbicide Residues in Soils Floriculture
Faster Seedlings Under Light Floriculture
Crown Gall Floriculture
Fasciation Floriculture
Recycling Clay and Plastic Pots Floriculture
A Forget-About Crop that Pays Floriculture
The Greenhouse Whitefly Floriculture
Effectiveness of Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) in Greenhouses Floriculture
Controlling Bedding Plant Diseases Floriculture
Easter Lily Tips Floriculture
Lantana Floriculture
Taking Cuttings from Geranium Plants Floriculture
SADH (ALAR-85) Registered for Use on Tomato Transplants Floriculture
Barsola Floriculture
Cost of Producing Bedding Plants in Connecticut Floriculture
Fire Hazards in Your Greenhouse Floriculture
Connecticut Greenhouse Newsletter Index 1968-1974 Floriculture
Marketing of Bedding Plants Floriculture
Air Pollutants Also Damage Plants Floriculture
A Review of Prepackaged Plant Growing Media Floriculture
Fluorescent Lights for Plants Floriculture
Aerated Steam Works Floriculture
Bromeliads Part One Floriculture
Fuchsia Culture Floriculture
Perrennials as Bedding Plants Floriculture
Poinsettias and 2,4-D Floriculture
Bromeliads Part Two Floriculture
Terrariums Floriculture
Poinsettias are Not Poisonous Floriculture
Heating System Maintenance Floriculture
Heat in an Emergency Floriculture
Bromeliads Part Three Floriculture
Pillow Pack Tomatoes Floriculture
Bromeliads, Part Four Floriculture
Save Fuel - Build a Germinating Chamber Floriculture
Poinsettias and 2, 4-D Floriculture
Effective Use of SADH Floriculture
Bromeliads Part Five Floriculture
Geranium Black Leg- Bacterial Blight or Pythium Floriculture
Flowering New Guinea Impatiens Floriculture
Chelated Iron Rates Floriculture
LOIS Sees the Light- A Brief History of LOIS Floriculture
Barefoot in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Snapdragon Diseases Floriculture
Programming LOIS for Multiple Mist Signals Floriculture
Premature Budding of Garden Mum Stock Plants Floriculture
Caladiums in the Home Garden Floriculture
Solar Timing for Pot Watering Floriculture
Dodder- Increasing in Connecticut Floriculture
Benomyl and Large Nematodes Floriculture
Phosphorus in Greenhouse Soils Floriculture
Overwintering Structures in Connecticut for Nursery Stock Floriculture
Reduce Glass Greenhouse Heating Costs Floriculture
Eriophyid Mite on Azalea Floriculture
Hanging Hanging-Pots Floriculture
Dexon and Truvan vs. Ammonium Nitrogen Phytotoxicity Floriculture
Plants for Hanging Baskets Part One Floriculture
Capillary Watering Floriculture
Are Your Benches Moldy? Floriculture
Boiler Treatment Compounds Floriculture
Botrytis- The Cool Disease Floriculture
Alternaria Blight of Zinnias Floriculture
What You Should Know about Ground Fault Interrupters Floriculture
Answering Foliage Plant Querries Floriculture
Fern Life Cycle Floriculture
Diseases of Foliage Plants Floriculture
Conditioning Plants for Interior Use Floriculture
Storage and Rooting of Impatiens Cuttings Floriculture
Surfactant Response with SADH and Ancymidol Floriculture
Pezziza- Friend, Indicator and Nuisance Floriculture
Limestone Requirement for TKS Fertilized Peat Floriculture
What You Should Know about- A New OSHA Standard for Training Tractor Operators Floriculture
Acclimatization of Foliage Plants Floriculture
Wall Up Your Greenhouses Floriculture
Hydrogel or Calcined Clay Floriculture
Growth Regulators to Control Plant Height Floriculture
Chrysanthemum Leaf Miner Floriculture
Wipe Out Weeds Floriculture
Fungicides For Soil Diseases Floriculture
African Violets Do Like a Warm Water Bath Floriculture
Peat-Lite and Soluble Salts Floriculture
Scorch on 'Ace' Lilies Floriculture
Bacterial Stem Rot of Poinsettias Floriculture
Overwintering Structures in Connecticut Part II - Storage Floriculture
Poinsettias Are Not Poisonous Floriculture
The 1976 New England Greenhouse Conference Floriculture
Another Greenhouse Pest Floriculture
Check Greenhouse Furnaces Floriculture
Fluorescent Light Efficiency Floriculture
Roots Floriculture
Save Heat With CO2 Floriculture
Single Stem Begonias Floriculture
Some Basic Guidelines on Ways to Conserve Energy Floriculture
Windbreakers Reduce Greenhouse Heating Costs Floriculture
Carnations and Soil Disease Floriculture
Fuchsia Rust In Connecticut Floriculture
Softened Water May Ruin Your Crop Floriculture
Split Night-Time Greenhouse Temperatures Can Save Fuel Floriculture
Calculating Volume for Greenhouse Smoke Bombs Floriculture
Comments on Split-Night Temperatures Floriculture
Don't Let it Happen - Casaron in the Greenhouse Floriculture
How to Use Methyl Bromide Floriculture
Alcoholic Insecticides Floriculture
Bud Delay on Poinsettia Floriculture
Clean Up Greenhouses Or Cyclamen Mite Alert Floriculture
Fluoride and Easter Lily Scorch Floriculture
Heat In Propagation Media Floriculture
Pinching Poinsettias Floriculture
White Plastic Pots Floriculture
Greenhouse Tomato Variety Trials 1976 - 1977 Floriculture
New England Greenhouses 'Going to Pot' as Imports Nip Flowering Carnation Industry Floriculture
Bedside Heating Modification Floriculture Bedside Heating
Parathion Controls Leaf Nematode Disease of Chrysanthemums Floriculture Leaf Nematode Disease
Preliminary Research on K6451 Floriculture Preliminary Research