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Should I Sterilize New Soil


Should I Sterilize New Soil


Should new field soil be sterilized be fore using? There are so many factors bear ing on this question that no flat, unqualified answer can be given. Let us look at some of these factors. The basic argument in favor of sterili zation is that there are a number of impor tant disease organisms which may be present in most any new field soil. Within the past two months we have had occasion to observe serious cases of the following diseases, each of which was unquestionably introduced with unsterlllzed "new" field soil or sand: rootknot nematode on begonias and cyclamen, Pythium rot or "black-leg" of geraniums, Rhizoctonia rot or "wet stem rot" of car nations and poinsettias, and Thielaviopsis rot or "black root rot" of poinsettias. In these cases the organisms were present In the "new" soil, they were causing serious diseases of the crops, -- and there was very little which we could suggest to help matters at that stage of the game. The troubles in question could have been avoided only by proper sterilization of the soil before using.

Source: • New York State Flower Growers Incorporated, Bulletin #64

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