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Best Performing Annuals-Perennials in 2003 Floriculture
Calcium-Sodium Ratio and Growth of Tomato in Sand Culture Floriculture Calcium
Carzol Granted Special Local Need Registration for Greenhouse Use in North Carolina Floriculture
Clematis Propagation Floriculture
Clerodendrum Species as Flowering Potted Plants Floriculture
Condensation of Moisture in the Greenhouse Floriculture Condensation
Control Weeds Under Benches Floriculture Control weeds under benches
Development of a Novel Control Strategy for Thrips and Tospoviruses Floriculture
Development of a PCR Assay for Detection of the Geranium Rust Fungus Puccinia Pelargonii-Zonalis Floriculture
Dwarf Carnatioin Response to Soil Applications of Sumagic Floriculture Dwarf Carnation
Early Winter Asters Floriculture Early winter asters
Effect of B-Nine and Bonzi on 'Munchkin' Sunflowers Floriculture
Effect of Silicon-Based Fertilizer Applications on Reproduction and Development of Arthropod Pests Associated with Horticultural Crops – Part 3 Floriculture
Effects of Pesticide Mixtures in Controlling Arthropod Pests of Greenhouses Floriculture
Efficacy of A-Restâ„¢ or Bonziâ„¢ on Clerodendrum thomsoniae as a Flowering Potted Plant Floriculture
Engineering Fungal Resistance in Bedding Plants using a Gene for Mannitol Dehydrogenase Floriculture
Enhancing Protea Flowering in Hawaii Floriculture ICFG, Hill, Final Report, 2012 Enhancing Protea Flowering in Hawaii Richard A. Crile…
Forcing Perennials Floriculture
Frontiers in Florticulture- Latin Americ Floriculture Latin america
Frontiers in Florticulture- Mexico and Central America Floriculture Mexico and central america
Fundamentals of Flowering in Plants- Juvenility in Seed-Propagated Annuals and How Supplemental Lighting Can Affect It Floriculture
Fundamentals of Flowering in Plants- Supplemental Lighting and Earliness of Flowering Floriculture
Greenhouse Heat Conservation - Part II Floriculture Greenhouse heat
Heat In Propagation Media Floriculture
Improving Media-pH Management by Developing a Model of the Interacting Factors in the pH System Floriculture
Improving the Energy Efficiency of Greenhouse Crop Production 1. Flowering Responses to Temperature and Light Floriculture
Industry’s Perception of University Horticulture Curricula Floriculture
Inheritance of Qualitative Traits in New Guineaimpatiens Floriculture
Limestone Contains (a little) Manganese and Boron Floriculture
Liner Soaks Effective on Vegetative Coleus Floriculture
Log of Easter Lily Records and Notes Forcing Year Floriculture
Managing Downy Mildew on Snapdragons Floriculture
Managing Powdery Mildew on Gerbera Floriculture Gerbera, Powdery, Mildew
Modifying Production Technology to Protect Ornamental Aroids (Anthuriums) from Bacterial Blight (Xanthomonas) Using Beneficial Bacteria Floriculture Biological control has been effective against bacteria…
Mulching Studies on Carnations 1949-50 Floriculture Mulching
Nitrite Vs. Ammonium Toxicities in Connecticut Greenhouse Soils Floriculture
Obtaining Cut Flower Production Records With A Computer Floriculture Obtaining cut flower
Ornamental Gingers as Flowering Potted Plants – Part 4 Effects of Light Intensity and PGR’s on Growth and Flowering Floriculture
Phosphon D Tests on Pot Chrysanthemums Floriculture Phosphon d tests
Phytotoxicity of Steam Additive Diethylaminoethanol to Chrysanthemums Floriculture
Poinsettia Breeding and Genetics Floriculture Poinsettia breeding and genetics
Poinsettia Notes Floriculture
Progress Report on Carnation Timing Floriculture Carnation timing
Recognizing and Coping with Diseases of Perennials Floriculture
Root Penetration of Peat Pots Floriculture Root penetration, Peat pots
Rooting of Carnation Cuttings Floriculture Rooting
The Appeal of Biodegradable Packaging to Floral Consumers- Part 3 Floriculture
Using Soil Moisture Sensors for Poinsettia Height Control Floriculture
Water Management- The Key is Understanding Irrigation, Media and Fertilization Floriculture
$1 Billion PLUS!! Floriculture
'A Rest' for Height Control of Tulips Floriculture Tulip, Soil drench, Retardant Thepottedtuliphasbeenfoundto beveryresponsivetothispl…
'After Lighting' of Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums, After lighting
'An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure' Floriculture Prevention
'Arai' Lily Growth as Affected by A-Rest Floriculture
'Careless' Plant Producers Resulting in Mislabelled Transplants Will not be Tolerated
'One Shot' Fertilizers for Container Plants Floriculture One shot fertilizers
'Pulsing' Flowers Before Shipping Floriculture
'Rabbit Tracks' of Poinsettia Floriculture
'Rejuvenating' Black Cloth Floriculture Black cloth
10 Suggestions for More Successful Research Trials at Your Greenhouse Floriculture
10. Snijbloemen (Cut Flowers) Floriculture
100 Verbena Cultivar Susceptibility to Powdery Mildew Floriculture Ornamentals Mildew, Verbena Verbena is the spring crop most afflicted by powdery m…
10th Anniversary National Poinsettia Trial Program Highlights Floriculture
1955 Gladiolus Weed Control Floriculture
1956 Croft Lily Fertilizer Study Floriculture
1959-1960 Tests for the Control of Lily Root Rot Floriculture 1959-1960 tests
1960 Short Course - January 12, 13 and 14 Floriculture Short course
1960-1961 Tests for the Control of Lily Root Rot Floriculture 1960-1961
1961 Program on the Use of Cycocel on Poinsettias Floriculture
1964 Ace Easter Lily Fertilization Study Floriculture
1965 University Of Illinois Poinsettia Demonstration Trials Floriculture Superphosphate, ions, Treatments, Loam, perlite and Canadian peat mo, Supplemental C02 IN RECENT YEARS there have been many discuss ions with…
1970 Poinsettia Fertility Trials Floriculture
1979 Easter Lily Experiments Floriculture
1980 Poinsettia Trial Floriculture Cutting, Pinched plants, Pollen, Dexon/Benlate, Terraclor Poinsettia cuttings were taken on 8/22 for pinched pla…
1980 Poinsettia Trial February Floriculture Poinsettia cuttings were taken on 8/22 for pinched pla…
1981 Poinsettia Trial Floriculture Soil/peat/perlite, Cultivars, Growing temperatur, phosphoric acid The 1981 trials were with 8 cultivars as single stem (…
1981 Poinsettia Trial February Floriculture Seed geraniums, STS concentrate, Cultivar, Single stems, Buds The 1981 trials were with 8 cultivars as single stem (…
1984 Cornell Bedding Plant Guidelines for New York State Floriculture
1984 Cornell Geranium Guidelines (Part 2) Floriculture
1984 Cornell Geranium Guidelines (Part 3) Floriculture
1984 Cornell Poinsettia Guidelines for New York State (Part 1) Floriculture
1984 Cornell Poinsettia Guidelines for New York State (Part 2) Floriculture
1984 Cornell Poinsettia Guidelines for New York State (Part 3) Floriculture
1988 North Carolina Floriculture Statistucs - A Floriculturist's Delight, and Economist's Nightmare Floriculture
1992 Season Sales Summary Floriculture
1994 Bedding Plant Evaluations Floriculture
1994 Easter Lily Schedules Floriculture
1994 Herbicides Registered For Use on Cut Flowers Floriculture
1994 Herbicides Registered for use on Cut Flowers Floriculture
1994 Herbicides Registered for Use on Cut Flowers Floriculture
1994 Season Sales Summary Floriculture
1995 Season Sales Summary Floriculture
1996 Oklahoma State University Poinsettia Cultivar Trial Floriculture Postharvest, Flowered, Fishcer, Oglevee Forty-nine cultivars from five breeders were featured …
1997 Oklahoma State University Poinsettia Cultivar Trial Floriculture Flowering, Gutbier, Puebla, Stems, Premixed media Fifty-seven cultivars from five breeders were featured…
1997 Summer Bedding Plant Trial Summary Floriculture
1998 Easter Lily Production Floriculture
1998 Oklahoma State University Poinsettia Cultivar Tria Floriculture Rose, Cutting, Foliage, Multi color The number ofcultivars evaluated in 1998 increased to …
1999 Easter Lily Schedule Floriculture Floriculture
20 Ways to Show You Can Handle Feb 14 Floriculture Valentine's Day
20-10-20 Water Soluble Fertilizers, An Industry Work Horse Floriculture
2001- Water in the West Floriculture
3-Amino-1,2,4-Triazole, A Catalase Inhibitor, Prolongs Carnation Vase Life Floriculture
50 Degrees for Snapdragons Floriculture
50 degrees for Snapdragons Floriculture
50 Years of Florticulture and Ornamental Horticulture at Cornell University Floriculture Ornamental Horticulture
8 Steps to a Successful Watering System Floriculture
A Bacterial Disease of Chrysanthemum (and Geranium!) Floriculture
A Boon or a Burden Screening Greenhouses forr Thrips Control Floriculture
A Brief History of Plant Growth Regulations Floriculture Cut flowers
A Brief Report on an Azalea Cutting Disease Floriculture Azalea cutting disease
A Brief Report on Research at Beltsville Floriculture Research at beltsville
A Clean Bill of Health for the Poinsettia Plant Floriculture Euphorbia pulcherrima, hazardous sub stances, poisonous, denying the petition, eating a poinsettia leaf (bract). Since 1919. stories unsubstantiated by medical and sci…
A CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH FOR THE POINSETTIA PLANT Floriculture poisonous plant, alleged toxicity, Euphorbia pulcherrima), SAF Since 1919, stories unsubstantiated by medical and sci…
A Clearer Picture of an Established and New Growing Media Component for Greenhouse Culture Floriculture
A Common Misconception about Substrates Floriculture
A Comparison of 13 White Sim Clones for Colorado Floriculture 13 white sim clones
A Comparison of Ethylene Removal by Means of Catalytic Combustion and Chemical Absorption Floriculture
A comparison of peat-lite and noncomposted hardwood-bark mixes for use in pot and bedding-plant production and the effects of a new hydrogel soil amendment on their performance Floriculture
A Comparison of the Methods Used in Culturing Carnations Floriculture Comparison of methods
A Comparison of Three Cutting Heights on Carnations Floriculture Comparison of three cutting heig
A Comparison of Two Cutting Methods on Better Times and Pink Delight Roses Floriculture Comparison
A Comparison of Understocks for Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Comparison of understocks
A Cool Mandate Floriculture Cooler, Cold chain
A Cost Analysis of Two Energy Conservation Methods, Part I Floriculture Cost analysis
A Cost Analysis of Two Energy Conservation Methods, Part II- Poly Over Glass Floriculture Cost analysis
A Definitive Approach to Engineering Improved Refrigerated Trailer Vans and Containers Floriculture
A Few Notes on pH of Soils Floriculture A few notes on pH
A Fine Climate for Greenhouse Culture is at Our Back Door Floriculture Fine climate
A Forget-About Crop that Pays Floriculture
A fungitoxic substance extracted from tulips and its possible role as a protectant against disease Floriculture
A Fungus Among Us... A New Look at Fungicides for Managing Geranium Rust Floriculture
A Geranium Problem Floriculture Geranium
A Glance at the Competition Floriculture
A Grower's Guide to Begonias Floriculture
A Growing Mismatch of Jobs and Job Seekers Floriculture A growing mismatch
A growth habit classification for hybrid petunias Floriculture Hybrid petunia, Growth habit, P. grandiflora, P. multiflora A discussion and categorization of the growth habits o…
A Guide for the Postharvest Handling of Fresh Flowers to Extend Their Useful Life Floriculture The postharvest handling of cut flowers will be discu…
A Guide for the Postharvest Handling of Fresh Flowers to Extend Their Useful Life Floriculture In this third and final segment of our series on the …
A Hydrangea Schedule for Easter 1990 Floriculture
A Leaf and Blossom Blight is Reported on African Violet (Saintpaulia) Floriculture African violet
A Look Ahead In Floriculture Education Floriculture SAF Education Committee, Shortage of floricultural labor, Manpower Needs, Colleges And Universities, Community Colleges IF WE ARE to survive and succeed as an industry, we mu…
A Look at Some Dutch Greenhouses and Research Effort Floriculture A Look at Some Dutch
A Look at Some of the New Spray Materials for Carnation Mother Blocks Floriculture New spray materials , Carnation mother blocks
A Look at the 1980's - Will the Florist Still be Around Floriculture A look at the 1980's
A Market Segmentation of Supermarket Floral Product Consumers Based Upon Factors Impacting the Floral Purchase Decision Floriculture
A Mathematical Model for Predicting Changes in the Quality of 'Golden Delicious' Apples During Cold Storage Floriculture
A Molybdenum Deficiency Test Floriculture
A New Alternative to Chemicals for Fungus Gnat Control Floriculture
A new California field cuts industry emerges Floriculture
A New Growth Regulator Works on Pot Mums Floriculture
A New Method for the Determination of ACC Floriculture
A New Method of Temperature Control Floriculture Temperature control
A New Slant on Geranium Cutting Production Floriculture
A Packaged Deal for a New Specialty Floriculture
A Penny for Your Pensees (GA) Floriculture Pansies have become the most popular annual for mid-fa…
A Penny for Your Pensees (NC) Floriculture Pansies have become the most popular annual for mid-fa…
A Physical Survey of Forty Colorado Greenhouse Soils Floriculture A physical survey
A Plant Nutrition Primer Lesson 1- Essential Elements-- Form and Function Floriculture
A Possible New Culprit of Insect Resistance Floriculture
A Practical Means of Reducing Storage Rots of Apple and Post-Harvest Rots of Peach Floriculture
A Preliminary Re-Evaluation of Dexon Drenches on Easter Lilies Floriculture Dexon drenches
A Progress Report on Shipping Test with Gladioli Floriculture
A Promising Herbicide for Greenhouse Use Floriculture Promising
A Quick Look at Slow-Release Fertilizers Floriculture
A Recently Observed Effect of Diseases on Plants Floriculture Recently observed effect, Diseases on plants
A Red and Orange Heliconia for Cut-Flower Use Floriculture
A REPORT ON THE 1961 COOPERATIVE POINSETTIA-CCC TRIALS Floriculture Euphorbia pulcherrima Willd, Growth Retardants, CYCOCEL, Chloro-choline chloride, CCC, light and temperature Following are portions of a report presented before th…
A Report on the Economics Workshop Floriculture Report on eonomics
A Review of Poinsettia Problems - 1967 Floriculture
A Review of Prepackaged Plant Growing Media Floriculture
A Season With a Thermal Screen Floriculture A season
A Serious New Disease of Marigold in North Carolina Floriculture
A Simple Method of Soil Heating that Improves Earliness and Yield of Greenhouse Tomatoes Floriculture Ornamentals
A Simple Steam Sterilizing Box Floriculture
A Slow Release Fertilizer Floriculture
A Solar Integrator for Greenhouse Use Floriculture Solar integrator
A Stem Canker of Poinsettia Caused by Improper Cultural Practices Floriculture
A Study of the Herbaceous Perennial Plant Industry in the U. S Floriculture
A Sudy of pH and Ca Changes in Greenhouse Soils Floriculture Domestic vermiculite, Canadian peat, African vermiculite Plantgrowershavebeenasking,"Howlongdoesittakelimetorea…
A SUMMARY OF 1961 GLADIOLUS DISEASE CONTROL TESTS IN ILLINOIS Floriculture CORM TREATMENTS, dust treatments, Elcide 73, White Break, SOIL TREATMENTS GLADIOLUS DISEASE control tests conducted in Kankakee …
A Summary of CA Requirements and Recommendations for Fruits Other than Pome Fruits Floriculture
A Summary of CA Requirements and Recommendations for Vegetables Floriculture
A Summary of CA Requirements, Limitations and Recommendations for Ornamentals Floriculture
A Summer Greenhouse Checklist Floriculture
A System for Greenhouses to Maximize Profit I. Introduction Floriculture System for greenhouses
A Theory for Optimalization of Primary Production in Protected Cultivation - I. Influence of Aerial Environment upon Primary Plant Production Floriculture Theory
A Theory for Optimalization of Primary Production in Protected Cultivation - II Primary Plant Production Under Different Outdoor Light Conditions Floriculture Theory for optimalization
A Tonic for Cut Flowers Floriculture
A Tried-And-True Test for Residues Floriculture
A View of Some N.C. Floricultural Facts Floriculture
A Visit with LTL Carriers Floriculture
A World Perspective on More Flower for More People Floriculture Flower
A-Rest as a Substitute for B-Nine in Pot Chrysanthemum Height Control Floriculture
ABC's of Pot Carnation Culture Floriculture Pot Carnation
Absorption Dyeing of Cut Carnations Floriculture
Abutilon Floriculture
Accelerated Cyclamen Production Floriculture
Accelerated Dormancy Breaking in Freesia Floriculture Accelerated
Acclimating Plants from Winter Storage Floriculture
Acclimation Helps Plants to Adapt Floriculture
Acclimatization of Brassaia Aciinophylla and Ficus Nitida to Interior Environmental Conditions Floriculture Foliage, Schefjlera aciinophylla, Ficus nitida, shade tree, environmental factors Foliage plants, defined as those plants grown primaril…
Acclimatization of Foliage Plants Floriculture
Acclimatization of Foliage Plants- What is it Floriculture
Accuracy of Common Thermometers Floriculture Accuracy
Ace Easter Lily Fertilizer Study Floriculture
Achimenes Floriculture
Acid Aids Woodrose Germination Floriculture
Added life for Cut Flowers Floriculture
Adding Boron to Greenhouse Soils Floriculture Add boron to greenhouse soils
Adding CO2 to Carnation Stock Plants Improves Performance of the Cuttings Floriculture Adding co2
Adept Phytotoxicity in Poinsettia Floriculture
Adjusting Soil Acidity and Alkalinity Floriculture
Advanced Technology in the Horticultural Industry Floriculture
Advances in Humidity Measurement Floriculture Advances in humidity
Advancing the Adoption of Pest Management Strategies on Cut Flowers Produced in the United States and Colombia – Part I Floriculture Imports, Cut flower, Efficacy trials, Mites, Thirps Although it has declined in recent years, cut flower p…
Advantages of Clear-day Climatic Regions for Greenhouse Production Floriculture Advantages of clear day
Aerated Steam Works Floriculture
Aeration Adequacy in Greenhouse Soils Floriculture Greenhouse soils, Aeration adequacy
AFMC survey yields important statistics Floriculture
African Violet Chimeras A Practical Use of Micropropagation Floriculture
African Violets Do Like a Warm Water Bath Floriculture
African Violets They Aren't What They Used To Be Floriculture
African Violets- Care Tips for Everyone Floriculture
Age Has No Effect on Chrysanthemum Budding Floriculture Chrysanthemum Budding
Age of Plants Floriculture Age
Air Circulation in Greenhouses Floriculture Air circulation in greenhouses
Air Circulators Versus Exhaust Fans Floriculture
Air Infiltration in Greenhouses Floriculture Air infiltration
Air Inflated System for an Emergency Roof - A Case History Floriculture Air inflated
Air Movement and Temperature Control Floriculture Air movement
Air Movement and Temperature Control II Floriculture Air movement
Air Pollutants Also Damage Plants Floriculture
Air Pollution Affects Florists Crops Floriculture Carbon dioxide, Ozone, Ethylene, AIR POLLUTANT INJURY, toxicant In today's world, pollutionof our environment is a ma…
Air Pollution in Denver - A Brief Review Floriculture Air pollution
Aisle-Ready Roses Floriculture
Alcoholic Insecticides Floriculture
Algae Causing Clogging of Cooloing Systems Floriculture Algae causing
Algae Control in Evaporative Pads Floriculture Algae control
ALL ABOUT MODERN METHODS OF HYDRANGEA CULTURE Floriculture Propagation, Single-eye cuttings, Propagation medium, sharp sand,, cost of growing The following article is based on a talk given by Mr. …
Allium karataviense - A Lonely Little Onion in a Petunia Patch Floriculture
Alstoemeria Cultural Research Floriculture Cut flowers
Alstroemeria A Versatile and Enduring Flower Floriculture
Alstroemeria Cultivar Trials- 1984 Floriculture Alstroemeria
Alstroemeria Culture Floriculture Alstroemeria The original South American Alstroemeria species grow …
Alstroemeria Culture Floriculture Alstroemeria The new Alstroemeria cultivars that are available from…
Alstroemeria Observations- 1984 Floriculture Alstroemeria observations
Alstroemeria Planting Density Floriculture Alstroemeria
Alstroemeria- The Effect of Controlled Soiltemperatures on Growth & Cropping Characteristics of Three Types Floriculture
Alstroemerias Coming into Vogue as Cut Flowers Floriculture
Altering Retardant Spray Rates Helps Growers Adapt to Varying Conditions Floriculture