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Easter Lily Bud Meter
Early Stocks Stocks
Cucumber Cucumber
Hedging One-Year Carnation Plants
'Careless' Plant Producers Resulting in Mislabelled Transplants Will not be Tolerated
The upscale consumer: Survey shows that higher income changes shopping, eating habits Floriculture Fruits Vegetables Weeds Income, Nutrition Almost one-fourth of fresh produce consumers have uniq…
Do Plants Cry? Floriculture Fruits Vegetables Ornamentals Ethylene, Streptomyces, Trauma Do Plants cry? Do plants have a centralized mechanism …
Sneak Preview: FTD's new Fact Book Floriculture FTD Statistics make the world go around. Think of a subjec…
De levensduur Van Snijbloemen Floriculture rdtnahetsnijden inwatergeplaatst.it dedelen,dieboven…
De ontwikkeling en houdbaarheid can afgeseneden bloemen Floriculture
Over De Houdbaarheid Van Snijbloemen Floriculture
Influence of x-Naphthyl Acetic Acid, Sucrose and Boric Acid on the Flower Drop of Lupinus Polyphyllus LDL Floriculture
The Keepability of Cut Flowers Floriculture
Ethylene: An Urban Pollutant Floriculture Ethylene
Just the Facts Ma'am Floriculture Reel mowers, White fly
Peatmoss...Treasure From the Bogs! Floriculture Peatmoss
Plant Care Floriculture Ornamental kale
Influence of Styles Development on Longevity of Carnation Cut Flowers Floriculture Carnation
Parameters Influencing Gerbera Cut Flowers Longvity Floriculture
Water Relations of Cut Carnation Flowers Floriculture
Creating Clean Air Indoors with Potted Plants Floriculture
Sporotrichosis Due to Contact with Contaminated Sphagnum Moss Floriculture
Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Fresh Pineapple (Ananas comosus (L) Merr. 'Smooth Cayenne') Floriculture Fruits Pineapple The use of controlled atmosphere (CA) or modified atmo…
Influence of Mother Bulb Nitrogen on Subsequent Nitrogen Uptake in Tulips Floriculture Tulips, Nitrogen, Bulbs Influence of the nitrogen concentration of the mother …
Concerning the Keeping Quality of Cut Flowers Floriculture Fungicide, Early wilting, Chemical substances, Crops, Bactericides The desire to keep £lowor3 fresh as long as possible i…
How to Give Cut Roses a Longer Vase Life Floriculture
Move over Yuppies, Here Come the Skippies Floriculture
Business Briefs: Survey Results Detail Buying Habits of Floral Consumers Floriculture
Transporting and Distributing Fresh Cut Flowers Floriculture
Retailers May Shift Gears in the '90s Floriculture
Business Newsletter: U.S. Wire Service Deliveries Increase Floriculture
Freeze-drieds Offer Florists Fresh Alternatives Floriculture
Harvest Dating Attempts to Curb Storage Problems Floriculture
Tropical Flowers Floriculture
Sexes Differ When It Comes to Flower Giving Floriculture
Competing in the '90s Floriculture
Consumed in the U.S.A.: America's Passion for Flowers Blooms Floriculture
Survey Shows Poinsettia Growers, Florists Need to Talk Floriculture Poinsettia
U.S. Cut Flower Market to Top $10 Billion Floriculture
A Glance at the Competition Floriculture
Flowers Bloom in the Workplace Floriculture
Flowers Comfort: Study Reveals the Importance of Funeral Flowers Floriculture
The Development and Keeping Qualities of Flowers after Picking Floriculture A lengthening of the life span by growth substances is…
Are Substituted Benzothiadiazoles Specific Inhibitors of Ethylene Action Floriculture Ethylene, Inhibitors Ethylene is known to promote seed germination. However…
Lend an Ear to Consumers: Listen to Find out What Customers Really Want Floriculture
Things Are Tough All Over Floriculture Flower sales
Flower Shop Delivery Services Measured Floriculture
Handle with Care Floriculture Cut flowers, Postharvest handling Dr. George Staby, Connecticut, may be the most misunde…
Effect of Ultra Low Oxygen on the Storage and Quality of Some Vegetables Floriculture
A Practical Means of Reducing Storage Rots of Apple and Post-Harvest Rots of Peach Floriculture
Floral Care & Handling: Is It Still a Problem? Floriculture
Box Standardization: Facing the Issue Floriculture
Produce & Floral Retailing: Editor's Notes Floriculture
Sales, Image of Orchids Improving Floriculture
Standardization: What's Being Done? Floriculture
The Upscale Consumer: Survey Shows That Higher Income Changes Shopping, Eating Habits Floriculture
New Information on Postharvest Freshness Floriculture
Latest Information on the Keeping of Cut Flowers Floriculture
Shipping & Handling Plugs Floriculture
Plug Update Floriculture
Modified Atmospheres to Delay Senescence and Decay of Broccoli Floriculture Vegetables Weeds Broccoli, Senescence, Decay Storability of the broccoli flower heads is \/ery low,…
The Gallup Organization, Inc. Floriculture
Does Curing California Sweet Potatoes Pay? Floriculture Vegetables Weeds
Firmness of Strawberries Is Enhanced by Postharvest Carbon Dioxide Treatment Floriculture Fruits Strawberry
Minimal Processing of Vegetables Floriculture Vegetables Weeds
Improving Old Favorites Floriculture Carnations, Chrysanthemums
Ecuador on the Rise Floriculture Cut flowers, Roses
Brominated Charcoal to Prevent Fading of Vanda Orchid Flowers Floriculture Vanda orchid
Effects of Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Fresh Papayas (Carica papaya L., var. Solo) with Special Reference to Shelf-life Extension of Fumigated Fruits Floriculture Fruits Papayas
Postharvest Handling and Storage of Hawaiian Flowers Floriculture
Relationship between Leaf Darkening and Chemical Composition of Leaves of Species of Protea Floriculture Protea
Effects of Static Controlled Atmosphere and Reduced Pressure Storage on Fading of Vanda Miss Joaquim Flowers Floriculture
Some Newer Potato Varieties and Their Chipping Qualities Floriculture Vegetables Weeds
Custom Flowers Need TLC Floriculture
Influence of Packaging on Shelf-Life and Microbiological Quality of Minimally Processed Fennels (Foeniculum Vulgare) Floriculture Vegetables Weeds Fennell
Housdbaarheidsproeven Met Snijblomen Floriculture
The Mode of Action of 8-Hydroxyquinoline (Oxine) a Chemical approach, Floriculture
Floral Care And Handlin Q&A With George Staby Floriculture
Focus On Care And Handling Floriculture
A Visit with LTL Carriers Floriculture
Foliage As Air Freight Floriculture
Foliage In Our Future Floriculture
Topple Disease of Tulips Floriculture
Polyphenoloxidase, Perioxidase and Protein Isozymes Relating to Discoloration of Chopped Lettuce Floriculture Vegetables Weeds
A Mathematical Model for Predicting Changes in the Quality of 'Golden Delicious' Apples During Cold Storage Floriculture
The Effect of Auxins and Ethylene on Leaf Abscission of Ficus Benjamina Floriculture
Felly 1980 Floriculture
Sierafor- A Dutch Importer Tackles the Us Mass Market Floriculture
Der Athylengehalt reifender Weinbeeren Floriculture
Dormavac-Long Term Storage of Perishable Commodities Floriculture
Tomato Fruit Treated with 1-methylcyclopropene Provide Adequate Non-ripening Controls in Low-temperature Storage Experiments Floriculture
Bulb Harvest Techniques Floriculture Ornamentals
Moderni Metodi di Produzione del Garofano Floriculture
Modified-Atmosphere Storage Does Not Substitute for Low Temperature Storage of Strawberry Floriculture Fruits
Shipping and Ethylene Effects on Flower Bud Abscission in Potted Hibiscus Floriculture
Effects of Storage on the Performance of Carnation Cuttings Floriculture Carnations, Effects of storage Several isolated attempts have been made to show diffe…
Differential Response Of Carnations Pulsed-Chased or Continuously Treated with Silver Thiosulfate Floriculture
3-Amino-1,2,4-Triazole, A Catalase Inhibitor, Prolongs Carnation Vase Life Floriculture
Differential Temporal and Tissue Expression of an Apparent Low Activity Isoform of Carnation Catalase Floriculture
Inhibition of Ethylene Biosynthesis and Action in Cut Carnation Flowers by Aminotriazole Floriculture
Cercetari Cu Privire La Pastrarea Fara Apa A Garoafelor In Conditii Frigorifice Floriculture
Rezultate Cu Privire La Influenta Fazei De Deschidere A Florilor De Garoafe, In Momentul Recoltarii, Asupra Mentinerii Calitatii In Apa La Temperatura Camerei Floriculture
Rezultate Cu Privire La Pastrarea Trandafirilor Fara Apa In Conditii Frigorifice Floriculture
Geeft Chrysal Resultaten Floriculture
Mechanism of Antibacterial Action- Electron Transfer and Oxy Radicals Floriculture
The Effects of Temperature, Relative Humidity and Host Factors on the Attatchment and Survival of Boophilus Decoloratus and Boophilus Geigyi Larvae to Skin Slices Floriculture
Prevention of auxin-induced epinasty by a-aminooxyacetic acid Floriculture
Coast Flowers Reach Midwest Via Trucks Floriculture
Shelf Life of Raw French-Fry Potato Strips in Consumer Bags Floriculture
Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide Storage Floriculture
Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Eastern-Grown Peaches and Nectarines Floriculture
Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Peaches and Nectarines Floriculture
Effect of Postharcest Hot-Water Treatments on Spoilage of Cranberries in Storage Floriculture
Quality of 'Stayman Winesap' Apples Stored in Air, Controlled Atmospheres, or Controlled Atmospheres by Storage in Air Floriculture
The Effect of Cyanide and Carbon Monoxide on the Electrical Potential and Resistance of Cell Membranes Floriculture
Combining CA Storage with Intermittent Warming Extends the Storage Life of Peaches and Nectarines Floriculture
Influence of Maleic Hydrazide on the Level of the Auxins and on the Activity of the Oxidase of IAA in Leaves of Tobacco Plants Floriculture
Results and Recommendations on Controlled and Modified Atmoshpere Storage and Transport of Stone Fruits Floriculture
Effect of Anti-Ethylene Compounds on Selected Flowers Floriculture
Low Pressure Storage of Herbaceous Cuttings Floriculture
Reduction of Induced Abscission of Geranium Petals and Snapdragon Florets Using Three Anti-Ethylene Compounds Floriculture
Fixing the Water- The Use of Floral Preservatives Floriculture
Consumer Perceptions on Modified Atmosphere Packaging Floriculture
Volatiles in Controlled-Atmosphere Apple Storage- Evaluation by Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Floriculture
The flower road is no primrose path Floriculture
Fresh Connections Floriculture
Post Pollination Phenomena in Orchid Flowers Floriculture
Orchids and the Discovery of Auxin Floriculture
Promoting and Marketing Bedding Plants 'Communities as a Potential Customer' Floriculture
Evaluate Your Plants' Floriculture
Know Your Costs Floriculture
Responses of 'Golden Delicious' Apples to 1-MCP Applied in Air and Water Floriculture
Keep Your Baskets Hanging Floriculture
Factors Affecting Garden Performance of Flowering Plants in Hanging Baskets Floriculture
Stress or Success Floriculture
Effect of Lime, Irrigation Water Quality, and Water-soluble Fertilizer on pH and Macronutrient Management of Peat-based Root Media Floriculture
Component comparisons- coconut coir Floriculture
The Wheels that made the Flower Business Roll Floriculture
For the Retailer...Keeping Quality of Bedding Plants Floriculture
Keeping quality of bedding plants Floriculture
Maintaining the quality of bedding plants Floriculture
Increasing Shelf Life of Bedding Plants Floriculture
Production Practices Influencing the Keeping Quality of Bedding Plants Floriculture
Field-Grown Fresh Cut-Flowers Floriculture
Postproduction Care of Bedding Plants Floriculture
Try Unusual Annuals for Cut Flowers Floriculture
Know When to Cut Specialty Cuts Floriculture
Q&A on Cooling Perennial Plugs Floriculture
Compensating for Congested Transport Routes Floriculture
Ethylene Blocker Floriculture
Einige orientierende Versuehe zur Frage der kiinstliehen Friseherhaltung der Schnittblumen Floriculture
Weitere Versuche zur Frage der kunstlichen Frischerhaltung der Schnittblumen Floriculture
The Impact of Cultural Practices on the Post-harvest Fruit Quality of Navel Oranges Floriculture
Produce Facts Grapefruit Floriculture
Produce Facts Lemon Floriculture
Produce Facts Lime Floriculture
Produce Facts Mandarin or Tangerine Floriculture
Produce Facts Orange Floriculture
Genetically Engineering Floricultural Crops to Block Ethylene Perception Floriculture
Florists' association offers suggestions on keeping cut flowers fresher Floriculture
Guide can be a tonic for drooping bouquets Floriculture
Ethylene Oxide- A Possible Breakthrough For Increasing Longevity of Cut FlowersEthylene Oxide- A Possible Breakthrough For Increasing Longevity of Cut Flowers Floriculture
Keeping Roses 'Tight' With Ethylene Oxide Floriculture
A Tonic for Cut Flowers Floriculture
Added life for Cut Flowers Floriculture
Controlled Atmosphere For Storing Flowers Floriculture
Transmission of Plant Pathogens in Ebb and Flow Floriculture
Les Glucides Des Iris Nature, Genese Et Transformations Chapitre II- Les Glucides Des Feuilles Floriculture Ornamentals
Les Glucides Des Iris Nature, Genese Et Transformations Introduction Floriculture
Les Glucides Des Iris Nature, Genese Et Transformations Chapitre IV- Etude Chimique Des Levulosanes Des Iris Floriculture Ornamentals
Fundamental principles of a greenhouse thermodynamics, psychrometric science and aerodynamics Floriculture Vegetables Weeds
It's Alive! Floriculture
Quality Sorting of Red Delicious Apples by Light Transmission Floriculture
Efecto de la vernalizacion de bulbos reutilizados sobre la calidad de la flor de lirio (Lilium sp.) en la Sabana de Bogot Floriculture
Are Canadian Imports a Plus for U.S. Growers Floriculture
Selling to Supermarkets Floriculture
Shipshape Floriculture
Store Delivery- a Growing Trend Floriculture
Mixing It Up In Georgia Floriculture
Antisense Expression of Polyphenol Oxidase Genes Inhibits Enzymatic Browning in Potato Tubers Floriculture
Application of Work Measurement to the Determination of Fibrousness in Asparagus Floriculture
Close up of Colombia Floriculture
How the Colombians do it Floriculture
Loading First Coast to Coast Refrigerated Plane Floriculture
Cyanide-insensitive Respiration II. Control of the Alternate Pathway Floriculture
Cyanide-insensitive Respiration The Steady States of Skunk Cabbage Spadix and Bean Hypocotyl Mitochondria Floriculture
First Flowers Shipped by Air on Non-Schedule Arrangement Floriculture
Flower Retailing By Mass Outlets Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsproeven met snijbloemen Floriculture Vaselife, Leaf Damage, Preservatives Bij de beoordeling van proeven genomen orh de houdbaar…
Wasbehandeling bij bollen van Lilium 'Orange Triumph' Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsproeven Met Snijbloemen Floriculture
Containing Results Floriculture
Cut Flower Storage Floriculture The storage life of cut flowers appears to be governed…
Latest Dope On Cut Flower Storage Floriculture
Ohio Highlights Floriculture
Facts, Figures on the Plastic Flower Boom Floriculture
Blueprint for major labor saving Floriculture
A new California field cuts industry emerges Floriculture
Zellphysiologische Untersuchungen uber den Abbluhvorgang bei Iris und Gladiolus Floriculture
Zellphysiologische Beobachtungen an Iris Reichenbachii wahrend des Abblulhens Floriculture
Chemistry and Physiology of Conjugates of Indole-3-Acetic Acid Floriculture
Effects of Pretreatment. Storage Methods and Preservative Solutions on Vase Life and Quality of Dianthus barbatus 'Kag Kwang' Floriculture
The Effect of Ethylene on the Physiology of Ripening of Apple Fruits at Hypobaric Conditions Floriculture
Zum Einfluss Des Partialdrucks Verschiedener Gaskomponenten Der Lageratmosphare Auf Den Ascorbinsauregehalt Floriculture
Controlled Atmosphere Grain Storage Floriculture
Proceedings of the Second International Working Conference on Stored-Product Entomology Floriculture
Soil Application Of Systemic Insecticides For Mite Control On Chrysanthemums Floriculture
The Absorption of Silica from Aqueous Solutions by Plants Floriculture Silica dissolves in water to a small extent and below …
The Proteins of Tulipa and Their Relation to Morphogenesis Floriculture
Effect of Ethylene on Carnation Keeping Life Floriculture Carnations are susceptible to flower damage when expos…
Schade Door Narcisseslijm Bij Verschillende Bloemsoorten Floriculture
Behandeling van rozen vanaf het snijden. Snijstadium van grote invloed op levensduur Floriculture
Bloemisterij Onderzoek in Nederland,1975 etc. is the continuation of Jaarverslag Proefstation voor de Bloemisterij Aalsmeer Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsgegevens van de roos Floriculture
Leven van de roos na het snijden Floriculture
Te onrijpe bolbloemen bederven de markt. Floriculture
Proefstation Voor De Bloemisterij In Nederland Report #1 Floriculture
Proefstation Voor De Bloemisterij In Nederland Report #3 Floriculture
Proefstation Voor De Bloemisterij In Nederland Report #2 Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsmiddel is geen voorbehandelingsiniddel Floriculture
Drie goed houdbare snijbloemen. Voorkom nodeloze problemen Floriculture
Slappe nekken bij rozen te voorkomen Floriculture
Steekproeven wijzen uit- Israelische rozen en trosanjers van goede kwaliteit Floriculture
Problemen met kwaliteit Gerbera op een breed terrein Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsaspecten van lelie en Freesia. Lelies rauwer snijden geeft kleurverlies Floriculture
Proefstation Voor De Bloemisterji In Nederland Report #4 Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsonderzoek Snijbloemen Floriculture
Houdbaarheid van rozen in de zomer Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsverbetering is nog op vele fronten mogelijk Floriculture
Kwaliteit Nederlandse snijbloeman in West-Duitsland Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsonderzoek Floriculture
Houdbaarheid Van Snijlbloemen Floriculture
Chloortoevoeging bij Gerbera meer dan een experiment Floriculture
Houdbaarheid Cymbidium Floriculture
Houdbaarheid snijgroen kan goed zijn Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsverbetering bij onrijp gesneden 'Enchantment’ Floriculture
Houdbaarheid vroegbloeiende Cyrnbidium Floriculture
Bewaring en verpakking van snijgroen Floriculture
Gemiddelde houdbaarheid siergroen goed Floriculture
Seringen verpakken in hoezen biedt goede resultaten Floriculture
Transit Temperatures of California Lettuce Floriculture
California Asparagus Effect of Transit Environments on Market Quality Floriculture
Factors Affecting Temperature Reduction and Weight-Loss in Vacuum-Cooled Lettuce Floriculture
Enhancement of Red Color in Mangos with an Antitranspirant Floriculture
Ethylene Preripening of Mangos Prior to Shipment Floriculture
Ripening Mangos with Ethylene and Ethephon Floriculture Effects of ethylene and ethephon [(2,-chloroethyl) pho…
Polyethylene Mulches- Their Influence on Soild Atmospheric CO2 Concentration and Subsequent Assimilation by Eggplant Floriculture
AFMC survey yields important statistics Floriculture