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The Development and Keeping Qualities of Flowers after Picking


A lengthening of the life span by growth substances is obtained


A lengthening of the life span by growth substances is obtained by Whiteman (131 in Baeonia and Cceavallaria and fcy Wester and 2%rth (3), in varieties of Prunus serralata and in corrras floridao Griesel (12) found in a favorable IniTaence 01 maieic hydraa&SeT" Urowta substances do not behave differently only as wilt inducing substances and tie so-called anti-growth substances are not necessarily inhibitors of the flowering processo Also, chemical analysis of the flower before, during and after wilting gives us 11 knowledgeo Combes found that is Illlum crogeua mineral substances (5), nitr compounds (6), and also carbohydrates {7) disappeared from the flower short? before wilting* SctasBacber (25) shows an increase until shortly before the wilting of the flower and a strong decrease during the wilting. This decre is not the cause, but rather the result of the wilting and it is explained one compares the results Van Herk (26) obtained with the spadix of Sauroma* with those of James and Beevers (lb) with the spadix of Arum* They find d\ the wilting a strong increase in respiration as a result of an increase en activity chiefly of flavor proteinso Nothing was definitely known about t ultimate cause of the increased enzyme activityo

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