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Do Plants Cry? Floriculture Fruits Vegetables Ornamentals Ethylene, Streptomyces, Trauma Do Plants cry? Do plants have a centralized mechanism …
Modified-Atmosphere Storage Does Not Substitute for Low Temperature Storage of Strawberry Floriculture Fruits
Effects of Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Fresh Papayas (Carica papaya L., var. Solo) with Special Reference to Shelf-life Extension of Fumigated Fruits Floriculture Fruits Papayas
Firmness of Strawberries Is Enhanced by Postharvest Carbon Dioxide Treatment Floriculture Fruits Strawberry
Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Fresh Pineapple (Ananas comosus (L) Merr. 'Smooth Cayenne') Floriculture Fruits Pineapple The use of controlled atmosphere (CA) or modified atmo…
The upscale consumer: Survey shows that higher income changes shopping, eating habits Floriculture Fruits Vegetables Weeds Income, Nutrition Almost one-fourth of fresh produce consumers have uniq…
Leaf Burn on Croft Lilies Fruits Lilies
Forests and Fried Okra Floriculture Fruits
University of Minnesota Easter Lily Research Report - Paper No. VIII - Leaf Counting Floriculture Fruits
Cornell Fruit Handling and Storage Newsletter Floriculture Fruits Oxygen Concentrations in CA. The increasing demand for…