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Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Fresh Pineapple (Ananas comosus (L) Merr. 'Smooth Cayenne')


The use of controlled atmosphere (CA) or modified atmosphere storage for extending the shelf life of fresh commodities has been investigated extensively (6,8), but is in extensive use only for the storage of apples (7). However, extensive experimentation is currently occurring in many institutions to extend the range of the use of CA in transit and stationary storage. In Hawaii, investigations of the effects of CA storage on fresh papayas (1,3,4,5) have established the optimum levels of oxygen during simulated shipping conditions for maximum shelf life extension of fumigated (5) and irradiatcd (4) fruits. Papayas and pineapples are the main fresh Hawaiian commodities shipped from Hawaii to the mainland United State and elsewhere. Unlike the papayas and other fresh export commoditiies which require disinfestation treatments for the destruction of fruit flies and other insects, there are no such quarantine requirements for fresh pineapples. Although some pineapples are currently shipped by air most fruits are shipped in refrigerated containers by surface transportation. In the present study, the effects of CA storage on the shelf life of fresh pineapples were tested under simulated transit conditions.

Source: • Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station Research Bulletin

Keywords: Pineapple

Libraries: Floriculture Fruits

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