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Alternaria Blight of Zinnias Floriculture
Alternaria on Carnations Floriculture Alternaria
Alternate Crops- Feast or Famine Realistic or Not Floriculture Alternate crops
Alternative Crops for Christinas Sale Floriculture
Amaryllis Floriculture
Amaryllis at Home Floriculture
American Carnation Society Bianual Research Survey Floriculture American carnation society
Ammonium and Calcium for Cucumbers Grown in Rockwool Floriculture Ammonium
An Analysis of the Post-Harvest Characteristics of Cut Tulips Floriculture
An Economic Analysis of the U.S. Carnation Industry- Part I Growers' Floriculture Economic analysis
An Economic Analysis of the U.S. Carnation Industry- Part II Growers' Floriculture Carnations, Economic analysis None
An Economic Analysis of the U.S. Carnation Industry- Part III Carnation Shippers and Wholesalers Floriculture Economic analysis
An Economic Analysis of Xeriscaping Floriculture
An Effect of Aster Yellows Virus on Carnation Blossoms Floriculture Aster yellows virus
An Evaluation of Soil vs Peat-Lite Media on Post-Production Life of Selected Potted Chrysanthemums Floriculture There is criticism in the trade that plants grown in p…
An Evaluation of Soil vs Peat-Lite Media on Post-Production Life of Selected Potted Chrysanthemums Floriculture There is criticism in the trade that plants grown in p…
An Evaluation of Soil vs. Peat-Lite Media on Post-Production Life of Selected Potted Chrysanthemums Floriculture
An Exciting New Gerbera for Pot Plants Floriculture
An Illustrated Guide to the Initiation and Development of Azalea Flowers Floriculture
An Introduction to the Federal Worker Protection Standards for Agricultural Employees Floriculture
An Objective Measurement of Flower Size Floriculture Objective measurement of flower
An Objective Measurement of Stem Strength Floriculture Objective measurement of stem
An Overview of the Physiological and Biochemical Basis of CA Effects on Fresh Horticultural Crops Floriculture
An Unknown Organic Acid that Accumulates During CA Storage Floriculture
An Update on Potted Alstroemeria Production Floriculture
An Update on Screening As Part of Insect and Disease Management in the Greenhouse Floriculture
An Update on Screening for the Exclusion of Insect Pests Floriculture
An Update on Spring-Flowering Bulb Crops Floriculture
Ancymidol Spray Considered for use on Pot Tulips Floriculture
Anemone Flower Production in Florida Floriculture
Anemone- Care Tips for the Florist Floriculture
Annual Flower Grower's Short Course Floriculture
Annual Gardens for Business and Home Floriculture Annual Gardens
Another Greenhouse Pest Floriculture
Another Look at Cyclamen Floriculture Germination, Transpllanting, Seed, Sandpaper Cyclamen is a crop that I haven't seen enough of latel…
Another Look at Dutch Greenhouse Production Floriculture Another Look at Dutch Production
Another Look at Growing Media Floriculture Another look at growing media
Another Look at Temperature Effects on Carnations Floriculture Another look
Another Possible Source of Soil Contamination Floriculture Another
Another Smut Disease of Carnation Found in Metropolitan Area Floriculture Smut Disease
Answering Foliage Plant Querries Floriculture
ANTHRACITE COAL REFUSE AS A SOILLESS MEDIUM FOR GREENHOUSE FLOWER CROPS Floriculture culm dump material, Coal refuse banks, Roses and Carnation, Least expensive, African violets Anthracite mine refuse, or culm dump material as it is…
Anthracnose of Evergreen Chinese Elm- Fungicide Evaluations Floriculture
Anthurium Trinerve from Surinam Floriculture
Antirrhinum majus L. Seedling Growth Decreased from Fungicide Drenches Floriculture Snapdragon, White butterfly, Diazoben, Fungicide, Growing medium, Susceptibility Susceptibility of Anti rrhinum majus, snapdragon, to P…
Antisense Expression of Polyphenol Oxidase Genes Inhibits Enzymatic Browning in Potato Tubers Floriculture
Any New Year Resolutions. Revise the Business Plan Floriculture
Aphid Control on Easter Lilies Floriculture
Aphids Floriculture Aphids are an extremely successful group of insects, a…
Aphids Floriculture Aphids in the greenhouse can affect crop appearance an…
Aphids and Their Control Floriculture
Aphids and Their Control in Greenhouses Floriculture
Aphids in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Aphids, Biology and Management Floriculture
Application of Chemical Growth Regulators to Plants Floriculture
Application of Cycocel as an Aerosol Spray Floriculture
Application of Work Measurement to the Determination of Fibrousness in Asparagus Floriculture
Application Timing of B-Nine and Cutless After Shearing Affects Growth and Flowering of Coreopsis Verticillata 'Moonbeam' Floriculture
Applications of Fungicides or Antibiotics to Carnation Cuttings through a Mist Propagative System Floriculture Applications of fungicides
Approach to Mechanization Brings Crop to the Worker Floriculture Mechanization
Are Canadian Imports a Plus for U.S. Growers Floriculture
Are Detergents a Problem to Plant Growers Floriculture Detergents
Are Prefinished Poinsettias in Your Future Floriculture
Are Seed Geraniums Here to Stay Floriculture
Are Substituted Benzothiadiazoles Specific Inhibitors of Ethylene Action Floriculture Ethylene, Inhibitors Ethylene is known to promote seed germination. However…
Are Your Benches Moldy? Floriculture
Are Your Geraniums Happy? Floriculture
Are Your Nutrients Competing Floriculture
Are Your Plants on the Right Diet Floriculture
Arm Your Customers with Life Saving Technology Floriculture Postharvest, Rose
Artificial Light for Seedlings and Cuttings Floriculture Artificial Light
Artificial Lighting Intensities Floriculture
As a Retail Grower are You... Floriculture
Ascochyta Ray Blight of Chrysanthemums Now Established In New York Floriculture
Aseptic Propagation of Shasta Daisy- Progress Report Floriculture
Asexual Propagation Of Bedding Plants Floriculture
Asexual Reproduction of Spider Plant Floriculture Chlorophytum, Elatum Chlorophytum is normally propagated from the plantlets…
Asexual Reproduction of Spider Plant, chlorophytum elatum Floriculture Landscape & Nursery photoperiods, Long days, low intensity, Photographs, Plantlets Chlorophytum is normally propagated from the plantlets…
ASHS Abstracts 1993 Floriculture
Ask Ardith Floriculture
Asplenium and Pteris Fern Spore Germination Floriculture
Assessing the Pollen Viability of Clerodendrum Floriculture The genus Clerodendrum with over 400 species has a wid…
Astilbe Floriculture
Astilbe Floriculture Astilbe , Spirea , Japonica
Attention to Detail Floriculture Greenhouse, Extension agent, Horticulture, Crop
Attribution of Tospoviruses in Floral Crops Floriculture Monocots, Wilt virus, Bunyaviridae, Ornamentals, Ospoviruses Tomato spotted wilt virus(TSWV) and Impatiens necrotic…
Automatic Watering for Pot Plants Floriculture Pot plants
Automatic Watering of Begonias and Kalanchoes Floriculture Automatic watering, Begonias, Kalanchoes
Automatic Watering of Potted Plants Floriculture Automatic watering
Automatic Watering of Roses 1943-1946 Floriculture Roses, Automatic watering
Available Calcium a Factor in Salt Balance for Vegetable Crops Floriculture Calcium
Avoiding Disease Carry-Over on Carnation Cuttings Floriculture Avoiding, Carnation cuttings
Avoiding Geranium pH Drop Floriculture
Avoiding Growing Media Problems Floriculture Avoiding
Avoiding Nutritional Problems with Poinsettias Floriculture
Avoiding Poinsettia Production Problems Floriculture
Azalea Chlorosis and Leafburn Floriculture Cut flowers
Azalea Growth-Retardant Trial Floriculture
Azalea Petal Blight Floriculture
Azaleas on Long Island Floriculture Azaleas
Azobenzene Developments Floriculture Azobenzene
‘B-Type’ Whitefly Is New Species Floriculture
‘Inca’TM and ‘Snowscape’TM Chrysanthemums for 1996 Floriculture
‘No Pinch Method’ for Growing Garden Mums Floriculture
Back to Basics 4 Pot Production Floriculture
Back to Basics- Fluorides and Plants Floriculture
Bacterial Blight of African Violet Floriculture Landscape & Nursery Disease problem, crown rot, brown to black root, Erwinia chrysanthemi, Erwinia Chrysanthemi A severe disease problem has been found in Florida in …
Bacterial Blight of Geranium Floriculture
Bacterial Fasciation Disease of Ornamental Plants Floriculture Bacterial fascination
Bacterial Leaf Spot and Bud Blight of Chrysanthemum Floriculture
BACTERIAL SLOW WILT OR STUNT OF CARNATION Floriculture Disease, Symptoms, Erwinia chrymnlhemi, existing shoots, susceptibility Bacterial slow wilt or stunt, a serious disease of car…
Bacterial Slow Wilt or Stunt of Carnations Floriculture Bacerial slow wilt or stunt of c
Bacterial Stem Rot and Leaf Spot on Pelargonium Floriculture
Bacterial Stem Rot of Poinsettias Floriculture
Bacterial Wilt of Geranium- A Continued Threat Floriculture
Bacterial Wilt, Leaf Spot, and Blight of Geraniums Floriculture
Balsam Leaf Spot Floriculture
Banish Bloom Bloopers Floriculture Postharvest
Banking on New Baskets Floriculture
Banned Pesticide Corrections Floriculture
Barefoot in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Barsola Floriculture
BASIC FACTS ABOUT THE RESPONSE OF POINSETTIAS TO DAYLENGTH AND TEMPERATURE Floriculture Flower primordia, flower initiation, extraneous light, frequency of premature flower init The critical daylength for poinsettia, a qualitative s…
Basic Fertilization of Greenhouse Plants Floriculture
Basic Methods of Irrigating Greenhouse Carnations Floriculture Basic methods
Basic of Greenhouse Watering Systems Floriculture
Basic Principles of Vegetative Plant Propagation Floriculture
Basics of Handling Cut Flowers Floriculture
Be Aware Of The Gases In Your Greenhouse Floriculture Greenhouse, Floriculture , Gases
Beat Out Botrytis Floriculture
Beat the Heat Floriculture Summer flowers
Beat the Heat-Lovin’ Bacteria Floriculture
Beautiful Bromeliads Floriculture
Beauty Tips for Belles and Beasts Floriculture Postharvest
Bedding Plant Diseases Floriculture
Bedding Plant Fertilization Strategies Floriculture
Bedding Plant Nutrition Floriculture
Bedding Plant Shelf Life — Where We Are And Where We Are Going Floriculture Night temperatures, Irrigation frequency, Fast turnover, Production Techniques During the production phase, a bedding plant leads a r…
Bedding Plants That Take the Heat Floriculture
Bedside Heating Modification Floriculture Bedside Heating
Beefs Aplenty About the Quality of Flowers Shipped to Retailers Floriculture
Begonias Floriculture
Begonias for Easter Floriculture Begonias for easter
Behandeling van rozen vanaf het snijden. Snijstadium van grote invloed op levensduur Floriculture
Bench Arrangements for Cut Flowers Floriculture
Benchmarking and Employee Performance Floriculture What is benchmarking? No, it not putting graffiti on t…
Benomyl and Large Nematodes Floriculture
Benomyl for the Control of Ascochyta Decay of Chrysanthemum Cuttings Floriculture
Benomyl, New Breakthrough in Systematic Fungicides Floriculture
Best Practices for Fresh Cut Flowers- A Care and Handling Checklist Floriculture When fresh cut flowers receive optimal care from harve…
Best Practices for Retail Display of Cut Gerbera Daisy Floriculture Displaying cut flowers at room temperatures shortens v…
Best Practices for Retail Display of Fresh Cut Roses and Lilies Floriculture Many floral retailers, supermarkets, and mass outlet s…
Best Practices that Enhance Postharvest Quality of Cut Roses Floriculture We have developed a care and handling protocol for all…
Best Practices to Reduce Bacterial Growth in Floral Solutions Floriculture Some practices used by the floral industry can promote…
Best Practices- New Specialized Treatments for Fresh Cut Flowers Floriculture There are a myriad of quality issues that reduce the p…
Better Merchandising Equals More Sales Floriculture
Better Pot Mums Floriculture
Bewaarbaarheid Van Snijbloemen (1977) Floriculture In de verslagperiode werden bewaarproeven uitgevoerd m…
Bewaarbaarheid Van Snijbloemen (1978) Floriculture Narcissus, cv. Carlton, could be stored for 7 days at …
Bewaring en verpakking van snijgroen Floriculture
Big Bo the Flower Eater Floriculture
Bio-Control- Building New or Retrofitting Floriculture
Biocontrol of Thrips Floriculture
Biological Control Agents Registered for Plant Disease Control Floriculture
Biological Control in Interiorscape Floriculture Cryptolaemus montrouzieri, Engledow, Beetles, Cryptolaemus, safety We have observed a shift in the interiorscape industry…
Biological Control of Fusarium Stem Rot Floriculture Biological control
Biological Control of Fusarium Wilt of Carnations- Progress and Prospects Floriculture
Biological Control of Rhizoctonia Root Rot Floriculture Most flowering plants are propagated via seeds or cutt…
Biological Control of Rhizoctonia Root Rot Floriculture Root rot, Rhizoctonia
Biological Control of Thrips in Floriculture Greenhouses Floriculture ICFG, Hill, Final Report, 2011-2012 Summary: This report details progress made on ‘ Biol…
Biology of Pythium Root Rot Vegetables Weeds Root rot, Pythium
Biology of Pythium Root Rot Floriculture Pythium root rot is one of the most common causes of c…
Biology, Epidemiology, and Integrated Management of Fusarium Crown and Stem Rot of Lisianthus Floriculture A destructive crown and stem rot caused by the ftmgus …
Biology, Epidemiology, and Integrated Management of Fusarium Tuber Rot of Caladium Floriculture Tuber Rot, Caladiums
Biology, Epidemiology, and Integrated Management of Fusarium Tuber Rot of Caladiums Floriculture
Biopesticides Floriculture
Bird of Paradise Floriculture Strelitzia , Genus, Reginae
Bird-of-Paradise Floriculture
Bird-of-Paradise- Care Tips for the Florist Floriculture
Black Mold Root Rot of Rose Floriculture Black mold
Black Vine Weevil Floriculture
Blackening Problem of Cut Proteas Floriculture
Blindness in Hydrangeas Floriculture
Bloemisterij Onderzoek in Nederland,1975 etc. is the continuation of Jaarverslag Proefstation voor de Bloemisterij Aalsmeer Floriculture
Blueing of Better Times Roses Floriculture
Blueprint for major labor saving Floriculture
Blueprints for Greenhouses and Equipment Floriculture
Boiler Efficiency Floriculture Boiler efficiency
Boiler Efficiency Can Be Improved to Avoid Serious Loss Floriculture Boiler efficiency
Boiler Maintenance and Operations Floriculture Boiler
Boiler Treatment Compounds Floriculture
Boron Deficiecy in Chrysanthemum and Snapdragon Floriculture Boron efficiency
Boron Deficiency in Carnations Floriculture
Boron Deficiency In Roses Floriculture Fertilizer, Noticeable Damage, Critical level, treatment, symptoms The classical symptoms of boron deficiency have been w…
Boron Deficiency of Fall Pansies Floriculture
Boron Excess in Roses Floriculture Boron Boron is an essential element for plant growth. It fr…
Boron Excess in Roses Floriculture Boron is an essential element for plant growth. It fre…
Boron Tolerance by Carnations and Symptoms of Excess Boron Floriculture Boron tolerance
Boston Fern Production Floriculture
Bothered with High Humidity-Botyrtis, Mildew Floriculture
Botrytis Blight of Geraniums Floriculture Geraniums
Botrytis Blight of Ornamentals Floriculture
Botrytis Bud Rot of Carnations Floriculture Carnations, Botryis bud rot
Botrytis Damage to Rose Flowers Floriculture
Botrytis on Gladiolus Floriculture
Botrytis on Tulips Floriculture
Botrytis Stem Rot on Chrysanthemum Floriculture Botryis stem rot
Botrytis- The Cool Disease Floriculture
Bottom Heat Floriculture
Box Standardization: Facing the Issue Floriculture
BPI Moves to Turner House Floriculture
Branched Broomrape on Florist's Chrysanthemum Floriculture
Breeding for Better Carnations Floriculture Breeding for better
Breeding Pixie Carnations Floriculture Breeding pixie carnation
Bridal Displays for Increased Sales Floriculture
Bridal Q and A Floriculture
Bringing Home the Bacon by Saving Human Energy Floriculture Bringing home
Bringing New Plants to Customers Floriculture
British Floral Industry Floriculture British floral industry
Bromeliads Part Five Floriculture
Bromeliads Part One Floriculture
Bromeliads Part Three Floriculture
Bromeliads Part Two Floriculture
Bromeliads, Part Four Floriculture
Brominated Charcoal to Prevent Fading of Vanda Orchid Flowers Floriculture Vanda orchid
Brookins Rotary Grader Floriculture Brookins Rotary Grader
Brothers Build Their Own Growing-Room Vegetables Brothers, Growing room Today at Duncalf Farm, Hale, near Altrincham, Cheshire…
Brunfelsia as a Pot Plant Floriculture Brunfelsia
Bud Delay on Poinsettia Floriculture
Bud Opening and Overnight Conditioning of Gypsophila 'Bristol Fairy' Floriculture
Bud Opening of 'Rosey Future' Carnations Floriculture
Bud Rot on Hydrangeas Floriculture
Bulb Diseases Floriculture Bulb diseases
Bulb Forcing Floriculture
Bulb Forcing Reminders Floriculture To produce quality tulips, hyacinths and other bulbs, …
Bulb Forcing Reminders Floriculture To produce quality tulips, hyacinths and other bulbs, …
Bulb Forcing Tips Floriculture
Bulb Harvest Techniques Floriculture Ornamentals
Bulb Scale and Leaf Counts of Easter Lily, Lilium longiflorum ‘Nellie White’ Floriculture
Bulb Temperature Treatments and Soil Applications of Quel During Forcing Effectively Reduce the Height of 'Lilium Longiflorium', 'Ace', 'Arai' and ''Nellie White' Floriculture
Business Briefs: Survey Results Detail Buying Habits of Floral Consumers Floriculture
Business Newsletter: U.S. Wire Service Deliveries Increase Floriculture
Business Objectives for the Flower Industry Floriculture Business objectives
Buy-Sell Agreements- Protecting Yourself, Your Business And Your Heirs Floriculture
Buyers Should Judge Quality When Buying for Supermarkets Floriculture
Buying Direct is Better Or is It Floriculture
CA Recommendations for Pears (Including Asian Pears) Floriculture
Cable Television- A New Avenue for Beding Plant Promotion Floriculture
Cacti and Succulents- Old Plants for Modern Living Floriculture
Caladium Production Floriculture