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Promoting Pot Plant Staying Power Floriculture
Special Treatments to Maintain Product Quality Floriculture
Poinsettia Bract Edge Burn: Symptoms and Causes Floriculture
Coolstorage enhances ethylene production and reduces vase life of carnation flower Floriculture
Causes of Rapid Wilting of Cut Dahlias and Means to Improve their Keeping Qualities Floriculture
Cut flower potential of Sturt's desert pea Floriculture
Economic Analysis of Systems Used to Establish CA Atmospheres Floriculture Landscape & Nursery Currently, several methods of atmosphere establishment…
Part A. Control of Botrytis Blossom Blight of Roses- inoculation and incubation Floriculture
Mechanics of Design Floriculture
Hang 'em high Floriculture
World wide, per capita flower usage, 1990 (Stats story #1) Floriculture
On the Fading of an Ephemeral Flower Floriculture
Isoenzymes of RNase in Senescing Morning Glory Petals Floriculture
Precursors of Ethylene Floriculture
In Vitro Synthesis of Spermidine in the Higher Plant, Vinca Rosea Floriculture
How We Promote Perennials at Sunbeam Farms, INC Floriculture
Overwintering Plants in Containers Floriculture
A comparison of peat-lite and noncomposted hardwood-bark mixes for use in pot and bedding-plant production and the effects of a new hydrogel soil amendment on their performance Floriculture
Products, Services, and Consumer Perceptions of Service Quality in the Retail Floral Industry of Texas Floriculture
Where Are All the Flowers Going Floriculture
A Market Segmentation of Supermarket Floral Product Consumers Based Upon Factors Impacting the Floral Purchase Decision Floriculture
1992 Season Sales Summary Floriculture
1994 Season Sales Summary Floriculture
Increasing Supermarket Floral Sales with Floral Demonstrations Floriculture
1995 Season Sales Summary Floriculture
Het Spouwen Der Hyacinthen Floriculture
To ease city stress, plant foliage- but make sure it's maintained Floriculture
Modified and Controlled Atmosphere Applications for the Food Industry Floriculture
La physiologie de la fleur coupee et ses implications a sa preservation chez le floriculteur Floriculture
Optimal Farm-to-Market Transportation and Storage of Certain Agriculture Commodities- Bogota, Colombia Floriculture
Delaying Wilting in Cut Flowers Floriculture
The Water Regime and Respiration in Cut Flowers of Some Ornamental Plants Floriculture
Dynamics of the Nitrogen Content in Intact and Cut Floriculture
Long-Term Dark Storage of Dieffenbachia Sprayed with Cytokinin Floriculture
Conference on commodity handling held- Leaders discuss post-harvesting techniques Floriculture
Viewpoint Floriculture
Transportation- link to the floral industry Floriculture
Storage of Fall-Harvested Potatoes in the Northeastern Late Summer Crop Area Floriculture
Thermal Characteristics of Peaches as Related to Hydrocooling Floriculture
Potato Storage Design Using Weather Bureau Records Floriculture
Hydrocooling Peaches A Practical Guide for Determining Cooling Requirements and Cooling Times Floriculture
Forced-Air Precooling of Red Delicious Apples Temperature Response and Physiological Effect Floriculture
Thermal Properties and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Marsh Grapefruit Floriculture
An Analysis of the Post-Harvest Characteristics of Cut Tulips Floriculture
Post-harvest Development of Cut Tulip Flowers Floriculture
Post-harvest Development of Cut Tulip Flowers- First International Symposium on Flower Bulbs Floriculture
Tayama Predicts the Future of World Cut Flower Production Floriculture
Gamma Radiation in the Control of Decay in Strawberries, Grapes, and Apples Floriculture
Modified Atmospheres and Ascorbic Acid for Minimally Processed Lettuce Floriculture
Field Infection of Tulip Bulbs by Fusarium Oxysporum Floriculture
A fungitoxic substance extracted from tulips and its possible role as a protectant against disease Floriculture
Receiving cut flowers Floriculture
Keeping flowers fresh and attractive leads to more sales Floriculture
Ultrastructure of a Functional Senescence Process Floriculture
De knopsnede bij anjers Floriculture
De Knopsnede Van Bloemen Floriculture
De Knopsnee Van Bloemen Floriculture
De Knopsnee Van Bloemen Floriculture
De waterhuishouding van afgesneden rozen Floriculture
Snijstadium bepalend voor kwaliteit bij rozen Floriculture
Buyers Should Judge Quality When Buying for Supermarkets Floriculture
Evaluation of Cut Flower Shipping Methods- California State Florists Floriculture
Evaluation of Cut Flower Shipping Methods Floriculture
Fresh Cut Flowers Evaluated in Transcontinental Trials Floriculture
Carnation Bud Opening Floriculture
Carnation Bud Opening II Floriculture
Bud Opening of 'Rosey Future' Carnations Floriculture
Carnation Bud Opening with 23 Solutions Floriculture
Opening of 'Improved White Sim' Carnation Buds, Fresh Cut and Stored Floriculture
Cost of Silver Nitrate Conditioning Solution Floriculture Recent research reports suggest the possibility of "qu…
Packaging fresh flower buds in polyethylene tubing for retail sales Floriculture
Packaging fresh flower buds in polyethylene tubing for retail sales- Florists' Review Floriculture
Utilisation de sachets en polyethylene pour l'emballage de fleurs fraiches en bouton destinees a la vente au detail Floriculture
Handling of Cut Roses- Conditioning After Harvest, Use of Anti-Transpirants, and Various Consumer Solutions Floriculture
Preconditioning of Prematurely Cut Gladiolus Spikes Floriculture In California, gladiolus cut flowers are harvested whe…
Rose Cut Flower Conditioning Floriculture
'Pulsing' Flowers Before Shipping Floriculture
European Exports- Will it Affect Your Business Floriculture
Cut Flower Handling After Harvest Floriculture
Gypsophila Post-Harvest Treatment Floriculture
Israel and Its Floral Industry (Part I) Floriculture
Israel and Its Floral Industry (Part IV) Floriculture
Red Flowers and White Flowers Floriculture
Seasonal Carnation Experiment- Preliminary Report Floriculture
Blackening Problem of Cut Proteas Floriculture
Flower Dip for Botrytis Floriculture
Handling of Geraldton Waxflowers Floriculture
Household Rose Keeping Recipes Floriculture
Postharvest Handling of Cut Flowers & Potted Plants Floriculture
Seasonal Carnation Flowerlife Experiment Floriculture
Seasonal Carnation Vaselife Floriculture The primary objective of this experiment was to determ…
$1 Billion PLUS!! Floriculture
Forced-Air Cooling on a Small Scale Floriculture
Gerberas- Postharvest Care Floriculture
Longevity of Lilies with STS Floriculture
Some Thoughts on Floral Marketing Floriculture
The European Floral Market Situation Floriculture
World Carnation Production Floriculture
Greenhouse Energy Use in the Netherlands Floriculture
Lisianthus Postharvest Treatments Floriculture
Update on Auction Floriculture
Checklist for Postharvest Handling Floriculture
The Western Market Floriculture
U.S. Flower Market and Percent Imports Floriculture
Waxflower Shattering Floriculture
What's 'STS' Floriculture Cut flowers, Snapdragons, Carnations,, Gypsophila WHAT'S"STS"??/^'It'shardtobelieve,butgrowersstillask,"…
STS Helps Geraldton Waxflower Floriculture
Growing, Processing, and Marketing Kiwifruit Floriculture
Ask Ardith Floriculture
Flowering branches Floriculture
Lucky Stores Accelerating Floral Marketing Effort Floriculture
Ethylene and Senescence in Flowers Floriculture
The Ohio State University Department of Horticulture Floriculture Research Report Production & Postproduction Floriculture
Effect of Aqua-Gro Wetting Agent on the Growth, Flowering, and Postproduction Quality of Potted Chrysanthemum Floriculture
Greenhouse Crop Production- Counting the Costs and Making Cents Floriculture
Jaarverslag Proefstation Voor De Bloemisterij Aalsmeer Floriculture
Chemical Weed Control for Gladious Floriculture
Storage and Handling of Flowers Floriculture
Storage and Handling Floriculture
Cut Flowers have Added 'Vase Life' Thanks to New Chemical Preservatives Floriculture
Respiratory Drifts Floriculture
Inducible silica incrusts in cell walls of Vitis leaves Floriculture
A Comparison of Ethylene Removal by Means of Catalytic Combustion and Chemical Absorption Floriculture
A New Method for the Determination of ACC Floriculture
A Summary of CA Requirements and Recommendations for Fruits Other than Pome Fruits Floriculture
A Summary of CA Requirements and Recommendations for Vegetables Floriculture
An Overview of the Physiological and Biochemical Basis of CA Effects on Fresh Horticultural Crops Floriculture
An Unknown Organic Acid that Accumulates During CA Storage Floriculture
CA Recommendations for Pears (Including Asian Pears) Floriculture
Commercialization of Controlled Atmospheres During Transportation Floriculture
Conditions for Low Ethylene CA Storage of Apples- A Review Floriculture
Controlled Atmosphere Storage Conditions for Some of the More Commonly Grown Apple Cultivars Floriculture
Controlled Atmospheres for Storage & Transport of Perishable Agricultural Commodities Floriculture
Controlled Atmospheres to Reduce Post Harvest Insect Damage to Horticultural Crops Floriculture
Current Status and Recent Trends in CA Storage in Washington Floriculture
Development of the Differentially Permeable Fruit Coating 'Nutri-Save' for the Modified Atmosphere Storage of Fruit Floriculture
Dynamic Control of Storage Atmospheres Floriculture
Effect of CO2 Concentration on Ethylene Production, Organic Acid Retention, and Internal Disorders of Pear Fruit in Low O2 Storage Floriculture
Effect of Low O2 Atmospheres on Postharvest Quality of Chinese Cabbage, Cucumbers, and Eggplants Floriculture
Effect of Pathogen-Surpressing Modified Atmospheres on Stored Cut Flowers Floriculture
Effect of Two Polymeric Coatings on Fruit Quality in 'd'Anjou' and 'Bartlett' Pears Floriculture
Effects of CA on Several Storage Disorders of Winter Cabbage Floriculture Vegetables Atmospheres low in oxygen (O2) have been reported to i…
Effects of Ethylene Removal During Storage of Bramley's Seedling Floriculture
Ethylene Effects on Postharvest Fruit Diseases Floriculture
Factors Affecting the Progressive Development of Low-Oxygen Injury in Apples Floriculture
Generon Air Separation System Floriculture
Interactions Between O2 Levels, Rate of Respiration and Gas Diffusion in 5 Apple Varieties Floriculture
Low Ethylene CA Storage for 'Empire' Apples Floriculture Some New York storage operators have reaped the benefi…
MA Packaging of Tulip Bulbs- Physiological Implications, Disease Control, and Package Performance Under Temperature Fluctuation Floriculture
Most Efficient & Dependable CA Control of Fruits & Vegetables Utilizing Pressure Swing Adsorption with Carbon Molecular Sieve Floriculture
New CA Storage Research Facilities at the Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario Floriculture
New Technology for Analyzing Ethylene and Determining the Onset of the Ethylene Climacteric of Apples Floriculture
Odor-Active Volatiles in McIntosh Apples Stored in Simulated Low-Ethylene Controlled Atmosphere Floriculture
Processing Quality of Three Eastern-Grown Apple Cultivars Following CA Storage Floriculture Apples intended for processing are usually held in com…
Production of Ehtylene Gas Inside the Ripening Room Floriculture
Protecting Pickling Cucumbers From Deterioration by Controlled Atmospheres Floriculture
Recent Advances in Low O2 and Low Ethylene Storage of Apples in Poland Floriculture
Small Scale Simulated Commercial CA Storage Rooms Floriculture
Sources of Variation and Variability in Measuring and Adjusting Controlled Atmospheres Floriculture
Storage Construction for Effective Ultra Low Oxygen Storage in Australia Floriculture
Storage Responses of Four Apple Cultivars to Low-O2 Atmospheres Floriculture
Summary of CA Storage in China Floriculture
The Effect of Delayed Cooling and Delayed Application of CA Storage of McIntosh Apples Under Low and High Ethylene Levels Floriculture
The Effect of Ethylene Removal During Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Red Delicious, Empire, Jonathan, Idared, and Law Rome Apples Floriculture
The Effect of Low Oxygen on the Activities of Pectinmethylesterase and Acid Phosphatase During the Course of Ripening of Bananas Floriculture
The Effects of CA on Deterioration of Broccoli Floriculture
Use of CA for Quarantine Control of Insects on Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Floriculture
Quality and Condition Changes of McIntosh Apples Stored in Controlled Atmoshperes Floriculture
Fruit Ripening Responses to Ethylene in Modified Atmospheres Floriculture
Observations of CO2 Scrubbers for Commercial Apple CA Rooms in New York State Floriculture
Requirements and Recommendations for Eastern and Midwestern Apples Floriculture
Cornell Fruit Handling and Storage Newsletter Floriculture Fruits Oxygen Concentrations in CA. The increasing demand for…
Untersuchungen uber die Produktion von Athylen in Nadelstreu Floriculture
Conservacao de Quatro Variedades de Manga Pelo Frio e em Atmosfera Controlada Floriculture
Post Harvest Handling of Cut Flowers Floriculture
The Postproduction Guide for Care and Handling of Foliage Plants for Interiors Floriculture
Delaying postharvest senescence of cut flowers using nitric oxide Floriculture
A Summary of CA Requirements, Limitations and Recommendations for Ornamentals Floriculture
Mode of Action of Pesticides Reversal of Fungitoxicity of Copper-8-Quinolinolate Floriculture
Alstroemeria- The Effect of Controlled Soiltemperatures on Growth & Cropping Characteristics of Three Types Floriculture
Quality Water Works Floriculture
Fifteen doses of fresh air for floral merchandising Floriculture
Kunststoffolie als verpakkings materiaal voor snijbloemen Floriculture
10. Snijbloemen (Cut Flowers) Floriculture
Invloed Van De Verpakking Of Het Kwaliteitsverloop Bij Snijbloemen Floriculture
Does Being Around Plants Reduce People's Perceptions of Physical Discomfort? Floriculture
The Appeal of Biodegradable Packaging to Floral Consumers- Part 1 Floriculture Currently, one of the most widely discussed topics in …
The Appeal of Biodegradable Packaging to Floral Consumers- Part 2 Floriculture Currently, one of the most widely discussed topics in …
The Appeal of Biodegradable Packaging to Floral Consumers- Part 3 Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer willingness to pay for guarantees and perceptions about satisfaction and-or longevity guarantees from different outlets Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer preferences for guarantees Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer preferences for guarantees for gifts and different occasions Floriculture
Consumer preferences for longevity labels on cut flowers Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer preferences for redeeming guarantees Floriculture
Not Your Grandmother’s Flowers- What combination of flower fragrance and color is preferred by young adult consumers? Floriculture
Management of Thrips and Whiteflies with Insect-Killing Fungi- Impact of Spray Technology Floriculture Landscape & Nursery Methods of plant protection in the floral industry are…
Evaluation of Modified Atmospheres as a Potential Disinfestation Technique for Thrips and Mites in Greenhouses Floriculture Arthropod pests can enter a greenhouse either on an un…
Responses of Whitefly and Poinsettias to Insecticidal Controlled Atmospheres Floriculture Success of insecticidal controlled atmosphere (an O2 l…
When and How to Optimally Release Natural Enemies To Achieve Effective Biological Pest Control Floriculture
Thrips-Tospovirus Management Systems Floriculture
Postharvest Control of Thrips on Harvested Dendrobium Orchids Floriculture Two of the most serious pests of the Hawaii orchid ind…
Control of Arthropods in Harvested Chrysanthemum Cuttings Floriculture Interstate and international shipment of chrysanthemum…
Management of Insecticide Resistance in Q-biotype Bemisia tabaci Populations in U.S. Floriculture Crops Floriculture
Effect of Silicon-Based Fertilizer Applications on Reproduction and Development of Arthropod Pests Associated with Horticultural Crops – Part 3 Floriculture
No Cross-resistance to Nicotinoid Insecticides in Imidacloprid-resistant B Biotype Whiteflies Floriculture
Development of a Novel Control Strategy for Thrips and Tospoviruses Floriculture
Effects of Pesticide Mixtures in Controlling Arthropod Pests of Greenhouses Floriculture
DNA Fingerprinting of Floral Crops Floriculture Recently, economically significant intellectual and et…
Genetic Approaches to Improve Cold Tolerance of Petunia Floriculture Developing frost-tolerant bedding plants will help to …
Engineering Fungal Resistance in Bedding Plants using a Gene for Mannitol Dehydrogenase Floriculture
Improvement of Plant Quality with Alumina-Buffered Phosphorus Fertilizer Floriculture We have developed a novel alumina-buffered P fertilize…
Effect of Silicon-Based Fertilizer Applications on Reproduction and Development of Arthropod Pests Associated with Horticultural Crops – Part 1 Floriculture Greenhouse producers are continually searching for and…
Effect of Silicon-Based Fertilizer Applications on Reproduction and Development of Arthropod Pests Associated with Horticultural Crops – Part 2 Floriculture Greenhouse producers are continually searching for and…
Advancing the Adoption of Pest Management Strategies on Cut Flowers Produced in the United States and Colombia – Part I Floriculture Imports, Cut flower, Efficacy trials, Mites, Thirps Although it has declined in recent years, cut flower p…
Genetic Transformation of Petunia for Delayed Leaf and Flower Senescence Floriculture CONCLUSIONS 1. Transformation of petunias with sag12-I…
Attribution of Tospoviruses in Floral Crops Floriculture Monocots, Wilt virus, Bunyaviridae, Ornamentals, Ospoviruses Tomato spotted wilt virus(TSWV) and Impatiens necrotic…
Development of Herbaceous Perennials As New Flowering Potted Plants Floriculture Gardeners continue to discover the benefits of herbace…
Production Protocol for Geranium dalmaticum Floriculture
Production Protocol for Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’ Floriculture
Ornamental Gingers as Flowering Potted Plants – Part 3 Photoperiod on Growth and Development Floriculture To control the growth, development and flowering of gi…
Ornamental Gingers as Flowering Potted Plants – Part 4 Effects of Light Intensity and PGR’s on Growth and Flowering Floriculture
Ornamental Gingers as Flowering Potted Plants – Part 6 Production of G. magnifica ‘White Dragon’ Floriculture
Floriculture Genomics - Identifying Genetic Targets to Delay Flower Senescence Floriculture The postproduction quality of flowering horticultural …
Floriculture Genomics - Basic Tools for Crop Improvement though Biotechnology Floriculture Four years ago, we started an effort in functional gen…
Use of Mycorrhizal Fungi in Horticultural Production Floriculture The symbiosis between plants and vesicular-arbuscular …
Effect of a Novel Phosphorus Fertilizer on Production of Florist Azalea and Pythium Resistance of Geranium Floriculture We have developed a novel phosphorus (P) fertilizer wh…
Improvement of Plant Quality with Alumina-Buffered Phosphorus Fertilizer Floriculture We have developed and extensively tested a new type of…
Efficacy of A-Restâ„¢ or Bonziâ„¢ on Clerodendrum thomsoniae as a Flowering Potted Plant Floriculture
Photoperiod of Three Clerodendrum species Floriculture
Clerodendrum species as Flowering Potted Plants Floriculture
Efficacy of B-Nineâ„¢ and Bonziâ„¢ on Clerodendrum ugandense as a Flowering Potted Plant Floriculture
Efficacy of Bonziâ„¢ on Clerodendrum wallichii as a Flowering Potted Plant Floriculture
Efficacy of Bonziâ„¢ and Photoperiodicity of Clerodendrum quaduloculare as a Flowering Potted Plant Floriculture
Optimal Nutrient Levels for Curcuma alismatifolia ‘Pink’ and Globba ‘Prestige Pink’ Floriculture
Pine Tree Substrate, Nitrogen Rate, Particle Size, and Peat Amendment Affects Poinsettia Growth and Substrate Physical Properties Floriculture It is recognized that alternatives to peat must be dev…
Ornamental Gingers as Flowering Potted Plants – Part 1 General Aspects Floriculture Ornamental gingers (Zingiberaceae family) are a divers…
Ornamental Gingers as Flowering Potted Plants – Part 2 Effects of Rhizome Storage on Growth and Development Floriculture Ornamental gingers are popular cut flowers and have be…
Ornamental Gingers as Flowering Potted Plants – Part 5 Efficacy of Paclobutrazol and Gibberellins4+7 on Growth and Flowering Floriculture The genus Curcuma includes approximately 65 species th…
Assessing the Pollen Viability of Clerodendrum Floriculture The genus Clerodendrum with over 400 species has a wid…
Comparison of Nitrogen Immobilization, Substrate Carbon Dioxide Efflux, and Nutrient Leaching in Peat-Lite, Pine Bark, and Pine Tree Substrates Floriculture Pine tree substrate (PTS) produced by grinding pine tr…
Improving media-pH management by developing a model of the interacting factors in the pH system Floriculture
Improving the Energy Efficiency of Greenhouse Crop Production 1. Flowering Responses to Temperature and Light Floriculture
Improving the Energy Efficiency of Greenhouse Crop Production 2. Scheduling and Energy Consumption Floriculture Landscape & Nursery Volatile and increasing fuel prices have threatened th…
Using Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for Photoperiodic Lighting Floriculture
Energy Efficient Poinsettia Production #1 Floriculture The Christmas poinsettia is the second most valuable f…
Methods of Constructing a Pine Tree Substrate Potting Medium from Various Wood Particle Sizes and Organic Amendments Floriculture Landscape & Nursery Research showing the successful use of pine tree subst…
Growth of Petunia as Affected by Substrate Moisture Content and Fertilizer Rate Floriculture The cost of producing floriculture crops has increased…
Using Soil Moisture Sensors for Poinsettia Height Control Floriculture
Water Requirements of Herbaceous Perennial Plants Floriculture Landscape & Nursery Ornamentals The amount of water applied to plants impacts growth a…
Downy Mildew on Snapdragons- Environmental Monitoring and Cultivar Evaluation Floriculture