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Evaluation of Modified Atmospheres as a Potential Disinfestation Technique for Thrips and Mites in Greenhouses


Controlling arthropods using modified atmospheres


Arthropod pests can enter a greenhouse either on an unrestricted airflow or on infested plant material. Thus, pest infestations originating on propagules may inadvertently be spread to other greenhouses. Control tactics that target pests on propagules, could be valuable in reducing further distribution. Most growers use insecticides to manage arthropod pests, but this option has become restricted because of environmental, worker, and consumer safety issues. Modified atmospheres created with CO2 or N2 have been used to control arthropods on fruits and vegetables. However, the need for prolonged exposure to low temperatures prevents the application of this technology to actively growing plants. We propose that modified atmospheres could potentially be used to eliminate greenhouse pests by treating plant propagules before, during, or immediately after shipment.

Source: • American Floral Endowment Special Research Reports #202

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