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Comparison of Nitrogen Immobilization, Substrate Carbon Dioxide Efflux, and Nutrient Leaching in Peat-Lite, Pine Bark, and Pine Tree Substrates


Comparison of Peat-Lite, Pine Bark, and Pine Tree Substrates


Pine tree substrate (PTS) produced by grinding pine trees to a particle size suitable for adequate water holding capacity has been shown to be a suitable container substrate for a wide variety of woody and herbaceous greenhouse crops, but extra nitrogen is required during crop production in PTS when compared to peatlite (PL; 75% peat:25% perlite) or pine bark (PB). Noncomposted wood contains large amounts of degradable carbon (C) compounds, but only a small amount of nutrients are available for decomposing microorganisms. This results in a draw-down of the substrate nutrients.

Source: • American Floral Endowment Special Research Reports #523

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