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Floriculture Genomics - Identifying Genetic Targets to Delay Flower Senescence


Delaying flower senescence using genetic targets


The postproduction quality of flowering horticultural crops is often limited by the longevity of individual blooms or flower senescence. Senescence represents the last stage of flower development and results in the wilting, color fading, and abscission of flower petals. The senescence process in many flowers is regulated by the plant hormone ethylene. Genetically engineered plants that are insensitive to ethylene have significantly delayed flower senescence, but also have reduced seed germination, decreased adventitious rooting and increased susceptibility to disease. The goals of this research were 1. to identify components of senescence pathways that would allow us to specifically delay senescence without affecting other aspects of growth and development, and 2. to determine if these genes (or gene products) are regulated by ethylene.

Source: • American Floral Endowment Special Research Reports #303

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