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Ornamental Gingers as Flowering Potted Plants – Part 1 General Aspects


Species information on the most popular ornamental gingers


Ornamental gingers (Zingiberaceae family) are a diverse and versatile group of plants. They are increasing in usage as flowering potted plants, landscaping, and fresh cut flowers. The various heights, flower colors, and postproduction longevity (up to four weeks or longer) of these tropical and subtropical plants brings diversity to the floriculture industry. Characteristics that make them attractive as flowering potted plants are: (1) the ease of production in the shade house or greenhouse; (2) unique foliage; (3) production of many flowering stems per pot; (4) long-lasting colorful bracts; (5) a 90 to 100 day production cycle; and (6) few disease or insect problems. In addition to being used as potted plants, they can be marketed not only for use in year-around interior landscapes but also as either perennials (USDA Zone 8 - 11) or summer annuals in exterior landscapes depending upon the climate. The most common genera used for these purposes include: Curcuma, Globba, Hedychium, Kaempferia, and Siphonochilus.

Source: • American Floral Endowment Special Research Reports #509

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