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Potting Dormant Roses Floriculture
Using Supplemental Light in an Accelerated Growth Program for Nursery Seedlings Floriculture
Common Water Quality Problems Encountered in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Ebb & Flow From an Engineers Viewpoint Floriculture
Reducing Waste Water from the Greenhouse Floriculture
Water Quality in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Water Sources for Horticultural Crops Floriculture
Poinsettia Postharvest Quality Floriculture
Poinsettia Height Control with Bonzi Floriculture
Poinsettia Disease Control Floriculture
Poinsettia Bract and Stem Splitting Floriculture
New Poinsettia Cultivars for 1989 Floriculture
Are Prefinished Poinsettias in Your Future Floriculture
A New Alternative to Chemicals for Fungus Gnat Control Floriculture
Potted Bulbs Floriculture
Poinsettia Finishing Tips Floriculture
Forcing Greenhouse Azaleas Floriculture
Flowering Cabbage and Kale Floriculture
Energy Conservation - Heating Systems Floriculture
Cyclamen From Seed Floriculture
Controlling Easter Lily Growth With Temperature Floriculture
Considerations For the Grower When Using Plant Growth Regulators Floriculture
A Hydrangea Schedule for Easter 1990 Floriculture
Energy Conservation =$ Savings Floriculture
Growing Ivy Geraniums Floriculture
Ivy Geranium Cultivars Resistant to Oedema Floriculture
Pansies for Fall Planting Floriculture
Propagating Geraniums from Stock Plants Floriculture
Root and Crown Rot Diseases of Greenhouse Geraniums Floriculture
Seed Geraniums Floriculture
Cultural Problems With Poinsettias Floriculture
Reducing Plant Shipping Costs Floriculture
Thrips An Unnoriced Problem on Impatiens in Connecticut Floriculture
Thrips-An Elusive Greenhouse Pest Floriculture
Energy Conservation Floriculture
Heating System(s) Maintenance and Upgrading Options Floriculture
Herbaceous Ornamental Perennials for Display Gardens Floriculture
Research on a New Plant Growth Regulator Delivery Method Floriculture
Ground Water Pollution and the Greenhouse Floriculture
Poinsettia Root Problems Floriculture
Points to Ponder on Finishing Your Poinsettia Crop Floriculture
Rockwool Use Trends in Horticulture Floriculture
Wall Insulation-Save Up to 10% on Your Heating Bill Floriculture
Whitefly Control in Poinsettias Floriculture
Back to Basics 4 Pot Production Floriculture
Cultural Tips for Late Spring Crops Floriculture
Summer Shading Essential to Cool Plants Floriculture
Bottom Heat Floriculture
Controlling Greenhouse Insects During Hot Weather Floriculture
Greenhouse IPM You are Already Using It! Floriculture
Late Season Field-Grown Cut Flowers Floriculture
Pinching Techniques for Poinsettias Floriculture
Poinsettia Propagation Pointers Floriculture
Poinsettia Stock Plant Management Floriculture
Production. Tips for Ornamental Cabbage and Kale Floriculture
Alternative Crops for Christinas Sale Floriculture
Cyclamen Cultural Reminders Floriculture
Fall Greenhouse Fix-Up Tips Floriculture
Holiday Cacti Production Tips Floriculture
Poinsettia Nutrition Floriculture Producing a good quality crop of poinsettias requires …
Poinsettias Disease Pievention and Control Floriculture
Possible Causes of Bract Necrosis, Bract Edge Burn Floriculture
Aphid Control on Easter Lilies Floriculture
Bulb Forcing Tips Floriculture
New Biological for Greenhouse Fungus Gnat Control Available Floriculture
Potential Poinsettia Problems—Don't Blow it at the Last Minute Floriculture
Using Leaf Counting to Track Lily Crop Development Floriculture
Hardy Mums for Spring and Summer Sale Floriculture
Patio Pots for Summer Sale Floriculture
Tips for the Consumer Caring for Hanging Baskets Floriculture
Cropping Systems for Greenhouse Tomatoes Floriculture
Fall Pansies Floriculture
New Pot Crops to Try Floriculture
Nutrition for Greenhouse Tomatoes Floriculture
Pest Free Soil for Greenhouse Use The Alternatives Floriculture
Poinsettia Pointers Floriculture If you grew some of the new poinsettia cultivars in 19…
Scheduling a Greenhouse Tomato Crop Floriculture
Getting Started in the Greenhouse Business Floriculture
Select the Best Type of Greenhouse Floriculture
Selecting a Site for a New Greenhouse Floriculture
Check Your Furnace when Air Pollution Injury is Suspected Floriculture
Lower Humidity Levels in Your Greenhouse Floriculture
Maximizing Easter Lily Bud Count Floriculture
Poinsettia Care During Bract Development Floriculture
Growing New Guinea Impatiens Floriculture
Tips on Finishing the 1993 Easter Lily Crop Floriculture
Transplanting - Decrease Fatigue, Increase Productivity Floriculture
A Simple Method of Soil Heating that Improves Earliness and Yield of Greenhouse Tomatoes Floriculture Ornamentals
Growing Garden Asters Floriculture Last year many growers tried garden asters for the fir…
Keeping Fans Running Efficiently Floriculture
Tips for Managing Whiteflies on Poinsettias Floriculture
Cut Flower Production of Field-Grown Herbaceous Perennials at UConn Floriculture
Detect and Treat Whiteflies Early Floriculture
Pests of Some Common Field-Grown Cut Flowers Floriculture Potentially, there are hundreds of varieties of annual…
Producing Field-Grown Specialty Cut Flowers - An Overview Floriculture
Storing Cut Flowers Floriculture Rapid removal of field heat and a cool storage tempera…
Watch for Powdery Mildew on Poinsettia Floriculture
Late Season Pest Management on Poinsettias Floriculture
Managing the 1994 Easter Lily Crop Floriculture
Pests on Easter Lilies Floriculture
Steam Pasteurization of Growing Media Floriculture
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus on Cool Season Pot Crops Floriculture
Reduce Down Time with a Maintenance Program Floriculture
Update on Thrips Management Floriculture
Using Sticky Cards to Monitor for Insects Floriculture
Fruit Cracking in Greenhouse Tomatoes Floriculture Fruit cracking can be a significant problem for a gree…
Fungus Gnats and Shoreflies Floriculture
When to Purchase Greenhouse Equipment Factors to help you Decide Floriculture
Garden Mum Cultural Tips Floriculture
Greenhouse Cooling Without Fans Floriculture
Melon Aphids Floriculture
Cultural Tips for Ornamental Cabbage and Kale Floriculture
Eight Steps to a Successful Watering System Floriculture
Field-Grown Celosiaplumosa for Cut Flowers Floriculture
Weed Management In and Around Greenhouses Floriculture
Let's Get... Bio-Rational! Floriculture
Management Tips for the 1995 Easter Lil yCrop Floriculture
Basic Principles of Vegetative Plant Propagation Floriculture
Designing a Root Zone Heating System Floriculture
Finish Your Easter Lily Crop Right Floriculture
Management of Fungus Gnats and Shore Flies Floriculture
Preventing Pest Problems During Propagation Floriculture
Watch forThese Pests of Garden Mums Floriculture
Woodchucks Habits and Control Floriculture
Minimize Damage to Your Greenhouse from Hurricanes and Wind Storms Floriculture
Biopesticides Floriculture
Let's Improve Transplanting Efficiency This Spring Floriculture
The IPM Way to manage Bedding Plant Disease Part I - General Information and Contagious Diseases Floriculture
Increase Production with a Transplanting Conveyor Floriculture
Monitoring for Key Pests During the Greenhouse Production of Perennials Floriculture
Part II Foliar Diseases Caused by Viruses and Bacteria Floriculture
Part III Noncontagious Diseases Floriculture
Results of the 1995 Poinsettia Cultivar Trial Floriculture
Edible Flowers (1996) Floriculture Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) The unique flower of th…
Key Pests of Field Production Perennials Floriculture
Tips for the Consumer The Culture and Uses of Herbs Floriculture
Managing Aphids on Cool Season or Winter Crops Floriculture
Managing Greenhouse Tomato Irrigation and Nutrition Floriculture
Potential Salad Crops for Cultivation Floriculture A number of epidemiological and clinical studies have …
Use Temperature to Control the Rate of Easter Lily Bud Developement Floriculture
Get Uniform Watering With a Boom Irrigator Floriculture
Leafhoppers Were Hopping This Summer Floriculture
Scheduling Tips for the 1998 Easter Lily Crop Floriculture
Sunflower Cultivars for Field Grown Cuts a Cultivar Evaluation Floriculture
Cyclamen Mites Floriculture
Install a Generator for Power Interruptions Floriculture
Leaf Yellowing of Easter Lilies Floriculture
Powdery Mildew on Poinsettias Floriculture
Cultural Tips for New Guinnea Impatiens Floriculture
Preventing Bacterial Diseases of Vegetables with Hot-Water Seed Treatment Floriculture
Remodeling Your Greenhouse - A Ten-Year Plan Floriculture
Tips on Growing Mixed Hanging Baskets Floriculture
Using biological Fungicides in an Integrated Disease Management Program Floriculture
Control of Root-Feeding Larvae - Kiss Black Vine Weevil, Japanese Beetle and Oriental Beetle 'Goodbye' Floriculture
Chemical Height Control of Greenhouse Ornamentals Floriculture
Managing Weeds in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Scheduling the 1999 Easter Lily Crop Floriculture
Ten Ideas to Improve your Next Greenhouse Floriculture
Biocontrol of Thrips Floriculture
Preventing Late-Season Leaf Yellowing in Easter Lilies - an Update Floriculture
Poinsettia Tips 1987 Floriculture Poinsettia Tips
Timing Potter Easter Lillies, 1988 Floriculture Easter Lillies
Poinsettia Tips 1988 Floriculture Poinsettia Tips
Outdoor Hardy Chrysanthemum Variety Survey- 1988 Floriculture Chrysanthemum Variety
A World Perspective on More Flower for More People Floriculture Flower
Botrytis Blight of Geraniums Floriculture Geraniums
Tools for Greenhouse Integrated Pest Management- Quarantine and Monitoring Floriculture Pest Management
Poinsettia Disease Management Floriculture Disease Management
Fall Flowering Kale Floriculture Flowering Kale
Annual Gardens for Business and Home Floriculture Annual Gardens
Secrets to Success with New Guinea Impatiens Floriculture New Guinea Impatiens
Sunshine Impatiens Floriculture Sunshine Impatiens
Whitefly Q&A for Bedding Plant Producers Floriculture Q&A
Establishing a Soluble-Salt Monitoring Program Floriculture Soluble-Salt Monitoring Program
Establishing a Successful Floriculture IPM Program
New Guinea Impatiens Growth Regulator Study Floriculture New Guinea Impatiens
Research Report- Oriental Lily Growth Regulator Study Floriculture
Record Keeping Requirements for Spray Applications Floriculture
Tree Poinsettia Production Floriculture
Whiteflies Floriculture Whiteflies Whiteflies have become one of the most "troublesome" i…
Aphids Floriculture Aphids in the greenhouse can affect crop appearance an…
Improved Samplings for Whitefly Nymphs on Poinsettias Floriculture
Sampling Whiteflies on Poinsettia Cuttings Floriculture
Shore Flies Floriculture
Delphastus pusillus Floriculture
Production and Marketing of Garden Asters (IN) Floriculture Garden asters are a perennial, fall-blooming crop whic…
1994 Herbicides Registered for use on Cut Flowers Floriculture
Citrus Mealybug Floriculture
Poinsettia Tips 1995 Floriculture
Western Flower Thrips Management Floriculture
Easter Lily Guidelines Floriculture
Weed Management Inside and Outside Greenhouses Floriculture
Shore Flies, Nemesis or Nuisance Floriculture
Good Horticultural Practices Reduce Risk of Insect and Disease Problems Floriculture
Aphids, Biology and Management Floriculture
Insect Pests of Greenhouse-Grown Pansy Floriculture
Merchandising Butterfly Gardens Floriculture
What is Chelated Iron? Floriculture
Folding to Reduce Height of Tall Poinsettias Floriculture
Leaf Scorch of Croft Lilies and Application of Lime Floriculture
Cultural Suggestions for Poinsettia Production Floriculture Poinsettia Production
Growing Snapdragons at 60 During the Winter Months Floriculture Snapdragons
Status of the Pansy Industry Floriculture Pansy Industry
Perennials as Commercial Cut Flowers Floriculture
Easter Lily Culture Resume Floriculture Easter lily
The Responses of Two Hybrid Varieties of Snapdragon to Various Times of Planting After Steam Sterilization of a Greenhouse Soil Floriculture
How to Get Annual Seedlings Off to a Good Early Start Floriculture Annual Seedlings
Care of Poinsettia Stock Plants Floriculture Poinsettia Stock Plants
Highlight Suggestions for Handling Annual Seedlings Floriculture Annual Seedlings
Hydrangeas (1961) Floriculture Hydrangeas Several growers have called to tell us that they have …
Methyl Bromide for Sterilizing Small Quantities of Soil Floriculture The following simple method of sterilizing small quant…
Spider Mite on Poinsettias Floriculture Spider Mite
Carnation Timing (1955) Floriculture To produce carnation flowers for particular marketing …
Cardinal Points of Replanting Carnations Floriculture Cardinal Points
Aphids and Their Control Floriculture
Predators Versus Spider Mites Floriculture Spider Mites
Copper Dihydrazinium Sulfate Floriculture
Suggestions for Handling Stock Plants of Geranium Floriculture Stock Plants of Geranium
Malachite Green Dye as a Color Indicator for Liquid Fertilizer Solutions Floriculture
Polyethylene Film Used as a Propagation Frame for Gardenias Floriculture
Cultural Suggestions for Handling Lily Crop for 1962 Floriculture Lily Crop
Controlling Poinsettia Flower Bud Initiation Floriculture Poinsettia Flower
Poinsettia Diseases and Their Control Floriculture Poinsettia Diseases
Fertilization of Potted Chrysanthemums with Urea-Formaldehyde Materials Floriculture
Is Manure Dangerous Floriculture
The Effects of Colchicine on Gypsophila Elegans Var. Covent Garden Market and the Resulting Somatic Changes Floriculture
Urea-formaldehyde Nitrogen and Leaf Scorch of Croft Lilies Floriculture
Chemical Weed Control of Gladiolus Floriculture
New and Better Annual Flowers Floriculture
Misting for Summer Propagation Floriculture
The Effect of Nitrogen From Two Sources, Uramite and Ammonium Nitrate, on Plant Growth and Flowering of Carnations Floriculture
Croft Lily Leaf Scorch in Relation to Media, Phosphorus and Calcium Floriculture
Cultural Suggestions and Schedule for Forcing Easter Lilies Floriculture
The Effect of Chemical Dip Treatments on the Culture of Croft Lilies 1 - Effect on Condition of Roots Floriculture
Artificial Lighting Intensities Floriculture
Carnation Splitting and Trace Elements Floriculture
Air Circulators Versus Exhaust Fans Floriculture
Recommendations by the Extension Service at Waltham Field Station for Using CCC as an Aid to Height Control for the Poinsettia Crop Floriculture
Introduction Floriculture
Cultural Considerations to keep Diseases of Poinsettia to a Minimum Floriculture
Healthy Growth of Pot Plant Production Floriculture Ornamentals
Too Deep Setting of Geranium Cuttings in Rooting Media may Cause Diseases Floriculture
Control of Height on Poinsettias with Growth Retardants Floriculture
Poinsettias- Suggestions for Production of Better Cuttings for Your Poinsettia Crop Floriculture
Gladiolus Issue Floriculture
The Plume Moth on Geraniums Floriculture
Starting Seedlings under Artificial Light - Petunia Floriculture
Geraniums Floriculture
Gladiolus Floriculture
The Easter Lily bulbs should be coming in about the first of December Floriculture