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Pulsing with Fresco or commercial preservatives lengthened vase life and reduced leaf chlorosis of cut lilies and gladiolus Floriculture Hill Memorial Foundation
Pythium Root and Stem Rot of Poinsettia Floriculture
Pythium Root Rot of Ivy Floriculture
Pythium Species and Population Identification Using DNA Markers Floriculture Many species of the fungus, Pythium, cause damping off…
Q&A on Cooling Perennial Plugs Floriculture
Quackgrass- A Serious Problem Weed Floriculture Quackgrass
Quality Achieved in Fast Crop Pot Mum Production Floriculture More succulent, balanced plant, Suppress this elongation, three consecutive cycles, nitrate Since the development of the fast crop method of growi…
Quality and Condition Changes of McIntosh Apples Stored in Controlled Atmoshperes Floriculture
Quality Control of Horticultural Products By Means of Physical Colorimetry In Comparison With Other Methods of Colour Evaluation Floriculture
Quality Control- Promote It Floriculture
Quality Geraniums Floriculture
Quality Geraniums and Bedding Plants Floriculture
Quality of 'Stayman Winesap' Apples Stored in Air, Controlled Atmospheres, or Controlled Atmospheres by Storage in Air Floriculture
Quality Sorting of Red Delicious Apples by Light Transmission Floriculture
Quality Water Works Floriculture
Questions from the Field Floriculture Postharvest
Quick Crop Tomatoes in New Jersey Floriculture Quick crop tomatoes
Quick-Grown Cyclamen Floriculture Schedule, growth, gibberellic acid, Short-time production system, 68 F growing temperature Several recent reports on cyclamen have described the …
R Values for Various Materials Floriculture R values
Radiant Heat- How Does It Affect Plants Floriculture Radiant head
Ralstonia solanacearum Race 3 Biovar 2 Update Floriculture
Ralstonia solanacearum race 3 biovar Losses in North Carolina Floriculture
Rapid Method for Standadr Geranium Production with Gibberellic Acid Floriculture Rapid method for standard
Rathmell's Report Floriculture Weed control , Whitefly, BUGS, Monuron, Amazine Probably the number one pest on poinsettias (as well a…
Reactions of Oxygen Radical Species with Methional- A Pulse Radiolysis Study Floriculture
Receiving cut flowers Floriculture
Recent Advances in Low O2 and Low Ethylene Storage of Apples in Poland Floriculture
Recent Advances in Postharvest Physiology of Carnations Floriculture Recent Advances
Recent and Good (1972) Floriculture Recent and good Boyer, J.S. 1971. Nonstomatal inhibition of photosynth…
Recent and Good (1973) Floriculture Recent and good Experiments were conducted to measure effects of stora…
Recent and Good (1973) Floriculture Recent and good Rooted cuttings of White Sim carnation were planted Ma…
Recent and Good Soluble Salts Floriculture Recent and good soluble salts
Recent Publications on Growth Regulation and Cut-flower Keeping Floriculture Recent publications
Recent Research on Nutrient Balance Floriculture Recent research on nutrient bala
Recent Tests with Surface Disinfectants Floriculture Recent tests
Recommendations by the Extension Service at Waltham Field Station for Using CCC as an Aid to Height Control for the Poinsettia Crop Floriculture
Recommendations For The Handling of Cut Roses Floriculture Water, Niagara Foam, Saturated, inserting, Condition WATER TO which a good preservative has been add ed is …
Recommended Temperatures for Carnations in Colorado Floriculture Recommended temperatures
Record Keeping Requirements for Spray Applications Floriculture
Recycling - How Are You Going to Dispose of Unsaleable Plants in 1993 Floriculture
Recycling Clay and Plastic Pots Floriculture
Recycling-How Are You Going To Dispose of Unsalable Plants in 1993 Floriculture
Red Delight Roses May Be Pruned Low Floriculture Red delight roses
Red Flowers and White Flowers Floriculture
Red-Far Red Light and PAR Leaf Absorption Varies among Hanging Basket Crop Species Floriculture Cucumis sativus L, hypocotyl elongation, Dry weight accumulation, Ornamental hanging basket Variation in red/far red leaf and photosynthetically a…
Reduce Down Time with a Maintenance Program Floriculture
Reduce Glass Greenhouse Heating Costs Floriculture
Reducing Plant Shipping Costs Floriculture
Reducing Storage Rot in Canna Rhizomes Floriculture
Reducing Waste Water from the Greenhouse Floriculture
Reduction in Production Time for 10 cm Azaleas with Chemical Pinching Floriculture
Reduction of Induced Abscission of Geranium Petals and Snapdragon Florets Using Three Anti-Ethylene Compounds Floriculture
Refinishing FRP Greenhouse Panels Floriculture Refinishing
Reflected Solar Energy for the Winter Use in the Greenhouse Floriculture Solar energy
Reflections on the 1985 All America Trials in Connecticut Floriculture Annual Trial Gardens, All America
Regarding Pesticide Phytotoxicity Floriculture Burn, Chlorosis, stressed plants, Abnormal growt, Dosage rates Phytotoxicity is plant damage that is caused by applic…
Regulating Carnation Production with Lights Under Colorado Conditions Floriculture Short-day treatment, Lighting Equipment, Flower initiation, internode elongation, Quality Garner and Allard first reported the response of plant…
Reiger Begonias Floriculture
Reinforced Plastics Floriculture
Reject Heat- Now It's a Necessity Floriculture Reject heat
Relation of Soil Temperature to Symptom Expression in Bacterial Wilt of Carnations Floriculture Symptom
Relationship between Leaf Darkening and Chemical Composition of Leaves of Species of Protea Floriculture Protea
Relationship of Toxins to Bacterial Wilt of Carnations Floriculture Bacterial wilt
Relationship of Water to the Development of Root Rot Diseases Floriculture
Remember Floriculture
Remodeling Your Greenhouse - A Ten-Year Plan Floriculture
Removal of Infected Carnation Plants Floriculture Removal of infected carnation pl
Remove Your Shade Floriculture
Removing Hydrangea Leaves and Hydrangea Fundamentals Floriculture Hydrangea
Repeated Low Concentration Cycocel Application to Poinsettias Floriculture Repeated low
Report from Europe: Roses the Top Dutch Crop Floriculture Report from Europe
Report from Europe: The Dutch Way of Research Floriculture Report from Europe
Report From Latin America Floriculture Report from latin
Report on 1962 Poinsettia Height Control Studies Floriculture
Report on Phytophthora Crown Rot of Petunia Floriculture Phytophthora Crown Rot
Reported Phytotoxicity of Acaricides and Insecticides to Ornamentals Floriculture Phtyotoxicity
Reporting Soluble Salt Readings Floriculture
Reputable Roses Floriculture
Requirements and Recommendations for Eastern and Midwestern Apples Floriculture
Research and Energy Committees Visit CSU Campus Floriculture Research and energy
RESEARCH AT PENN STATE RIEGER ELATIOR BEGONIAS PROGRESS REPORT I Floriculture Growth retardant, temperature, holiday, Day length, Fertility, The Rieger begonias can be produced at any time of the…
Research Is Needed To Prevent 'Summer Pansy Stall' Changes in Plug Production and Weather Raise More Questions Floriculture
Research on a New Plant Growth Regulator Delivery Method Floriculture
Research Progress Report - Ornamental Grass Growth Regulator Study Floriculture
Research Progress Report - The Effect of B-Nine, Bonzi, and Sumagic on the growth of Ornamental Cabbage and Kale Floriculture
Research Report - Fertilizer Rate Effects on Growth of Variegated and Green-leaved Double Impatiens Floriculture
Research Report- Oriental Lily Growth Regulator Study Floriculture
Research Report- Temperature Manipulation of Vegetable Stem Elongation and Flowering Floriculture
Research Reports from Overseas Floriculture Research Reports Gerberas: Top quality from little fertilizer. The nut…
Research Reports from Overseas Floriculture Research Reports Giving roses C02. Investigations into the value of car…
Research results For Flower growers chrysanthemum studies 1966-67, I. A-G Floriculture Boron, B-nine, Chrysanthemum, Antitranspirants The results of experiments with chrysanthemums conduct…
Research results For Flower growers chrysanthemum studies 1966-67, II - V Floriculture Cut flowers, Carbon dioxide, Cultivars, Chrysanthemum, Bagasse, Peat The results of experiments with chrysanthemums conduct…
Research results For Flower growers chrysanthemum studies 1966-67, VI - VII Floriculture Cultivars, Chrysanthemum, Potted crop The results of experiments with chrysanthemums conduct…
Research Seeks Answers to Winter Hardiness Floriculture Research seeks answers
Research Update Floriculture Researchers in Poland studied the effects of a 24 hour…
Research Update Floriculture Calgene Pacific, a California biotech company, is curr…
Research Update Floriculture The effect of corm age and photoperiod on Liatru: grow…
Research Update (1991) Floriculture The U.S. Agriculture Research Service has showed hat a…
Research Update (1992) Floriculture A wheat bran inoculum of Penicillium janthinellum adde…
Reselction of Carnation of Varieties Floriculture Reselction of carnation varietie
Reselection of Carnation Varieties Floriculture Carnations are constantly mutating, usually to degener…
Reselection of Carnation Varieties Floriculture Reselection Carnations are constantly mutating, usually to degener…
Resistance of Carnations to Fusarium Stem Rot in the Nurse Bed Floriculture Resistance of carnations
Resistance of Some Carnation Varieties to Fusarium Stem Rot Floriculture Resistance of some
Resistance of Various Sleeve Types to CO2 Diffusion Floriculture
Resistant Carnation Varieties May Carry Bacterial Wilt Floriculture Resistant carnation
Resistant Mites Floriculture
Resource Earnings in Carnation Production Floriculture
Respiratory Drifts Floriculture
Response Groups and Varieties For Year-Round Snapdragons Floriculture
Response of 30 Carnation Cultivars to Photoperiod Floriculture Photoperiod, Cultivars, Peak production, Flower quality, Ithaca and Long Island The philosophy and cultural manipulations of the 'one …
Response of Carnation to Three Concentrations of CO2 Floriculture Response of carnations
Response of Carnation to Three Concentrations of CO2- Second Report Floriculture Response of carnation
Response of Carnations to Different Rates of Liquid Feeding Floriculture Response of carnations
Response of Carnations to Liquid Feeding Floriculture Response of carnations
Response of Dwarf Carnation 'snowmass' to Growth Retardant Application Floriculture Dwarf Carnation
Response of Easter Lilies Grown in Rockwool, Peat-lite and Soil Media to Warm Water Irrigation Floriculture Easter lilies
Response of Four Poinsettia Cultivars to Different Plastic Greenhouse Covers Floriculture Four poinsettias
Response of Ground Bench Carnations to Controlled-Realse Fertilizers Floriculture
Response of Perennial Bedding Plants to Three Common Plant Growth Regulators Floriculture
RESPONSE OF PETUNIA TO COMBINATION OF ELECTRIC LIGHT PHOTOPERIOD, TEMPERATURE B-NINE Floriculture Environmental factors, Plant growth, Artificial Light, Germination, night temperature A major objective of the bedding plant grower is to co…
Response of Poinsettiasto Paclobutrazol in Paint Applications Floriculture Euphorbia pulcherrima, Flat latex, Paclobutrazol, /paint mix The effectiveness of a paclobutrazol/paint mix in cont…
Response of Roses and Pot Chrysanthemums to Different Plastic Film Greenhouse Covers Floriculture Response of roses
RESPONSE OF ROSES TO LOW MOISTURE STRESS AT HIGH AND LOW LIGHT INTENSITIES Floriculture Sphagnum moss, Fluorescent lighting, Soft pinches, Low moisture stress, Soilless growing medium The purposes of this research were to study the effect…
Response of Three Poinsettia Cultivars to Root Media Containing Coal Bottom Ash Floriculture Ca and Mg, Plant heights, Ash media, Chroma Poinsettia {EuphorbiapulchemmaW\\\6. Ex Klotsch) culti…
Responses of 'Golden Delicious' Apples to 1-MCP Applied in Air and Water Floriculture
Responses of Carnation to Temperature II Floriculture Response of carnation
RESPONSES OF HYBRID RHODODENDRONS TO LONG DAYS AND GROWTH RETARDANTS Floriculture Growth Retardants, induce flower buds, Phosfon, B-nine, Pinched and pruned, Light interruption Following the discovery by Stuart (5) that flow er bud…
Responses of Whitefly and Poinsettias to Insecticidal Controlled Atmospheres Floriculture Success of insecticidal controlled atmosphere (an O2 l…
Restoring the Golden Age and Greenhouse of Planting Fields Floriculture
Results and Recommendations on Controlled and Modified Atmoshpere Storage and Transport of Stone Fruits Floriculture
Results from Our Christmas Poms Floriculture Poms
Results of Additions of Kirllium or Organic Matter to Three Soil Types Floriculture Krilium
Results of Research at Vineland Floriculture
Results of Spray Tests for the Control of Carnation Rust Floriculture Spray tests
Results of the 1995 Poinsettia Cultivar Trial Floriculture
Resume of Eleventh Annual Short Course Floriculture Resume
Retail Garden Outlets and the Purchase of Plant Matrial Floriculture
Retail Garden Outlets- Business Characteristics and Factors Affecting Industry Performance Floriculture
Retail Potting Mixes Floriculture
Retail Reflections - Post Production Fertilization Floriculture
Retailers May Shift Gears in the '90s Floriculture
Retailing Poinsettias Floriculture
Retailing Starts with Benches and Charts Floriculture
Retailing Vegetable Transplants Floriculture
Retardants to Dwarf Abutilon Floriculture
Revised Recommendations for Azobenzene Floriculture Azobenzene
Revisiting the Use of Virus Indicator Plants Floriculture
Rezultate Cu Privire La Influenta Fazei De Deschidere A Florilor De Garoafe, In Momentul Recoltarii, Asupra Mentinerii Calitatii In Apa La Temperatura Camerei Floriculture
Rezultate Cu Privire La Pastrarea Trandafirilor Fara Apa In Conditii Frigorifice Floriculture
Rhizoctonia Root Rot Control of Poinsettia Floriculture
Rhizoctonia Stem Rot of Carnations Floriculture Rhizoctonia stem rot
Rhizoctonia Stem Rot of Poinsettia - Sequential Application of Biocontrol Agents for Control of Stem Rot in Propagation and Finishing Floriculture Rhizoctonia Solani causes stem rot in propogation of p…
Rhododendrons in Hawaii Floriculture
RIGID PLASTICS USED FOR NEW FLORICULTURE RESEARCH GREEN HOUSES Floriculture Quonset, gothic, Five ounce glass, Fiberglass panels, fan-jet fan louve A quonset and two gothic arch greenhouses have been bu…
Ripening Mangos with Ethylene and Ethephon Floriculture Effects of ethylene and ethephon [(2,-chloroethyl) pho…
Rockwool or NFT Floriculture Rockwool or NFT
Rockwool Use Trends in Horticulture Floriculture
Roguing Can Spread Fusarium Floriculture Roguing
Root and Crown Rot Diseases of Greenhouse Geraniums Floriculture
Root Diseases Floriculture
Root Rot Control in Container Stock Floriculture Root rot control in container st "Terrazole," a recently introduced chemical compound f…
Root Rot Control in Container Stock Floriculture Root rot "Terrazole," a r ecently introduced chemical compound …
Rooting Out Root Disease Floriculture
Rooting Pentas- Influence of Macro- and Microelement Fertilization Floriculture
Rooting Performance of Hydrangea Cutting Propagation Media Coal Bottom Ash Floriculture propagation media, Hydrangea macrophyllaThunb, CBA, Dry mas Rooting performance was evaluated for three different …
Rooting Response of Dracaena SPP Floriculture
Rooting Trials with Carnations Floriculture Rooting trials
Roots Floriculture
Roots-Underground Agents Floriculture Roots underground agents
Rose Bottom Breaks Floriculture Rose bottom
Rose Cooling can be Overdone Floriculture Rose cooling
Rose Crown Canker Floriculture Rose crown canker
Rose Cut Flower Conditioning Floriculture
Rose Mildew Control As We Now See It Floriculture Rose Mildew Control
Rose Miniplant Propagation Floriculture Rose mini
Rose Powdery Mildew Control - Effect of pH and Water Quality on Benlate Effectiveness Floriculture Rose powdery
Rose Production Floriculture Rose production
Rose Production Timing by De-Shooting Floriculture Rose production
Rose Rooting Floriculture Rose rooting
Rose Rooting and Grafting Floriculture Rose rooting
Rose Rootstocks and Miniplant Propagation- Preliminary Results and Observations Floriculture Rose rootstocks
Rose Session Floriculture
Rose Variability Floriculture Rose variability
Rose Varieties for Pot Plants Floriculture
Roses Floriculture Roses
Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Floriculture
Roses in Colorado Floriculture Roses in Colorado
Rot in Geranium Cuttings Floriculture Geranium cuttings
Rots Currently Affecting Lily Forcing Floriculture Lily forcing
Rust on Duchesnea Floriculture Duchesnea indica (Andre) Focke, a plant native to sout…
Rx Greenhouse Soils- Field Soils Must be Changed when Growing in Bench, Flat, or Pot Floriculture Rx greenhouse soils
S.D.P., Infrared Heating, Soil Heating Floriculture The double layer acrylic material that is called S.D.P…
S.D.P., Infrared Heating, Soil Heating Floriculture Sdp, Infrared The double layer acrylic material that is called S.D.P…
SADH (ALAR-85) Registered for Use on Tomato Transplants Floriculture
Sales, Image of Orchids Improving Floriculture
Salinity Control in Greenhouse Soils Floriculture Salinity control
Salinity II- A Problem in Terms Floriculture Salinity
Salinity III- Handling Water Supplies to Minimize Salinity Problems Floriculture Salinity
Salinity IV A Progress Report Floriculture Salinity
Salinity V: Column Experiments Floriculture Salinity
Sampling Whiteflies on Poinsettia Cuttings Floriculture
Save Coal and Go Broke Floriculture Save coal and go broke
Save Energy with Horizontal Air Flow Floriculture
Save Fuel - Build a Germinating Chamber Floriculture
Save Fuel with Your Heating System this Spring Floriculture
Save Heat With CO2 Floriculture
Save the Holiday Floriculture
Save Your Wood with Cuprinol Floriculture Cuprinol
Saving Fuel with Miniture Carnations Floriculture Saving fuel
Schade Door Narcisseslijm Bij Verschillende Bloemsoorten Floriculture
Schedule for Flowering Chrysanthemums Every Month Floriculture Flowering chrysanthemums
Schedules 1993 Floriculture
Schedules 1994 Floriculture
Schedules for Pruning Roses Floriculture Schedules
Scheduling a Greenhouse Tomato Crop Floriculture
Scheduling Alstroemeria as a 6-Inch-Pot Crop Floriculture
Scheduling Cut Mums in the 80's Floriculture
Scheduling Single Stem Japanese Cut Asters Part I - Winter and Spring Responses of Japanese cut Asters Floriculture Scheduling Single Stem
Scheduling Single Stem Japanese Cut Asters Part II - Winter and Spring Responses of Japanses cut Asters Floriculture Scheduling Single Stem
Scheduling the 1999 Easter Lily Crop Floriculture
Scheduling Tips for the 1998 Easter Lily Crop Floriculture
Scorch on 'Ace' Lilies Floriculture
Screening as Part of Insect and Disease Management in the Greenhouse Floriculture Resistance to pesticides has made control of insect an…
Screening As Part of Insect and Disease Management in the Greenhouse Floriculture Resistance to pesticides has made control of insect an…
Screening As Part of Insect and Disease Management in the Greenhouse Floriculture Robb and Parrella (1988) described a greenhouse screen…
Sealed Glass Laps vs. Single Poly Over Glass Floriculture
Seasonal Carnation Experiment- Preliminary Report Floriculture
Seasonal Carnation Flowerlife Experiment Floriculture
Seasonal Carnation Vaselife Floriculture The primary objective of this experiment was to determ…
Seasonal Cropping of carnations in Piedmont North Carolina Floriculture
Second Air Analyses in the Denver Region Floriculture Second air analyses
Second Crop Pompons Floriculture Second crop
Second Pinching on Carnations Floriculture Second pinching
Secrets to Success with New Guinea Impatiens Floriculture New Guinea Impatiens
Seed Geraniums Floriculture
Seed Germination and Nutrients Floriculture Seed germination and nutrients
Seed Production on Carnation Floriculture Seed production
Seed Propagation of Ornamental Grasses Floriculture
Seedling Storage Floriculture Seedling
Select the Best Type of Greenhouse Floriculture
Selecting a Site for a New Greenhouse Floriculture
Selecting the Best Shade Levels for Variegated Plant Production Floriculture
Selection and Calibrating Low-Volume Sprayers Floriculture
SELECTION AND CULTURE OF FLOWER, FOLIAGE, AND FRUITING PLANTS FOR MA\SS MARKET SALES 2ND Floriculture Growth regulators, Ornamental, Attractive flowers, Easily propagated The primary objective of this project is the selection…
Selection of Boilers Floriculture Selection of boilers
Selection of Tolerance of Carnations to Low Temperatures Floriculture Tolerance
Selection Technique that Resulted in CSU Red Sim Floriculture Selection technique
Selenium for Spider on Carnations Floriculture Carnations
Self-Poisoning of Cut Flowers and Plants Floriculture Self poisoning of cut flowers an