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Potential Salad Crops for Cultivation


Potential Salad Crops for Cultivation


A number of epidemiological and clinical studies have demonstrated the benefits of vegetables and fruits in the human diet in the prevention of several major diseases including cancer and heart disease. Vegetables and fruits contain chemicals that prevent the occurrence and progression of these major diseases. The National Cancer Institute and the American Heart Association recommend that we Strive for Five-five servings of fruits and vegetables a day for a healthier life. The nutritional importance of vegetables has long been recognized. Currently, there is an increased awareness among the general public of the health benefits of the specific chemicals in vegetables and fruits that are sometimes referred to as "nutriceuticals". Among the 13,000 known edible plants, less than 20 are currently being used to provide most of our food needs. Perhaps it's time to broaden our food base and look for alternative and better sources of nutriceuticals.

Source: • Connecticut Greenhouse Newsletter #196

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