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Comparitive Costs of Greenhouse Construction Floriculture
Compensating for Congested Transport Routes Floriculture
Competing in the '90s Floriculture
Component comparisons- coconut coir Floriculture
Composition of Soil-Air Floriculture Composition of soil-air
Compost, Growing Media & the Horticultural Industry Floriculture
Computer Control of the Greenhouse Environment- A Progress Report Floriculture Computer control
CONCENTRATION AND QUANTITY - BOTH IMPORTANT IN REDUCING LILY HEIGHT Floriculture Landscape & Nursery Ancymidol, growth retardant, lily cultivar, Height reductio, bulb size Ancymidol (known as A-REST in the trade) is a very eff…
Concentrations of NO, NO2, SO2, O3, and CO2 in Glasshouse Air Floriculture Concentrations
Concerning the Keeping Quality of Cut Flowers Floriculture Fungicide, Early wilting, Chemical substances, Crops, Bactericides The desire to keep £lowor3 fresh as long as possible i…
Condensate in Plastic Greenhouses Floriculture Condensate
Condensate Injury from Black Plastic Floriculture
Conditioning Flowers After Holding at 32 degrees F Floriculture
Conditioning Plants for Interior Use Floriculture
Conditions for Low Ethylene CA Storage of Apples- A Review Floriculture
Conditions of Survival--Business Management and Marketing Floriculture
Conference on commodity handling held- Leaders discuss post-harvesting techniques Floriculture
Configure: Expanding a Plant's Growth Potential Floriculture
Connecticut Greenhouse Newsletter Index Floriculture
Connecticut Greenhouse Newsletter Index 1968-1974 Floriculture
Conservacao de Quatro Variedades de Manga Pelo Frio e em Atmosfera Controlada Floriculture
Consider Sumagic for Your Easter Lilies Floriculture
Consider the Economic Benefits of Water-saving Landscapes Floriculture
Consider the Lilies of the Field, How They Grow Floriculture
Considerations For the Grower When Using Plant Growth Regulators Floriculture
Constant Temperature Floriculture
Constant Water Level in Winter Floriculture Constant water level, Winter
Constant Water Level vs. Surface Watering of Roses Floriculture Roses, Constant water level, Surface watering
Constant Water Table Irrigation Floriculture Water table irrigation
Consumed in the U.S.A.: America's Passion for Flowers Blooms Floriculture
Consumer Data on Houseplants--- A Survey Floriculture Houses, Shops, Budget, Apartments Finding out what the consumer buys and what the consum…
Consumer Data on Houseplants--- A Survey August 1975.pdf Floriculture basic background information, WHERE CONSUMERS BUY, SIZE AND GROWTH HABIT, CONSUMER KNOWLEDGE, Apartments and house Finding out what the consumer buys and what the consum…
Consumer Perceptions and Expectations of Garden Center Product and Service Quality Floriculture
Consumer Perceptions on Modified Atmosphere Packaging Floriculture
Consumer Preferences for Longevity Labels on Cut Flowers Floriculture
Consumer preferences for longevity labels on cut flowers Floriculture
Consumer Preferences for Potted Plants - Easter Lilies and Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums, Easter lilies, Consumer preferences Potted plants with a wholesale value of $95 million we…
Consumer Preferences for Potted Plants - Easter Lilies and Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums, Easter lilies Displays of yellow potted chrysanthemum plants differi…
Consumer Preferences for Potted Plants - Easter Lilies and Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums, Easter lilies Objectives of this study were to collect and analyze r…
Consumer Segmentation Based On Perceived Plant Knowledge and Gardening Involvement Floriculture
Consumers Prefer Red Poinsettia Cultivars Floriculture
Container Production of Herbaceous Perennials (Part 3) Floriculture Propagation by stem cuttings is an important means of …
Container Production of Herbaceous Perennials (Part 5) Floriculture Division has traditionally been a reliable means of pr…
Container Production of Herbaceous Perennials (Part 6) Floriculture The use of tissue culture as a means of propagation sh…
Container Production of Herbaceous Perennials- Overwintering Production Method Floriculture
Containing Results Floriculture
Continual Pruning of Roses Floriculture Continual pruning of roses
Continuous Culture of Carnations Floriculture Continuous culture
Contributions of Macro Nutrient Mineral Concentrations in Fruit to Losses of Massachusetts Apples after Storage Floriculture
Control Greenhouse Drip Floriculture
Control of Arthropods in Harvested Chrysanthemum Cuttings Floriculture Interstate and international shipment of chrysanthemum…
Control of Botrytis Blight on Ornamentals Floriculture
Control of Branching and Flower Production of Carnations Floriculture Control of branching
Control of Camellia Flower Blight Floriculture
Control of Carnation Streak Virus by Shoot-Tip Culture Floriculture Carnation streak virus
Control of Carnation Wilt Diseases Floriculture Carnation wilt diseases
Control of Cutting Rot in Ceanothus Floriculture
Control of Downy Mildrew and Pythium Root Rot of Snapdragon Floriculture
Control of Ethylene Production in Flowers Floriculture Ethylene is one of the most important factors determin…
Control of Fungus Gnats in Greenhouses with Vectobac (Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis) Floriculture
Control of Fusarium and Phialophora Wilt Diseases of Carnation with Systematic Fungicides Floriculture Fusarium
Control of Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnation with a Pre-Harvest Spray Floriculture Control of fusarium
Control of Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnations with Cutting Dips and Drenches Floriculture Control of fusarium stem rot
Control of Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnations with Fungicidal Cutting Dips Floriculture Vegetables Weeds Ornamentals Control of fusarium
Control of Fusarium Stem Rot with Cutting Dips Floriculture Control of fusarium
Control of Garden Centipede on Greenhouse Spray Chysanthemums Floriculture
Control of Gladiolus Bacterial Scab Floriculture Pseudomonas marginata, Corm rot, treatments, Delsan A-D, Fusarium oxysporum f. gladioli Bacterial scab, caused by Pseudomonas marginata, is a …
Control of Greenhouse Enemies Floriculture
Control of Height on Poinsettias with Growth Retardants Floriculture
Control of Lesser-Seeded Bittercress in Container-Grown Ornamentals Progress Report Floriculture
Control of Phoma Stem Blight of Periwinkle by Cutting Dips- Proress Report Floriculture
Control of Pythium Root Rot Floriculture
Control of Pythium Root Rot of Cyclamen Floriculture
Control of Pythium Root Rot on Carnations Floriculture Control
Control of Pythium Root Rot on Carnations Part I Floriculture Control
Control of Ray Blight on Chrysanthemums Floriculture Control of ray blight on crysant
Control of Rhizoctonia Stem Rot in Colorado Floriculture Control of rhizoctonia
Control of Root-Feeding Larvae - Kiss Black Vine Weevil, Japanese Beetle and Oriental Beetle 'Goodbye' Floriculture
Control of Rust Using Plantvax in Fertilizing Systems Floriculture Control of rust
Control of Slugs in the Greenhouse Floriculture Slugs
Control of Soil Moisture Floriculture Control of soil moisture
Control of the Hemispherical Scale, Saissetia Coffae (Walker), on Birdnest Fern Floriculture
Control of Thrips Floriculture
Control of Vascular Wilt Diseases of Carnation - Eradication Floriculture Control of vascular
Control of Vascular Wilt Diseases of Carnation - Resistance Floriculture Control of vascular
Control of Vascular Wilt Diseases of Carnation - Systematic Fungicides and Chemotherapeutics Floriculture Control of vascular
Control of Vascular Wilt Diseases of Carnation - Use of Antitranspirants Floriculture Control of vascular
Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Storage of Carnations Floriculture Controlled atmosphere
Controlled Atmosphere For Storing Flowers Floriculture
Controlled Atmosphere Grain Storage Floriculture
Controlled Atmosphere Storage Conditions for Some of the More Commonly Grown Apple Cultivars Floriculture
Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Eastern-Grown Peaches and Nectarines Floriculture
Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Fresh Pineapple (Ananas comosus (L) Merr. 'Smooth Cayenne') Floriculture Fruits Pineapple The use of controlled atmosphere (CA) or modified atmo…
Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Peaches and Nectarines Floriculture
Controlled Atmospheres for Storage & Transport of Perishable Agricultural Commodities Floriculture
Controlled Atmospheres to Reduce Post Harvest Insect Damage to Horticultural Crops Floriculture
Controlled Flowering of Gloxinias Under Fluorescent Lights Floriculture Fluorescent lights, Gloxinias
Controlled Injection of Carbon Dioxide for Rose Production Floriculture
Controlled Release Fertilizers on Peperomia Griseo-Argentea Floriculture
Controlled-Release Fertilizer and Plant Growth of Gloxinia and Tuberous Begonia Floriculture
Controlled-release Fertilizers and Nitrogen Leaching Floriculture
Controlled-Release Nitrogen on Azaleas Floriculture
Controlled-Release Nitrogen on Ornamentals in Containers Floriculture
Controlling Bacterial Diseases of Ornamentals Floriculture
Controlling Bedding Plant Diseases Floriculture
Controlling Damping-off in Bedding Plants Floriculture
Controlling Diseases on Bulbs, Corms, and Rhizomes Floriculture
Controlling Easter Lily Growth With Temperature Floriculture
Controlling Easter Lily Growth With Topflor Pre-Plant Bulb Soaks and Drenches Floriculture
Controlling Greenhouse Insects During Hot Weather Floriculture
Controlling Greenhouse Temperatures Floriculture Controlling greenhouse
CONTROLLING HEIGHT OF POINSETTIAS WITH CCC Floriculture Cycocel, 2chloroethyl trimethyl ammonium chl, Rates of application, high fertilizer, water heavily With optimum levels of moisture, fertilizer, and tempe…
Controlling Height of Tomato Transplants with Low Phosphorus Floriculture
Controlling Humidity in Tight Greenhouses Floriculture High relative humidity was very seldom a serious probl…
Controlling Humidity in Tight Greenhouses Floriculture Controlling humidity High relative humidity was very seldom a serious probl…
Controlling Lily root Rot With Soil pH and Temperature - A Preliminary Report Floriculture Controlling lily root rot
Controlling Poinsettia Flower Bud Initiation Floriculture Poinsettia Flower
Controlling Poinsettia Flowering Floriculture
Controlling Poinsettia Root Rot Floriculture
Controlling Powdery Mildew on Roses in Greenhouses Floriculture Controlling
Controlling Powdrey Mildew on Heather Floriculture
Controlling Salts in Greenhouse Soils Floriculture Controlling salts
Controlling Stem Topple of Pot Tulips Floriculture
Controlling The Flowering Of Greenhouse Azaleas Floriculture Photoperiod, Growth-retarding chemicals, late varieties, Storage Temperatures, accelerated flowering SINCE OUR report in 1961 that growth-retarding chemica…
Controlling the Growth Habit of Dwarf Pot Roses with Uniconazole (Sumagic) Floriculture Controlling the Growth
Controlling the Internal Water Stress of Roses Progess Report Floriculture Controlling the internal
Controlling Weeds in or Near the Greenhouse Floriculture
Controlling Weeds in Pansies Floriculture Controlling weeds in pansies
Controlling Weeds in the Soil Floriculture
Converyors can be a Great Labor Saving Device in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Cool House Crops Session Floriculture
Cooler Troubleshooting Floriculture
Coolstorage enhances ethylene production and reduces vase life of carnation flower Floriculture
Cooperation in the Flower Industry of Europe Floriculture Cooperation in the flower (continued from Bulletin 119) Britain During the pas…
Cooperation in the Flower Industry of Europe Floriculture Cooperation in the flower indust (continued from Bulletin 120) One of the main reasons…
Copper Deficiency in Azaleas Floriculture
Copper Dificiency of Roses Floriculture
Copper Dihydrazinium Sulfate Floriculture
Cornell Chrysanthemum School Floriculture
Cornell Fruit Handling and Storage Newsletter Floriculture Fruits Oxygen Concentrations in CA. The increasing demand for…
Cornell Peat-lite Mixes Find Ready Acceptance at Nassau County Parks Floriculture Peat-lite mixes
Correcting Boron Defiency in Carnations Floriculture
Correction of Wood Preservative Problem Floriculture
Cost Effective Solutions of Fuel Saving Questions Floriculture Cost effective
Cost of Goods Sold Floriculture
Cost of Growing Roses Floriculture Growing roses
Cost of Pesticides Used in Greenhouses Floriculture
Cost of Poinsettia Production Floriculture selling price, Various Factors Influencing Costs , cost of the plant material, spacing Of all the factors that influence costs of production,…
Cost of Producing Bedding Plants in Connecticut Floriculture
Cost of Producing Ornamental Cabbage and Kale Floriculture Profitable production of ornamental cabbage and kale i…
Cost of Producing Ornamental Cabbage and Kale (NC) Floriculture Profitable production of ornamental cabbage and kale i…
Cost of Silver Nitrate Conditioning Solution Floriculture Recent research reports suggest the possibility of "qu…
Cost of Single Stem Versus Pinched Pompons Floriculture Cost Considerable difference of opinion exists as to the va…
Cost Payback of Systems for Energy Conservation Floriculture
Crape Myrtle Potted Plant Production Floriculture
Creating Clean Air Indoors with Potted Plants Floriculture
Creosote = Death Floriculture
Croft Lily Leaf Scorch in Relation to Media, Phosphorus and Calcium Floriculture
Crop Control on Carnations Floriculture Crop control
Crop Records For Greenhouse Problem Solving Floriculture
Crop Timing Using Thermal Units Floriculture Precise crop timing is one of the most critical aspect…
Cropping Systems for Green House Tomatoes Floriculture Ornamentals
Cropping Systems for Greenhouse Tomatoes Floriculture
Crown Gall Floriculture
CSW Grades Revised Floriculture CSW grades revised
Cucumber Cucumber
Cultural Considerations to keep Diseases of Poinsettia to a Minimum Floriculture
Cultural Experiments with F1 Geranium Cultivars Floriculture
Cultural Practices and IPM for Poinsettias Floriculture Growers are becoming more aware of integrated pest man…
Cultural Practices and IPM for Poinsettiass Floriculture
Cultural Problems With Poinsettias Floriculture
Cultural Suggestions and Schedule for Forcing Easter Lilies Floriculture
Cultural Suggestions for Handling Lily Crop for 1962 Floriculture Lily Crop
Cultural Suggestions for Poinsettia Production Floriculture Poinsettia Production
Cultural Suggestions for Prevention of Losses in Azaleas Floriculture
Cultural Tips for 4.5 Inch Winter Rose Poinsettias Floriculture
Cultural Tips for Late Spring Crops Floriculture
Cultural Tips for New Guinnea Impatiens Floriculture
Cultural Tips for Ornamental Cabbage and Kale Floriculture
Cultured-Indexed Geraniums Floriculture Cultured-indexed geraniums
CULTURING AND INDEXING CUTTINGS FOR DISEASE CONTROL Floriculture Verticillium Wilt, Soil inhabiting fungus, CULTURING TECHNIQUE, transmitted by soil and water, chrysantheum stunt virus The technique of culturing cuttings was first used com…
Culturing Techniques For Growing Hybrid Geraniums Floriculture Cut flowers
Cure the Bends Floriculture Gerbera
Curling of Poinsettia Bracts Floriculture Curling of poinsettia bracts
Current Status and Recent Trends in CA Storage in Washington Floriculture
Current Thoughts on Pine Bark Floriculture
Custom Flowers Need TLC Floriculture
Cut Flower Handling After Harvest Floriculture
Cut Flower Keeping Life Floriculture Cut flower keeping
Cut Flower Keeping Studies Floriculture Cut flower keeping
Cut Flower Nutrition Floriculture
Cut Flower or Potted Plant - Euphorbia Fulgens Floriculture Long, coral-red spikes of Euphorbia fulgens (also know…
Cut flower potential of Sturt's desert pea Floriculture
Cut Flower Preservatives Compared Floriculture Cut flower preservatives
Cut Flower Production in Europe and the Mediterranean Floriculture Cut flower production
Cut Flower Production of Field-Grown Herbaceous Perennials at UConn Floriculture
Cut Flower Quarterly Floriculture
Cut Flower Storage Floriculture The work with cut flower storage has continued since C…
Cut Flower Storage Floriculture The storage life of cut flowers appears to be governed…
Cut Flowers have Added 'Vase Life' Thanks to New Chemical Preservatives Floriculture
Cut Kale - A Blooming Success Floriculture
Cut Mum Production Floriculture
Cut Poinsettias Floriculture
Cut Rose Early Entry Exemption Floriculture
Cut Rose Production Schedule Floriculture
Cutting and Grading Influence Cut Flower Keeping Floriculture Cutting and grading
Cutting and Pruning Methods on Better Times Roses Floriculture Cutting and pruning
Cutting and Timing Carnations Floriculture Cutting and timing
Cutting Loss in Philodendron Species Floriculture
Cutting Production of Multi-Flowering Poinsettia Varieties Floriculture Pinched, Potted, Repotted
Cutting Size and Nutrient Mist Affect Rooting of Chrysanthemums Floriculture Cutting size and nutrient mist, Rooting of chrysanthemums
Cyanide-insensitive Respiration II. Control of the Alternate Pathway Floriculture
Cyanide-insensitive Respiration The Steady States of Skunk Cabbage Spadix and Bean Hypocotyl Mitochondria Floriculture
Cyclamen Cultural Reminders Floriculture
Cyclamen From Seed Floriculture
Cyclamen Gibberellic Acid Treatment Floriculture Cut flowers
Cyclamen Mites Floriculture
Cyclamen Production Shortened Floriculture Cyclamen
Cyclamen Seed Germination Floriculture Cut flowers
Cyclamen Seed Treatment Floriculture Cut flowers
Cyclic Lighting of Carnations Floriculture Cyclic lighting
CYCOCEL FOR HEIGHT CONTROL OF FAST-CROP SEEDLING GERANIUMS Floriculture Pythium and rhizoctonia infection, dexon-terrachlor drench, date, fresh weigh In 1964 Dr. John Mastalerz and Dr. White began advocat…
Cytokinins For Increasing Branching Floriculture Cytokinins
Cytokinins Increase Shoot Production from Leaf Cuttings of Begonia Floriculture
Cytokinins Stimulate Bud Initiation on Cordyline Cuttings Floriculture
Daisy- Care Tips for the Florist Floriculture
Damping off and its Control Floriculture
Day Length & Temperatire Affect Initiation & Flowering of Snapdragons Floriculture Day length and temperature, Flowering of snapdragons
Day Length Effects on Bedding Plant Flowering Floriculture Bedding, Fuchsia, Facultative, Long day In the last two articles we reviewed 1) that plants ha…
Day Length Effects on Bedding Plant Flowering I Floriculture
Day Temperature Experiments- A Progress Report Floriculture Day temperature
Daylength Control for Easter Lilies Floriculture Daylength
Daylength Controls Flowering of Tuberous-Rooted Begonias Floriculture
De knopsnede bij anjers Floriculture
De Knopsnede Van Bloemen Floriculture
De Knopsnee Van Bloemen Floriculture
De Knopsnee Van Bloemen Floriculture
De levensduur Van Snijbloemen Floriculture rdtnahetsnijden inwatergeplaatst.it dedelen,dieboven…
De ontwikkeling en houdbaarheid can afgeseneden bloemen Floriculture
De waterhuishouding van afgesneden rozen Floriculture
Dealing with the High Cost of Energy for Greenhouse Operations Floriculture
Definite Long Days, Warm Temperatures Favor Fushia Flowering Floriculture
Delayed Transplanting of Tomato and Petunia Seedflats Floriculture Seedling, Seedflats, Alar, Sowing, Spray concentration, Run-off The results are shown in Figs. 1 and 2. All the cultiv…
Delaying Postharvest Senescence of Cut Flowers Using Nitric Oxide Floriculture
Delaying postharvest senescence of cut flowers using nitric oxide Floriculture
Delaying Wilting in Cut Flowers Floriculture
Delphastus pusillus Floriculture
Denmark and Norway: Two Horticultural Countries Floriculture Denmark
Denver Water Quality Floriculture Denver
Denver Weather Floriculture Denver weather