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Cost of Producing Ornamental Cabbage and Kale


Cost of Producing Ornamental Cabbage and Kale


Profitable production of ornamental cabbage and kale is dependent upon the knowledge and control of production costs. A grower who understands production costs will be better prepared to make decisions on the optimal number of plants to produce and to help establish prices. The costs presented here should be useful to current growers who wish to compare their own production expenses and for potential growers in determining whether to begin growing ornamental cabbage and kale. The data was collected from 2 North Carolina growers who specialize in producing high quality ornamental cabbage and kale plants. Each grower produced >3,000 pots and has developed market outlets which demand a high quality crop and the garden centers they sell to are willing to pay a higher price for quality. Costs are calculated for the 1998 growing year.

Source: • Southeastern Floriculture

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