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Rhizoctonia Stem Rot of Carnations Floriculture Rhizoctonia stem rot
Growth and Development of a Carnation Shoot Floriculture Growth and development
Water Loss from Carnations Floriculture Water loss from carnations
Control of Rust Using Plantvax in Fertilizing Systems Floriculture Control of rust
Nutrient Levels in Tissue of Greenhouse Crops Floriculture Nutrient levels in tissue
It is Time for Wider Use of Foliar Analysis Floriculture It is time for wilder use of fol
Calcium Hunger in Inert Media Floriculture Calcium hunger
Dye Uptake by Cut Carnations Floriculture Dye uptake
Carnation Nutrition Floriculture Carnation nutrition
Colorado Water Analyses Floriculture Colorodo water analysis
The Distribution of Fusarium Oxysporum in Shoot-tips of Carnations Floriculture Distribution of fusarium
Recent and Good Soluble Salts Floriculture Recent and good soluble salts
Botrytis Stem Rot on Chrysanthemum Floriculture Botryis stem rot
Carnation Growth Distortions Floriculture Carnation growth distortions
Lighting of Carnations Floriculture Lighting of carnations
Preliminary Air Analyses in the Denver Area Floriculture Preliminary air analysis
Temperatures in Carnation Flowers Floriculture Temperatures
Wilt Control of Carnations Floriculture Wilt control
Inert Media and Irrigation Frequency Floriculture Inert media
Carnations in Persian 'Gardens' Floriculture Carnations in persian gardens
Laboratory Study of Steaming Floriculture Laboratory study
Removal of Infected Carnation Plants Floriculture Removal of infected carnation pl
Recent Tests with Surface Disinfectants Floriculture Recent tests
Influence of Nutrient Solution Concentration Floriculture Influence of nutrient
Frontiers in Floriculture- Central America Floriculture Frontiers in floriculture
Frontiers in Floriculture- South America I Floriculture Frontiers
Frontiers in Floriculture- South America II Floriculture Frontiers
Preliminary Measurements on the Gates Watering System for Carnations Floriculture Gates watering system
Frontiers in Floriculture- South America III Floriculture Frontiers
Temperature and humidity observations in CSU Greenhouses Floriculture Temperature
The Gates-Type Greenhouse Irrigation System: Design and Problems Floriculture Gates-type greenhouse
Northern Europe via South Africa Floriculture Northern eurpoe
Ion Balance in Carnation Nutrition Floriculture Ion balance
Ion Balance in Carnation Nutrition II Floriculture Ion balance
Nitrogen Sources for Carnations and General Limits on Saline Waters Floriculture Nitrogen sources
Lighting Carnations for Crop Control Floriculture Lighting carnations
Carnation Micronutrition Floriculture Carnation micronutrient
Use of Natural Gas for co2 Production in Greenhouses Floriculture Natural gas
Estimated Ethylene Levels in the North Denver-South Platte Rive Valley Floriculture Ethylene levels
Cyclic Lighting of Carnations Floriculture Cyclic lighting
Effects of Growth Regulators, HQC, and Sugar on Cut Rose Vase-Life Floriculture Growth regulators
Another Look at Temperature Effects on Carnations Floriculture Another look
Carnation Mutation Frequency Related to Size and Position of Shoot Tip Floriculture Carnation mutation
Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnations: Effects on Control by Solubilizing Benomyl and Thiabendazole with Acids Floriculture Fusarium stem rot
Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnations: Uptake of Benomyl by Mature Plants Floriculture Fusarium stem rot
Effect of Irrigation Treatment, Root Substrate, and Substrate Amendment on Carnation Growth Floriculture Irrigation
Effect of Time of Pruning on Subsequent Growth of Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Time of pruning Results of the first of a series of three rose pruning…
Effect of Ethylene on Carnation Growth - Part I Floriculture Ethylene
Effect of Time of Pruning on Subsequent Growth of Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Pruning This report covers the third study in a series of thre…
Calcium Tissue Levels in the Carnation Floriculture Calcium
Comparison of CRAM and Conventional Carnation Cuttungs - Possible Mutation Rates Floriculture Comparison
Selection of Tolerance of Carnations to Low Temperatures Floriculture Tolerance
The Herbicide Era Floriculture Herbicide
Reported Phytotoxicity of Acaricides and Insecticides to Ornamentals Floriculture Phtyotoxicity
Controlling Powdery Mildew on Roses in Greenhouses Floriculture Controlling
Denver Weather Floriculture Denver weather
Greenhouse Heat Consumption - 1976-1977 Floriculture Greenhouse heat
Water Loss and Stress in Carnations Grown Under Glass Floriculture Water loss
Carnation Stomates- Comparison Between Glass and Fiberglass Floriculture Carnation stomates
Effect of Watering Frequency and Intert Medium on Carnations Floriculture Watering frequency
Opening Roses from Tight-bud Stages- Preliminary Report Floriculture Opening Roses
Boron Excess in Roses Floriculture Boron Boron is an essential element for plant growth. It fr…
The Availability of Light Energy for Plants Grown in Greenhouses Floriculture Availability of light evergy
Water Loss from Carnations Grown under Fiberglass Floriculture Water loss
Quick Crop Tomatoes in New Jersey Floriculture Quick crop tomatoes
Cellular Plastics for Improving Soils Floriculture
Winter Protection from Plastics Structures Floriculture Winter protection
Some Observations on Radiation in Greenhouses Floriculture Observations on radiation
Keeping Quality of Cut Flowers Floriculture Keeping quality
Effect of Light Intensity in Vase Life Floriculture Light intensity
Carnation Studies Floriculture Carnation studies
Nematode Control Experiments on Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Nematode control
Omnivorous Leaf Roller Control on Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Omnivorous leaf roller
Effects of Day Temperature in Carnations in an Inert Subsrtate Floriculture Day temperature
Testing for Calcium Carbonate Precipitation in Irrigation Waters Floriculture Calcium
Three Months in Israel Floriculture Israel
Carnation Growing in Israel Floriculture Carnation
Induced Mutation of Carnation by X-ray Floriculture Mutation
Kingman Becomes Executive Secretary Floriculture Kingman
A Comparison of 13 White Sim Clones for Colorado Floriculture 13 white sim clones
Cut Flower Production in Europe and the Mediterranean Floriculture Cut flower production
Flammability Control of FRP Greenhouse Coverings- Progress Report I Floriculture Greenhouse coverings
Air Pollution in Denver - A Brief Review Floriculture Air pollution
Some Effects of Pollination on Carnation Seed Production Floriculture Pollination
Condensate in Plastic Greenhouses Floriculture Condensate
Obtaining Cut Flower Production Records With A Computer Floriculture Obtaining cut flower
A Preliminary Re-Evaluation of Dexon Drenches on Easter Lilies Floriculture Dexon drenches
Selection of Boilers Floriculture Selection of boilers
Gas Heater Check List Floriculture Gas heater
Effects of Irrigation Frequency and Nutrient Solution Concentration on Yield of Carnation Floriculture Irrigation frequency
Latin Headaches Floriculture Latin headaches
Effects of Increased Soluble Salt Concentrations on Carnation Growth Floriculture Increased soluble salt
Some Thoughts on Single Crop Carnatioin Production Floriculture Some thoughts
Biological Control of Fusarium Stem Rot Floriculture Biological control
Second Air Analyses in the Denver Region Floriculture Second air analyses
The Continuing Battle Against Rose Powdery Mildew Floriculture Continuing battle
Nutrient Solution Concentration and Stress in the Carnation Floriculture Nutrient solution
Some Responses of Carnation to Temperature Floriculture Some responses
Temperature Observations in the CSU Bay Farm Greenhouse Floriculture Temperature observations
Responses of Carnation to Temperature II Floriculture Response of carnation
Floral Initiation and Development in Carnation Floriculture Floral initiation
Cut Flower Keeping Life Floriculture Cut flower keeping
Greenhouse Cooling (CO) Floriculture Greenhouse cooling One of the major projects at CSU this year is an exhau…
Carnation Production in an Inert Substrate Compared to Soil Floriculture Carnation production
One Year's Rose Production in Soil and in Inert Media Floriculture One year's rose
Calcium - Boron Nutrition of Carnation Floriculture Calcium
Littleleaf Necrosis of Carnation Floriculture Littleleaf
Cytokinins For Increasing Branching Floriculture Cytokinins
Control of Fusarium and Phialophora Wilt Diseases of Carnation with Systematic Fungicides Floriculture Fusarium
Nematodes in Carnations Floriculture Nematodes
Recent and Good (1972) Floriculture Recent and good Boyer, J.S. 1971. Nonstomatal inhibition of photosynth…
The Effect of Stage of Plant Development on Nutrient Content of Leaves Floriculture Stage of plant
Seed Production on Carnation Floriculture Seed production
Mini Carnations in Sweeden Floriculture Mini carnations
Methyl Bromide Fumigation for Carnations Floriculture Methyl bromide
Timely Note for Growers Using Natrual Gas for co2 and Heating Floriculture Timely
The Effect of High Day Temperatures on New Plantlings of Forever Yours, Love Affair, and Cara Mia Roses Floriculture High day
Field Geranium Tests Floriculture Field geranium tests
Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnations - Control Using Systematic Fungicides in Rooting Hormone Floriculture Fusarium stem rot
Flower Imports Floriculture Flower imports
Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnation - Control Using Systematic Fungicides as Sprays on Mother Blocks Floriculture Fusarium stem rot
Carnation Disbudding Studies Floriculture Carnation disbudding studies
Pruning and development of Roses Floriculture Pruning and development
Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnations - Chemotherapeutic Control in Propagated Cuttings from Mother Blocks Treated with Systematic Fungicides Floriculture Fusarium stem rot
Summer Quallity in Carnation Benches Floriculture Summer quality
Air Inflated System for an Emergency Roof - A Case History Floriculture Air inflated
Maximum Ethylene Dosages for Carnations Floriculture Ethylene
Effect of Ethylene Growth of Carnations - Primary Report Floriculture Ethylene on growth
Recent and Good (1973) Floriculture Recent and good Experiments were conducted to measure effects of stora…
Breeding Pixie Carnations Floriculture Breeding pixie carnation
Carnation - Seasonal Growth Rates Floriculture Seasonal
Recent and Good (1973) Floriculture Recent and good Rooted cuttings of White Sim carnation were planted Ma…
Ventilation Temperatures, CO2 Levels, and Rose Production Floriculture Ventilation
Denver Water Quality Floriculture Denver
Growth Injury from Pesticides Floriculture Growth injury
Effects of Summer Pruning on Carnation Floriculture Summer pruning
A Promising Herbicide for Greenhouse Use Floriculture Promising
The Gas Suply Station in the United States Floriculture Gas supply
Carnation Tissue Analyses Floriculture Carnation
Timing Carnations in Colorado with Lights Floriculture Timing carnations
Summer Cooling of Carnations Floriculture Summer cooling
Rose Bottom Breaks Floriculture Rose bottom
Lower Temperatures Save Fuel Floriculture Lower temperatures
Air Infiltration in Greenhouses Floriculture Air infiltration
Effect of Ethylene on Rose Growth Floriculture Ethylene
The Flowering of Return Carnation Crops From Multiple Breaks Left Below a Cut Floriculture Flowering of return
A New Method of Temperature Control Floriculture Temperature control
Mid-Winter Pinch of Blind Shoots in Rose Floriculture Mid-winter
Photosynthesis in Roses I. Effect of Light Intensity Floriculture Photosynthesis
Photosynthesis in roses II. Effect of Leaf Age Floriculture Photosynthesis
Effect of Ethylene on Carnation Growth - Part 11 Floriculture Ethylene
Greenhouse Herbicides Floriculture Greenhouse herbicides
Photosynthesis in Roses III. The nature of Rose Water Stress and its Effect on CO2 Uptake Floriculture Photosynthesis
Postharvest Physiology of Cut Flowers Floriculture Postharvest
Tissue Culture for Petunia Breeding Program Floriculture Tissue culture
Effects of Preharvest Environment on Keeping Life of Cut Carnations Floriculture Preharvest
Effect of the Stage of Opening at Harvest Floriculture Effect of stage opening
Combinations of Nutrient Concentrations and Water Treatments Floriculture Combinations
Soil Versus Inert Media Floriculture Soil
Age of Plants Floriculture Age
Preharvest Environment - Field Study Floriculture Preharvest
Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnations - Inhibition of Fusarium Roseum in Benomyl Treated Plants Floriculture Fusarium stem rot
Report From Latin America Floriculture Report from latin
Controlling Lily root Rot With Soil pH and Temperature - A Preliminary Report Floriculture Controlling lily root rot
Evaporative Pad Evaluation Floriculture Evaporative
Vermiculite Floriculture Vermiculite
Postharvest Handling of Cut Carnation From Harvest Through Consumer Use Floriculture Postharvest
Boiler Efficiency Can Be Improved to Avoid Serious Loss Floriculture Boiler efficiency
Effect of Plant Density on First Year's Production of Carnations Floriculture Plant density
Effects of Saline Water on Keeping Life of Cut Roses and Carnations - A Preliminary Report Floriculture Saline water
Refinishing FRP Greenhouse Panels Floriculture Refinishing
The Effects of Night Temperatures on Rose Production Floriculture Night temperatures
Boiler Efficiency Floriculture Boiler efficiency
Accuracy of Common Thermometers Floriculture Accuracy
Sugar Beet Residue - Alternate Source of Calcium and Minor Nutrients Floriculture Sugar beet
Spray Crysanthemums in Colorado. Production at Carnation Temperatures Floriculture Spray crysanthemums
Disease risks are increased when fuel savings lead to excessive humidity Floriculture Disease
Coal is Cheaper Than Gas and Oil if Conversion Costs Can Ce Borne Floriculture Coal
Preliiminary Results Indicate Vapam Promising for Wilt Control Floriculture Preliminary
The Influence of Stock Plant Grade Density on the Production of Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Stock plant
Heat Requirements and Air Distribution in a Plastic Greenhouse in a Subtropical Climate Floriculture Heat requirements
Effect of Plant Density on Two Years of Carnation Production Floriculture Plant density
Post Harvest Handling of Cut Carnations Floriculture Postharvest
Three Acres Ideal for Highest Labor Efficiency Floriculture Three acres
Worth Paying for More Efficien Boiler Equipment to Save 30 Percent Floriculture Worth paying
Poinsettias - Hot or Cold Floriculture Poinsettias
Progress Report Effect of Salinity of Roses Floriculture Salinity
System Where Day Heat is Stored in Water and Circulated by Night Floriculture Day heat
Effect of CO2 Concentrations on Roses - I. CO2 Uptake by Individual Leaves Floriculture Co2 concentrations
Snapdragons as an Alternate Crop in Colorado Floriculture Snapdragons
Six Prinicples Dictate Choice of a Crop Handling System Floriculture Six
Approach to Mechanization Brings Crop to the Worker Floriculture Mechanization
Two Systems Which Make Fullest Possible Use of the Glasshouse Area Floriculture Two systems
Effect of CO2 Concentrations on Roses- II. Yield Floriculture Co2 concentrations
Efficient Heat Floriculture Efficient heat The efficiency of boilers and air heaters can vary fro…
Note on Remote Temperature Control Floriculture Remote
Note on Rose Mildew Floriculture Rose mildew
Measurement of Total Light Energy in a Carnation Bench Floriculture Total light
Industrial Waste Heat Used by French Project Floriculture Industrial waste
Plans Afoot to Catch the Wind as a Source of Heat at Efford Floriculture Wind
Soil Heating Makes a Comeback Floriculture Soil
Cheap Kenyon Imports: Crucial Issue Floriculture Kenyon
Effect of CO2 Concentration on Transpiration From Roses Floriculture Co2
Temik 10G - A Valuable Pest Control Weapon if Properly Handled Floriculture Temik 10g
Ten Ways to Conserve Energy Floriculture Ten ways
The Cost of Electricity Floriculture Cost of electricity
Economic Feasibility of Once-Over Bud Harvest of Standard Chrysanthemums Floriculture Feasibility
Gloucester Glasshouse Growers are not Getting Temperatures Right Floriculture Glasshouse
Humidity - A Primer For Greenhouse Use Floriculture Humidity
Mainstreet Glasshouseville Floriculture Mainstreet
Pinching Carnations Floriculture Pinching carnations
Controlling Salts in Greenhouse Soils Floriculture Controlling salts
The Pluralistic Economy of the U.S. Sci.Amer. Floriculture Pluralistic
What happens to Heating Pipe Painted Aluminum Floriculture Happens
Forced Air, Pre-Cooling Methods for Cut Flowers Floriculture Forced-air
Die Heutigen Moglichkeiten zur Energieeinsparung Im Gewachshaus Floriculture Moglichkeiten
Producing Side Breaks on Carnations Floriculture Producing side breaks
Who'll Survive? Floriculture Who'll survive
American Carnation Society Bianual Research Survey Floriculture American carnation society
Fuel Usage - A Survey of Northeast Ohio Greenhouse Growers Floriculture Fuel usage
Flower Judging Team is a Winner Floriculture Flower judging
Effects of Salinity in Water Supplies on Rose Production - Experiment One Floriculture Salinity
Solar Heated Greenhouse - Residence Structure Floriculture Solar heated
Ethylene Concentrations Inside and Outside Retail Establishments in Denver Floriculture Ethylene
Comparison of root Substrates, Depth and Solution Concentration Floriculture Comparison
Effects of Salinity in Water Supplies on Rose Production - Experiment 2 Floriculture Salinity
Evaporative Cooling Pads Burn Floriculture Evaporative cooling pads
Effects of Heated Soil on Plant Growth Floriculture Heated soil
Rose Variability Floriculture Rose variability
Preliminary Studies on Cooling Pad Efficiency Floriculture Preliminary
Solar Energy No. 314 Floriculture Solar energy As energy costs increase, we are constantly on the loo…
Yield Prediction Studies on Carnations Floriculture Yield
Solar Energy No. 315 Floriculture Solar energy As energy costs increase, we are constantly on the loo…
Stock Plant Grade, Planting Density and Rose Production Floriculture Stock plant grade
Solar Energy No. 317 Floriculture Solar energy As energy costs in crease, we are constantly on the lo…
Greenhouse Heat Conservation - Part I Floriculture
Avoiding Growing Media Problems Floriculture Avoiding
Rooting Trials with Carnations Floriculture Rooting trials
Greenhouse Research in England Floriculture Greenhouse research
Greenhouse Heat Conservation - Part II Floriculture Greenhouse heat
Night Heat Requirements of Plastic Covered Greenhouses Floriculture Night heat
Another Possible Source of Soil Contamination Floriculture Another
Marketing Floral Products in Europe Floriculture Marketing floral products
Effect of a Double Poly Roof on Reducing Heat Consumption in Greenhouses Floriculture Effects of a double poly
Rose Powdery Mildew Control - Effect of pH and Water Quality on Benlate Effectiveness Floriculture Rose powdery
Low Temperature Carnation Selection - Progress Report Floriculture Low temperature carnation
Split Temperatures and Rejuvination in Roses Floriculture Split temperatures
Minipot Poinsettias Floriculture Ornamentals Minipot poinsettias
Problem Ions Removed by Reverse Osmosis Floriculture Reverse osmosis
Potassium Fertilizer Sources for Carnations Floriculture Potassium