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Growing Ivy Geraniums Floriculture
Growing Ivy Geraniums (Pelargonium peltatum) Floriculture
Growing New Guinea Impatiens Floriculture
Growing of Hibiscus as a Pot Plant Floriculture
GROWING PHILODRENDON OXYCARDIUM IN SOILLESS MEDIA WITH SLOW-RELEASSE FERTILIZERS Floriculture Fertilizers, Red ash and peat Mountains of mine waste material, commonly known as re…
Growing Pixiola Gladiolus in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Growing Plants In Composted Hardwood Bark Floriculture Cut flowers
Growing Snapdragons at 60 During the Winter Months Floriculture Snapdragons
Growing Temperatures are Extremely Critical During Short Days or in Dark Weather Floriculture Growing temperatures
Growing with Plugs Floriculture
Growing, Processing, and Marketing Kiwifruit Floriculture
Growth and Mineral Composition of Petunia Tomato to Nitrogen Treatments and Media Floriculture Ca and Mg, high salt treatment, High pH-NH4, Peter's Peatlite Special, Greenhouse mix-N03 Tomatoes and petunias were grown in 3 different media …
Growth and Development of a Carnation Shoot Floriculture Growth and development
GROWTH AND PRODUCTION OF CARNATIONS AS AFFECTED BY THE TYPE OF PLANT BENCHED Floriculture Treatments, "run-out" varieties, Disease losses, cutting schedules, direct benching AT ONE TIME nearly all carnation producers started the…
Growth Characteristics of Dracaena Marginata Lam Floriculture
Growth Injury from Pesticides Floriculture Growth injury
Growth of Carnation Increase Blocks with Supplementary CO2 Floriculture Carnation increase blocks
Growth of Container Perennials as Affected by Fall-Applied, Pre-Emergent Herbicides Floriculture
Growth of Geranium and Snapdragon Plugs Fertilized with Controlled Release Micro-Fertilizer and Exposed to Root-Zone Heating Floriculture
Growth of Heat-Treated Jasmine Floriculture
Growth of Petunia as Affected by Substrate Moisture Content and Fertilizer Rate Floriculture The cost of producing floriculture crops has increased…
Growth of Poinsettia in Potting Media Amended with Ground Kenaf Stem Core Floriculture Fertilizer, Euphorbia pulcherrima, Peat-based, Non-composted Euphorbia pulcherrimaW\\\d. 'V-14 Glory Red', V-17 Mar…
Growth of Pot Chrysanthemums in Moss Peat Floriculture Cut flowers
Growth of Vinca as Affected by Form of Nitrogen, Presence of Bark, and Type of Micronutrients Floriculture
Growth Opportunities in Fresh Flower Sales Floriculture
Growth Rates of Pleomele and Dracaena Floriculture
GROWTH REGULATION BY MEANS OF LIGHT AND CHEMICALS New Developments Floriculture Nutrition, Chrysanthemums, Poinsettias, Low temperatures, shorter More efficient use of artificial light. "Flash," "inte…
Growth Regulator Notes (1972) Floriculture In a trial with seedling Euphorbia leucocephala, the w…
Growth Regulator Notes (1973) Floriculture Growers of Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria heterophylla…
Growth Regulator Notes (1977, No. 37) Floriculture Known branch-inducing agents were applied as single s…
Growth Regulator Notes (1977, No. 40) Floriculture The literature (2) indicates that flowering of the sh…
Growth Regulator Trials for Bedding Plants Floriculture
Growth Regulators for Floricultural Crops Floriculture
Growth Regulators for Greenhouse Flower Crops Floriculture Growth regulators
Growth Regulators on Bedding Plants Floriculture
Growth Regulators on Poinsettias Floriculture
Growth Regulators to Control Plant Height Floriculture
Growth Response of Petunia Floriculture Toxicity, Acidity, Seedlings, Composition Abstract: Tomatoes and petunias were grown in 3 differ…
Growth ResponseofMarigolds (Tagetes erecta'Hybrid Gold') in Mulched Landscape Plantings Floriculture Fertilizer, nitrogen, Cotton seed hulls, Toxicity The effects of a mulch material on nutrient availabili…
Growth Retardant Effects on Hydrangeas Floriculture
Growth Retardant for Floriculturists in Illinois Floriculture
Growth Retardant Notes Floriculture
Growth Retardant Practices to Avoid Effects on Poinsettia Bract Size Floriculture
Growth Retardant Rates for Bedding Plant Production in Northern Climates Floriculture
Growth Retardants Improve Poinsettia Rooting Floriculture
Growth Retardants on 'Eckespoint C-1' Poinsettia Floriculture
Guide can be a tonic for drooping bouquets Floriculture
Guide to Successful Outdoor Garden Aster Production Floriculture Most garden asters are cultivated varieties of the fal…
Guide to Successful Outdoor Garden Aster Production (NC) Floriculture Most garden asters are cultivated varieties of the fal…
Guide to Valentine's Day Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart Production Floriculture
GUIDELINES FOR USING B-NINE ON GARDEN ANNUALS Floriculture Treatment, Temperature and daylength, Foliar application, Responses, flower size REGULATION OF the growth of garden annuals by the appl…
Gulf Coast Station Mimeo Report 56-2 Revised 8-20-65 Fertilizing Gladiolus Floriculture No single fertilizer recommendation can be mad.e for g…
Gypsophila Post-Harvest Treatment Floriculture
HAF Keeps Plants Dry Floriculture
Handle with Care Floriculture Cut flowers, Postharvest handling Dr. George Staby, Connecticut, may be the most misunde…
Handling and Storage of Easter Lily Bulbs Floriculture
Handling of Cut Roses- Conditioning After Harvest, Use of Anti-Transpirants, and Various Consumer Solutions Floriculture
Handling Of Field-Grown Cut Flowers Role of Sugar and Acidity in Preservative Solution Floriculture
Handling of Geraldton Waxflowers Floriculture
Handling Renewal Canes on 'Sonia' Roses Floriculture Handling Renewal Canes
Handling Young Carnations Plants Floriculture Handling young carnation
Hang 'em high Floriculture
Hanging Basket Production in Northern Climates Floriculture
Hanging Grape Baskets Floriculture
Hanging Hanging-Pots Floriculture
Hard Pinch and Chrysanthemum Blindness Floriculture Hard pinch, Chrysanthemum blindness
Hardy Azaleas for Greenhouse Forcing Floriculture
Hardy Chrysanthemum Released Under a New Brand Floriculture
Hardy Geraniums Floriculture
Hardy Grapes Floriculture
Hardy Herbaceous Plants in the Nineteenth Century Floriculture
Hardy Mum Pot Plants for Mother's Day Floriculture Mum Pot Plants
Hardy Mums for Spring and Summer Sale Floriculture
Hardy Mums- Tips For Finishing Quality Plants Floriculture
Harvest Dating Attempts to Curb Storage Problems Floriculture
Health Hazards in Greenhouses Using Carbon Dioxide Generating Equipment Floriculture Since 1961 there has been a rap id increase in the "pr…
Health Hazards in Greenhouses Using Carbon Dioxide Generating Equipment Floriculture Health Hazards Since 1961 there has been a rapid increase in the prac…
Healthy Growth of Pot Plant Production Floriculture Ornamentals
Heat Exchange Through Blackcloth and Blackcloth Substitutes Floriculture
Heat in an Emergency Floriculture Where do you turn when the power has failed? Emergency…
Heat in an Emergency Floriculture Where do you turn when the power has failed? Emergency…
Heat Reclaimers and Stack Dampers Floriculture
Heat Requirements and Air Distribution in a Plastic Greenhouse in a Subtropical Climate Floriculture Heat requirements
Heat Stress - How to Recognize the Signs Floriculture
Heating Greenhouses in Northern Climates with Power Plant Reject Heat Floriculture Heating greenhouses
Heating Greenhouses with Solar Energy Floriculture
Heating Plastic Greenhouses Floriculture
Heating System Alone Does Not Affect Carnation Yield Floriculture Heating system
Heating System Maintenance Floriculture
Heating System(s) Maintenance and Upgrading Options Floriculture
Hedging One-Year Carnation Plants
HEIGHT CONTROL METHODS FOR POINSETTIAS Floriculture Ancymidol, Chloromequat (Cycocel, CCC), Internode elongation, Foliar phytotoxicity, withholding water Poinsettias are propagated from early August through l…
Height Control of Greenhouse Crops Floriculture
Height Control of Mid-Century Hybrid Lilies Floriculture
Height Control of Spring Bulbs with Preplant Soaks Floriculture
Height Control of Tulips, Hyacinths, and Narcissus with Topflor Floriculture
Height Regulation of Poinsettia with a Growth Retardant Incorporated in the Soil Medium Floriculture
Hemerocallis (Daylily) Propagation Floriculture
Herbaceous Ornamental Perennials for Display Gardens Floriculture
Herbaceous Perennial Growth Control Using Dormant Season Container Drenches Floriculture
Herbaceous Perennial Production in Alabama Greenhouses Floriculture
Herbaceous Plants for Landscape Color Late July - Early August Floriculture
Herbicide Combinations for Weed Control in Gladiolus Floriculture
Herbicide Listing Floriculture Herbicide list
Herbicide Residues in Soils Floriculture
Herbicide Tolerance of Annuals Floriculture
HERBS, Our Heritage Floriculture
Het Spouwen Der Hyacinthen Floriculture
Hidden Treasure- A Unique Spadix-Less Anthurium Floriculture
High Pressure Fog Cooling in North Carolina Floriculture High pressure fog cooling
HIGH QUALITY CYCLAMEN IN LESS TIME Floriculture Schedule, 9 months, full sunlight, surface irrigation Consumers like cyclamen! Consumers buy cyclamen when a…
High Quality Poinsettia Plants Floriculture Poinsettia
High Soluble Salts Affects Water Loss and Bract Necrosis of x Poinsettia .pdf Floriculture Hoagland's, Hydroponically, necrotic bracts, Evaporation 'Angelika White' poinsettias (Euphoria pulcherrima Wil…
High Temperature Produces Long-Day Effect on Chrysanthemums Floriculture
High Temperature Storage Improves Lily Quality Floriculture High temperature storage, Lily quality
Highlight Suggestions for Handling Annual Seedlings Floriculture Annual Seedlings
Histochemical and Morphological Studies of Carnation Stem Rot Floriculture Histochemical
History and Legend of Carnation to 1800 Floriculture History and legend of carnation
Holdbarhed hos afskarne blomsterstande af Euphorbia leucocephala Lotsy Floriculture
Holding Carnations in Peat-pots Floriculture Carnations, Peat pots
Holiday Cacti Growing Tips Floriculture
Holiday Cacti Production Tips Floriculture
Holiday Pinching of Roses Floriculture Holiday
Holly, Jolly Hippeastrum Floriculture
Home Garden Control of Phytophthora Crown Rot of Petunia Floriculture Home garden control
Horizontal Air Flow Characteristics Floriculture
Horizontal Air Flow Fan Efficiency Floriculture
Horizontal Air Flow Without C02 Floriculture
Horiztonal Temperature Gradients Under a Thermal Screen Floriculture Horiztonal Temperature Gradients
Hormone Preparations for Carnation Propagation Floriculture Hormone
Hormones Help TI Rooting Floriculture
Horticultural Distribution Centers and the Marketing of Greenhouse Crops Floriculture
Horticulture - Past to Present - Part III - Roman Horticulture Floriculture Past to present
Horticulture in Times of Climate Change Floriculture
Hot Tips for Cooling Your Fall Pansy Crop Floriculture
Hot Water Treatment for Plastic Pots Floriculture
HOT WATER TREATMENT OF PLASTIC CONTAINERS Floriculture plant pathogenic fungi, Pythium ultimum, Rhizoctonia solani, Sclerotia, Mycelia Quite often it is desirable to reuse plastic pots, fla…
Houdbaarheid Cymbidium Floriculture
Houdbaarheid snijgroen kan goed zijn Floriculture
Houdbaarheid van rozen in de zomer Floriculture
Houdbaarheid Van Snijlbloemen Floriculture
Houdbaarheid vroegbloeiende Cyrnbidium Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsaspecten van lelie en Freesia. Lelies rauwer snijden geeft kleurverlies Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsgegevens van de roos Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsmiddel is geen voorbehandelingsiniddel Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsonderzoek Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsonderzoek Snijbloemen Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsproeven met snijbloemen Floriculture Vaselife, Leaf Damage, Preservatives Bij de beoordeling van proeven genomen orh de houdbaar…
Houdbaarheidsproeven Met Snijbloemen Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsverbetering bij onrijp gesneden 'Enchantment’ Floriculture
Houdbaarheidsverbetering is nog op vele fronten mogelijk Floriculture
Housdbaarheidsproeven Met Snijblomen Floriculture
Household Rose Keeping Recipes Floriculture
How Do You Schedule Bedding Plants Floriculture
How Does Daylength Affect Flowering of Spring Annuals Floriculture
How Does Light Affect Flowering Floriculture
How Dry is Your Soil Floriculture Soil
How Effective are Fluorescent Lamps for a Chrysanthemum Night Break Floriculture
How Efficiently is your Heating System Operating? Floriculture
How Gradual Pruning is Done Floriculture How gradual pruning
How is Your Spraying Technique Floriculture Spraying technique
How Long Will Carnations Keep Floriculture How Long Will Carnations Keep
How Many Rows Wide Should You Plant Floriculture How Many Rows The wider the benches the greater the productive area …
How Much Ethylene Gas in Our Flower Storages Floriculture Ethylene
HOW MUCH WATER FOR CONTAINER PLANTS Floriculture floricultural species, 'good drainage', Container volume, soil type How much water is required to irrigate plants in pots …
How Parathion Aerosol Works Floriculture Parathion aerosol
How Should You Merchandise Annuals and Perennials Floriculture
How the Colombians do it Floriculture
How to Attract Wildlife Through the Use of Herbaceous Plants Floriculture
How to Calculate the Amount of Phosphoric Acid Needed to Neutralize Water of a Known Alkalinity Floriculture
How to Get Annual Seedlings Off to a Good Early Start Floriculture Annual Seedlings
How to Get Short Lilies Floriculture Short Lilies
How to Give Cut Roses a Longer Vase Life Floriculture
How to Handle New Vegetative Cuttings When They Arrive Floriculture
How to Make Your Money Work for You Floriculture Make your money work
How to Manage Conflict Floriculture
HOW TO PREVENT OPEN-FLAME HEATER DISASTERS Floriculture Natural gas i, Ethylene and sulfur dioxide, fresh-air inlet, exhaust, burner Itself clean Every season we seem to hear more of catas trophes fro…
How to Test a Growing Mix's Pore Space and Water Holding Capacity Floriculture
How to Treat Cut Flowers- More Evidence on Postharvest Floriculture
How to Use Methyl Bromide Floriculture
HOW WE GROW POT MUMS Floriculture Soil mixture, High quality, schedule, Superphosphate and Lime, Pinch Soft Pot mums of better than average quality can be produce…
How We Promote Perennials at Sunbeam Farms, INC Floriculture
Humidity - A Primer For Greenhouse Use Floriculture Humidity
Humidity and Disease Control Floriculture Humidity and disease control
Hybrid Geranium Shatter Floriculture
Hydrangeas (1961) Floriculture Hydrangeas Several growers have called to tell us that they have …
Hydrangeas (1982) Floriculture STARTING PROCEDURE: The forcing of hydrangeas for Ea…
Hydrangeas Respond to New Growth Regulator Floriculture
Hydrocooling Peaches A Practical Guide for Determining Cooling Requirements and Cooling Times Floriculture
Hydrogel or Calcined Clay Floriculture
Hydroponics - Hype and Hope Floriculture
Hypobaric Storage of Cut Flowers Floriculture
Identifying Long-Lasting Cut Carnation Varieties Floriculture Cut flower varieties within a species will vary not on…
Identifying Long-Lasting Cut Rose Varieties Floriculture Increasing the quality and vase life of cut flowers is…
Identifying Nutrient Deficiencies of Bedding Plants Floriculture
Immunizing Cuttings Floriculture
Import Changes Floriculture Import changes
Importance of Controlling Oxalis Weed Species Floriculture
Importance of Coverage when Applying Growth Retardant A-Rest Floriculture
Importance of Light in Carnation Growth Floriculture Light in carnation growth
Imports - An Update on Their Influence on Domestic Production Floriculture Imports
Improve the Longegivty of Problem Carnation Crops Floriculture
Improve Winter Greenhouse Light Levels Floriculture
Improved Lasting Life of Velvet Times Roses With Chemicals Floriculture Velvet Times Roses
Improved Samplings for Whitefly Nymphs on Poinsettias Floriculture
Improved Shipping Methods To Increase Profit Floriculture
Improved Tospovirus Management Systems for Greenhouse Production Floriculture The tospoviruses are a group of plant-infecting viruse…
Improvement of Breeding and Selection Methods for Resistance Against Fusarium Oxysporum Floriculture Improvement
Improvement of Plant Quality with Alumina - Buffered Phosphorus Fertilizer Floriculture We have developed a novel alumina-buffered P fertilize…
Improvement of Plant Quality with Alumina - Buffered Phosphorus Fertilizer Floriculture We have developed and extensively tested a new type of…
Improvement of Plant Quality with Alumina-Buffered Phosphorus Fertilizer Floriculture We have developed a novel alumina-buffered P fertilize…
Improvement of Plant Quality with Alumina-Buffered Phosphorus Fertilizer Floriculture We have developed and extensively tested a new type of…
Improving Bedding Plant Production Operations Floriculture Ornamentals
Improving Heating in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Improving media-pH management by developing a model of the interacting factors in the pH system Floriculture
Improving Old Favorites Floriculture Carnations, Chrysanthemums
Improving Postharvest Performance of Alstroemeria Floriculture Alstroemeria is one of the most popular cut flower spe…
Improving Scent Production in Flowers Floriculture Traditional breeding of many ornamentals has unintenti…
Improving the Energy Efficiency of Greenhouse Crop Production 1. Flowering Responses to Temperature and Light Floriculture
Improving the Energy Efficiency of Greenhouse Crop Production 2. Scheduling and Energy Consumption Floriculture Landscape & Nursery Volatile and increasing fuel prices have threatened th…
Improving Verbena Germination Floriculture
Improving Water and Fertilizer Efficiency in Greenhouses Floriculture
In Vitro Synthesis of Spermidine in the Higher Plant, Vinca Rosea Floriculture
Increase Marketability of Euphorbia Fulgens with A-Rest Floriculture
Increase Production with a Transplanting Conveyor Floriculture
Increase Summer Air Movement in Greenhouse For Foliage Plants Floriculture Foliage, Low light, Saintpaulia ionantha, D Begonia semperflorens Thesummerisalwaysadifficultseasonforlow-lighttolerantf…
Increased Flower Production by Applicaiton of Fungicides Floriculture Increased flower
Increased Rose Production in Containers Floriculture
Increasing Growth of Succulents Floriculture When we think of succulents, we think of a group of pl…
Increasing Shelf Life of Bedding Plants Floriculture
Increasing Supermarket Floral Sales with Floral Demonstrations Floriculture
Increasing Trunk Caliper by Heading Back Laterals Floriculture
Index of Colorado Greenhouse Growers Association Inc. Research Bulletins Floriculture Index
Index to Bulletins 381 (1982) to 433 (1986) Floriculture Index
Indoor Plant Acclimatization- Light Floriculture Indoor plant
Induced Mutation of Carnation by X-ray Floriculture Mutation
Inducible silica incrusts in cell walls of Vitis leaves Floriculture
Induction of Fruit Abscission of Tropical Ornamental Trees with Ethephon and Chlorflurenol Floriculture
Industrial Waste Heat Used by French Project Floriculture Industrial waste
Industry Side- Rhizoctonia and Botrytis for Your Spring Plants Cleary's Leads The Way Floriculture
Inert Media and Irrigation Frequency Floriculture Inert media
Inert Media Compared for Carnation Growing Floriculture Inert media
Inert Media to Replace Soil Floriculture Inert media
Influence of a Surfactant in Recirculating Systems on Plant Mortality Caused by Zoosporic Root-Infecting Pathogens Floriculture
Influence of A-Rest on the Height of Potted Tulips Progress Report Floriculture
Influence of Chemical Preservatives on Keeping Quality of Asters, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, and Gerbera Daisies Floriculture
Influence of Container Size On Petunia Growth Floriculture Plant growth, Nutrients, Hardening of growth, Formative stages, growing unit Bedding plant growers have a whole host of types, shap…
Influence of Day and Night Temperatures on Carnations Floriculture Influence
Influence of Day Temperatures on Carnations Floriculture Influence of day