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Recent and Good (1972)


Nonstomatal inhibition of photosynthesis in sunflower


Boyer, J.S. 1971. Nonstomatal inhibition of photosynthesis in sunflower at low leaf water potentials and high light intensities. Plant Physiol. 48:532-536. Food production, water loss, and internal stress were measured in sunflowers subjected to increasing soil moisture stress by withholding water from the soil. Withholding water caused internal stress to increase. As stress increased, food production declined. At high stresses, there was no response to increasing C02 addition, regardless of light intensity. As internal stress decreased, there was increasing response to higher light intensities and C02 concentrations. It was concluded that food production under high light is seriously limited when the internal water stress exceeds, approximately, 165 to 180 psi.

Source: • Colorado State Flower Growers Association Bulletin #260

Keywords: Recent and good

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