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Pot Plant Session Floriculture
Rose Session Floriculture
Daylength Controls Flowering of Tuberous-Rooted Begonias Floriculture
Poinsettia Trouble a Result of Root Rot Floriculture
Interrupted Short-Day Improves Standard Chrysanthemums Floriculture
Cut Flower Storage Floriculture The work with cut flower storage has continued since C…
Remove Your Shade Floriculture
Manure Produces Poor Aeration Floriculture
High Temperature Produces Long-Day Effect on Chrysanthemums Floriculture
Short Day Causes Dormancy in Tuberous Rooted Begonias Floriculture
Special Sessions Floriculture
Poinsettias and Low Soil Temperature Floriculture
Time of Year and Height of Cut Influences Comeback in Roses Floriculture
Systox for Nematode in Daffodils Floriculture
Low Temperature and 'Skips' in Snapdragons Floriculture
Methyl Bromide for Sterilizing Small Quantities of Soil Floriculture The following simple method of sterilizing small quant…
Blueing of Better Times Roses Floriculture
Botrytis Damage to Rose Flowers Floriculture
Nitrate Levels, Light Intensity, Growing Temperatures and Keeping Qualities of Flowers Held at 31 degrees F Floriculture
Para-dichlorobenzene Controls Botrytis on Lily Blooms at Low Temperature Floriculture
Facts Important in Selling Flowers Floriculture
Chemical Weed Control for Gladiolus Floriculture Labor for weeding is the most expensive and time consu…
Keep Begonias Vegetative Floriculture
Lindane for Symphylids and Aphids Floriculture
Conditioning Flowers After Holding at 32 degrees F Floriculture
Water Orchids Daily Floriculture
Carnation Return Crops 1951-52 Floriculture
Water and Soil Temperatures Do Not Affect Flowering of Lilum Longiflorum Floriculture
Age Has No Effect on Chrysanthemum Budding Floriculture Chrysanthemum Budding
Brookins Rotary Grader Floriculture Brookins Rotary Grader
It's a Short Night You Want Floriculture Short Night
Kill Soft Brown Scale Floriculture Soft Brown Scale
Methyl Bromide Injures Carnations Floriculture Methyl bromide
Portable Equipment for Steam Soil Sterilization Floriculture Steam Soil Sterilization
Diseases of Ornamentals - 1953 - 1954 Floriculture Diseases of Ornamentals
Carnations Floriculture Carnations Q. What is the best method of handling carnations befo…
Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums The chrysanthemum session divided itself into three se…
Orchids Floriculture Orchids
Potted Plants and Bulbs Floriculture Potted Plants and Bulbs
Roses Floriculture Roses
Snapdragons and Misc. Crops Floriculture Snapdragons and Misc. Crops Q. In sowing snapdragon seeds, what is the best way to…
Another Smut Disease of Carnation Found in Metropolitan Area Floriculture Smut Disease
Mist Propagation and Growing Floriculture Mist Propagation and Growing
New Bacterial Disease Affects Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums
Temperature Classification of Chrysanthemum Floriculture Temperature Classification
Carnation Cutting Storage Floriculture Carnation Cutting Storage
Frequency of Watering Cattleya- 1953 Floriculture Watering Cattleya
Chrysanthemum Cutting Storage Floriculture Chrysanthemum Cutting Storage
Effect of Air-Soil Temperature on the Flowering of Wedgewood Iris Floriculture Effect of Air-Soil Temperature
Effect of Soil Mixtures on Root Growth on Cymbidium Orchids Floriculture Effect of Soil Mixtures
Effect of Soil Mixtures on Root Growth of Paphiopedilum Orchids Floriculture Effect of Soil Mixtures
Is Your Soil-Steaming Adequate Floriculture Soil-Steaming
Light Transmission of Greenhouse Glass and Glass Substitutes Floriculture Greenhouse Glass
What's Wrong with Flowers Floriculture Flowers In adaywhenmoreandmoreso-calledluxuryproductsaremaki…
Mercury Injury Floriculture Mercury Injury
We Still have Red Spiders Floriculture Red Spiders
Why Use 60F Night Temperature Floriculture Night Temperature
Engineering Progress for 1954 Floriculture Engineering Progress
Florist Crop Research in '54 Floriculture Florist Crop Research
Carnations Floriculture Carnations Supermarket channels were thought best for lower grade…
Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums Is there a good substitute for Mrs. Roy we can light f…
Potted Plants Floriculture Potted plants
Snapdragons and Misc. Crops Floriculture Snapdragons and Misc. Crops 1) Seed germination a) Some growers use straight vermi…
Specialized Sessions Floriculture Specialized Sessions Aramite (technical) on pipes 2 grms. per thousand cubi…
Low Voltage Heating Floriculture Low Voltage Heating
Mist Starts Roses Floriculture Mist Starts Roses
Mist Equipment for Starting Roses Floriculture Mist Equipment
Why Stubborn Chrysanthemum Varieties Floriculture Stubborn Chrysanthemum Varieties
Temperature Guide to Chrysanthemum Varieties Floriculture Chrysanthemum Varieties
Lack of Water a Cause of Cattleya Leaf Die-Back Floriculture Lack of Water
Rose Mildew Control As We Now See It Floriculture Rose Mildew Control
Artificial Light for Seedlings and Cuttings Floriculture Artificial Light
Greenhouse Tests with Urea- Formaldehyde Nitrogen Floriculture Urea- Formaldehyde Nitrogen
Resistant Mites Floriculture
Carnations Floriculture Q. Has anyone answered the problem of splitting? A: …
Chrysanthemums Floriculture Q: What class varieties should be used aspot plants? …
Specialed Sessions Floriculture
Water and Soil Temperatures on Stocks Floriculture
The Use of Urea-Formaldehyd Nitrogen on Greenhouse Crops Floriculture
1955 Gladiolus Weed Control Floriculture
A Boon or a Burden Screening Greenhouses forr Thrips Control Floriculture
Poinsettia Pointers Floriculture The normal date of bud initiation in most parts of New…
Soil Testing Floriculture There are a number of things you can do for a better a…
Bud Rot on Hydrangeas Floriculture
Low Cost Plastic Greenhouse Shows Great Promise Locally Floriculture
Start to Control Carnation Wilt Now Floriculture
Pathogenic Soil Fungi Floriculture
Phosphorus Floriculture
Potassium (1957) Floriculture The chemical symbol for potassium is K. This is the in…
Cool House Crops Session Floriculture
Nitrogen as a Plant Nutrient Floriculture
Specialized Sessions Floriculture The moderator started the session with a very brief hi…
Controlling Weeds in the Soil Floriculture
Soil Testing Floriculture By total soluble salts in the soil we mean the various…
Specialized Sessions Floriculture Q. (Kauffman) On the roses we saw on the tour, what we…
Calcium Floriculture This element is characterized as an alkaline earth met…
Granular Herbicides Floriculture
Nematodes Floriculture
The Garden Symphylid Floriculture
Everpresent Slugs Floriculture
Lighting of Geranium and Mum Stock Plants for More Cuttings Floriculture
Geranium Storage Floriculture
Snaps Need Good Drainage Floriculture
The Effect of Gibberellins on Vegetative Growth and Flowering Habit of Geranium Floriculture
Will Black-Spot Infect Misted Roses Floriculture
Chelated Iron Corrects Chlorosis of Gardenias Floriculture
Forcing Bulbs and Azaleas Floriculture
50 degrees for Snapdragons Floriculture
Snapdragon Diseases Common In New York Floriculture
Snapdragon Lighting Floriculture
Iron Floriculture
Controlling Poinsettia Flowering Floriculture
Controlling Poinsettia Root Rot Floriculture
Low Temperatures Affect Chrysanthemum Flowering Floriculture
Ascochyta Ray Blight of Chrysanthemums Now Established In New York Floriculture
Weed Control For Peonies Floriculture
Lilies for Easter 1959 Floriculture
Lily Aphid Control Floriculture
Pointers on Croft Root Rot Floriculture
Improving Heating in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Colorado Flower Production Floriculture
What's Going on in Flower Marketing Research Floriculture Growers, Consumer, Retail, Interest, Buy During 1958, 24 states werecarryingon one or mor…
No Need For Weeds in Cymbidiums Floriculture
The Latest on Gladiolus Weed Control Floriculture
Where Does the Greenhouse Labor Go Floriculture
More About Chrysanthemum Ray Blight Floriculture
Nematodes - Little Known Pests of Plants Floriculture
Greenhouse Cooling (NY) Floriculture There has been a great deal of interest in greenhouse …
The Effect of Greenhouse Cooling Systems on the Development of Plant Diseases Floriculture
Soil Aeration Floriculture
Poinsettia Progress for '59 Floriculture
Flower Induction in Japanese Chrysanthemums with Gibberellic Acid Floriculture
Heating Plastic Greenhouses Floriculture
Protea Weed Control Floriculture
Cytokinins Increase Shoot Production from Leaf Cuttings of Begonia Floriculture
Phytotoxicity of Selected Insecticides and Acaracides to Foliage Plants Floriculture
Rhododendrons in Hawaii Floriculture
Dwarf Brassaia Stock Block Floriculture
Increasing Trunk Caliper by Heading Back Laterals Floriculture
Panax Propagation Floriculture
Light-Colored Plastic Pots Affect Poinsettia Root System Floriculture While investigating a chlorotic foliage condition in '…
Rooting Response of Dracaena SPP Floriculture
Virus Particles Recovered from Members of the Araceae Floriculture
Cytokinins Stimulate Bud Initiation on Cordyline Cuttings Floriculture
Controlled Release Fertilizers on Peperomia Griseo-Argentea Floriculture
Dyeing Dendrobium Flowers Floriculture
Growth Characteristics of Dracaena Marginata Lam Floriculture
Hormones Help TI Rooting Floriculture
Cut Flower or Potted Plant - Euphorbia Fulgens Floriculture Long, coral-red spikes of Euphorbia fulgens (also know…
Induction of Fruit Abscission of Tropical Ornamental Trees with Ethephon and Chlorflurenol Floriculture
Promote Root and Lateral Shoot Developement on Stem Cuttings of Dracaena Marginata Lam Floriculture
Growth Retardant Notes Floriculture
Preventing Diseases of Cuttings of Dracaena Marginata Lam Floriculture
Preventing Flowering of Two Species of Ornamental Figs Floriculture
Growth Regulator Notes (1977, No. 37) Floriculture Known branch-inducing agents were applied as single s…
Poinsettia Study Floriculture
Growth Regulator Notes (1977, No. 40) Floriculture The literature (2) indicates that flowering of the sh…
Make Your Own Mixes Floriculture
Foliage Notes on TI Floriculture
Leaf Tip Scorch of Carnation Floriculture
Anthurium Trinerve from Surinam Floriculture
Foliage Notes Floriculture
Growth Rates of Pleomele and Dracaena Floriculture
Control of the Hemispherical Scale, Saissetia Coffae (Walker), on Birdnest Fern Floriculture
Influence of Temperature on Flowering of Leucospermum Cordifolium Floriculture
Retardants to Dwarf Abutilon Floriculture
Hidden Treasure- A Unique Spadix-Less Anthurium Floriculture
Poinsettia Evaluation at Volcano Floriculture
Combating High Humidity in Double Poly Greenhoses Floriculture
Dodder on English Ivy Floriculture
Thoughts on Growth Regulator Shelf Life Floriculture
Bulb Forcing Floriculture
Controlling Humidity in Tight Greenhouses Floriculture High relative humidity was very seldom a serious probl…
Fuchsia Standards in Five Months with Gibberellic Acid Floriculture
Horizontal Air Flow Without C02 Floriculture
Propagating Large Cacti Floriculture
Spent Mushroom Compost for Greenhouse Crops Floriculture
Sphagnum Moss as a Root Media Component Floriculture
Controlled Injection of Carbon Dioxide for Rose Production Floriculture
Reiger Begonias Floriculture
Sphagnum Moss in Pot Mum Root Media Floriculture
Growing Pixiola Gladiolus in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Heat Reclaimers and Stack Dampers Floriculture
Packaging Poinsettias Floriculture
Greenhouse Oxygen Depletion by Unvented Heaters Floriculture
Growing Gerberas Floriculture The gerbera or Transvaal Daisy (Gerbera Jamesoni i) is…
CO2 and You Floriculture
Converyors can be a Great Labor Saving Device in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Movable Benches Can Add Growing Space to Your Greenhouse Floriculture
Pot Holders Floriculture
Production Labor Saving Devices and Methods Floriculture
Basic of Greenhouse Watering Systems Floriculture
Should HAF be Used with Vents Open Floriculture
Water Quality and Testing for the Greenhouse Floriculture
An Evaluation of Soil vs Peat-Lite Media on Post-Production Life of Selected Potted Chrysanthemums Floriculture There is criticism in the trade that plants grown in p…
Good Water and Capillary Mats Floriculture
HAF Keeps Plants Dry Floriculture
Poinsettias Floriculture Remember that in every instance, the pots should be p…
Is Leaching Necessary Floriculture
Controlling Weeds in or Near the Greenhouse Floriculture
The Effect of Nutrient Spray on the Propagation of Chrysanthemum Cuttings Floriculture
Poinsettia Growth in Five Root Media with Continual or Pulse Fertilization Floriculture
Temperatures for Poinsettias Floriculture
Growing Christmas Cactus Floriculture
Miniature African Violets Floriculture
Greenhouse Forcing of Bleeding Heart Floriculture
Mighty- Minis, Small Roses with Big Potential Floriculture
Split-night Temperatures, Chrysanthemum Floriculture
Gloxinia Floriculture
Love-Vine, Strangle-Weed, or Hellbind, The common Names for Dodder (Cuscuta) Floriculture
The pH of Calcium Nittrate and Urea as Fertilizers Floriculture
Fast Crop Cyclamen Floriculture
Geranium Bacterial Blight- A Simple Test Floriculture
Commercial Bouganvillea Culture Floriculture
Horizontal Air Flow Fan Efficiency Floriculture
Chlorine Toxicity of Greenhouse Crops Floriculture
Garden Chrysanthemums Floriculture
Streptocarpus Floriculture Streptocarpus, commonly called the Cape Primrose, is b…
Astilbe Floriculture
Bird-of-Paradise Floriculture
The Use of Treated Water in Commercial Greenhouse Production Floriculture
Chrysanthemum Frutescens Floriculture
Easter Lilies are Edible Floriculture
Insecticides in Alcohol Floriculture
Freesias Floriculture
Molybdenum Deficiency on Poinsettias Floriculture
Trickle Irrigation for Annual Plants Floriculture
A Molybdenum Deficiency Test Floriculture
Lets Make the Tuplip a Bedding Plant Floriculture
Producing Dianthus Floriculture
Sequential Nutrient Pulsing - Pot Mums Floriculture
The Influence of Bulb-Dips on the Height of Hybrid Lilies Grown in Warm Temperatures Floriculture
Organizing Your Transplanting Operation Floriculture
Scheduling Alstroemeria as a 6-Inch-Pot Crop Floriculture
8 Steps to a Successful Watering System Floriculture
An Update on Potted Alstroemeria Production Floriculture
Control of Thrips Floriculture
Poinsettia Pointers Floriculture SOIL - Soil Test prior to planting to determine nutrie…
Tips for Laundering Pesticide-Contaminated Clothing Floriculture
Dry Leaves and HAF Floriculture
Prorammed Split Night Temperatures - Pot Mums Floriculture
Preparing Soil in Piles of Bins Floriculture
Root Diseases Floriculture
Windbreaks Result in Significant Cost Reduction Floriculture
Maintaining Electric Motors Floriculture
Phytotoxicity of Fungicides and Insecticides Floriculture
Plug Production for Bedding Plants Floriculture
Priming Seed to Enhance Germination Floriculture
Forcing Requirements for Six Herbaceous Perennials Floriculture
Obtaining Additional Rhododendron Growth During Cold Months Floriculture