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What's Going on in Flower Marketing Research


Consumer Interest


During 1958, 24 states werecarryingon one or moreresearchprojectsonmarketingfloriculturalproducts. Inaddition to these, the United States Department of Agriculturehad twoprojectsinprogress,and Hawaii andPuertoRicohadoneprojecteach.Theprincipalfinancialsupportfortheseprojectscomesfrom thefederalgovernment.Additionalfunds are supplied by the states. In a few instances the floriculturalindustrymakes somefinancialcontribution.The marketing researchprogramsspan the industryfrom the grower though to andincludingthe consumer.The results are of use and of value to growers, wholesalers,retailersandconsumers

Source: • New York State Flower Growers Incorporated, Bulletin # 157

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