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Chemical Weed Control for Gladiolus


Chemical Weed Control for Gladiolus


Labor for weeding is the most expensive and time consuming item in gladiolus growing. On some crops we now have some fairly well established methods for weed control: Stoddard's solvent on carrots and celery; 2, 4-D on corn and other grass crops; Crag #1 on strawberries and asparagus; chloro IPC and DNOSBP on alfalfa; and others. Some materials do a better job on some difficult weeds: 2, 4-D on yellow rocker, Chloro IPC on purslane, potassium cyanate on crabgrass, DNOSBP on chickweed, and Sodium TCA on quack and nut grass. With the many chemicals now available it is a matter of selecting a chemical or combination of chemical treatments that will best control the weeds in our own area and not seriously affect the gladiolus.

Source: • New York State Flower Growers Incorporated, Bulletin #93

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