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Potassium (1957)




The chemical symbol for potassium is K. This is the initial letter of the alchemists word Kalium used to signify potash before the beginning of modern chemistry. Potassium is in the chemical family called alkali metals and as such is similar in many chemical properties to sodium and lithium. It composes about 2. 6% of the earth's crust most of which occurs in the sea waters of the earth. There are deposits of potassium salts available to man, however, in the mines of Stassfurt, Germany in New Mexico. It is calculated that the Stassfurt mines alone could supply the world needs for potash for the next thousand years. The United States is now capable of supplying its own needs for potash and is capable of exporting.

Source: • New York State Flower Growers Incorporated, Bulletin #135

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