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Carnations can be Cooled Too Much Floriculture Carnations can be cooled too muc
More on Trace Element Nutrition Floriculture More on trace element
New Carnation Pests Floriculture New carnation pests In 1952, an exceedingly tiny mite was found on carnati…
Control of Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnation with a Pre-Harvest Spray Floriculture Control of fusarium
Control of Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnations with Fungicidal Cutting Dips Floriculture Vegetables Weeds Ornamentals Control of fusarium
High Pressure Fog Cooling in North Carolina Floriculture High pressure fog cooling
Further Investigations on the Effects of Nitrogen Sources on Carnation Growth Floriculture Further investigations
The Influence of Planting On Fusarium Stem Rot Floriculture Influence on depth
Some Factors Which Influence Soft Growth Floriculture Some factors
New Carnation Pests Floriculture New carnation pests Carnation growers in California constantly combating s…
Rose Cooling can be Overdone Floriculture Rose cooling
Snaps as a Summer Catch Crop Floriculture Snaps as a summer catch crop
Detection of Fusarium Roseum in Nucleus Blocks Floriculture Detection of fusarium
Schedules for Pruning Roses Floriculture Schedules
Greenhouse Cooling on Carnation Timing Floriculture Greenhouse cooling
Soil Permeability can be the Key to Good Growing Floriculture Soil permeability
Thinking About Carnation Diseases- 1956-1957 Floriculture Thinking about carnation
Propagation of Carnation from Mother Blocks Floriculture Propagation of carnation
Lighting and Shading Chrysanthemums During the Fall and Spring Critical Period Floriculture Lighting and shading
A Look at Some of the New Spray Materials for Carnation Mother Blocks Floriculture New spray materials , Carnation mother blocks
Some Effects of Night Temperatures on Carnations Floriculture Night temperatures
Frozen Cuttings May Be Good Floriculture Frozen cuttings may be good
Some Effects of Timing and Cooling on Carnation Quality Floriculture Effects of timing and cooling
Some Effects of Soluble Salts and Soil Moisture on Carnation Growth and Quality Floriculture Soluble salts
Day Temperature Experiments- A Progress Report Floriculture Day temperature
Breeding for Better Carnations Floriculture Breeding for better
Feeding Greenhouse Plants Floriculture Feeding greenhouse crops
Air Movement and Temperature Control Floriculture Air movement
Control of Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnations with Cutting Dips and Drenches Floriculture Control of fusarium stem rot
An Objective Measurement of Flower Size Floriculture Objective measurement of flower
An Objective Measurement of Stem Strength Floriculture Objective measurement of stem
Reflected Solar Energy for the Winter Use in the Greenhouse Floriculture Solar energy
Carnations Tolerate Boron Floriculture Carnations tolerate boron
Handling Young Carnations Plants Floriculture Handling young carnation
Peat Pots vs. the Nursery Bed Method for Growing Young Carnation Plants Floriculture Peat pot vs. nursery bed method
Ventilator Operation in the CSU Temperature House Floriculture Ventilator operation
Air Movement and Temperature Control II Floriculture Air movement
Carnations in Australia Floriculture Carnations in Australia
Invasion of Carnation Tissue Fusarium roseum f. cerealis Floriculture Invasion of carnation tissue
Response of Carnations to Different Rates of Liquid Feeding Floriculture Response of carnations
Sprays for the Control of Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnations Floriculture Sprays for the control
Trace Element Nutrition of Carnations Floriculture Trace element nutrition
Influence of Day Temperatures on Carnations Floriculture Influence of day
Light is Fuel for Plant Growth Floriculture Light is fuel
Recommended Temperatures for Carnations in Colorado Floriculture Recommended temperatures
Soluble Salts a a Factor in Weak Growth Floriculture Soluble salts
Continuous Culture of Carnations Floriculture Continuous culture
Some Major Factors Affecting Quality and Grade of Carnations Floriculture Major factors
The Checking in Plant Growth Caused by Holding in Peat Pots or a Nursery Bed Floriculture Checking in plant growth
Crop Control on Carnations Floriculture Crop control
Algae Causing Clogging of Cooloing Systems Floriculture Algae causing
Continual Pruning of Roses Floriculture Continual pruning of roses
Storage for Rose Bushes for June Planting Floriculture Storage of rose bushes
The Influence of Depth of Planting and Soil Drainage on the Development of Lily Root Rot Floriculture Influence on depth
Boron Tolerance by Carnations and Symptoms of Excess Boron Floriculture Boron tolerance
Potash- The Controversial Nutrient Floriculture Potash
Carnation Shoot Tip Culture- Progress Report Floriculture Carnation shoot tip culture
Response of Carnations to Liquid Feeding Floriculture Response of carnations
A Comparison of Understocks for Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Comparison of understocks
Rx Greenhouse Soils- Field Soils Must be Changed when Growing in Bench, Flat, or Pot Floriculture Rx greenhouse soils
Effects of Preharvest Environment on Carnation Cut Flower Life Floriculture Effect of preharvest environment
Malformation of Carnation Flowers Floriculture Malformations
The Evolution of Present-day Methods of Carnation Propagation Floriculture Carnation propagation
Calcium Hunger in Carnation Floriculture Calcium hunger
Carbon Dioxide in the Greenhouse Atmosphere Floriculture Carbon dioxide
Further Possibilities for Co-operation in Flower Growing Floriculture Future possibilities for coopera
Cooperation in the Flower Industry of Europe Floriculture Cooperation in the flower (continued from Bulletin 119) Britain During the pas…
Plant Injury from Flue Gases Floriculture Plant injury
Cooperation in the Flower Industry of Europe Floriculture Cooperation in the flower indust (continued from Bulletin 120) One of the main reasons…
Growth Regulators for Greenhouse Flower Crops Floriculture Growth regulators
Can We Afford Not to Use Potassium Nitrate Floriculture Can we afford not to use
Carnation Calyx Splitting Floriculture Carnation calyx
Reselection of Carnation Varieties Floriculture Reselection Carnations are constantly mutating, usually to degener…
Histochemical and Morphological Studies of Carnation Stem Rot Floriculture Histochemical
1959-1960 Tests for the Control of Lily Root Rot Floriculture 1959-1960 tests
Florticulture in Spain Floriculture Florticulture in Spain
Iron Hunger in Carnations Should Be Rare Floriculture Iron hunger in carnations
Greenhouse Cooling Efficiency I. Density of Evaporative Pad Floriculture Greenhouse cooling
Phosphoric Acid and Monocalcium Phosphate Compared as Sources of Phosphorus for Carnations Floriculture Sources of phosphorous
The Glasshouse Industry on Guernsey Floriculture Glasshouse industry on Guernsey
A Comparison of the Methods Used in Culturing Carnations Floriculture Comparison of methods
Florticulture in Holland Floriculture Florticulture in Holland
British Floral Industry Floriculture British floral industry
Optimum Temperatures for Carnations in Colorado Floriculture Optimum temperatures
Brunfelsia as a Pot Plant Floriculture Brunfelsia
Carnation Growing Along the French Riviera Floriculture Carnation growing along the Fren
Irrigation of Greenhouse Soils Floriculture Irrigation
Watering Carnations Floriculture Watering carnations
Carnations in Italy Floriculture Carnations in Italy
Spacing Patterns for Carnations Floriculture Spacing patterns
Design Refinements in Greenhouse Cooling Floriculture Design refinements
Effects of Constant Fluorescent Light on the Growth of Carnation Shoot TIps Floriculture Constant fluorescent light
Carbohydrate Deficiency Causes Azalea Tip Scorch Floriculture Carbohydrate deficiency
Effects of Long Term Storage on Carnation Cuttings Floriculture Long term storage
Filter Paper Wicks for Support in Growing Carnation Shoot Tips Floriculture Filter paper wicks
Carnation Growing in Finland Floriculture Carnation growing in Finland
Phosphon D Tests on Pot Chrysanthemums Floriculture Phosphon d tests
The Effects of Glass and Fiberglass on Carnation Growth Floriculture Glass
Effect of Size of Winter Crop on Yield and Grade of Carnations Floriculture Size of winter crop
Planting Date, Types of Plant, and Pinching on Yield and Grade of Carnations Floriculture Planting date
Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Carnation Growth Floriculture Carbon dioxide
Surfactant Inhibits Plant Viruses Floriculture Surfacant inhibits
Carbon Dioxide Increases Growth of Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Carbon dioxide
'One Shot' Fertilizers for Container Plants Floriculture One shot fertilizers
1960-1961 Tests for the Control of Lily Root Rot Floriculture 1960-1961
Dry Matter in Cut Carnations Floriculture Dry matter
Marginal Burning of Carnation Petals Floriculture Marginal burning of carnation pe
Understocks for Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Understocks
Miscellaneous Tests on Cut Flower Life of Carnations Floriculture Miscellaneous tests
Shipping Tests on Cut Carnations Floriculture Shipping tests
Dry Cold Storage Tests on Cut Flower Life of Carnations Floriculture Tests of cut flower life
The Use of IBM and Converyor Belt in Grading Flowers Floriculture Use of IBM
Recent Research on Nutrient Balance Floriculture Recent research on nutrient bala
Calyx Splitting of Carnations Floriculture Calyx splitting
The Clean Stock Program and The Shoot Tip Floriculture Clean stock program
A Brief Report on an Azalea Cutting Disease Floriculture Azalea cutting disease
Carnation Growth Rate Follos Solar Energy Floriculture Carnation growth rate
Business Objectives for the Flower Industry Floriculture Business objectives
History and Legend of Carnation to 1800 Floriculture History and legend of carnation
Effects of Glass and Fiberglass Coverings on Carnation Growth- Second Report Floriculture Glass and fiberglass
The Use of Carbon Dioxide on Carnations Floriculture Carbon dioxide
Effects of Temperature Automation on Carnations Floriculture Temperature automation
Carbon Dioxide Research on Roses at Colorado State University Floriculture Carbon dioxide
The Percentage of Dry Matter Decreases with Age of Cut Carnations Floriculture Percentage dry matter
Use Weed Control Chemicals Carefully Floriculture Weed control
Winter Ventilation with Fans and Plastic Tubes Floriculture Winter ventilation
Effects of Temperature and Potash on Marginal Burning of Carnation Petals Floriculture Temperature and potash
Some Effects of Postharvest Handling on Petal Burn of Carnation Floriculture Postharvest handling
Control of Carnation Streak Virus by Shoot-Tip Culture Floriculture Carnation streak virus
Cut Flower Preservatives Compared Floriculture Cut flower preservatives
Algae Control in Evaporative Pads Floriculture Algae control
Feeding Analysis of Carnation Plants Floriculture Feeding analysis of carnation
Space Age Insect Control Floriculture Space age insect control
Control of Slugs in the Greenhouse Floriculture Slugs
Some Common Pests and Their Control Floriculture Common pests and their control
Poor Aphid Kills in Winter Floriculture Poor aphid control in winter
Use Vapona at Low Temperatures Floriculture Use vapona
For Insuring that 'Clean Stock' is Absolutely Pathogen-Free Floriculture Clean stock
The Use of Limestone Gravel Could be a Labor Saver Floriculture Use of limestone gravel
Is Summer Heating Practical Floriculture Is summer heating practical
Greenhouse Temperature Control with Forced Air Circulaiton Floriculture Greenhouse temperature control
Carnation Crop Forecasting Floriculture Carnation crop forecasting
Carnation Growth Uner Glass, Mylar and Fiberglass Panels- Report III Floriculture Carnation growth under glass
Carbon Dioxide Evolution from Organic Mulches Floriculture Carbon dioxide
Effects of Additional CO2 and Automated Day Temperatures on Carnations Floriculture Additional co2
Frontiers of Florticulture- South Africa Floriculture South africa
Growth of Carnation Increase Blocks with Supplementary CO2 Floriculture Carnation increase blocks
CO2 and Temperature Recommendations Floriculture Co2 and temperature
Controlling Greenhouse Temperatures Floriculture Controlling greenhouse
Some Thoughts on Greenhouse Soils Floriculture Greenhouse soils
Report on Phytophthora Crown Rot of Petunia Floriculture Phytophthora Crown Rot
Roses in Colorado Floriculture Roses in Colorado
A Brief Report on Research at Beltsville Floriculture Research at beltsville
Preliminary Observation of Colorado Greenhouse Soils Floriculture Greenhouse soils
Preliminary Trails Determining the Value of Aerated Steam in Carnation Culture Floriculture Preliminary Trails Determining
The Opening of Carnation Flower Buds Off the Plant Floriculture Opening of Carnation
How Long Will Carnations Keep Floriculture How Long Will Carnations Keep
News From Yesteryear Floriculture Yesteryear
Lower Temperature Steam Floriculture Low temperature steam
Type of Greenhouse Covering May Affect CO2 Utilization by Carnations Floriculture Types of greenhouse covering
Use of Foams and Filler Materials with Cut Carnations Floriculture
Effects of CO2 Concentration and Temperature on Carnations Floriculture Co2 concentrations
Fall Planting of Carnations Floriculture Fall planting
Domestic Nitrate of Potash Now Available Floriculture Domestic nitrate
Selection Technique that Resulted in CSU Red Sim Floriculture Selection technique
Environmental Factors Affecting Growth of Carnation Stock Plants and Cuttings Floriculture Environmental factors
Effecrt of Age of Stock Plant on Growth of Carnation Cuttings Floriculture Age of stock plants
Effects of Cutting Size and Stage of Development on Subsequent Growth Floriculture Cutting size
Frontiers in Florticulture- Mexico and Central America Floriculture Mexico and central america
Frontiers in Florticulture- Latin Americ Floriculture Latin america
June Pinching to Reduce July-August Yield of Carnations Floriculture June pinching
Type of Cutting Affects Initial Growth of Carnations Floriculture Type of cutting affects
Fusarium Roseum and the Carnation Shoot Tip Floriculture Fusarium Roseum
The Growth of Laterally Split Carnation Shoot Tips Floriculture Growth of Laterally Split Carnat
Multiple Port Air Sampling Valve Floriculture Multiple Port Air Sampling Valve
Home Garden Control of Phytophthora Crown Rot of Petunia Floriculture Home garden control
Snapdragon- A Crop for Colorado Floriculture Snapdragon
Research Seeks Answers to Winter Hardiness Floriculture Research seeks answers
Natural Gas as a Soure for Greenhouse Plants Floriculture Natural gas
Another Look at Growing Media Floriculture Another look at growing media
Predator from Chile Defeats Red Spider Floriculture Predator from chile
Boron Deficiecy in Chrysanthemum and Snapdragon Floriculture Boron efficiency
Response of Carnation to Three Concentrations of CO2 Floriculture Response of carnations
Effects of CO2 on Poinsettia Floriculture Effects of co2 on poinsettia
Preliminary Measurements of Flower Temperature Floriculture Preliminary measurements
Effects on Plant Temperature Control Floriculture Effects on plant temperature
Progress Report in Greenhouse Coverings Floriculture Greenhouse coverings
Injury from Spray Chemicals Floriculture Injury from spray
Evaluation of Greenhouse Shading Compounds Floriculture Greenhouse shading compounds
Forcing Lilies as Pot Plants Floriculture Forcing lilies as pot plants
Humidity and Disease Control Floriculture Humidity and disease control
Six Year Evaluation of Environment on Yield and Quality of Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Six year evaluation
Control Weeds Under Benches Floriculture Control weeds under benches
Effects of CO2 on Carnation Stock Plants Floriculture Effects of co2
Adding CO2 to Carnation Stock Plants Improves Performance of the Cuttings Floriculture Adding co2
One New Look at Pot Plants Floriculture One new look at pot plants
Pipron for Powdery Mildew Floriculture Pipron for powdery mildew
Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Storage of Carnations Floriculture Controlled atmosphere
Effect of Watering Treatment on the Growth of Carnations- A Progress Report Floriculture Effect of watering
Leaf Replicas Used to Study Stomatal Openings Floriculture Leaf replicas used
How to Make Your Money Work for You Floriculture Make your money work
An Economic Analysis of the U.S. Carnation Industry- Part I Growers' Floriculture Economic analysis
An Economic Analysis of the U.S. Carnation Industry- Part II Growers' Floriculture Carnations, Economic analysis None
An Economic Analysis of the U.S. Carnation Industry- Part III Carnation Shippers and Wholesalers Floriculture Economic analysis
Greenhouse Expansion Floriculture Greenhouse expansion
Year Around Snapdragon Culture for Colorado Floriculture Year round snapdragon
Response of Carnation to Three Concentrations of CO2- Second Report Floriculture Response of carnation
Light Transmission of Refinished Fiberglass Floriculture Light transmission
Control of Rhizoctonia Stem Rot in Colorado Floriculture Control of rhizoctonia
A Solar Integrator for Greenhouse Use Floriculture Solar integrator
Magnesium Deficiency in Cut Flower Chrysanthemums Floriculture Magnesium deficiency
Progress Report on the Use of Paraquat in the Greenhouse Floriculture Progress report
The Importance of Timing Carnations for the Fall Market Floriculture Importance of timing
Water Utilization by Carnations Floriculture Water utilization
Inert Media to Replace Soil Floriculture Inert media
We Need Management Floriculture We need management
The Carnation Grower in a Rapidly Changing World Floriculture Carnation grower
Root Rot Control in Container Stock Floriculture Root rot control in container st "Terrazole," a recently introduced chemical compound f…
Rooting of Carnation Cuttings Floriculture Rooting
Effects of Temperature on Rooting and Recovery of Carnations Cuttings Floriculture Effect of temperature
Water Requirements of Carnations Floriculture Water requirements of carnations
Poinsettia Breeding and Genetics Floriculture Poinsettia breeding and genetics
Spiral Nematodes on Carnations Floriculture Spiral nematodes
Foliar Feeding of Cuttings Floriculture Foliar feeding
Mist, Media and Spacing on Carnation Cutting Floriculture Mist media
Spectal Transmission of Greenhouse Glass Floriculture Special transmission of greenhou
Effects of Photoperiod on Carnation Floriculture Effect of photoperiod on carnati
Effects of Photoperiod and CO2 Enrichment on Carnation Floriculture Effects of photoperiod and co2
Roots-Underground Agents Floriculture Roots underground agents
Ion Balance and Growth of Carnations- 1. Recent Literature Floriculture Ion balance
Disease Development in Inert Media Floriculture Disease development
Ionic Balance and Growth of Carnation Floriculture Ion balance
Systemic Fungicides Control Carnation Rust Floriculture Systematic fungicides
Ion Ratios and Competitive Uptake of Nutrients in Carnation Floriculture Ion ratios
Effect of Soil Depth and Type on Growth and Flowering of Carnations Floriculture Effect of soil depth
Spectral Transmission of Some Plastic Greenhouse Coverings Floriculture Spectral transmission
Comparison of Greenhouse Types for Tomato Culture Floriculture Comparison of greenhouse types
Observations on Carnation Stomata Floriculture Observations of stomata
Root Rot Control in Container Stock Floriculture Root rot "Terrazole," a r ecently introduced chemical compound …
PERLITE- Advantages and Limitations as a Growth Media Floriculture Perlite
Inert Media Compared for Carnation Growing Floriculture Inert media
The Effects of Reduced Stress on Rose Yield and Grade Floriculture Effects of reduced stress
Observations on Chemical Weed Control in the Greenhouse Floriculture Note on water consumption
Effect of Root Substrate on Keeping Life Floriculture Effect of root substrate
Weed Control in the Greenhouse Floriculture Weed control in the greenhouse
Advantages of Clear-day Climatic Regions for Greenhouse Production Floriculture Advantages of clear day
Forcing of Lilies Floriculture Forcing of lilies
Forcing of Tulips and Hyacinths Floriculture Forcing of tulips and hyacinths
Rapid Method for Standadr Geranium Production with Gibberellic Acid Floriculture Rapid method for standard
The CSU Automatic Irrigation Floriculture Csu automatic irrigation