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Root Rot Control in Container Stock


Root Rot Control in Container Stock


"Terrazole," a recently introduced chemical compound for control of water mold root rots, significantly improved root and top growth of Ceanothus and Arctostaphylos plants in gallon cans during tests conducted last summer at the Saratoga Horticultural Foundation. The chemical was distributed uniformly through the soil mix at the rate of 25 and 75 parts per million on a weight basis, prior to canning. Plants were then grown for four months under normal nursery conditions. Root and top weights were taken at the end of the period. At the 75 ppm rate, root and top weights of the Ceanothus were more than double the weights of the untreated controls. For the Arctostaphylos, weight increases of treated roots and tops were 63 and 85 percent respectively. Differences between the 25 ppm and 75 ppm rates were not significant for either species.

Source: • Colorado State Flower Growers Association Bulletin #205

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