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Low Temperature Selection, 1978-79 Floriculture Low temperature
Low Temperatures Affect Chrysanthemum Flowering Floriculture
Low Voltage Heating Floriculture Low Voltage Heating
Low Volume Pesticide Application Systems for the Greenhouse (GA) Floriculture Though high volume (HV) spraying is the most tradition…
Low Volume Pesticide Application Systems for the Greenhouse (NC) Floriculture Though high volume (HV) spraying is the most tradition…
Lower Humidity Levels in Your Greenhouse Floriculture
Lower Temperature Steam Floriculture Low temperature steam
Lower Temperatures Save Fuel Floriculture Lower temperatures
Lowering Rose Greenhouse Temperatures May be False Economy Floriculture
Lowering Rose Greenhouse Temperatures May Be False Economy Floriculture Lowering rose greenhouse Many greenhouse growers have been attempting to deal w…
Lowering Rose Greenhouse Temperatures May Be False Economy Floriculture Royal Trophy and Yellow Mandalay grown with 4 cut ting…
Lucky Stores Accelerating Floral Marketing Effort Floriculture
Lupine (Lupinuspolyphyllus) Flower inResponse toLong-day Photoperiod by Day Extension Floriculture LD lighting, flower uniforml, SAS PROC GLM, H 'Russell hybrid' Ninety-six uniform plants of each 'Russell hybrid' and…
MA Packaging of Tulip Bulbs- Physiological Implications, Disease Control, and Package Performance Under Temperature Fluctuation Floriculture
Magensium (Mg) Check-up Floriculture
Magnesium Deficiency in Cut Flower Chrysanthemums Floriculture Magnesium deficiency
Magnificent Micronutrients Floriculture
Mainstreet Glasshouseville Floriculture Mainstreet
Maintaining Electric Motors Floriculture
Maintaining the quality of bedding plants Floriculture
Maintenance Tips for Drip Irrigation Floriculture
Major Energy Research Project Underway Floriculture Major energy
Make a Petunia Tree Floriculture
Make the Cut This Valentine’s Day Floriculture
Make Your Own Mixes Floriculture
Making a Graphical Track for a Poinsettia Crop Floriculture
Making the Cut - Profitable Cut Flower Production and Marketing Floriculture
Malachite Green Dye as a Color Indicator for Liquid Fertilizer Solutions Floriculture
Malformation of Carnation Flowers Floriculture Malformations
Malformation Studies on Better Times Rose Floriculture Malformation
Management of a New Powdery Mildew on Poinsettia Floriculture In 1988, a new powdery mildew first appeared on poinse…
Management of Downy Mildew on Roses Floriculture Potted roses grown in U.S. greenhouses and nursery pro…
Management of Fungus Gnats and Shore Flies Floriculture
Management of Insecticide Resistance in Q-Biotype Bemisia Tabaci Populations in U.S. Floriculture Crops Floriculture
Management of Insecticide Resistance in Q-biotype Bemisia tabaci Populations in U.S. Floriculture Crops Floriculture
Management of Thrips and Whiteflies with Insect-Killing Fungi- Impact of Spray Technology Floriculture Landscape & Nursery Methods of plant protection in the floral industry are…
Management Tips for the 1995 Easter Lil yCrop Floriculture
Managing Aphids on Cool Season or Winter Crops Floriculture
Managing Botrytis Blight on Geraniums Floriculture Geraniums, Botyris, Blight Stem, leaf, and flower blights caused by the fungus Bo…
Managing Botrytis Blight on Poinsettia Floriculture Stem, leaf, and flower blights caused by the fungus Bo…
Managing Botrytis in the Greenhouse - What you Should Know About Fungicide Resistance Floriculture
Managing Diseases in Hanging Baskets Floriculture Growers may often feel that the specter of contagious …
Managing Downy Mildew on Snapdragons Floriculture Mildew, Snapdragon, Downy
Managing Greenhouse Production with Computers Floriculture
Managing Greenhouse Tomato Irrigation and Nutrition Floriculture
Managing Micronutrients in the Greenhouse (GA) Floriculture Excesses Can Cause Deficiencies. Excessive application…
Managing Micronutrients in the Greenhouse (NC) Floriculture Excesses Can Cause Deficiencies. Excessive application…
Managing People Is an Art, Not a Science Floriculture
Managing Plant Inventory Floriculture
Managing Powdery Mildew on Gerbera Floriculture
Managing Powdery Mildew on Poinsettia Floriculture Powdery, Mildew Powdery mildew is a fungal disease of poinsettia cause…
Managing Powdery Mildew on Poinsettias Floriculture
Managing Powdery Mildew on Verbenas Floriculture Powdery mildew, Verbena Powdery mildew is caused by the fungus Erysiphe cichor…
Managing the 1994 Easter Lily Crop Floriculture
Managing Weeds in Outdoor Cut Flowers Floriculture
Managing Weeds in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Managing Weeds in Your Greenhouse Floriculture
Manganese Toxicity of Chrysanthemums Floriculture
Manipulation of Nutrition Using a Salty Water Floriculture Manipulation of Nutrition
Manure Produces Poor Aeration Floriculture
Marathon 1 % Granular Floriculture
Marginal Burning of Carnation Petals Floriculture Marginal burning of carnation pe
Marginal Lighting for Identifying Chrysanthemum Stunt Floriculture Chrysanthemum stunt, Marginal lighting
Marguerite Daisies- Postharvest Handling Methods Floriculture
Marigold- Care Tips for the Florist Floriculture
Market Trends and Consumer Preferences in Relation to Color and Fragrance of Spray Carnations Floriculture Market trends
Marketing Analysis of Spray Carnations- Product Life Cycle of the Spray Carnation (The Product) and of a Single Variety (The Brand) Floriculture Marketing Analysis
Marketing Annuals and Herbaceous Perennials to Landscape Installers Floriculture
Marketing Cut Flowers in Retail Food Stores- The Potential and Profitability in Masachusetts Floriculture
Marketing Fallacies and Realities Floriculture
Marketing Floral Products in Europe Floriculture Marketing floral products
Marketing of Bedding Plants Floriculture
Marketing Our Growing Production Floriculture Marketing
Marketing Perennials in the Southeast Floriculture
Marketing Studies Floriculture
Mat Watering - A Progress Report Floriculture
Mat Watering and Plant Diseases Floriculture
Maximizing Easter Lily Bud Count Floriculture
Maximizing the Postproduction Performance of Kalanchoe Floriculture Kalanchoe has become a popular flowering potted plant …
Maximum Ethylene Dosages for Carnations Floriculture Ethylene
Maximum Return with Mini-Poinsettias Floriculture
Meadow Landscaping- A Greenhouse Production Angle Floriculture
Mealybugs and Their Control Floriculture
Measurement of Total Light Energy in a Carnation Bench Floriculture Total light
MEASURING SOIL WATER WITH TENSIOMETER- GENERAL Floriculture Plant growth, Environmental factor, Transpiration, soil moisture, water content Water is probably the most important environmental fac…
Mechanics of Design Floriculture
Mechanism of Antibacterial Action- Electron Transfer and Oxy Radicals Floriculture
Media and Its Relationship to Plant Growth Floriculture
Media Temperatures Floriculture
Media Test Review (1993) Floriculture This particular media test is from a hanging fuchsia b…
Media Test Review (1993) Floriculture The media test results shown above are from a sample e…
Media Test Review (1994) Floriculture This media test is from some hanging baskets. The test…
Media Test Review (1994) Floriculture This media test is from an interior plantscape. The pl…
Media Test Review (1994) Floriculture his media test is from a poinsettia crop grown for 4 w…
Melon Aphids Floriculture
Merchandising Butterfly Gardens Floriculture
Mercury Injury Floriculture Mercury Injury
Methods And Schedules For Forcing 1991 Easter Lilies Floriculture
METHODS AND SCHEDULES FOR FORCING EASTER LILIES --1973 Floriculture Bulb, Natural Cooling, Storage, StorageControl Temperature Forcing, Case-Cooled Bulbs Easter 1973 falls on April 22, which is one of the lat…
Methods for Mums Floriculture Ornamentals
Methods for Preparing and Using the STS Complex Floriculture
Methods of Constructing a Pine Tree Substrate Potting Medium from Various Wood Particle Sizes and Organic Amendments Floriculture Landscape & Nursery Research showing the successful use of pine tree subst…
Methyl Bromide for Sterilizing Small Quantities of Soil Floriculture The following simple method of sterilizing small quant…
Methyl Bromide for Sterilizing Small Quantities of Soil Floriculture The following simple method of sterilizing small quant…
Methyl Bromide Fumigation for Carnations Floriculture Methyl bromide
Methyl Bromide Injures Carnations Floriculture Methyl bromide
Microcomputers for Nurserymen -1990 Update Floriculture
Microfoam Thermal Blankets for Perennial Plants Floriculture
Micronutrient Sources for Greenhouse Crops Floriculture
Mid-Winter Pinch of Blind Shoots in Rose Floriculture Mid-winter
Mighty- Minis, Small Roses with Big Potential Floriculture
Mimulus Floriculture
Mine Are Little Things Floriculture Little Things We are prone to admire a city with a big population, a…
Mineral Deficiency Symptoms of Some Herbaceous Species Floriculture
Mini Carnations in Sweeden Floriculture Mini carnations
Mini Pot Poinsettias Part I- Pot Sizes and Watering Methods Floriculture Mini-pot
Mini Pots Colorado State University Style Floriculture Mini pots
Miniature African Violets Floriculture
Miniature Cyclamen Planting Depth Is Critical Floriculture growing medium surface, Plunged, unplunged, Wider-spreading plants, Transplants In reaction to production problems brought to the atte…
Minimal Processing of Vegetables Floriculture Vegetables Weeds
Minimize Damage to Your Greenhouse from Hurricanes and Wind Storms Floriculture
Minimizing Irrigation and Fertilization in Greenhouse-grown Flowering Vinca Floriculture Catharanthus roseus, Irrigation systems, Ebb-and-flood The objective of this study was to determine which com…
Minimum Light Intensities for Three Foliage Plants Floriculture Minimum light
Minipot Poinsettias Floriculture Ornamentals Minipot poinsettias
Minipot Poinsettias Part II- Pot Spacing, Pinching, and Growth Retardant Floriculture Mini-pot
Minnesota Fast Crop Cyclamen (1976) Floriculture Cut flowers Cyclamen plant production is increasing because of pub…
Minnesota Fast Crop Cyclamen (1979) Floriculture Cut flowers Cyclamen production and quality are on the up spring a…
Minnesota Garden Chrysanthemums as Fall Pot Plants Floriculture
Minnesota Garden Chrysanthemums as Spring Pot Plants Floriculture
Minnesota Master Gardeners Floriculture
Minnesota’s Lawn Phosphorus Fertilizer Law Floriculture
Miscellaneous Tests on Cut Flower Life of Carnations Floriculture Miscellaneous tests
Mist Equipment for Starting Roses Floriculture Mist Equipment
Mist Fertilization of Pot Chrysanthemums Floriculture Mist Fertilization
Mist Fertilizer in Poinsettia Propagation Floriculture Mist fertilizer, Poinsettia propagation
Mist Propagation Floriculture
Mist Propagation and Growing Floriculture Mist Propagation and Growing
Mist Propagation of Poinsettias Floriculture
Mist Starts Roses Floriculture Mist Starts Roses
Mist, Media and Spacing on Carnation Cutting Floriculture Mist media
Misting External Shade Cloths Part 1 Relief from the Heat? Floriculture
Misting External Shade Cloths Part 2 Does It Matter What Kind of Cloth? Floriculture
Misting External Shade Cloths Relief from the Heat Floriculture
Misting for Summer Propagation Floriculture
MITES- A Tiny Yet Serious Pest Floriculture
Mixing It Up In Georgia Floriculture
Mode of Action of Pesticides Reversal of Fungitoxicity of Copper-8-Quinolinolate Floriculture
Modern Gladiolus Production Floriculture
Modern View on Control of Foliar Diseases in Greenhouses with Special Emphasis on Fairy Ring Spot of Carnation Floriculture Modern View
Moderni Metodi di Produzione del Garofano Floriculture
Modified and Controlled Atmosphere Applications for the Food Industry Floriculture
Modified Atmosphere Packaging- A Future Outlook Floriculture
Modified Atmosphere Use in Extending Unrooted Cutting Quality and Viability Floriculture
Modified Atmosphere Use in Extending Unrooted Cutting Quality and Viability Floriculture
Modified Atmospheres and Ascorbic Acid for Minimally Processed Lettuce Floriculture
Modified Atmospheres to Delay Senescence and Decay of Broccoli Floriculture Vegetables Weeds Broccoli, Senescence, Decay Storability of the broccoli flower heads is \/ery low,…
Modified-Atmosphere Storage Does Not Substitute for Low Temperature Storage of Strawberry Floriculture Fruits
Modifying Carnation Benches for Better Drainage Floriculture
Modifying Production Technology to Protect Ornamental Aroids (Anthuriums) from Bacterial Blight (Xanthomonas) Using Beneficial Bacteria Floriculture Production Technology, Bacterial Blight
Molybdenum Deficiency on Poinsettias Floriculture
Molybdenum Deficiency on Poinsettias, A Cause of Leaf Damage Floriculture
Mommy Greenest Give Her Healthy Plants, Or Else Floriculture Orchid, Hydrangea, Cyclamen, Bulb
Money Might Not Grow on Trees, But — Floriculture
Monitoring for Key Pests During the Greenhouse Production of Perennials Floriculture
Moody Blues (And Pinks, Yellows and Reds) Floriculture Postharvest
More About Chrysanthemum Ray Blight Floriculture
More about Vermiculite Floriculture Vermiculite
More on Growth Control of Greenhouse-Grown Perennial Bedding Plants Floriculture
More on Production Costs Floriculture More on production costs
More on Scorch of Croft Lilies Floriculture Scorch of Croft Lilies
More on Trace Element Nutrition Floriculture More on trace element
More PGR Results with Achillea 'Coronation Gold’ Floriculture
More Problems for Growers Floriculture More problems
More Roses at the Holidays - How To Do It Floriculture Roses at the holidays
Moss Peat for Propagation and Plant Growth Floriculture
Most Efficient & Dependable CA Control of Fruits & Vegetables Utilizing Pressure Swing Adsorption with Carbon Molecular Sieve Floriculture
Mother Nature Fools Peat Moss Producers Floriculture
Movable Benches Can Add Growing Space to Your Greenhouse Floriculture
Move over Yuppies, Here Come the Skippies Floriculture
Multiple Port Air Sampling Valve Floriculture Multiple Port Air Sampling Valve
Myrtle as a Flowering Potted Plant Floriculture
Nab Orchid Thieves that Steal Days of Vase Life Floriculture
Naphthalenes Disbudding Agents for Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums, Naphthalenes disbudding
Natural Gas as a Soure for Greenhouse Plants Floriculture Natural gas
NC State Flower Judging Team Second Floriculture
NC State University Horticultural Substrates Laboratory Floriculture Each day we are facing new challenges in floriculture.…
NCCFGA Operation Update Floriculture
Necrotic Fleck Disease of Easter Lilies in Connecticut Floriculture
Nellie White Easter Lilly Fertilizer and Growth Media Studies Floriculture Cut flowers
Nematode Control Experiments on Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Nematode control
Nematodes Floriculture
Nematodes - Little Known Pests of Plants Floriculture
Nematodes in Carnations Floriculture Nematodes
New and Better Annual Flowers Floriculture
New and-or Under-Used Annuals Floriculture
New Bacterial Disease Affects Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums
New Biological for Greenhouse Fungus Gnat Control Available Floriculture
New CA Storage Research Facilities at the Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario Floriculture
New Carnation Pests Floriculture New carnation pests In 1952, an exceedingly tiny mite was found on carnati…
New Carnation Pests Floriculture New carnation pests Carnation growers in California constantly combating s…
New Chrysanthemum Virus in England Floriculture Virus
New Concepts in Potted Chysanthemums Part II—Pinching Schedule Floriculture Pinching schedule, Guides, Flowering date, Tweezer pinch The second area in scheduling a pot mum is the pinchin…
New Concepts in Potted Chysanthemums Scheduling Part I Floriculture Cadillac quality, Mum timetables, Year Round Lighting Schedule, Shading Schedule For the past several years Chrysanthemum scheduling ha…
New Control System for Greenhouses Floriculture New control
New Cut-Flowers You Should Consider Floriculture
New Developments in Iron Chelates Floriculture
New Disease for Daylilies- Daylily Rust Floriculture
New Disease of Greenhouse Snapdragons Controled Floriculture
New England Greenhouses 'Going to Pot' as Imports Nip Flowering Carnation Industry Floriculture
New Faces and Directions in University of Minnesota Floriculture Floriculture
New Floriculture Man Floriculture
New Frontiers in Red Spider Research Floriculture New frontiers
New Guinea Impatiens Growth Regulator Study Floriculture New Guinea Impatiens
New Guinea Impatiens Production Floriculture
New Hydrangea Production Technique Floriculture Daylength, inflorescence formation, forcing characteristics, Production scheme, gibberellic acid The 9 to 11 month production schedule for potted hydra…
NEW ILLINOIS PRODUCT PROLONGS CARNATION VASE LIFE Floriculture gypsophila, Caryophyllaceae family, "Silflor/50", Floralife, Silver thiosulfate A news release from Floralife, Inc., Hinsdale, announc…
New Information on Postharvest Freshness Floriculture
New Instrumentation in Agriculture Floriculture New instrumentation
New Japanese Plastic Coated Fertilizer Shows Promise Floriculture
New Media-Applied Humectant Can Improve Plants' Drought Resistance Floriculture
New Ornamental Crops for the U.S. Floral Industry Floriculture
New Parasitic Nematode on Greenhouse Roses Floriculture
New Poinsettia Cultivars for 1989 Floriculture
New Poinsettia Varieties Floriculture
New Poinsettia Varieties - Something for Everyone Floriculture
New Poinsettia Varieties, Slow-Release Fertilizers = Success Floriculture
New Pot Crops to Try Floriculture
New Pot Plant Clerodendrum thomsonae Balf Floriculture Short days, Summer-grown, larger commercial scale, Prolific flowering, High light intensity Clerodendrum has been grown as a pot plant in Europe f…
New Root-Inducing Substances Discovered in Mist Propagation Floriculture
New Rose Research Floriculture
New Technology for Analyzing Ethylene and Determining the Onset of the Ethylene Climacteric of Apples Floriculture
New Tropical Ginger Cut Flowers (Progress Report) Floriculture ICFG, Hill, 2008-2009, Midterm Report The objective of this research is to manipulate the fl…
New Tropical Ginger Cut Flowers (Research Report) Floriculture ICFG, Hill, Final Report, 2008-2009 The objective of this research was to manipulate the n…
New Virus Complex of Chrysanthemums Floriculture New Virus Complex The most commonly recognized symptoms of chrysanthemum…
Newer Ideas in Growing Ggeraniums Floriculture
News About the Floriculture Department Floriculture News Again it is a pleasure for me lo give the members of t…
News About the Floriculture Department Floriculture News It is a pleasure to be able to give the members of the…
News About the Florticulture Department Floriculture Florticulture department
News From Yesteryear Floriculture Yesteryear
Night Heat Requirements of Plastic Covered Greenhouses Floriculture Night heat
Night Temperatures for Miniature Carnations Floriculture Night temperatures
Nitrate and Potash Fertilization of White Patrician Floriculture White patrician
Nitrate Levels, Light Intensity, Growing Temperatures and Keeping Qualities of Flowers Held at 31 degrees F Floriculture
Nitrate Vs. Ammonium Nitrogen in Pansy Fertilization Floriculture
Nitrogen as a Plant Nutrient Floriculture
Nitrogen Fertilizers and Their Influence on the Growth of Poinsettias Floriculture Thielaviopsis basciola, Root rot diseases, acid side, biological control, Nitrification Poinsettia nutritional requirements are similar to mos…
Nitrogen Sources for Carnations and General Limits on Saline Waters Floriculture Nitrogen sources
No Cross-Resistance to Nicotinoid Insecticides in Imidacloprid-Resistant B Biotype Whiteflies Floriculture
No Cross-resistance to Nicotinoid Insecticides in Imidacloprid-resistant B Biotype Whiteflies Floriculture
No Easy Way out of Chrysanthemum Stunt Floriculture Chrysanthemum stunt During the summer and fall of 1948 when chrysanthemum …