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Consumer Preferences for Potted Plants - Easter Lilies and Chrysanthemums


Easter Lilies and Chrysanthemums


Displays of yellow potted chrysanthemum plants differing in height and fullness were observed by consumers at the New York State Fair. In the first test three chrysanthemums ranging in height from 15 to 21 inches but similar in all other respects were displayed at a price of $6.00 apiece. This test was repeated with a price of $8.00 apiece. At the lower price the shortest plant was favored by one-half of the respondents (Table 7). The tallest plant (21 inches) was chosen by the smallest proportion. Within the range of heights tested, the shorter the plant, the greater the preference.

Source: • New York State Flower Growers Incorporated, Bulletin #282

Keywords: Chrysanthemums Easter lilies

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