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Health Hazards in Greenhouses Using Carbon Dioxide Generating Equipment


Health Hazards in Greenhouses


Since 1961 there has been a rapid increase in the practice of adding carbon dioxide (C02) to greenhouse atmospheres, to promote plant growth (14). Current sources of carbon dioxide include pure liquid carbon dioxide, "dry ice", and the combustion products from burn ing kerosene, propane or natural gas in commercially distributed burners designed for this application. Pressurized pure C02 is admitted to the greenhouse atmosphere at a controlled rate through pressure regulators and gas flow meters. The hydrocarbon fuels are burned at a controlled rate depending on the volume of the green house. Burners and C02 flow rates are designed to maintain an atmosphere containing approximately 1000 parts per million (p.p.m.) C02 during the daylight hours (14).

Source: • New York State Flower Industries, Inc. Bulletin #246

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