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The Influence of Light on Developmental Growth of Shoots (a defense thesis) Floriculture Light on development
Effect of Soil Temperature on Carnation Growth Floriculture Soil temperature
Progress Report - Bark as a Peat Substitute in Bedding Plant Soil Mixes Floriculture Progress report
Some Effects of Floral Preservatives on Carnation Keeping Life Floriculture Floral preservatives
Preliminary Results of Spraying 2, 4-D on Young Carnation Plants Floriculture Preliminary results
Note on Hormone Sprays for Carnation Rooting Floriculture Hormone sprays
Rose Production Timing by De-Shooting Floriculture Rose production
Night Temperatures for Miniature Carnations Floriculture Night temperatures
Carnation Fertilizer Injection Analysis for the Denver Region Floriculture Carnation fertilizer
Imports - An Update on Their Influence on Domestic Production Floriculture Imports
Planting Dates, Timing, and Production of Miniature Carnations Floriculture Planting date
Some Observations on Lighting Carnations Floriculture Observations
Mini Pots Colorado State University Style Floriculture Mini pots
Eight Ways to Increase Your Personal Productivity Floriculture Eight ways
Heating Greenhouses in Northern Climates with Power Plant Reject Heat Floriculture Heating greenhouses
The Influence of Photoperiod on Lateral Shoot Development of Carnation Floriculture Influence of photoperiod
Calceolaria and Dianthus for Mini Pot Programs Floriculture Weeds Calceolaria
Personnel Evaluation Floriculture Vegetables Personnel evaluation
Performance of White, Standard Carnation Cultivars Floriculture Performance
Low Temperature Selection, 1978-79 Floriculture Low temperature
Physical Properties and Leaching Rates of Root Media Floriculture Physical properties
A Theory for Optimalization of Primary Production in Protected Cultivation - II Primary Plant Production Under Different Outdoor Light Conditions Floriculture Theory for optimalization
Observations on Temperatures, Humidity, and Light in Polyethylene-covered Greenhouses Floriculture Observations
A Theory for Optimalization of Primary Production in Protected Cultivation - I. Influence of Aerial Environment upon Primary Plant Production Floriculture Theory
Further Studies on Rose Plant Renewal Floriculture Further studies
A Season With a Thermal Screen Floriculture A season
Control of Vascular Wilt Diseases of Carnation - Resistance Floriculture Control of vascular
Windbreaks Will Pay in a Season Floriculture Windbreaks
Control of Vascular Wilt Diseases of Carnation - Eradication Floriculture Control of vascular
Control of Vascular Wilt Diseases of Carnation - Systematic Fungicides and Chemotherapeutics Floriculture Control of vascular
Good Housekeeping Trims the Bills Floriculture Good housekeeping
Control of Vascular Wilt Diseases of Carnation - Use of Antitranspirants Floriculture Control of vascular
Boiler Maintenance and Operations Floriculture Boiler
Going, Going, Dutch! Floriculture Going going dutch
Saving Fuel with Miniture Carnations Floriculture Saving fuel
Reject Heat- Now It's a Necessity Floriculture Reject heat
You Can Create Market Demand with Cuts Floriculture You can create
Forget Wind and Sun for the Present Floriculture Forget wind and sun
Primula- A Flowering Mini Pot Plant Floriculture Primula
Surface-heating Greenhouse with Waste Heat Floriculture Surface heating
Minimum Light Intensities for Three Foliage Plants Floriculture Minimum light
Split Night Temperatures Not Worth the Effort for Standard Carnations Floriculture Split night
Floor Heating of Greenhouses Floriculture Floor heating
Low Temperature Selection for Standard Carnations Good in Theory; Poor in Practice Floriculture Low temperature
Double-layer Over the Glass Floriculture Double-layer
Early Disbudding Improves Quality of Miniature Carnations Floriculture
Thermal Blankets Floriculture Thermal blankets Research at Pennsylvania State, Rutgers and other univ…
Rose Rootstocks and Miniplant Propagation- Preliminary Results and Observations Floriculture Rose rootstocks
Bringing Home the Bacon by Saving Human Energy Floriculture Bringing home
Tests in Preservative Solutions for Cut Roses and Carnations Floriculture Test
R Values for Various Materials Floriculture R values
Effect of Leaf Removal on Subsequent Flowering of Roses Floriculture Effect of leaf
Split-night Temperatures are They Commercial Floriculture Split-night
Care and Handling of Carnations Floriculture Care and handling
Light Requirements for Foliage Plants Floriculture Light requirements
Suppressive Soil Reduces Carnation Disease (1981) Floriculture Suppressive soil Fusarium wilt diseases caused by various specialized …
Indoor Plant Acclimatization- Light Floriculture Indoor plant
Comparative Costs of Greenhouse Construction Floriculture Comparative costs
Some Developments in Dutch Glasshouse Horticulture. The Director's Report Floriculture Some developments
Rose Miniplant Propagation Floriculture Rose mini
Lowering Rose Greenhouse Temperatures May Be False Economy Floriculture Lowering rose greenhouse Many greenhouse growers have been attempting to deal w…
Mini Pot Poinsettias Part I- Pot Sizes and Watering Methods Floriculture Mini-pot
S.D.P., Infrared Heating, Soil Heating Floriculture Sdp, Infrared The double layer acrylic material that is called S.D.P…
Minipot Poinsettias Part II- Pot Spacing, Pinching, and Growth Retardant Floriculture Mini-pot
A Cost Analysis of Two Energy Conservation Methods, Part II- Poly Over Glass Floriculture Cost analysis
Poinsettia Time USA- 1980 Floriculture Poinsettias
Irrigation Study on Carnations Floriculture Irrigation
Greenhouse Training at CSU Floriculture Greenhouse
Increased Flower Production by Applicaiton of Fungicides Floriculture Increased flower
Photoperiodic Lighting of Miniature Carnations Floriculture Photoperiod
Plant Growth in Greenhouse Media Containing Colorado Peat Floriculture Plant growth
Salinity Control in Greenhouse Soils Floriculture Salinity control
A Cost Analysis of Two Energy Conservation Methods, Part I Floriculture Cost analysis
Index of Colorado Greenhouse Growers Association Inc. Research Bulletins Floriculture Index
Greenhouse Heat Conservation- Covers Vs. Atmospheric Conditions During a Five Year Period Floriculture Greenhouse
Keeping Life of Some Flowering pot Plants Floriculture Keeping life
Salinity II- A Problem in Terms Floriculture Salinity
Controlling Humidity in Tight Greenhouses Floriculture Controlling humidity High relative humidity was very seldom a serious probl…
Salinity III- Handling Water Supplies to Minimize Salinity Problems Floriculture Salinity
Effect of Temperature on Carnation Cutting Production Floriculture Temperature
Keep Horizontal Air Flow Running Floriculture Keep horizontal
PSC for HAF (Horizontal Air Flow) Floriculture Psc for haf
Carnation Pinching Revisited Floriculture Carnation pinching
Water Problems Floriculture Water
Research and Energy Committees Visit CSU Campus Floriculture Research and energy
Notes From CSU, Summer, 1982 Floriculture Notes from csu
New Control System for Greenhouses Floriculture New control
Visiting California, March, 1982 Floriculture Visiting california
Import Changes Floriculture Import changes
Influence of Double Layer Plastic Greenhouse Glazing on Fuel Requirement and Light Transmission Floriculture Influence of double
Chemicals and Fire Floriculture Chemicals and fire
A System for Greenhouses to Maximize Profit I. Introduction Floriculture System for greenhouses
Poinsettia Tour 1982 Observations and Comments Floriculture
Alternate Crops- Feast or Famine Realistic or Not Floriculture Alternate crops
Lighting Carnations Floriculture Lighting carnations
Rose Rooting Floriculture Rose rooting
Flower Auction Progress Report Floriculture Flower auction
Cutting and Timing Carnations Floriculture Cutting and timing
Planning Ahead for Greenhouse Heating- 1980s and 1990s Part I- What are the Options Floriculture Planning ahead
Alstroemeria Culture Floriculture Alstroemeria The new Alstroemeria cultivars that are available from…
Flammability of Urethane Foam Demands Safety Precautions Floriculture Flammability
Planning Ahead for Greenhouse Heating- 1980s-1990s Part II- Evaluating the Options Floriculture Planning ahead
Salinity IV A Progress Report Floriculture Salinity
Control of Branching and Flower Production of Carnations Floriculture Control of branching
Use of Rockwool as a Potting Mixture Comparison with Peatmoss, Soil and Vermiculite Floriculture Use of rockwool
Chemical Volatilization for Pest Control Floriculture Chemical
Gerberas Could 'Take-Off' Floriculture Gerberas
Computer Control of the Greenhouse Environment- A Progress Report Floriculture Computer control
Radiant Heat- How Does It Affect Plants Floriculture Radiant head
Forcing Freesias Floriculture Forcing freesias
Dwarf Pot Roses Floriculture Dwarf pot roses
Shoot Removal from 'Sabrina' Roses Improves Stem Quality Floriculture Shoot removal
Use of Soil Fungicides to Increase Standard Carnation Production Floriculture Use of soil
Herbicide Listing Floriculture Herbicide list
Major Energy Research Project Underway Floriculture Major energy
Soil Mixture Behavior Floriculture Soil mixture
International Review Floriculture International review
More Problems for Growers Floriculture More problems
Response of Four Poinsettia Cultivars to Different Plastic Greenhouse Covers Floriculture Four poinsettias
Denmark and Norway: Two Horticultural Countries Floriculture Denmark
Report from Europe: Roses the Top Dutch Crop Floriculture Report from Europe
Calculation of Leaching Requirement Floriculture Calculation of leaching
Salinity V: Column Experiments Floriculture Salinity
Response of Roses and Pot Chrysanthemums to Different Plastic Film Greenhouse Covers Floriculture Response of roses
The Dutch Vegetable Greenhouse Industry Floriculture Dutch vegetable
Environmental Conditions Created by Plastic Film Glazings Floriculture Environmental conditions
Note on the Third International Greenhouse Energy Symposium Floriculture Note
Pros and Cons on the 1983 CSU Annual Flower Garden Floriculture Pros and cons
Carnation Diseases: A Brief Work Sheet Floriculture Carnation diseases
Labor-intensive Agriculture Floriculture Labor-intensive
Long Term Storage of Carnation Buds Floriculture Long term storage
Production of the Rose 'Royalty' on Four Understock Floriculture Production
Temperature, Solar Radiation and Sulfur Cause Yellowing of Plastic Greenhouse Glazings Floriculture Temperature
Solar Radiation in Europe Floriculture Solar
Greenhouse Environments and Control Progress Report I Controlling a Greenhouse Environment with a Computer Floriculture Greenhouse environments
Some Observations on Greenhouse Computer Installation Floriculture Some observations
Greenhouse Environments and Control Progress Report II Floriculture Greenhouse environments
Greenhouse Environments and Control Progress Report III Plant Responses Under Infrared and Forced-air Heat Floriculture Greenhouse environments
Report from Europe: The Dutch Way of Research Floriculture Report from Europe
Rose Rooting and Grafting Floriculture Rose rooting
New Instrumentation in Agriculture Floriculture New instrumentation
Progress Report: Effect of Soil Fungicide, Trichoderma and Lighting on Production and Timing of Carnations Floriculture Trichoderma
The Link Online Database Services and Local Electronic Libraries Floriculture Microcomputer
Some Figuring on Nutrient Solutions for Injection Floriculture Some figuring
Thirty Years of Nutrition Studies at Colorado State University Floriculture Thirty years
Alstroemeria Cultivar Trials- 1984 Floriculture Alstroemeria
Alstroemeria Observations- 1984 Floriculture Alstroemeria observations
Too Many U.S. Managers are Technologically Illiterate Floriculture Too many U.S.
Alstroemeria Planting Density Floriculture Alstroemeria
Folding the Perfect Corner Floriculture Folding
Interation of Environmental Conditions and Roundup Application Floriculture Interaction
Comment on the Educational System in the U.S Floriculture Comments
Integrated Control Must be Flexible for Best Results Floriculture Integrated control
Shading Fabrics: Transmission Characteristics Under Plastic Greenhouse Covers Floriculture Shading fabrics
Users' Introduction to Data Base Floriculture Users introduction
Notes from the 1983 Annual Report, Glasshouse Crops Research and Experiment Station. Naaldwijk, The Netherlands Floriculture Notes from 1983
Recent Publications on Growth Regulation and Cut-flower Keeping Floriculture Recent publications
Supplemental Irradiation of Petunia CV. 'Red Flash' from Post-germination to Transplant Floriculture Supplemental
Exhibitors by Products Floriculture Exhibitors
Plant Responses to Plastic Greenhouse Floriculture Plant responses
Advances in Humidity Measurement Floriculture Advances in humidity
Technical Progress in Greenhouse Climate Control Floriculture Technical progress
Determining the Desires of Supermarket Cut Flower Customers- A Six Year Evaluation Part 1- Establishing a Cut Flower Program Floriculture Determining
Units for CO2 Concentrations Floriculture Units for CO2
The Better Ways of Beating Botrytis Floriculture Better ways
A Growing Mismatch of Jobs and Job Seekers Floriculture A growing mismatch
Light Transmission and Photosynthesis in Greenhouses Floriculture Light
Symposium on Greenhouse Climate and its Control Floriculture Symposium
Trickle Tube Flow Regulation for Cut Flowers Floriculture Trickle tube
Determining the Desires of Supermarket Cut Flower Customers- A Six Year Evaluation Part II- Flower Prices and Convenience, Greatest Benefit of Supermarket Purchases Floriculture Determining
Chi Won (C.W.) Lee Joins Staff Floriculture Chi won
Oxalis- Biology and Control Floriculture Oxalis
Repeated Low Concentration Cycocel Application to Poinsettias Floriculture Repeated low
A Look at Some Dutch Greenhouses and Research Effort Floriculture A Look at Some Dutch
Control of Pythium Root Rot on Carnations Part I Floriculture Control
Greenhouse Climatological Summaries Floriculture Greenhouse Climatological
The Effects of Plastic Glazings on Rose Growth in Computer Controlled Greenhouses Floriculture Effects of Plastic
Colombia- More than a Decade Later Floriculture Colombia
Control of Pythium Root Rot on Carnations Floriculture Control
International Roundup Floriculture International Roundup Speedier cut rose picking. Harvesting accounts for 35…
International Roundup Floriculture International Roundup, Geraniums Avoid ammonium nitrate. For maximum yields of geraniu…
Keeping Life of Carnations Grown Under Infrared and Forced-air Heat Floriculture Keeping life
Modern View on Control of Foliar Diseases in Greenhouses with Special Emphasis on Fairy Ring Spot of Carnation Floriculture Modern View
Quackgrass- A Serious Problem Weed Floriculture Quackgrass
Companies Make Major Contribution to Florticulture Research with Equipment Floriculture Companies
Precision Climate Control in Greenhouses Floriculture Precision
Enhancement of Growth of Ornamentals by a Biological Control Agent Floriculture Enhancement
Effects of Peat-vermiculite Mixes on Increased Growth Response with Trichoderma Floriculture Effects of Peat
Index to Bulletins 381 (1982) to 433 (1986) Floriculture Index
The Promise of Enrichment Floriculture Promise of enrichment
Peat/perlite Yields the Most Floriculture Peat/perlite
Wind v Sun Floriculture Wind v sun
Yield and Quality of 'Samantha' Roses in Three Inert Media Floriculture Yield and quality
Alstroemeria Culture Floriculture Alstroemeria The original South American Alstroemeria species grow …
Response of Easter Lilies Grown in Rockwool, Peat-lite and Soil Media to Warm Water Irrigation Floriculture Easter lilies
Controlling the Internal Water Stress of Roses Progess Report Floriculture Controlling the internal
Fungus Gnats and Shore Flies Floriculture Fungus, gnats, and shore flies
Production of Cut Snapdragons in Rockwool Floriculture Cut snaprdragons
Use of Short and Long Days to Enhance Standard Carnation Production in the Winter- Preliminary Report Floriculture Use of short and long days
Evaluation of Loose Rockwool as a Growing Medium for Pot Chrysanthemums- Comparison with Peatlite and Soil Mixes Floriculture Evaluation of loose rockwool
Dwarf Carnations, a Future Pot Crop Floriculture Dwarf Carnations
Summer Pruning of Greenhouse-grown Roses (CV. 'Mercedes') Floriculture Summer pruning
Cost Effective Solutions of Fuel Saving Questions Floriculture Cost effective
Evaluation of Loose Rockwool as a Growing Medium for Poinsettia - Comparison with Peatlite and Soil Mixes Floriculture Evaluation of loose rockwool
Co-Operating Round the Clock Floriculture Co-Operating Round the Clock
So Speaks the rose Floriculture So Speaks the rose
Excerpts From the Annual Floriculture Excerpts From the Annual
The Effect of Heating System on Stomate Resistance and Water Stress in Calceolaria Floriculture The Effect of Heating System
Heating System Alone Does Not Affect Carnation Yield Floriculture Heating system
The New Basic Research Credit - An Incentive for Research Institutions and Corporations Floriculture New Basic Research Credit
Greenhouse Engineering Floriculture Greenhouse Engineering
The Ideal Temperatures for Alstromeria Production in Colorado Floriculture Ideal temperature
The Third International Carnation Symposium a Pictorial Tour Floriculture Third International Carnation
Another Look at Dutch Greenhouse Production Floriculture Another Look at Dutch Production
Rockwool or NFT Floriculture Rockwool or NFT
Factors Influencing the Response to Photoperiod (LD Treatment) During the Winter in an Autumn-planted Carnation Crop Floriculture Factors
Genetic Variation in Carnations; Color Patterns of Petals, Number of Buds and the Arrangement of Flower Buds on the Stems Floriculture Genetic
International Production of Carnations in 1986 Floriculture International Production of Carn
Substrate and Volume- A Brief Review Floriculture Substrate and Volume
The Histology and Susceptibility and Resistance of Carnation to Fusarium Wilt Floriculture Histology
Fusarium Wilt of Carnation- Present Situation, Problems and Perspectives Floriculture Fusarium Wilt
The Effect of Greenhouse Cover and Shading on 'Royalty' Rose Yield Floriculture Effect of Greenhouse Cover
Effects of Seasonal Variation in Daylight on Flower Initiation in Spray Carnation Floriculture Effects of Seasonal Variation
Handling Renewal Canes on 'Sonia' Roses Floriculture Handling Renewal Canes
Market Trends and Consumer Preferences in Relation to Color and Fragrance of Spray Carnations Floriculture Market trends
Recent Advances in Postharvest Physiology of Carnations Floriculture Recent Advances
Effects of Glasshouse Air Quality on Crop Yields Floriculture Glasshouse Air
Gerbera I- Early Response to Root Zone Heating in Soil and Gravel Substrates Floriculture Gerbera
Improvement of Breeding and Selection Methods for Resistance Against Fusarium Oxysporum Floriculture Improvement
ABC's of Pot Carnation Culture Floriculture Pot Carnation
Marketing Analysis of Spray Carnations- Product Life Cycle of the Spray Carnation (The Product) and of a Single Variety (The Brand) Floriculture Marketing Analysis
Manipulation of Nutrition Using a Salty Water Floriculture Manipulation of Nutrition
Effect of Radiation, Wind Velocity and Temperature Differential on Natural Gas Consumption of Greenhouses- Preliminary Report Floriculture Radiation
Pot Plants in Flower Floriculture Pot plants
Some Like It Hot Floriculture Some Like It Hot
The Effect of Shading on 'Samantha' Roses Floriculture Shading on Samantha
CO2 Uptake by 'Samantha' Roses Floriculture CO2 Uptake
Concentrations of NO, NO2, SO2, O3, and CO2 in Glasshouse Air Floriculture Concentrations
Production of Cut Chrysanthemums in Loose Rockwool Floriculture Production of cut
Gerbera II- Long Term Response to Root Zone Heating in Soil and Gravel Substrates Floriculture Gerbera II
Horiztonal Temperature Gradients Under a Thermal Screen Floriculture Horiztonal Temperature Gradients
Ammonium and Calcium for Cucumbers Grown in Rockwool Floriculture Ammonium
Evaluation of Loose Rockwool as a Growing Medium for Geraniums- Comparison with Peat-lite and Soil Mixes Floriculture Evaluation of loose rockwool
Pot Plants Getting Smaller Floriculture Pot Plants Getting Smaller
Colorado Greenhouse Growers' Association Research Bulletin Floriculture Colorado Greenhouse Growers' Ass
Effects of Humidity on Rose Yield, Average Stem Length and Leaf Area Floriculture Humidity
Accelerated Dormancy Breaking in Freesia Floriculture Accelerated
Long Day Treatment of Carnations with Varying Light Intensities Floriculture Long Day Treatment
Summer Greenhouse Climate in Colorado Floriculture Summer greenhouse
Scheduling Single Stem Japanese Cut Asters Part I - Winter and Spring Responses of Japanese cut Asters Floriculture Scheduling Single Stem