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Influence of Double Layer Plastic Greenhouse Glazing on Fuel Requirement and Light Transmission Floriculture Influence of double
Influence of Forcing Temperature on the Development of Flower Buds from the Visible Bud Stage to First Open Flower of the "Ace" Easter Lily Floriculture Cut flowers
Influence of Maleic Hydrazide on the Level of the Auxins and on the Activity of the Oxidase of IAA in Leaves of Tobacco Plants Floriculture
Influence of Mother Bulb Nitrogen on Subsequent Nitrogen Uptake in Tulips Floriculture Tulips, Nitrogen, Bulbs Influence of the nitrogen concentration of the mother …
Influence of Nutrient Solution Concentration Floriculture Influence of nutrient
Influence of Packaging on Shelf-Life and Microbiological Quality of Minimally Processed Fennels (Foeniculum Vulgare) Floriculture Vegetables Weeds Fennell
Influence of Photoperiod and Watering on Ace Lilies Floriculture
Influence of Precooling and Potting Treatments on Ace Lilies Floriculture
Influence of Styles Development on Longevity of Carnation Cut Flowers Floriculture Carnation
Influence of Temperature on Flowering of Leucospermum Cordifolium Floriculture
Influence of x-Naphthyl Acetic Acid, Sucrose and Boric Acid on the Flower Drop of Lupinus Polyphyllus LDL Floriculture
Influence on Cut Flower Keeping Floriculture Influence on cut flower keeping
INFRARED HEATING FOR GREENHOUSES Floriculture Double-layer, Air-inflated coverings, thermostats, reflector, High efficiency Greenhouse owners are finding that skyrocketing costs …
Inhibition of Ethylene Biosynthesis and Action in Cut Carnation Flowers by Aminotriazole Floriculture
Injury from Spray Chemicals Floriculture Injury from spray
Innovative Packaging Technologies to Enhance the Quality of Fresh Cut Flowers Floriculture ICFG, Hill, 2011-2012, Midterm Report This is the first research report we have submitted to…
Insect and Mice Pest Management for Poinsettias Floriculture
Insect and Mite Pest Management for Poinsettias Floriculture
Insect and Mite Pests of Chrysanthemums Floriculture
Insect Pests of Greenhouse-Grown Pansy Floriculture
Insect, Mite and Disease Control on Geraniums Floriculture
Insecticide cross resistance in the western flower thrips: physiological mechanisms and IPM strategies Floriculture ICFG, Hill, 2011-2012, Midterm Report Summary of Research Progress To Date. This was the fir…
INSECTICIDE CROSS-RESISTANCE IN THE WFT: PHYSIOLOGICAL MECHANISMS AND IPM STRATEGIES Floriculture ICFG, Hill, Final , 2011-2013 Summary of Research: Insecticide cross-resistance is a…
Insecticide Resistance in Greenhouses Floriculture
Insecticides in Alcohol Floriculture
Insects and Their Control Greenhouse IPM- The Costs of Managing Pests Floriculture
Inside West Coast Easter Lily Production Floriculture
Install a Generator for Power Interruptions Floriculture
Integrated Control Must be Flexible for Best Results Floriculture Integrated control
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists' Crops Sensitivity of Fusarium oxysporum from Ornamentals to Selected Fungicides Floriculture Fusarium oxysporum can not only cause rot of roots, cr…
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists’ Crops Evaluation of Chemical Disinfestation of Styrofoam Floriculture
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists’ Crops Evaluation of Fungicide Combinations for Reduction of Fusarium Solani Infection of Caladium Tubers Floriculture
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists’ Crops Fusarium Wilt of China Asters Floriculture
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists’ Crops Management of Fusarium Corm Rot of Gladiolus Floriculture
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists’ Crops Management of Fusarium wilt of Hiemalis Begonias Floriculture
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists’ Crops Molecular Identification of Fusarial Floricultural Pathogens Floriculture
Integrated Management of Poinsettia Pests- Fungus Gnats Floriculture
Integrated Pest Management Floriculture
Interacition between Shipping and Rooting Temperature on Vernalization of Lilium Longiflorum Thunb Floriculture
Interaction between Irradianceand Photoperiod Onantirrhinummajus L. Flower Initiation Floriculture
Interaction between Photoperiod, Temperature Fluctuations and Cytokinins On Pharbitis Floral Induction Floriculture
Interactions Between O2 Levels, Rate of Respiration and Gas Diffusion in 5 Apple Varieties Floriculture
Interation of Environmental Conditions and Roundup Application Floriculture Interaction
Interiorscaping Can Be For The Birds Floriculture
International Floriculture Issues Floriculture
International Production of Carnations in 1986 Floriculture International Production of Carn
International Review Floriculture International review
International Roundup Floriculture International Roundup Speedier cut rose picking. Harvesting accounts for 35…
International Roundup Floriculture International Roundup, Geraniums Avoid ammonium nitrate. For maximum yields of geraniu…
Interrupted Short-Day Improves Standard Chrysanthemums Floriculture
Introduction Floriculture
Invasion of Carnation Tissue Fusarium roseum f. cerealis Floriculture Invasion of carnation tissue
Invasive Alien Species Floriculture
Inventor Makes Life a Little Rosier for Flower Lovers Floriculture
Invest in Foliar Analysis- It Pays Dividends Floriculture Foliar Analysis
Investigation if Two Greenhouse Rose Pruning Practices Floriculture
Investigation of Increasing Cold Resistance of Bedding Plants with Retardants Floriculture Cold resistance of bedding plant
Investigations into Plumeria Flowering Floriculture
Invincible Achillea Floriculture
Invloed Behandeling Na De Oogst Op Uitbloei Chrysant 'Horim' Floriculture
Invloed Van De Verpakking Of Het Kwaliteitsverloop Bij Snijbloemen Floriculture
Iochroma grandiflorum Floriculture Ornamentals
Ion Balance and Growth of Carnations- 1. Recent Literature Floriculture Ion balance
Ion Balance in Carnation Nutrition Floriculture Ion balance
Ion Balance in Carnation Nutrition II Floriculture Ion balance
Ion Ratios and Competitive Uptake of Nutrients in Carnation Floriculture Ion ratios
Ionic Balance and Growth of Carnation Floriculture Ion balance
IPM Scouting and Decision Making for Poinsettias (1999) Floriculture A regular monitoring program is the basis of IPM decis…
IPM Scouting and Decision Making for Poinsettias (2000) Floriculture A regular monitoring program is the basis of IPM decis…
Iron Floriculture
Iron and Manganese Toxicity in Geraniums Floriculture
Iron Deficiency of Chrysanthemum Resulting From Over-Sterilization Floriculture
Iron Hunger in Carnations Should Be Rare Floriculture Iron hunger in carnations
Iron Sequestrene for Rose Chlorosis Control Floriculture Iron sequestrene
Irrigation of Greenhouse Crops Floriculture Irrigation of greenhouse crops
Irrigation of Greenhouse Soils Floriculture Irrigation
Irrigation Study on Carnations Floriculture Irrigation
Irrigation Water Considerations Floriculture
Is Chemical Pinching of Azaleas Worthwhile Floriculture
Is It Live...Or Is It Weyerhaeuser Floriculture
Is Leaching Necessary Floriculture
Is Manure Dangerous Floriculture
Is Summer Heating Practical Floriculture Is summer heating practical
Is There A Future In Irradiation Preservation Floriculture
Is There A Lily to Take the Place of 'Ace' Or 'Nellie White'? Floriculture
Is There a Market For.... Floriculture
Is Your Diagnosis Correct? Floriculture Is your diagnosis correct
Is Your Soil-Steaming Adequate Floriculture Soil-Steaming
Is Your Water Killing Your Flowers Floriculture EC, PH
Isoenzymes of RNase in Senescing Morning Glory Petals Floriculture
Israel and Its Floral Industry (Part I) Floriculture
Israel and Its Floral Industry (Part IV) Floriculture
It is Time for Wider Use of Foliar Analysis Floriculture It is time for wilder use of fol
It's a Short Night You Want Floriculture Short Night
It's A Short Night You Want Floriculture Treatment, Intensity Whattimeduringthenightdoyoulightchrysanthemumsorotherp…
It's Alive! Floriculture
It's Not All in For the Greenhouse Effect Floriculture It's Not All in For the Greenhou
Ivy Geranium Cultivars Resistant to Oedema Floriculture
Jaarverslag Proefstation Voor De Bloemisterij Aalsmeer Floriculture
Japanese Georgia Lily Response to A-Rest Progress Report Floriculture
Japanese Georgia Lily Response to Zinc Floriculture
Joe Stoffregen is Chosen 1998 Horticulture Outstanding Alumnus Floriculture
June Pinching to Reduce July-August Yield of Carnations Floriculture June pinching
Just the Facts Ma'am Floriculture Reel mowers, White fly
K-6451 for Resistant Mites Floriculture Resistant mites
Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana 'Tetra Vulcan' Suggestions for Growing as a Pot Plant Floriculture
Kalanchoe Heat Delay Floriculture
Kalanchoe Powdery Mildew Floriculture
Kalanchoe Production Floriculture
Kalanchoe Trials 1975-76 Floriculture night temperature, long post-harvest life, year-round production, heat delay, timing Kalanchoes are certainly a new, exciting pot plant for…
Keep Begonias Vegetative Floriculture
Keep Holiday Blooms from Roasting Floriculture Roses, Poinsettias, Hydrangeas, Hellebords, Proteas
Keep Horizontal Air Flow Running Floriculture Keep horizontal
Keep Potted Roses Cool Floriculture
Keep Your Baskets Hanging Floriculture
Keep Your Cool Floriculture Cooler maintenance
Keeping Fans Running Efficiently Floriculture
Keeping flowers fresh and attractive leads to more sales Floriculture
Keeping Hanging Baskets Healthy Floriculture
Keeping Life of Carnations Grown Under Infrared and Forced-air Heat Floriculture Keeping life
Keeping Life of Some Flowering pot Plants Floriculture Keeping life
Keeping quality of bedding plants Floriculture
Keeping Quality of Cut Flowers Floriculture Keeping quality
Keeping Quality of Marigolds and Impatiens Floriculture
Keeping Roses 'Tight' With Ethylene Oxide Floriculture
Kenaf Fiber—A New Basket Liner Floriculture
Kendex For Waterproofing Floriculture Kendex for waterproofing
Key Considerations for the 1990-91 Lily Forcing Season Floriculture
Key Pests of Field Production Perennials Floriculture
Keys to Cyclamen Production Floriculture
Keys to Success When Germinating Seed Floriculture
Kill Soft Brown Scale Floriculture Soft Brown Scale
Kingman Becomes Executive Secretary Floriculture Kingman
Know When to Cut Specialty Cuts Floriculture
Know Your Costs Floriculture
Kunststoffolie als verpakkings materiaal voor snijbloemen Floriculture
Kwaliteit Nederlandse snijbloeman in West-Duitsland Floriculture
La physiologie de la fleur coupee et ses implications a sa preservation chez le floriculteur Floriculture
Labor Saving Devices and Equipment Floriculture
Labor-intensive Agriculture Floriculture Labor-intensive
Laboratory Study of Steaming Floriculture Laboratory study
Lachenalia as a Pot Plant Floriculture
Lack of Water a Cause of Cattleya Leaf Die-Back Floriculture Lack of Water
Lantana Floriculture The lantana (Lantana oamara) is native to tropical Ame…
Lantana Floriculture The Lantana is regaining popularity with many growers …
Lantana......Is It Me or Do A Lot of These Things Look the Same Floriculture
Larkspur (Ranunculaceae) as a Cut Flower Crop Floriculture
Late Pinching as a Possible Means of Avoiding Heavy Fall Production on Carnations Floriculture Late pinching
Late Season Application of Bonzi to Control Stretch of Poinsettia Floriculture
Late Season Field-Grown Cut Flowers Floriculture
Late Season Pest Management on Poinsettias Floriculture
Latest Dope On Cut Flower Storage Floriculture
Latest Information on the Keeping of Cut Flowers Floriculture
Latin Headaches Floriculture Latin headaches
Leaf Analysis- Fertilization Guide for the Future Floriculture
Leaf Burn on Croft Lilies Fruits Lilies
Leaf Compost Mixes for Bedding Plants Floriculture
Leaf Miners Still a Problem in Some Greenhouses Floriculture
Leaf Replicas Used to Study Stomatal Openings Floriculture Leaf replicas used
Leaf Rollers Floriculture Omnivorous leaf roller, Insecticides , Platynota stultana, rose growers, Lay eggs, hatch In the Rose Manual Floyd Smith considers the omnivorou…
LEAF SCORCH OF 'ACE' LILIES AS AFFECTED BY NITROGEN AND FLUORIDE APPLICATION Floriculture physiological problem, necrotic tips, Gladiolus, Phytotoxicity, high pH, fluoride Leaf scorch can be a serious problem on Croft lilies a…
Leaf Scorch of Croft Lilies and Application of Lime Floriculture
Leaf Scorch of Narcissus Progress Report Floriculture
Leaf Tip Scorch of Carnation Floriculture
Leaf Yellowing of Easter Lilies Floriculture
Leafhoppers Were Hopping This Summer Floriculture
Lend an Ear to Consumers: Listen to Find out What Customers Really Want Floriculture
Length of Day Effects on Hydrangea Floriculture
Les Glucides Des Iris Nature, Genese Et Transformations Chapitre II- Les Glucides Des Feuilles Floriculture Ornamentals
Les Glucides Des Iris Nature, Genese Et Transformations Chapitre IV- Etude Chimique Des Levulosanes Des Iris Floriculture Ornamentals
Les Glucides Des Iris Nature, Genese Et Transformations Introduction Floriculture
Lessons from Summer School Floriculture Potted plants
Lessons Learned From Marketing Successes, Failures and Turnarounds Floriculture
Let's Get... Bio-Rational! Floriculture
Let's Improve Transplanting Efficiency This Spring Floriculture
Let's Take A Look At Greenhouse Benches Floriculture Greenhouse
Lets Make the Tuplip a Bedding Plant Floriculture
Letters to the Editor Growers Speak Out on the 'Pansy Stall' Problem Floriculture
Leven van de roos na het snijden Floriculture
LF-10 a Good Disinfectant Floriculture Good Disinfectant
Liatris, A New Crop for California Floriculture
Life after the Garden Resurrect Your Roses Floriculture
Light and A-Rest Influence Easter Lily Height Floriculture shade-grown plants, uniform internode elongation, chemical retardant, drench application, Cooling method A-Rest effectively reduces Easter lily growth as numer…
Light is Fuel for Plant Growth Floriculture Light is fuel
Light Quality- A Brief Overview Floriculture
Light Requirements for Foliage Plants Floriculture Light requirements
Light Transmission and Photosynthesis in Greenhouses Floriculture Light
Light Transmission of Greenhouse Glass and Glass Substitutes Floriculture Greenhouse Glass
Light Transmission of Refinished Fiberglass Floriculture Light transmission
Light- Its Role in Germination and Early Plug Growth Floriculture
Light-Colored Plastic Pots Affect Poinsettia Root System Floriculture While investigating a chlorotic foliage condition in '…
Light-Colored Plastic Pots Affect Poinsettia Root System Floriculture While investigating a chlorotic foliage condition in '…
Lighting and Shading Chrysanthemums During the Fall and Spring Critical Period Floriculture Lighting and shading
Lighting Carnations Floriculture Lighting carnations
Lighting Carnations for Crop Control Floriculture Lighting carnations
Lighting of Carnations Floriculture Lighting of carnations
Lighting of Geranium and Mum Stock Plants for More Cuttings Floriculture
Lilies for Easter Floriculture Lilies for easter
Lilies for Easter 1959 Floriculture
Lily Aphid Control Floriculture
LILY BUD BLASTING Floriculture Symptoms, Food material, light intensity, soil and air temperatures, REDUCING LIGHT INTENSITY Bud blasting in Croft, Erabu, and Creole lilies was in…
Lily Height Control Floriculture A-Rest treatments, Drench stage, Spray, cooling, night temperature. Experiment 1 The Nellie White lily bulbs received 4 w…
Lily Leaf Counting Floriculture
Lily Leaf Counting Technique and Time Schedule Floriculture Leaf counting is a technique used to insure proper tim…
Lily Leaf Counting Technique and Time Schedule Floriculture
Lily Leaf Counting Technique and Time Schedule (1993) Floriculture Leaf counting is a technique used to insure proper tim…
Lily Meristem Culture Floriculture
Lily Nutrition Floriculture
Lime and Phosphate Effects on Easter Lillies Floriculture Cut flowers Greenhouse-forced Easter lilies have displayed a varie…
Lime and Phosphorus Fertilization on Tulips Floriculture Lime and Phosphorus
Limestone Requirement for TKS Fertilized Peat Floriculture
Lindane for Symphylids and Aphids Floriculture
Lines by Larson Floriculture
Liquid Feeding Floriculture Liquid feeding
Liquid Feeding for Greenhouses Floriculture Liquid feeding
Lisianthus Postharvest Treatments Floriculture
Lisianthus Russellianus Hybrid New Addition To The Bedding Plant Arena Floriculture Bedding plant, Grown all year, rosette, Florida summers, Eustoma grandiflorum, Recently, seeds of a new hybrid of Lisianthus Russelli…
List of Pesticides that have the ‘Notify’ Statement on the Label Floriculture
Littleleaf Necrosis of Carnation Floriculture Littleleaf
Living Insecticides Floriculture
Living Knickknacks Floriculture
Loading First Coast to Coast Refrigerated Plane Floriculture
Locating and Improving Water Wells for Greenhouses and Nursuries Floriculture
LOIS Sees the Light- A Brief History of LOIS Floriculture
Long Day Treatment of Carnations with Varying Light Intensities Floriculture Long Day Treatment
Long Term Storage of Carnation Buds Floriculture Long term storage
Long-term Cut Flower Storage Now Possible Floriculture Long-term Cut Flower Storage When florists can successfully store their roses for s…
Long-Term Dark Storage of Dieffenbachia Sprayed with Cytokinin Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer Preferences for Guarantees Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer preferences for guarantees Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer Preferences for Guarantees for Gifts and Different Occasions Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer preferences for guarantees for gifts and different occasions Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer Preferences for Redeeming Guarantees Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer preferences for redeeming guarantees Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer willingness to pay for guarantees and perceptions about satisfaction and-or longevity guarantees from different outlets Floriculture
Longevity Guarantees- Consumer Willingness to Pay for Guarantees and Perceptions about Satisfaction and/or Longevity Guarantees From Different Outlets Floriculture
Longevity of Lilies with STS Floriculture
Look Ma, Clean Stems Floriculture Sanitation, Bacteria
Look-Out for Fusarium Root and Crown Rot of Hosta Floriculture
Loose Buds on Hyacinth Floriculture
Love-Vine, Strangle-Weed, or Hellbind, The common Names for Dodder (Cuscuta) Floriculture
Low Cost Plastic Greenhouse Shows Great Promise Locally Floriculture
Low Ethylene CA Storage for 'Empire' Apples Floriculture Some New York storage operators have reaped the benefi…
Low pH Joins Sanitation Measures in Fight on Pointsettia Root Rot Floriculture Low pH
Low Pressure Storage and Cut Rose Keeping Quality Trials Floriculture
Low Pressure Storage of Herbaceous Cuttings Floriculture
Low Temperature and 'Skips' in Snapdragons Floriculture
Low Temperature Carnation Selection - Progress Report Floriculture Low temperature carnation
Low Temperature Selection for Standard Carnations Good in Theory; Poor in Practice Floriculture Low temperature