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Caladiums Floriculture
Caladiums in the Home Garden Floriculture
Calceolaria and Dianthus for Mini Pot Programs Floriculture Weeds Calceolaria
Calceolaria for Everyday Sales Floriculture
Calceolaria Herbeohybrida Voss Floriculture Cut flowers
Calceolaria Production Floriculture
Calceolarias in Sweden Floriculture Photoperiod, Europe, Midwinter ligh, Measures system, Scrophulariaoeae One of the exciting aspects of travel is the new infor…
Calceolarias in Sweden August 1976 Floriculture Gmunder's Dvarg, Portia OE One of the exciting aspects of travel is the new infor…
Calcium Floriculture Calcium, an important element in plant mineral nutriti…
Calcium Floriculture This element is characterized as an alkaline earth met…
Calcium - Boron Nutrition of Carnation Floriculture Calcium
Calcium Deficiency Disorders in Poinsettias Floriculture
Calcium Deficiency of Chrysanthemum Floriculture
Calcium Deficiency of Rose Floriculture
Calcium Hunger in Carnation Floriculture Calcium hunger
Calcium Hunger in Inert Media Floriculture Calcium hunger
Calcium Tissue Levels in the Carnation Floriculture Calcium
Calcium/Potassium Nitrate Handling Floriculture
Calculating Pansy Production Costs Floriculture
Calculating Volume for Greenhouse Smoke Bombs Floriculture
Calculation of Leaching Requirement Floriculture Calculation of leaching
Calendula Floriculture
Calendula as a Warm Season Cut Flower or Landscape Plant Floriculture
California Asparagus Effect of Transit Environments on Market Quality Floriculture
Calla Lilies for Cut Flowers and Pots Floriculture The callas are species and hybrids of the genus Zanted…
Calla Root Rot Control Floriculture Calla root rot control
Callas, Carefully Floriculture
CALYX SPLITTING OF CARNATIONS Floriculture Temperature control, Genetic factor, Fast temperature drops, Delay of heating, Soil nitroge Much has been written on the causes of calyx splitting…
Calyx Splitting of Carnations Floriculture Calyx splitting
Calyx Splitting of Carnations is Inherited Floriculture Calyx splitting
Campanula Isophylla Moretti Culture Floriculture Cut flowers
Can Calyx Splitting on Carnations be Reduced by Delay of Disbudding Floriculture Calyx splitting
Can Diseases Develop Under Mist Floriculture Can diseases develop
Can Stock be Grown as a Profitable Crop in Northern Greenhouses Floriculture
Can We Afford Not to Use Potassium Nitrate Floriculture Can we afford not to use
Can We Cure Nematode Infected Plants Floriculture Cure nematode infected
Canadian Greenhouse Tour was Informative and Interesting Floriculture
Cane Diseases of Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Cut flowers
Capillary Bench Watering of Pot Plants Floriculture Capillary bench watering
Capillary Watering Floriculture
Capillary Watering of Rieger Begonias Floriculture Capillar, Foliar, cultivars of Reiger How can floricultural commodities be produced and mark…
Carbohydrate Deficiency Causes Azalea Tip Scorch Floriculture Carbohydrate deficiency
Carbon Dioxide Enrichment in the Greenhouse Floriculture Ornamentals
Carbon Dioxide Evolution from Organic Mulches Floriculture Carbon dioxide
Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Floriculture
CARBON DIOXIDE IN THE GREENHOUSE ATMOSPHER Floriculture Photosynthesis, manure applications, ventilators, CO, Additions IT IS BASIC KNOWLEDGE that carbon dioxide (CO,) is nee…
Carbon Dioxide in the Greenhouse Atmosphere Floriculture Carbon dioxide
Carbon Dioxide Increases Growth of Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Carbon dioxide
Carbon Dioxide Research on Roses at Colorado State University Floriculture Carbon dioxide
Carbon Dioxide Use in Cold Greenhouses Floriculture
Cardinal Points of Replanting Carnations Floriculture Cardinal Points
Care & Handling (1985) Floriculture Every cut flower handler should know two things about …
Care & Handling (1988) Floriculture Hot and dry with no rain expected! With a summer forec…
Care & Handling (1989) Floriculture The frantic demands of Christmas and New Year's are be…
Care and Handling of Carnations Floriculture Care and handling
Care of Carnation Mother Blocks Floriculture Care of carnation
Care of Freshly Cut Flowers Floriculture Water, Fungicides, Continual growth, Annuals, Blossoms, Crist, Acidifier, Remove foliage from the bottom, Never store flowers with fruits or Flowers cut fresh from the garden will last longer if …
Care of Ornamental Green Plants in the Retail Store and Home Floriculture
Care of Poinsettia Stock Plants Floriculture Poinsettia Stock Plants
Care Tips for the New Year Floriculture Postharvest
Carnation - Seasonal Growth Rates Floriculture Seasonal
CARNATION BUD CRIPPLING and SHRIVELING March 1962.pdf Floriculture Axillary bud, Mechanical affect, Growth hormones, careful handling of the flowers., Mechanical injury Do you on occasion find carnation buds or flowers that…
Carnation Bud Opening Floriculture
Carnation Bud Opening II Floriculture
Carnation Bud Opening with 23 Solutions Floriculture
Carnation Bud Rot Floriculture Carnation bud rot
Carnation Buds Offer Exciting Prospects for Merchandisers and Consumers Floriculture
Carnation Calyx Splitting Floriculture Carnation calyx
Carnation Crop Forecasting Floriculture Carnation crop forecasting
Carnation Cropping Systems- A Report of Progress Floriculture Carnation cropping
Carnation Cutting Methods and Two-Year Culture Floriculture Carnation cutting
Carnation Cutting Storage Floriculture Carnation Cutting Storage
Carnation Cuttings Should Not be Sealed Air Tight Floriculture Cuttings
Carnation Disbudding Studies Floriculture Carnation disbudding studies
Carnation Diseases: A Brief Work Sheet Floriculture Carnation diseases
Carnation Fertilizer Injection Analysis for the Denver Region Floriculture Carnation fertilizer
Carnation Flowers Keep Best from Mature Plants Floriculture Carnations flowers keep
Carnation Growing Along the French Riviera Floriculture Carnation growing along the Fren
Carnation Growing in Finland Floriculture Carnation growing in Finland
Carnation Growing in Israel Floriculture Carnation
Carnation Growth Distortions Floriculture Carnation growth distortions
Carnation Growth Rate Follos Solar Energy Floriculture Carnation growth rate
Carnation Growth Uner Glass, Mylar and Fiberglass Panels- Report III Floriculture Carnation growth under glass
Carnation Little Leaf Necrosis Floriculture
Carnation Micronutrition Floriculture Carnation micronutrient
Carnation Mother Stock Must Have Ample Nitrogen Floriculture Carnation mother stock
Carnation Mulching Studies 1950-51 Floriculture Carnation mulching studies
Carnation Mutation Frequency Related to Size and Position of Shoot Tip Floriculture Carnation mutation
Carnation Nutrition Floriculture Carnation nutrition
Carnation Pimple- A New Bacterial Disease Floriculture Carnation pimple
Carnation Pinching Revisited Floriculture Carnation pinching
CARNATION PLANTING TIME May 1965.pdf Floriculture SOIL PREPARATION, REPLANTING, Steam sterilization, Nursery bedding We assume that your cultured cuttings have been ordere…
Carnation Production in an Inert Substrate Compared to Soil Floriculture Carnation production
Carnation Quality and Carbon Dioxide Floriculture Carbon dioxide, Carnation Quality
Carnation Return Crops 1951-52 Floriculture
Carnation Shoot Tip Culture- Progress Report Floriculture Carnation shoot tip culture
Carnation Splitting and Trace Elements Floriculture
Carnation Stomates- Comparison Between Glass and Fiberglass Floriculture Carnation stomates
Carnation Storage Studies Floriculture
Carnation Storage Temperatures are Critical Floriculture
Carnation Studies Floriculture Carnation studies
Carnation Timing (1950) Floriculture Timing At Colorado A & M we are looking forward to the time w…
Carnation Timing (1951) Floriculture Carnation timing One bench each of White Sim, Miller's Yellow, Donna Le…
Carnation Timing (1955) Floriculture To produce carnation flowers for particular marketing …
Carnation Timing from a Single Pinch Floriculture Carnation timing
Carnation Timing from Second Pinches Floriculture Carnation timing
Carnation Timing with Air Cooling Floriculture Carnation timing
Carnation Tissue Analyses Floriculture Carnation
Carnation Varieties Tested for their Reaction to Pseudomonas Carophylli Floriculture Carnation Varieties
Carnation Variety Trial and Cultural Tests Floriculture
Carnations Floriculture Carnations Q. What is the best method of handling carnations befo…
Carnations Floriculture Carnations Supermarket channels were thought best for lower grade…
Carnations Floriculture Q. Has anyone answered the problem of splitting? A: …
Carnations and Soil Disease Floriculture
Carnations Are Not Sensitive to Different Soil Phosphorus Levels Floriculture Carnations are not
Carnations are Tolerant to a Wide Range of Soil Moisutres Floriculture Carnation tolerant
Carnations can be Cooled Too Much Floriculture Carnations can be cooled too muc
Carnations Can be Grown Wet IF the Soil is Adequately Supplied with Air Floriculture Carnations can be grown
Carnations in Australia Floriculture Carnations in Australia
Carnations in Italy Floriculture Carnations in Italy
Carnations in Persian 'Gardens' Floriculture Carnations in persian gardens
Carnations Tolerate Boron Floriculture Carnations tolerate boron
Carrying Over Rose Plants Floriculture Rose plants
Cassia Odorata- A Newcomer Floriculture
Causes of Rapid Wilting of Cut Dahlias and Means to Improve their Keeping Qualities Floriculture
Caution on HETP Floriculture HETP
CCC on Poinsettias - Quantity Applied Floriculture
CCC Trials in Westchester County Floriculture Ccc trials in westchester county
CCC- An Aid to Height Control of Red Poinsettias Floriculture
Celebrate the Year of the Rose with Miniature Roses Floriculture
Cellular Plastics for Improving Soils Floriculture
Cercetari Cu Privire La Pastrarea Fara Apa A Garoafelor In Conditii Frigorifice Floriculture
Cheap Kenyon Imports: Crucial Issue Floriculture Kenyon
Check Greenhouse Furnaces Floriculture
Check Your Furnace when Air Pollution Injury is Suspected Floriculture
Checklist for Postharvest Handling Floriculture
Chelated Iron Corrects Chlorosis of Gardenias Floriculture
Chelated Iron Rates Floriculture
Chelated Iron Tests Floriculture
Chemical and Biological Approaches to Control of Pythium Root Rot of Poisettia Floriculture
CHEMICAL CHANGES IN SOILS POST-STEAMING TOXICITIES A REVIEW OF CAUSES AND REMEDIES Floriculture Total Soluble Salts, Water-Soluble Organics, Modified Physical Characteristics, Ammonium Accumulation, Manganese Accumulation Treatment of soil with free-flowing (212°F) steam has …
Chemical Control of Geranium Growth and Flowering Floriculture Geraniums are quite important in the economy of the fl…
Chemical Disbudding of Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chemical Disbudding
Chemical Disinfestation of Thielaviopsis Basicola on Greenhouse Growing Surfaces Floriculture
Chemical Growth Retardants for Bedding Plants Floriculture
Chemical Height Control of Greenhouse Ornamentals Floriculture
Chemical Pruning of Azaleas Floriculture
Chemical Pruning of Chrysanthemums and Azaleas Floriculture
CHEMICAL SOAKS FOR PREVENTION OF GROWTH OF PATHOGENIC ORGANISMS ON CLAY PLASTIC POTS Floriculture Fungi or bacteria, Disinfestant soaks, Formaldehyde, PG-141, PG-142, concentrations In some greenhouse operations it is necessary to reuse…
Chemical Volatilization for Pest Control Floriculture Chemical
Chemical Weed Control for Gladiolus Floriculture Labor for weeding is the most expensive and time consu…
Chemical Weed Control for Gladious Floriculture
Chemical Weed Control of Gladiolus Floriculture
Chemicals and Fire Floriculture Chemicals and fire
Chemistry and Physiology of Conjugates of Indole-3-Acetic Acid Floriculture
Chi Won (C.W.) Lee Joins Staff Floriculture Chi won
Chickweed - A Greenhouse Problem Floriculture
Chilling Results Floriculture
Chloortoevoeging bij Gerbera meer dan een experiment Floriculture
Chlorine Dioxide Reduces Bacteria and Increases Vase Life of Fresh Cut Flowers Floriculture Cut flower longevity is often reduced by an accumulati…
Chlorine Toxicity of Greenhouse Crops Floriculture
Chlorosis Prevention in Piggy Back Plant Floriculture Peatmoss, Tolmiea menziesii, Rooted, Optimum pH, Ferrous sulfate, fertility levels, Hydrangea macrophylla Plants in growing media supplemented with ferrous sulf…
Choose a Greenhouse Screen Based on its Pest Exclusion Efficiency Floriculture
Choose a Greenhouse Screen for Its Pest-Exclusion Efficiency Floriculture
Choose Your Formulation Floriculture
Christmas Begonias in SIx Months Floriculture Christmas begonias
Christmas Cactuses at Home Floriculture
Chrysanthemum 'Detroit News' Injury Due to High Light Floriculture
Chrysanthemum Cutting Storage Floriculture Chrysanthemum Cutting Storage
Chrysanthemum Frutescens Floriculture
Chrysanthemum Leaf Miner Floriculture
Chrysanthemum Stunt Floriculture Chrysanthemum stunt
Chrysanthemum Stunt and Stock Selection Floriculture Chrysanthemum stunt, Stock selection
Chrysanthemum Timing, Stock Selection and Environmental Effects on Stunt Floriculture Stock selection, Chrysanthemum timing, Environmental effects on stunt
Chrysanthemum- Care Tips for the Florist Floriculture
Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums The chrysanthemum session divided itself into three se…
Chrysanthemums Floriculture Chrysanthemums Is there a good substitute for Mrs. Roy we can light f…
Chrysanthemums Floriculture Q: What class varieties should be used aspot plants? …
Chrysanthemums - U.S.A. Floriculture
Chyrsanthemum Stunt, Its Nature and Spread Floriculture Chrysanthemum stunt
Cineraria Floriculture Production, Growth regulators, Photoperiod, Cultivars, Flowering, Temperature and Age Effect Cinerarias can be divided into tv/o groups, grandiflor…
Cineraria Floriculture Cut flowers
Cinerarias Floriculture
Citrus Mealybug Floriculture
Clay, Plastic and Other Containers for Plant Culture Floriculture
Clean Up Greenhouses Or Cyclamen Mite Alert Floriculture
Clean Up Your Foliage Plants Floriculture
Cleary's 3336 Flowable Problems Floriculture
Clerodendrum Hanging Baskets Floriculture Propagation, bud cuttings, soft wood, cut from the stem, Clerodendrum thomsonae, Leaf bud cuttings, Clorosis, Acid growing medium DESCRIPTION: The greenhouse Clerodendrum (Clerodendrum…
Clerodendrum species as Flowering Potted Plants Floriculture
CLIMATE CONTROL IN THE GREENHOUSE Floriculture Winter ventilation, temperature, Shading, Modification In Design Factors, velocity of air Greenhouse air conditioning has brought about many cha…
Close Spacing Can Cause Blasting Of Iris Floriculture light intensity, Effect of spacing, Three by three inch spacing, 50 degree night temperature, soil moist Proper spacing to give each plant adequate light coupl…
Close the 'Loop in the Hole' Floriculture Postharvest
Close up of Colombia Floriculture
Co-blended Composts for Production of Potted Poinsettia Floriculture Poinsettias, PSG polymer, Compost blend Production ofTop White', 'Peterstar Pink', lilo Red', …
Co-blended Composts for Production of Potted Poinsettia June 1997.pdf Floriculture Biosolids (PSG), Pro Gro mix., PSG:YT, Plant height, Sun shine Mix 1 Production of Top White', 'Peterstar Pink', lilo Red',…
Co-Operating Round the Clock Floriculture Co-Operating Round the Clock
CO2 and Temperature Recommendations Floriculture Co2 and temperature
CO2 and You Floriculture
CO2 FERTILIZATION October Floriculture Photosynthesis, LIMITING FACTORS, Light, temperature, and CO2, C02 CONCENTRATIONS, SOURCES OF C02 The question of carbon dioxide (CO;.) in the greenhous…
CO2 Uptake by 'Samantha' Roses Floriculture CO2 Uptake
CO2 Use Saves Energy Floriculture
Coal is Cheaper Than Gas and Oil if Conversion Costs Can Ce Borne Floriculture Coal
Coast Flowers Reach Midwest Via Trucks Floriculture
Coated Fertilizer Studies with Poinsettias Floriculture
Cockroaches in the Greenhouse Floriculture Soil, Feeding, Scavengers, Dying plant leaves, Dead, Shape, feeding behavior, Source of infestation, nocturnal, eliminating food and water sources, insecticide spray Cockroaches or water bugs are not generally considered…
Cold Hardiness is Determined by Fall Conditions or The Kale Who Lived to Tell the Tale Floriculture
COLD POTTED CROPS Floriculture ENERGY CONSERVATION, temperatures, Cyclamen production, Kalanchoe production, Hybrid seed geraniums For many years, energy has been a very small part of o…
Cold Potted Crops Floriculture
Cold Storage of 'Georgia' Easter Lilies Floriculture Ornamentals
Cold Storage of Carnation Cuttings Floriculture Cold storage
Cold Storage of Carnation Cuttings Brought up to Date Floriculture Cold storage
Coleus for Southeastern Growers and Landscapers Floriculture
Colombia- More than a Decade Later Floriculture Colombia
Colorado Flower Production Floriculture
Colorado Greenhouse Growers' Association Research Bulletin Floriculture Colorado Greenhouse Growers' Ass
Colorado Water Analyses Floriculture Colorodo water analysis
Colorful Garden Lilies for Potted Plants Floriculture
Combating High Humidity in Double Poly Greenhoses Floriculture
Combating High Humidity in Double Poly Greenhouses Floriculture
Combination Azobenzene- HETP Fumigation Floriculture Azobenzene, HETP
Combinations of Nutrient Concentrations and Water Treatments Floriculture Combinations
Combining CA Storage with Intermittent Warming Extends the Storage Life of Peaches and Nectarines Floriculture
Comment on the Educational System in the U.S Floriculture Comments
Comments on Split-Night Temperatures Floriculture
Comments on the Colorado State University Climate System Floriculture Comments
Commercial Bouganvillea Culture Floriculture
COMMERCIAL HYDRANGEA CULTURE Floriculture Propagation, cold storage, FIELD CULTURE, SUMMER FERTILIZATION, Low potassium A. Terminal cuttings can be made from the tips of vege…
Commercial Production and Marketing of Succulents in Northern Climates Floriculture
Commercial Production of Exacum Floriculture
Commercial Production of Pot Poinsettias in Florida Floriculture
Commercialization of Controlled Atmospheres During Transportation Floriculture
Common Diseases of Rieger Begonias and Their Control Floriculture
Common Disorders of Interior Plants Floriculture
Common Fungicides for Greenhouse Use Floriculture
Common Problems In Northern Poinsettia Production Floriculture
Common Problems In Poinsettia Production Floriculture
Common Water Quality Problems Encountered in the Greenhouse Floriculture
Companies Make Major Contribution to Florticulture Research with Equipment Floriculture Companies
Companion Plants with Fall Pansies Floriculture
Comparative Advantages and Disadvantages of Steam and Chemical Soil Treatments in Common Use Floriculture
Comparative Costs of Greenhouse Construction Floriculture Comparative costs
Comparing Paclobutrazols Floriculture
Comparison of Container Placement Patterns for Maximizing Greenhouse Space Use Floriculture Container Placement Patterns, "square" placemen, Long staggered, "short staggered" pattern Amodel was developed that will calculate the maximum n…
Comparison of CRAM and Conventional Carnation Cuttungs - Possible Mutation Rates Floriculture Comparison
Comparison of Dwarf Carnation Responses to Retardants Sumagic and Bonzi Floriculture Comparison of Dwarf
Comparison of Greenhouse Types for Tomato Culture Floriculture Comparison of greenhouse types
Comparison of Nitrogen Immobilization, Substrate Carbon Dioxide Efflux, and Nutrient Leaching in Peat-Lite, Pine Bark, and Pine Tree Substrates Floriculture Pine tree substrate (PTS) produced by grinding pine tr…
Comparison of root Substrates, Depth and Solution Concentration Floriculture Comparison
Comparison of Three Sprinkler Designs for Cold Protection in Shadehouses Floriculture Water, source of heat, advective freeze, constantan-copper thermocouple, Radiational freeze Water isan economical source of heat to prevent cold d…