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Epidemiology and Control of Ranunculus Bacterial Blight Floriculture A new bacterial blight was identified in commercial ra…
Biological Control of Rhizoctonia Root Rot Floriculture Most flowering plants are propagated via seeds or cutt…
Management of a New Powdery Mildew on Poinsettia Floriculture In 1988, a new powdery mildew first appeared on poinse…
Modifying Production Technology to Protect Ornamental Aroids (Anthuriums) from Bacterial Blight (Xanthomonas) Using Beneficial Bacteria Floriculture Biological control has been effective against bacteria…
Biology, Epidemiology, and Integrated Management of Fusarium Tuber Rot of Caladiums Floriculture
Biology, Epidemiology, and Integrated Management of Fusarium Crown and Stem Rot of Lisianthus Floriculture A destructive crown and stem rot caused by the ftmgus …
Epidemiology and Control of Fusarium Wilt of Cyclamen Floriculture Fusarium wilt is one of the most common diseases of cy…
Managing Powdery Mildew on Gerbera Floriculture
Pythium Species and Population Identification Using DNA Markers Floriculture Many species of the fungus, Pythium, cause damping off…
Managing Downy Mildew on Snapdragons Floriculture
Managing Botrytis Blight on Poinsettia Floriculture Stem, leaf, and flower blights caused by the fungus Bo…
Effect of the Environment on Powdery Mildew of Poinsettia Floriculture Powdery mildew of poinsettia is caused by a fungus (Oi…
Managing Botrytis Blight on Geraniums Floriculture Geraniums, Botyris, Blight Stem, leaf, and flower blights caused by the fungus Bo…
Managing Powdery Mildew on Poinsettias Floriculture
Managing Powdery Mildew on Verbenas Floriculture Powdery mildew, Verbena Powdery mildew is caused by the fungus Erysiphe cichor…
Downy Mildew on Snapdragons- Update on Environmental Monitoring Floriculture
Influence of a Surfactant in Recirculating Systems on Plant Mortality Caused by Zoosporic Root-Infecting Pathogens Floriculture
Phytophthora Species Attacking Floriculture Crops in North Carolina Floriculture
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists’ Crops Evaluation of Fungicide Combinations for Reduction of Fusarium Solani Infection of Caladium Tubers Floriculture
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists’ Crops Fusarium Wilt of China Asters Floriculture
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists’ Crops Management of Fusarium Corm Rot of Gladiolus Floriculture
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists’ Crops Management of Fusarium wilt of Hiemalis Begonias Floriculture
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists’ Crops Evaluation of Chemical Disinfestation of Styrofoam Floriculture
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists’ Crops Molecular Identification of Fusarial Floricultural Pathogens Floriculture
Integrated Management of Fusarium in Florists' Crops Sensitivity of Fusarium oxysporum from Ornamentals to Selected Fungicides Floriculture Fusarium oxysporum can not only cause rot of roots, cr…
Improved Tospovirus Management Systems for Greenhouse Production Floriculture The tospoviruses are a group of plant-infecting viruse…
Management of Downy Mildew on Roses Floriculture Potted roses grown in U.S. greenhouses and nursery pro…
Development of a PCR assay for detection of the geranium rust fungus Puccinia pelargonii-zonalis Floriculture
Postproduction Evaluation of Rooting Room Bulbs Floriculture
Postproduction Evaluation of Non-Rooting Room Bulbs Floriculture The use of forced bulbs as indoor flowering potted pla…
Control of Ethylene Production in Flowers Floriculture Ethylene is one of the most important factors determin…
Maximizing the Postproduction Performance of Kalanchoe Floriculture Kalanchoe has become a popular flowering potted plant …
Production and Genetic Factors Influencing Flowering Potted Plant Quality and Longevity Floriculture Production practices influence greatly the postproduct…
Postproduction Factors Influencing Quality and Longevity of Cyclamen, Gerbera, Hiemalis Begonia, Hydrangea, and Lisianthus Floriculture Proper postproduction handling practices, including tr…
Improving Scent Production in Flowers Floriculture Traditional breeding of many ornamentals has unintenti…
Three C’s of Success with Fresh Cut Flowers (1) – Cooling Floriculture To be a successful retailer, questions must be answere…
Three C’s of Success with Fresh Cut Flowers (2) – Cleanliness Floriculture In the floral industry, there is increasing competitio…
Three C’s of Success with Fresh Cut Flowers (3) – Care Floriculture The concept of fresh cut flower care appears simple, i…
Preventing Ethylene Injury to Fresh Cut Flowers Floriculture Ethylene is the “silent killer” to fresh cut flowers. …
Improving Postharvest Performance of Alstroemeria Floriculture Alstroemeria is one of the most popular cut flower spe…
Identifying Long-Lasting Cut Carnation Varieties Floriculture Cut flower varieties within a species will vary not on…
Preventing Leaf Yellowing of Fresh Cut Oriental Hybrid Lilies Floriculture Since it occurs prior to flower senescence, postharves…
Identifying Long-Lasting Cut Rose Varieties Floriculture Increasing the quality and vase life of cut flowers is…
Storage Temperature Effects on Cut Rose Varieties Floriculture Proper transport and storage conditions for cut roses …
Specialty Cut Flower Production and Postharvest Handling Floriculture The United States cut flower industry grows and market…
Evaluating the Vase Life of New Cut Flowers - Year 1 (2002) Floriculture Each year alarge number of new cultivars and species m…
Evaluating the Vase Life of New Cut Flowers - Year 2 (2003) Floriculture Each year a large number of new cultivars and species …
Optimizing Postharvest Life of Cut Dahlias Floriculture For years dahlias have been used as cut flowers, but m…
Optimizing Postharvest Life of Cut Iceland Poppy Floriculture Each year a large number of new cultivars and species …
Optimizing Postharvest Life of Cut Rudbeckia Floriculture Each year a large number of new cultivars and species …
Evaluating the Vase Life of New Cut Flowers - Year 3 (2004) Floriculture Each year a large number of new cultivars and species …
Optimizing Postharvest Life of Cut Linarias Floriculture Each year a large number of new cultivars and species …
Optimizing Postharvest Life of Cut Lupine ‘Sunrise’ Floriculture Each year a large number of new cultivars and species …
Optimizing Postharvest Life of Cut Trachelium Floriculture Each year a large number of new cultivars and species …
Optimizing Postharvest Life of Cut Zinnias Floriculture Each year a large number of new cultivars and species …
Ethylene Sensitivity of Flowering Potted Plants Floriculture A major problem influencing the longevity of flowering…
Effects of Temperature on Unrooted Cutting Post-harvest Longevity Floriculture
Package Design & Cold-chain Management for Unrooted Cuttings Floriculture
Ethylene Sensitivity of Unrooted Cuttings from 28 Genera and Effectiveness of 1-MCP to Prevent Ethylene Damage Floriculture Exposure to ethylene in the post-harvest environment r…
Modified Atmosphere Use in Extending Unrooted Cutting Quality and Viability Floriculture
Effectiveness of Plants on Reducing Ozone as an Indoor Air Pollutant Floriculture Ozone is an air pollutant that is commonly found in in…
Effects of Preharvest Temperature and Light Vaselife of Lilies and Sunflowers Floriculture Light and temperature may affect postharvest vaselife …
Use of Benzyladenine to Enhance Production and Postharvest Quality of Floricultural Crops - 2. Postharvest performance Floriculture Lower leaf yellowing, leaf abscission, and flower bud …
Preharvest Humidity and Water Status Affects Vase Life of Lilies and Sunflowers Floriculture Preharvest environmental conditions, such as water def…
Postharvest Handling Procedures for Stock ‘Vivas Blue’ Floriculture New cultivars and species of cut flowers are constantl…
Evaluating the Vase Life of New Cut Flowers - Year 1 (2006) Floriculture Each year a large number of new cultivars and species …
Evaluating the Vase Life of New Cut Flowers - Year 2 (2007) Floriculture Each year a large number of new cultivars and species …
Evaluating the Vase Life of New Cut Flowers - Year 3 (2008) Floriculture Each year a large number of new cultivars and species …
Best Practices that Enhance Postharvest Quality of Cut Roses Floriculture We have developed a care and handling protocol for all…
Best Practices for Retail Display of Cut Gerbera Daisy Floriculture Displaying cut flowers at room temperatures shortens v…
Best Practices to Reduce Bacterial Growth in Floral Solutions Floriculture Some practices used by the floral industry can promote…
Best Practices- New Specialized Treatments for Fresh Cut Flowers Floriculture There are a myriad of quality issues that reduce the p…
Best Practices for Retail Display of Fresh Cut Roses and Lilies Floriculture Many floral retailers, supermarkets, and mass outlet s…
Chlorine Dioxide Reduces Bacteria and Increases Vase Life of Fresh Cut Flowers Floriculture Cut flower longevity is often reduced by an accumulati…
Best Practices for Fresh Cut Flowers- A Care and Handling Checklist Floriculture When fresh cut flowers receive optimal care from harve…
Supplementing Nutrition with Calcium and Potassium Silicate to Manage Botrytis cinerea on Poinsettia Floriculture
Geranium Leaf Yellowing- Causes and Solutions Floriculture
Foo Bar Report Floriculture
Buying Direct is Better Or is It Floriculture
Flower Specific Q&A Floriculture Postharvest
Gerberas Galore Floriculture
Powerful Proteas Floriculture
Prove It Floriculture Testing
Questions from the Field Floriculture Postharvest
Reputable Roses Floriculture
Trading Spaces Floriculture Holiday greens, Woodies
Tricks of the Wedding Trade Floriculture
When Credit is Due Floriculture Postharvest
White Blooms that Sparkle Floriculture
Why Quality is King Floriculture Postharvest
Beauty Tips for Belles and Beasts Floriculture Postharvest
Bridal Q and A Floriculture
Cooler Troubleshooting Floriculture
Green Plant Care Foliage Floriculture Plants
Moody Blues (And Pinks, Yellows and Reds) Floriculture Postharvest
Potted Profits Floriculture Chrysanthemums, Azaleas
Take Care Before Cashing In Floriculture Postharvest questions
Test Your Care IQ Floriculture Postharvest
Test Your Care IQ, Part II Floriculture Postharvest
The Cold Facts Floriculture Cooler, Maintenance
Tidings of Proper Care Floriculture Postharvest, Christmas
Why We Do What We Do Floriculture Recutting, Knives, Cold water, Cut point
Beat Out Botrytis Floriculture
Beautiful Bromeliads Floriculture
Care Tips for the New Year Floriculture Postharvest
Close the 'Loop in the Hole' Floriculture Postharvest
Get Out Your Greens Floriculture Cut foliages
Keep Your Cool Floriculture Cooler maintenance
New Rose Research Floriculture
Pick a Solution, Not Any Solution Floriculture Flower foods
Pop Gerbera Cultures Floriculture
Quality Control- Promote It Floriculture
Springtime with Potted Plants Floriculture
Tool Time Floriculture Sanitation equipment
A Cool Mandate Floriculture Cooler, Cold chain
Ethylene Exposed Floriculture
Extra-Care Cuts Hydrangeas, Dahlias, Callas Floriculture
Fuel Prices Force Sea Change in Importing Floriculture Shipping
Opt Out of the Blame Game Floriculture Lily, Gerbera, Orchid
Solve the Solution Problem Floriculture Flower foods
Summertime and the Handling Is Easy Floriculture Postharvest
Sustainable Solutions Prep Flowers With Less Waste Floriculture Handling
Tailor-Made for Tropicals Floriculture Postharvest
Tough Love- Hardy Protea Need TLC Too Floriculture
The Heat is (Off) Floriculture Postharvest, Cold chain
What Lies Beneath Floriculture Postharvest, Handling
Arm Your Customers with Life Saving Technology Floriculture Postharvest, Rose
Fight Foliage Foes with Climate Control Floriculture Healthy habitat
Goldilocks Knows Best Make The Temps Just Right Floriculture Cold chain, Temperature
Make the Cut This Valentine’s Day Floriculture
Nab Orchid Thieves that Steal Days of Vase Life Floriculture
Stop Lily Leaf Grief Floriculture
No More Excuses Treat Your Flowers Right Floriculture Postharvest, Handling
Straight Talk About Gerberas Floriculture
The Bare Essentials about Berrying Branches Floriculture Ethylene
The Dirt on Fillers Kill It Floriculture Postharvest
Vase Life Support 911: Roses Floriculture
Which Roses Rise To The Top Of The Class Floriculture
Aisle-Ready Roses Floriculture
Banish Bloom Bloopers Floriculture Postharvest
Don’t Let Your Plants Go to Pot Floriculture Potted plant
Life after the Garden Resurrect Your Roses Floriculture
Mommy Greenest Give Her Healthy Plants, Or Else Floriculture Orchid, Hydrangea, Cyclamen, Bulb
No Tipsy, Unexpected Blooms Allowed Floriculture Funerals
Orient Your Shop to Cut Lily Care Floriculture Lilium
Plant Your Shop in Gardeners’ Leafy Path Floriculture Bedding plants
Shrink Your Shrink Think Savings Floriculture
Succulent Care Savoir Faire Floriculture
Tune-up Your Tulip Care Floriculture
Beat the Heat-Lovin’ Bacteria Floriculture
Callas, Carefully Floriculture
Exotics Basic Care for Not-So-Basic Flowers Floriculture
Flower Testing Get Lab-like Results from Your Shop Floriculture
Holly, Jolly Hippeastrum Floriculture
Lessons from Summer School Floriculture Potted plants
Special Care for Special Flowers Floriculture Ageratum, Campanula , Larkspur
Sustain Peonies’ Fleeting Beauty Floriculture
What Can 33 Cents Buy Happy Customers Floriculture Flower foods, Sanitation, Hydration, Cooling
Wow their Vows with Hydrangea Floriculture
20 Ways to Show You Can Handle Feb 14 Floriculture Valentine's Day
Alstroemeria A Versatile and Enduring Flower Floriculture
Beat the Heat Floriculture Summer flowers
Cure the Bends Floriculture Gerbera
Fall for the Season’s Best Floriculture Hydrangea, Physiocarpus, Heptacodium, Willow, Eupatorium, Capsicum , Dahlia
Food Fix Five Steps to Proper Dosage Floriculture Flower foods
Fuel Flowers for Marathon Celebrations Floriculture India, Pakistan, Weddings
Is Your Water Killing Your Flowers Floriculture EC, PH
Keep Holiday Blooms from Roasting Floriculture Roses, Poinsettias, Hydrangeas, Hellebords, Proteas
Succulents are Hot Keep Them in Top Shape Floriculture
Two Steps to Long-Lasting Hydrangeas Floriculture
Vibrant, Vigorous Celosia Floriculture
Early Birds Get the Blooms Floriculture Weddings
Look Ma, Clean Stems Floriculture Sanitation, Bacteria
No Fib Tulips Floriculture
Save the Holiday Floriculture
Tech Tools to Help You Beat the Clock Floriculture Temperature, PH, Chlorine , STS
The Perfect Mix Floriculture Flower foods
Tough Carnations Still Need TLC Floriculture
TLC Weddings Prime Time for Proper Care Floriculture
The Environmental Horticulture Industry in New England- Environmental Horticulture Survey 2006 Floriculture
Pinching, Photoperiod, and Fertilization on Growth and Flowering of Lagerstroemia L., 'Victor’ and 'Zuni’ Floriculture
Greenhouse Sanitation and Pest Exclusion Floriculture
Controlling Diseases on Bulbs, Corms, and Rhizomes Floriculture
Who's Buying These Plants, Anyway Floriculture
Water Gardening From a Retail Point of View Floriculture
Tips on Using and Calibrating Injectors Floriculture
pH Stability of Commonly Used Pesticides Floriculture
Marketing Fallacies and Realities Floriculture
Labor Saving Devices and Equipment Floriculture
Greenhouse Production of Boston Ferns Floriculture The Boston fern is actually a cultivar of a wild fern …
Bacterial Wilt of Geranium- A Continued Threat Floriculture
Using the Sun’s Energy for Growth Floriculture
Subirrigation Shows Promise For Bedding Plants Production Floriculture
PGR's for Plant Height of Achillea X 'Coronation Gold’ Floriculture
Pansy Growth and Mineral Nutrient Content Daniels 10-4-3 vs. Traditional Inorganic Fertility Floriculture
Invincible Achillea Floriculture
Importance of Controlling Oxalis Weed Species Floriculture
Growing Higher Yielding Bell Pepper Transplants with Compost Floriculture
Advanced Technology in the Horticultural Industry Floriculture
Prevent and Exclude Pest Problems Floriculture
Garden Mums Floriculture
Fertilizer Practices for Highly Alkaline Water Floriculture
New Guinea Impatiens Production Floriculture
Fertilizer Practices For Highly Alkaline Water Floriculture
Crop Records For Greenhouse Problem Solving Floriculture
Amaryllis Floriculture
Spider Mites Floriculture
Gloxinia Production Floriculture
Fertilizing Commonly Grown Greenhouse Crops Floriculture
Consumer Perceptions and Expectations of Garden Center Product and Service Quality Floriculture
Botrytis Blight of Ornamentals Floriculture
The Press- For Plug Testing Success Floriculture
The Nuts and Bolts of Bio-Fungicides Floriculture
New Disease for Daylilies- Daylily Rust Floriculture
Iron and Manganese Toxicity in Geraniums Floriculture
Improved Shipping Methods To Increase Profit Floriculture
Fungicide Resistance in the Greenhouses Floriculture
Controlling Bacterial Diseases of Ornamentals Floriculture
Bacterial Blight of Geranium Floriculture
2001- Water in the West Floriculture
Problem Solving is Detective Work Floriculture
More PGR Results with Achillea 'Coronation Gold’ Floriculture
Foliage Power - All These Leaf Colors, Shapes and Textures Floriculture
Dealing with the High Cost of Energy for Greenhouse Operations Floriculture
Control of Botrytis Blight on Ornamentals Floriculture
Common Disorders of Interior Plants Floriculture
Are Your Plants on the Right Diet Floriculture
Who Not to Do Business With- A Guide to Saving Your Time, Money and Sanity Floriculture
Use Fun to Fight Low Motivation Floriculture
Survey of Pythium Isolates for Resistance to Subdue Floriculture
Greenhouse Production of Boston Ferns Floriculture The Bostonfern is actually a cultivar of a wild fern f…
Control of Pythium Root Rot Floriculture
Greenhouse Crop Production Counting the Costs and Making the Costs Count Floriculture
Greenhouse BMP's- Not Just For Breakfast Anymore Floriculture
A Fungus Among Us... A New Look at Fungicides for Managing Geranium Rust Floriculture
The Development of a Dianthus-Poinsettia Combination Flowering Potted Plant Floriculture
Managing Diseases in Hanging Baskets Floriculture Growers may often feel that the specter of contagious …
Managing Weeds in Outdoor Cut Flowers Floriculture
Better Merchandising Equals More Sales Floriculture
Update on Chemical Control of Spathiphyllum Diseases Floriculture
Notes from the University Of Kentucky Arboretum- Annual and Perennial Plant Performance Floriculture
More on Growth Control of Greenhouse-Grown Perennial Bedding Plants Floriculture
Eight Ways to Motivate Yourself Floriculture
Any New Year Resolutions. Revise the Business Plan Floriculture
Winterizing Your Irrigation System Floriculture
Verbenas or How Do You Choose Your Dance Partner When All the Partners are so Beautiful Floriculture
Specialty Annuals: Angelonia Floriculture I first saw this plant being used in landscape contain…
Using Indicator Plants To Detect Tospoviruses Floriculture
Update on Controlling Vinca Diseases Floriculture
Performance of Angelonia Cultivars as a Summer Greenhouse Cut Flower Floriculture