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Optimizing Postharvest Life of Cut Linarias


Optimizing Postharvest Life of Cut Linarias


Each year a large number of new cultivars and species are made available from plant breeders, propagators, and suppliers. Specific postharvest information must be obtained for these new species as they are made available to the market. One new cut flower, linaria (Photo 1), produces tall, open spikes of small rose, violet, white or yellow snapdragon-like flowers (Photo 2), which make great filler flowers for bouquets and arrangements. Linaria grows best at cool temperatures, 40- 50o F, and is very productive with 5-10 stems per plant. This study determined the optimum handling procedures to extend the postharvest life of cut linaria stems.

Source: • American Floral Endowment Special Research Reports #423

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