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Specialty Annuals: Angelonia


Angelonia (Angelonia angustifolia)


I first saw this plant being used in landscape containers about 5 years ago by Kathy Pufahl, a grower/designer on Long Island. She had picked up some seed and produced a few plants at her nursery, Beds and Borders. I commented on its snapdragon like appearance and commented how well it handled the summer time heat. The color she had planted was a handsome bi-colored form and it really looked good. I bet I showed that plant picture in dozens of lectures and seminars around the country. Mostly I received vacant stares. Today, however, what Kathy hath wrought on myconscience is appearing everywhere. Last year (spring,97), it sprang on the retail scene in certain locations like a cheetah on thehuntand,as we speak,growers are bulking it up for next spring's production. This is a no-brainer. Find it, grow it.

Source: • Southern Floriculture

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