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Ethylene Sensitivity of Flowering Potted Plants


Ethylene Sensitivity of Flowering Potted Plants


A major problem influencing the longevity of flowering potted plants is exposure to ethylene. Exposure can occur during transport, storage, and under conditions at retail. Ethylene can cause flowers to wilt, shatter, fail to open or abscise, and cause buds and leaves to yellow or drop. One goal of this project was designed to test the role that genetics (variety) has on ethylene sensitivity of several flowering potted plant species. Varieties that are insensitive or less sensitive to short-term ethylene exposure would provide an easy and efficient way to eliminate ethylene damage. A second goal was to test the effects of EthylBloc® (1-MCP) in preventing ethylene injury and determined the duration of the effects.

Source: • American Floral Endowment Special Research Reports #429

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