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Solar Energy Floriculture Solar energy
Solar Energy Floriculture Solar energy
Solar Energy Floriculture Solar energy
Solar Heated Greenhouse - Residence Structure Floriculture Solar heated
Solar Radiation in Europe Floriculture Solar
Solar Timing for Pot Watering Floriculture
Soluble Salts Floriculture
Soluble Salts a a Factor in Weak Growth Floriculture Soluble salts
Solve the Solution Problem Floriculture Flower foods
Some Basic Guidelines on Ways to Conserve Energy Floriculture
Some Common Pests and Their Control Floriculture Common pests and their control
Some Developments in Dutch Glasshouse Horticulture. The Director's Report Floriculture Some developments
Some Effects of Additions of Clay and Peat to Carnation Soils Floriculture Additions of clay and peat
Some Effects of Fall Pinching on Red Delight Roses Floriculture Some effects of fall pinching
Some Effects of Floral Preservatives on Carnation Keeping Life Floriculture Floral preservatives
Some Effects of Night Temperatures on Carnations Floriculture Night temperatures
Some Effects of Pollination on Carnation Seed Production Floriculture Pollination
Some Effects of Postharvest Handling on Petal Burn of Carnation Floriculture Postharvest handling
Some Effects of Soluble Salts and Soil Moisture on Carnation Growth and Quality Floriculture Soluble salts
Some Effects of Timing and Cooling on Carnation Quality Floriculture Effects of timing and cooling
Some Factors Which Influence Soft Growth Floriculture Some factors
Some Figuring on Nutrient Solutions for Injection Floriculture Some figuring
Some Like It Hot Floriculture Some Like It Hot
Some Major Factors Affecting Quality and Grade of Carnations Floriculture Major factors
Some Methods for Retaining Heat in Your Greenhouses Floriculture
Some Newer Potato Varieties and Their Chipping Qualities Floriculture Vegetables Weeds
Some Observations on Drip Irrigation for Cut Flowers in Greenhouses Floriculture
Some Observations on Greenhouse Computer Installation Floriculture Some observations
Some Observations on Lighting Carnations Floriculture Observations
Some Observations on Radiation in Greenhouses Floriculture Observations on radiation
Some Observations on the Effect of Growth-Retardant Chemicals on Ace Lily Plants Floriculture
Some Plant Parasitic Nematodes Associated with Crops in San Mateo County Floriculture
Some Points on Applying Fertilizer Floriculture Fertilizer
Some Possible Explanations for Insecticide and Fungicide Ineffetiveness in Greenhouses Floriculture
Some Precautions During Greenhouse Rehabilitation Floriculture
Some Responses of Carnation to Temperature Floriculture Some responses
Some Thoughts on Floral Marketing Floriculture
Some Thoughts on Greenhouse Soils Floriculture Greenhouse soils
Some Thoughts on Single Crop Carnatioin Production Floriculture Some thoughts
Some Tips on Harvesting Cut Flowers Floriculture
Some Tips On Harvesting Cut Flowers Floriculture
Sources of Variation and Variability in Measuring and Adjusting Controlled Atmospheres Floriculture
Southeastern Floriculture- A Growing Industry Floriculture
Southern Wilt of Geranium Floriculture
Space Age Insect Control Floriculture Space age insect control
Spacing Easter Lilies Floriculture
Spacing for Direct-Benched Carnation Cuttings Floriculture Spacing for direct
Spacing Patterns for Carnations Floriculture Spacing patterns
Special Care for Special Flowers Floriculture Ageratum, Campanula , Larkspur
Special Sessions Floriculture
Special Treatments to Maintain Product Quality Floriculture
Specialed Sessions Floriculture
Specialized Sessions Floriculture Specialized Sessions
Specialized Sessions Floriculture
Specialized Sessions Floriculture
Specialty Annuals Floriculture
Specialty Annuals Floriculture
Specialty Cut Flower Production and Postharvest Handling Floriculture
Specialty Cut Flower Production and Postharvest Handling Floriculture
Spectal Transmission of Greenhouse Glass Floriculture Special transmission of greenhou
Spectral Transmission of Some Plastic Greenhouse Coverings Floriculture Spectral transmission
Spent Mushroom Compost for Greenhouse Crops Floriculture
Sphagnum Moss as a Root Media Component Floriculture
Sphagnum Moss in Pot Mum Root Media Floriculture
Spider Mite on Poinsettias Floriculture Spider Mite
Spider Mites Floriculture
Spider Mites or "Red Spiders" Floriculture
Spin Outâ„¢ Enhances Subsequent Growth of Tomato, but not Pepper, Transplants Floriculture
Spiral Nematodes on Carnations Floriculture Spiral nematodes
Split Night Temperatures Not Worth the Effort for Standard Carnations Floriculture Split night
Split Night-Time Greenhouse Temperatures Can Save Fuel Floriculture
Split Temperatures and Rejuvination in Roses Floriculture Split temperatures
Split Temperatures- Handle with Care Floriculture
Split-Night Temperature - Poinsettias, 1979 Floriculture
Split-night Temperatures are They Commercial Floriculture Split-night
Split-Night Temperatures for Easter Lilies Floriculture
Split-night Temperatures, Chrysanthemum Floriculture
Split-Nite Temperatures Save Energy Floriculture
Sporotrichosis Due to Contact with Contaminated Sphagnum Moss Floriculture
Spray Crysanthemums in Colorado. Production at Carnation Temperatures Floriculture Spray crysanthemums
Sprays for the Control of Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnations Floriculture Sprays for the control
Sprenger Instituut Floriculture
Spring Flowering Poinsettias Floriculture Pinched, Mother's Day, Non-pinched, Single stem, Recommendations THE POINSETTIA varieties Mikkelpink and Mikkeldawn, ...
Spring Flowering Poinsettias Floriculture Spring Flowering Poinsettias
Springtime with Potted Plants Floriculture
Stablilized Chlorine Compund as a Vise-Water Additive Floriculture
Standard Chrysanthemums 'Sea Foam' and 'Yellow Sea Foam' at 56 F Floriculture
Standard Grades Cites Uniform Grading System for Cut Flowers as an Overdue Aid to Efficient Marketing Practices Floriculture
Standardization: What's Being Done? Floriculture
Star-of-Bethlehem- Care Tips for the Flortist Floriculture
Starflowers February 1974.pdf Floriculture Syngonanthus, S. niveus., Eriocaulaceae, Monocots, unisexual Information on "Starflower" or "Skyrocket" so popula...
Start Christmas 1972 Cyclamen Now Floriculture
Start to Control Carnation Wilt Now Floriculture
Starting Plants from Seed Floriculture
Starting Salaries Range Widely Floriculture Economy, Agricultural graduates, Temporary employment, Full-time permanent employment, Employment plans, In April 1980, the School of Agriculture began surve...
Starting Seedlings under Artificial Light - Petunia Floriculture
Status of the Pansy Industry Floriculture Pansy Industry
Steam Pasteurization of Growing Media Floriculture
Steam Sterilization of Greenhouse Soils Floriculture Disease organisms, Symphyllids, nematodes, grubs, Labor saver, Improve soil structure, Destruction of weed seeds I realize that technically speaking we should call t...
Steaming and Fertilizers Floriculture Steaming, Fertilizers
Steekproeven wijzen uit- Israelische rozen en trosanjers van goede kwaliteit Floriculture
Stem Lesion of Easter Lilies- A Complex Disease Floriculture
Stemphyllium Calyx Rot of Carnations Floriculture
Stephanotis Floriculture
Stephanotis Vine Floriculture
Sterilizing Covers Floriculture Sterilizing covers
Sticky Cards and Insect Scouting Floriculture
Stimulation and Retardation of Adventitious Root Formation by Application of B-Nine and Cycocel Floriculture
Stock Plant Grade, Planting Density and Rose Production Floriculture Stock plant grade
Stop Lily Leaf Grief Floriculture
Stop the Rot in Flower Shipments Floriculture Stop the Rot
Stop the Rot in Flower Shipments Floriculture
Storage and Handling Floriculture
Storage and Handling of Flowers Floriculture
Storage and Rooting of Impatiens Cuttings Floriculture
Storage Construction for Effective Ultra Low Oxygen Storage in Australia Floriculture
Storage for Rose Bushes for June Planting Floriculture Storage of rose bushes
Storage of Cut Carnations with Some Fruits and Vegetables Floriculture Storage of cut carnations
Storage of Fall-Harvested Potatoes in the Northeastern Late Summer Crop Area Floriculture
Storage of Peat-Vermiculute Mixes Containing Slow-Release Fertilizers Floriculture
Storage of Rose and Carnation Flowers Floriculture
Storage Responses of Four Apple Cultivars to Low-O2 Atmospheres Floriculture
Storage Temperature Effects on Cut Rose Varieties Floriculture
Storage Temperature Effects on Cut Rose Varieties Floriculture
Storage, Transport, and Cultivar Evaluations of Flowering Potted Asiatic and Oriental Hybrid Lilies Floriculture
Store Arrangement Efficiency Factors Floriculture Store Arrangement
Store Delivery- a Growing Trend Floriculture
Stored Food in Carnation Cuttings Floriculture Stored food
Storing Cut Flowers Floriculture
Storing Cut Flowers Floriculture
Storing Tulip Bulbs for Forcing Floriculture
Straight Talk About Gerberas Floriculture
Strawberries from Seed Floriculture
Streptocarpus Floriculture
Streptocarpus Floriculture
Stress or Success Floriculture
STS Helps Geraldton Waxflower Floriculture
Studies of Bird-of-Paradise Clonal Selections Floriculture
Studies on the Control of Powdery Mildew of Roses Floriculture Powdery
Studies on the Vapor-Toxicity of Dibrom Floriculture Studies on the vapor toxicity of
Studies with a Spray Floral Preservative Floriculture Carnations, Ultra Life,3, without a water supply, aerosol Often it is desirable to improve the keeping life of...
STUNT DISEASE OF AFRICAN VIOLETS Floriculture Transmitted, Inoculation, Saintpaulia, Spread By Contact, Control of Stunt AFRICAN VIOLETS (Saintpaulia) are grown by the hundr...
Subirrigation and Long-Lasting Poinsettias Can Go Hand-In-Hand Floriculture
Subirrigation Shows Promise For Bedding Plants Production Floriculture
Substrate and Volume- A Brief Review Floriculture Substrate and Volume
Success with Container Production of Twelve Herb Species Floriculture
Success With Garden Mums Floriculture
Success with Garden Mums Floriculture
Success With Hydrangeas Floriculture
Success with Hydrangeas Floriculture
Success with Ornamental Peppers Floriculture
Success with Pansies in the Winter Landscape - A Guide for the Landscape Professional Floriculture
Success with Pot Sunflowers Floriculture
Success with Vegetative Petunias and Calibrachoa Floriculture
Successful Culture of Callas Requires Prevention of Diseases Floriculture Root rot, Calla lily, Disease prevention, Greenhouse production, Soft rot, Spotted wilt During the past season, three diseases of callas cam...
Succulent Care Savoir Faire Floriculture
Succulents are Hot Keep Them in Top Shape Floriculture
Suckered vs. Nonsuckered Floriculture Snapdragons
Sugar Beet Residue - Alternate Source of Calcium and Minor Nutrients Floriculture Sugar beet
Sugar Soil Treatment Floriculture
Sugar-Soil Treatments and Carbon Dioxide Floriculture
Suggestions for Handling Stock Plants of Geranium Floriculture Stock Plants of Geranium
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Injusry to Bedding Plants Floriculture
Sumagic Efficacy not Affected by Spray Carrier Volume or Irrigation Method Floriculture Sumagic
Sumagic For Northern Growers Floriculture
Sumagic on Easter Lilies Floriculture
Summary of CA Storage in China Floriculture
Summary of Carnation Soil Treatments with Fungicides in Denver Floriculture Carnation soil treatments
Summary of Pesticides Registered for Use and Control of Common Greenhouse Pests Floriculture
Summer Annuals - Cut Your Own Floriculture
Summer Care of Geraniums Floriculture
Summer Cooling of Carnations Floriculture Summer cooling
Summer Cooling of Greenhouses Floriculture Summer cooling
Summer Greenhouse Climate in Colorado Floriculture Summer greenhouse
Summer Pruning of Greenhouse-grown Roses (CV. 'Mercedes') Floriculture Summer pruning
Summer Quallity in Carnation Benches Floriculture Summer quality
Summer Shading Essential to Cool Plants Floriculture
Summertime and the Handling Is Easy Floriculture Postharvest
Sunburn, Botrytis or Boron Deficiency Floriculture Botrytis cinerea, Browning, Preflowering stages, Symptoms, Fresh weight You may have asked this question more than once if y...
Sunflower Cultivars for Field Grown Cuts a Cultivar Evaluation Floriculture
Sunlight in Colorado Greenhouses Floriculture Sunlight
Sunshine Impatiens Floriculture Sunshine Impatiens
Supplemental Irradiation of Petunia CV. 'Red Flash' from Post-germination to Transplant Floriculture Supplemental
Supplemental Lighting Floriculture
Supplementing Nutrition with Calcium and Potassium Silicate to Manage Botrytis cinerea on Poinsettia Floriculture
Supplementing Nutrition with Calcium and Potassium Silicate to Manage Botrytis Cinerea on Poinsettia Floriculture
Suppressive Soil Reduces Carnation Disease Floriculture
Suppressive Soil Reduces Carnation Disease Floriculture Suppressive soil
Surely You Know This Floriculture Surely You Know This
Surface-heating Greenhouse with Waste Heat Floriculture Surface heating
Surfactant Inhibits Plant Viruses Floriculture Surfacant inhibits
Surfactant Response with SADH and Ancymidol Floriculture
Survey of Floriculture Greenhouses in North Carolina Floriculture
Survey of Pythium Isolates for Resistance to Subdue Floriculture
Survey Shows Poinsettia Growers, Florists Need to Talk Floriculture Poinsettia
Sustain Peonies’ Fleeting Beauty Floriculture
Sustainable Agriculture - ‘Not Just For Outdoor Growers’ Floriculture
Sustainable Solutions Prep Flowers With Less Waste Floriculture Handling
Symposium on Greenhouse Climate and its Control Floriculture Symposium
Symptoms and Diagnosis of Amonium Toxicity in Chrysanthemum Floriculture
Symptoms of Nutritional Disorder of Chrysanthemums and Gladiolus Floriculture
System Where Day Heat is Stored in Water and Circulated by Night Floriculture Day heat
Systemic Fungicides Control Carnation Rust Floriculture Systematic fungicides
Systox for Nematode in Daffodils Floriculture
Tailor-Made for Tropicals Floriculture Postharvest
Take Care Before Cashing In Floriculture Postharvest questions
Taking Cuttings from Geranium Plants Floriculture
Tall Geraniums Floriculture
Tank Mixes Floriculture
Task Times for Cut Flowers Floriculture Task Times
Tayama Predicts the Future of World Cut Flower Production Floriculture
Te onrijpe bolbloemen bederven de markt. Floriculture
Teasel in decoctions Florists Urgeo to Discontinue Use Floriculture Biennial weed, Bouquets, Wreaths, (Dipsacaceae, CHEMICAL CONTROL Teasel, a tall biennial weed, is being introduced in...
Tech Tools to Help You Beat the Clock Floriculture Temperature, PH, Chlorine , STS
Technical Progress in Greenhouse Climate Control Floriculture Technical progress
Temik 10G - A Valuable Pest Control Weapon if Properly Handled Floriculture Temik 10g
Temik Granules on Leaves- Get Rid of Them Floriculture
Temperature and Chrysanthemum Flower Development Floriculture Temperature, Crysanthemums
Temperature and Ethylene Effects on Cut Flowers of Carnation (Dianthus carophyllus L.) Floriculture
Temperature and humidity observations in CSU Greenhouses Floriculture Temperature
Temperature Classification of Chrysanthemum Floriculture Temperature Classification
Temperature Determines Wilt Expression by Fusarium Carriers Floriculture Temperature
Temperature Effects on Bedding Plant Growth Floriculture Ornamentals
Temperature Effects on Snapdragon Flower Development Floriculture
Temperature Effects on Snapdragon Flower Development Floriculture
Temperature Guide to Chrysanthemum Varieties Floriculture Chrysanthemum Varieties
Temperature Management and Bud Opening in Carnations Floriculture
Temperature Observations in the CSU Bay Farm Greenhouse Floriculture Temperature observations
Temperature Preceding Cutting Affects Rose Color Floriculture Temperature preceding
Temperature, Irradiance and Cooling Treatment Length Affect Pelargonium X Domesticum Flowering Floriculture
Temperature, Solar Radiation and Sulfur Cause Yellowing of Plastic Greenhouse Glazings Floriculture Temperature
Temperatures for Poinsettias Floriculture
Temperatures in Carnation Flowers Floriculture Temperatures
TEMPERATURES OF SOIL MIXTURES DURING STEAM TREATMENT Floriculture Thomas method, buried per forated pipes, Copper-constantan thermocouples, Soil conditions, Steam movement Steaming is an excellent way to treat greenhouse soi...
Ten Ideas to Improve your Next Greenhouse Floriculture
Ten Ways to Conserve Energy Floriculture Ten ways
Terrariums Floriculture
Test Your Care IQ Floriculture Postharvest
Test Your Care IQ, Part II Floriculture Postharvest
Testing for Calcium Carbonate Precipitation in Irrigation Waters Floriculture Calcium
Tests in Preservative Solutions for Cut Roses and Carnations Floriculture Test
Tests with Cut Flower Preservatives Floriculture Tests with cut flower
Texas Petunia (Ruellia Brittoniana) Floriculture Ornamentals
Thanksgiving Cactus Production Floriculture
The Link Online Database Services and Local Electronic Libraries Floriculture Microcomputer
The on Bedding Plants in Colorado Floriculture Tobacco Budworm
The Story Floriculture Geranium Disease
The 'Mass Market' Floriculture
The 'Nuts and Bolts' of Easter Lily Production Floriculture
The 1976 New England Greenhouse Conference Floriculture