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Success with Pot Sunflowers Floriculture
Success with Vegetative Petunias and Calibrachoa Floriculture
Successful Culture of Callas Requires Prevention of Diseases Floriculture Root rot, Calla lily, Disease prevention, Greenhouse production, Soft rot, Spotted wilt During the past season, three diseases of callas came …
Succulent Care Savoir Faire Floriculture
Succulents are Hot Keep Them in Top Shape Floriculture
Suckered vs. Nonsuckered Floriculture Snapdragons
Sugar Beet Residue - Alternate Source of Calcium and Minor Nutrients Floriculture Sugar beet
Sugar Soil Treatment Floriculture
Sugar-Soil Treatments and Carbon Dioxide Floriculture
Suggestions for Handling Stock Plants of Geranium Floriculture Stock Plants of Geranium
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Injusry to Bedding Plants Floriculture
Sumagic Efficacy not Affected by Spray Carrier Volume or Irrigation Method Floriculture Sumagic
Sumagic For Northern Growers Floriculture
Sumagic on Easter Lilies Floriculture
Summary of CA Storage in China Floriculture
Summary of Carnation Soil Treatments with Fungicides in Denver Floriculture Carnation soil treatments
Summary of Pesticides Registered for Use and Control of Common Greenhouse Pests Floriculture
Summer Annuals - Cut Your Own Floriculture
Summer Care of Geraniums Floriculture
Summer Cooling of Carnations Floriculture Summer cooling
Summer Cooling of Greenhouses Floriculture Summer cooling
Summer Greenhouse Climate in Colorado Floriculture Summer greenhouse
Summer Pruning of Greenhouse-grown Roses (CV. 'Mercedes') Floriculture Summer pruning
Summer Quallity in Carnation Benches Floriculture Summer quality
Summer Shading Essential to Cool Plants Floriculture
Summertime and the Handling Is Easy Floriculture Postharvest
Sunburn, Botrytis or Boron Deficiency Floriculture Botrytis cinerea, Browning, Preflowering stages, Symptoms, Fresh weight You may have asked this question more than once if you…
Sunflower Cultivars for Field Grown Cuts a Cultivar Evaluation Floriculture
Sunlight in Colorado Greenhouses Floriculture Sunlight
Sunshine Impatiens Floriculture Sunshine Impatiens
Supplemental Irradiation of Petunia CV. 'Red Flash' from Post-germination to Transplant Floriculture Supplemental
Supplemental Lighting Floriculture
Supplementing Nutrition with Calcium and Potassium Silicate to Manage Botrytis cinerea on Poinsettia Floriculture
Supplementing Nutrition with Calcium and Potassium Silicate to Manage Botrytis Cinerea on Poinsettia Floriculture
Suppressive Soil Reduces Carnation Disease (1980) Floriculture Fusarium wilt diseases caused by various specialized f…
Suppressive Soil Reduces Carnation Disease (1981) Floriculture Suppressive soil Fusarium wilt diseases caused by various specialized …
Surely You Know This Floriculture Surely You Know This
Surface-heating Greenhouse with Waste Heat Floriculture Surface heating
Surfactant Inhibits Plant Viruses Floriculture Surfacant inhibits
Surfactant Response with SADH and Ancymidol Floriculture
Survey of Floriculture Greenhouses in North Carolina Floriculture
Survey of Pythium Isolates for Resistance to Subdue Floriculture
Survey Shows Poinsettia Growers, Florists Need to Talk Floriculture Poinsettia
Sustain Peonies’ Fleeting Beauty Floriculture
Sustainable Agriculture - ‘Not Just For Outdoor Growers’ Floriculture
Sustainable Solutions Prep Flowers With Less Waste Floriculture Handling
Symposium on Greenhouse Climate and its Control Floriculture Symposium
Symptoms and Diagnosis of Amonium Toxicity in Chrysanthemum Floriculture
Symptoms of Nutritional Disorder of Chrysanthemums and Gladiolus Floriculture
System Where Day Heat is Stored in Water and Circulated by Night Floriculture Day heat
Systemic Fungicides Control Carnation Rust Floriculture Systematic fungicides
Systox for Nematode in Daffodils Floriculture
Tailor-Made for Tropicals Floriculture Postharvest
Take Care Before Cashing In Floriculture Postharvest questions
Taking Cuttings from Geranium Plants Floriculture
Tall Geraniums Floriculture
Tank Mixes Floriculture
Task Times for Cut Flowers Floriculture Task Times
Tayama Predicts the Future of World Cut Flower Production Floriculture
Te onrijpe bolbloemen bederven de markt. Floriculture
Teasel in decoctions Florists Urgeo to Discontinue Use Floriculture Biennial weed, Bouquets, Wreaths, (Dipsacaceae, CHEMICAL CONTROL Teasel, a tall biennial weed, is being introduced into…
Tech Tools to Help You Beat the Clock Floriculture Temperature, PH, Chlorine , STS
Technical Progress in Greenhouse Climate Control Floriculture Technical progress
Temik 10G - A Valuable Pest Control Weapon if Properly Handled Floriculture Temik 10g
Temik Granules on Leaves- Get Rid of Them Floriculture
Temperature and Chrysanthemum Flower Development Floriculture Temperature, Crysanthemums
Temperature and Ethylene Effects on Cut Flowers of Carnation (Dianthus carophyllus L.) Floriculture
Temperature and humidity observations in CSU Greenhouses Floriculture Temperature
Temperature Classification of Chrysanthemum Floriculture Temperature Classification
Temperature Determines Wilt Expression by Fusarium Carriers Floriculture Temperature
Temperature Effects on Bedding Plant Growth Floriculture Ornamentals
Temperature Effects on Snapdragon Flower Development Floriculture Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus L.) is pwn as a cut flow…
Temperature Guide to Chrysanthemum Varieties Floriculture Chrysanthemum Varieties
Temperature Management and Bud Opening in Carnations Floriculture
Temperature Observations in the CSU Bay Farm Greenhouse Floriculture Temperature observations
Temperature Preceding Cutting Affects Rose Color Floriculture Temperature preceding
Temperature, Irradiance and Cooling Treatment Length Affect Pelargonium X Domesticum Flowering Floriculture
Temperature, Solar Radiation and Sulfur Cause Yellowing of Plastic Greenhouse Glazings Floriculture Temperature
Temperatures for Poinsettias Floriculture
Temperatures in Carnation Flowers Floriculture Temperatures
TEMPERATURES OF SOIL MIXTURES DURING STEAM TREATMENT Floriculture Thomas method, buried per forated pipes, Copper-constantan thermocouples, Soil conditions, Steam movement Steaming is an excellent way to treat greenhouse soil …
Ten Ideas to Improve your Next Greenhouse Floriculture
Ten Ways to Conserve Energy Floriculture Ten ways
Terrariums Floriculture
Test Your Care IQ Floriculture Postharvest
Test Your Care IQ, Part II Floriculture Postharvest
Testing for Calcium Carbonate Precipitation in Irrigation Waters Floriculture Calcium
Tests in Preservative Solutions for Cut Roses and Carnations Floriculture Test
Tests with Cut Flower Preservatives Floriculture Tests with cut flower
Texas Petunia (Ruellia Brittoniana) Floriculture Ornamentals
Thanksgiving Cactus Production Floriculture
The Link Online Database Services and Local Electronic Libraries Floriculture Microcomputer
The on Bedding Plants in Colorado Floriculture Tobacco Budworm
The Story Floriculture Geranium Disease
The 'Mass Market' Floriculture
The 'Nuts and Bolts' of Easter Lily Production Floriculture
The 1976 New England Greenhouse Conference Floriculture
The 1996 Poinsettia Cultivar Trial - A Different Approach Floriculture
The 41°F. Cut Tulip Program A Commercial Reality Floriculture Flowering, storage, Adverse temperature conditions, Holland, Bulbs In earlier issues of this Bulletin experiments were di…
The Absorption of Silica from Aqueous Solutions by Plants Floriculture Silica dissolves in water to a small extent and below …
The Air-Supported Greenhouse Floriculture
THE ANATOMY OF RESISTANT ,SUSCEPTABLE PELARGONIUM SPECIES INFECTED WITH BLIGHT Floriculture Susceptibility, Xanthomonas pelargonii, Resistance, Water-conducting tissues, Wilt pathogen Bacterial blight of Pelargonium species caused by the …
The Appeal of Biodegradable Packaging to Floral Consumers- Part 1 Floriculture Currently, one of the most widely discussed topics in …
The Appeal of Biodegradable Packaging to Floral Consumers- Part 2 Floriculture Currently, one of the most widely discussed topics in …
The Appeal of Biodegradable Packaging to Floral Consumers- Part 3 Floriculture
The Availability of Light Energy for Plants Grown in Greenhouses Floriculture Availability of light evergy
The ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Easter Lily Production Floriculture
The Bare Essentials about Berrying Branches Floriculture Ethylene
The Bartz Concrete Bench Floriculture Bench
The Better Ways of Beating Botrytis Floriculture Better ways
The Carnation as a Carrier of Wilt-producing Fusaria Floriculture Carnation
The Carnation Grower in a Rapidly Changing World Floriculture Carnation grower
The Carnation in Legend and Fable Floriculture Carnation in legend
The Cause of Cold Spots in the Greenhouse Floriculture Cold spots in the greenhouse
The Chain of Life- Part II Floriculture
The Checking in Plant Growth Caused by Holding in Peat Pots or a Nursery Bed Floriculture Checking in plant growth
The Chemotherapy of Carnation Mosaic Virus Floriculture Chemotherapy
The Clean Stock Program and The Shoot Tip Floriculture Clean stock program
The Cold Facts Floriculture Cooler, Maintenance
The Colombian Connection -Miami importing Takes Effect Floriculture Cut flowers, South American, Miami importers, Cheaper Price, Better Quality, compete More cut flowers move through Miami International Airp…
The Complexity of the Fusarium Problem Floriculture Fusarium
The Concern Over Fluorides Floriculture
The Container Production of Herbaceous Perennials (Part 1) Floriculture The production of perennials is a subject that is like…
The Container Production of Herbaceous Perennials (Part 2) Floriculture Aconsideration ofthe production of perennials must be…
The Continuing Battle Against Rose Powdery Mildew Floriculture Continuing battle
The Cost of Electricity Floriculture Cost of electricity
The CSU Automatic Irrigation Floriculture Csu automatic irrigation
The Culture of Elatior- Begonia Floriculture
The Cut Flower Picture Floriculture Cut flower
The Development and Keeping Qualities of Flowers after Picking Floriculture A lengthening of the life span by growth substances is…
The Development of a Dianthus-Poinsettia Combination Flowering Potted Plant Floriculture
The Dichotomy Between Sales and Marketing Floriculture
The Dirt on Fillers Kill It Floriculture Postharvest
The Distribution of Fusarium Oxysporum in Shoot-tips of Carnations Floriculture Distribution of fusarium
The Dutch Vegetable Greenhouse Industry Floriculture Dutch vegetable
The Easter Lily bulbs should be coming in about the first of December Floriculture
The Easter Lily Crop, 1973 Floriculture
The Effect of Auxins and Ethylene on Leaf Abscission of Ficus Benjamina Floriculture
The Effect of Chemical Dip Treatments on the Culture of Croft Lilies 1 - Effect on Condition of Roots Floriculture
The Effect of Cutting Method on Timing of Second Crop Floriculture Cutting method
The Effect of Cutting Methods on Quality and Production of Better Times Roses Floriculture Better times roses
The Effect of Cyanide and Carbon Monoxide on the Electrical Potential and Resistance of Cell Membranes Floriculture
The Effect of Delayed Cooling and Delayed Application of CA Storage of McIntosh Apples Under Low and High Ethylene Levels Floriculture
The Effect of Ethylene on the Physiology of Ripening of Apple Fruits at Hypobaric Conditions Floriculture
The Effect of Ethylene Removal During Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Red Delicious, Empire, Jonathan, Idared, and Law Rome Apples Floriculture
The Effect of Gibberellins on Vegetative Growth and Flowering Habit of Geranium Floriculture
The Effect of Greenhouse Cooling Systems on the Development of Plant Diseases Floriculture
The Effect of Greenhouse Cover and Shading on 'Royalty' Rose Yield Floriculture Effect of Greenhouse Cover
The Effect of Heating System on Stomate Resistance and Water Stress in Calceolaria Floriculture The Effect of Heating System
The Effect of High Day Temperatures on New Plantlings of Forever Yours, Love Affair, and Cara Mia Roses Floriculture High day
The Effect of Light Intensity on the Quality and Production of Better Times Roses Floriculture Light intensity
The Effect of Low Oxygen on the Activities of Pectinmethylesterase and Acid Phosphatase During the Course of Ripening of Bananas Floriculture
The Effect of Mosaic on the Yield and Quality of Carnations Floriculture Mosaic
The Effect of Mulches on Soil Temperature Floriculture Soil temperature, Freezing, control weed, Insect infestation, loss of heat A mulch is a blanket put over the soil surface to cont…
The Effect of Nitrogen From Two Sources, Uramite and Ammonium Nitrate, on Plant Growth and Flowering of Carnations Floriculture
The Effect of Nutrient Spray on the Propagation of Chrysanthemum Cuttings Floriculture
The Effect of pH on Damping-Off Organisms Floriculture
The Effect of Shading and Nutrient Supply on Degree of Variegation of Variegated Peperomia Floriculture
The Effect of Shading on 'Samantha' Roses Floriculture Shading on Samantha
The Effect of Stage of Plant Development on Nutrient Content of Leaves Floriculture Stage of plant
The Effectiveness of Hydrogels in Container Plant Production is Reduced by Fertilizer Salts Floriculture
The Effects of B-Nine SP on the Height of Lisianthus November 1985.pdf Floriculture Eustoma, reducing plant height, Longevity of Lisianthus vase life, pot plant Lisianthus has received a great deal of attention as a…
The Effects of CA on Deterioration of Broccoli Floriculture
The Effects of Colchicine on Gypsophila Elegans Var. Covent Garden Market and the Resulting Somatic Changes Floriculture
The Effects of Glass and Fiberglass on Carnation Growth Floriculture Glass
The Effects of Growth Retardants and Temperature on the Growth and Flowering of Poinsettia CVS Floriculture
The Effects of Night Temperatures on Rose Production Floriculture Night temperatures
The Effects of Phthalimides and Gibberellic Acid on the Flowering of Cyclamen Floriculture
The Effects of Plastic Glazings on Rose Growth in Computer Controlled Greenhouses Floriculture Effects of Plastic
The Effects of Reduced Stress on Rose Yield and Grade Floriculture Effects of reduced stress
THE EFFECTS OF SEVERAL GROWTH RETARDANTS ON CROFT LILIES Floriculture Cycocel, CCC, Phosfon L, Phosfon D, Excessive elongation THE PURPOSE of these tests was to study the effects of…
The Effects of Temperature, Relative Humidity and Host Factors on the Attatchment and Survival of Boophilus Decoloratus and Boophilus Geigyi Larvae to Skin Slices Floriculture
The Effects of Thinning on Production and Grade Floriculture Effects of thinning
The Effects of Various Levels of Fluoride on Chlorophytum and Plectranthus Floriculture
The Eight Week Geranium - A Guide to Some Problems Floriculture
The Environmental Horticulture Industry in New England- Environmental Horticulture Survey 2006 Floriculture
The European Floral Market Situation Floriculture
The Evolution of Present-day Methods of Carnation Propagation Floriculture Carnation propagation
The Five Questions of Advertising Floriculture
The flower road is no primrose path Floriculture
The Flowering of Return Carnation Crops From Multiple Breaks Left Below a Cut Floriculture Flowering of return
The Fungus gnat larva: A problem Floriculture Poinsettia, Easter lily, Geranium, Greenhouse crops, Fungus gnat, Chrysanthemum Thethreat of the fungus gnat to greenhouse crops isemp…
The Future of Growing in New York State Floriculture
The Gallup Organization, Inc. Floriculture
The Garden Symphylid Floriculture
The Gas Suply Station in the United States Floriculture Gas supply
The Gates-Type Greenhouse Irrigation System: Design and Problems Floriculture Gates-type greenhouse
The Glasshouse Environment in Relation to Disease and Insects Floriculture Glasshouse Environment
The Glasshouse Industry on Guernsey Floriculture Glasshouse industry on Guernsey
The Great Apple Scare Floriculture
The Greenhouse Whitefly Floriculture
The Growth of Carnations in Artificial Media Floriculture Growth of carnation
The Growth of Laterally Split Carnation Shoot Tips Floriculture Growth of Laterally Split Carnat
The Heat is (Off) Floriculture Postharvest, Cold chain
The Herbicide Era Floriculture Herbicide
The Histology and Susceptibility and Resistance of Carnation to Fusarium Wilt Floriculture Histology
The History of the Youth Education Program in New York State Floriculture Youth education
The Ideal Temperatures for Alstromeria Production in Colorado Floriculture Ideal temperature
The Identity and Vector of the Carnation Streak Virus Floriculture Virus
The Impact of Controlled Atmosphere Packaging On America's Food Packaging Industries Floriculture
The Impact of Cultural Practices on the Post-harvest Fruit Quality of Navel Oranges Floriculture
The Impact of Pinching Technique on Branching of New Poinsettia Cultivars Floriculture
The Importance of Timing Carnations for the Fall Market Floriculture Importance of timing
The Influence of Bulb-Dips on the Height of Hybrid Lilies Grown in Warm Temperatures Floriculture
The Influence of Depth of Planting and Soil Drainage on the Development of Lily Root Rot Floriculture Influence on depth
The Influence of Light on Developmental Growth of Shoots (a defense thesis) Floriculture Light on development
The Influence of Photoperiod on Lateral Shoot Development of Carnation Floriculture Influence of photoperiod
The Influence of Planting On Fusarium Stem Rot Floriculture Influence on depth
The Influence of Stock Plant Grade Density on the Production of Greenhouse Roses Floriculture Stock plant
The Influence of the Flower-Head on Leaf Browning of Cut Protea Neriifolia Floriculture
The Interpretation of Soluble Salt Tests and Soil Analysis by Different Procedures Floriculture Controlling and accurately measuring the soluble salts…
The IPM Way to manage Bedding Plant Disease Part I - General Information and Contagious Diseases Floriculture
The Keepability of Cut Flowers Floriculture
The Latest on ...Plant Diseases Floriculture Botrytis blight, Fungus diseases, HOSE HANGERS, WATER IN THE MORNING, ROT-PROOFING WOOD WATER IN THE MORNING Prevent damping-off in seed flats…
The Latest on Gladiolus Weed Control Floriculture
THE LATEST ON PLANT DISEASES Floriculture Botrytis spores, Exotherm Termil, FUNGISTATIC DRENCHES, GARDENIA CANKER Growers who have not already spaced their geraniums af…
The Leafminer Liriomyza trifolii Floriculture
THE MARVELOUS MARIGOLDS Floriculture Economic, Pest-Repellent Properties, T. lemmoni, T. micanthra, Medicinal, Versatile Flower The National Garden Bureau, an educational service of …
THE MARVELOUS MARIGOLDS Part II Floriculture Day-Length Response, Marigold Odor, Hybrids, Open-Pollinated, Germination, Nematode Day-Length Response All marigolds will bloom rapidly u…
THE MARVELOUS MARIGOLDS Part III Floriculture Low Edging, Divider, Background, Category, Spreading Classes of Marigolds Arranged By Principal Garden Use …
The Mode of Action of 8-Hydroxyquinoline (Oxine) a Chemical approach, Floriculture
The Most Common Problems in Easter Lily Production (2001) Floriculture Height control on Easter lilies is typically a problem…
The Most Common Problems in Easter Lily Production (2002) Floriculture Height control on Easter lilies is typically a problem…
The Nature of Carnation Diseases and How They Spread Floriculture Nature of carnation diseases and
The Nature of the Wilt of Carnations caused by Pseudomonas caryophylli (Bacterial Wilt) Floriculture Nature of the wilt
The Neuse Starts Here Floriculture
The New Bacterial Spot Disease of Zinnia is Seedborne Floriculture
The New Basic Research Credit - An Incentive for Research Institutions and Corporations Floriculture New Basic Research Credit
The North Carolina Commercial Flower Growers' Association - Its History and Purpose Floriculture
The Nuts and Bolts of Bio-Fungicides Floriculture
The Ohio Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center- Safeguarding Past and Future Treasurers, Today Floriculture
The Ohio State University Department of Horticulture Floriculture Research Report Production & Postproduction Floriculture
The One, Two, Three's of Greenhouse BMP'S Floriculture
The Opening of Carnation Flower Buds Off the Plant Floriculture Opening of Carnation
The Optimum Growth Stage of Dwarf Carnation for Effective Sumagic Application Floriculture Optimum Growth Stage
The Origin of Autumn Colours by Coevolution Floriculture
The Other Day in The Greenhouse I Was Noticing… Floriculture
The Outlook for Perennials Is Positive Floriculture
The Percentage of Dry Matter Decreases with Age of Cut Carnations Floriculture Percentage dry matter
The Percentage of Roses Flowering from a Late Fall Pinch Floriculture Rose flowering
The Perfect Mix Floriculture Flower foods
The pH of Calcium Nittrate and Urea as Fertilizers Floriculture
The phytotoxicity of Termil on various annuals and perennials Floriculture Fungicide, Phytotoxicity, Termil, Thermal dust Tests were made on a wide range of plants to determine…
The Plume Moth on Geraniums Floriculture
The Pluralistic Economy of the U.S. Sci.Amer. Floriculture Pluralistic
The Possible Role of Manure in Disseminating Carnation Wilt Disease Floriculture Manure
The Postproduction Guide for Care and Handling of Foliage Plants for Interiors Floriculture
The Potting Bench Floriculture
The Practical Use of Phosfon-D as a Drench in Pot-Mum Culture Floriculture
The Press- For Plug Testing Success Floriculture