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Snapdragons and Misc. Crops


Snapdragons and Misc. Crops


1) Seed germination a) Some growers use straight vermiculite and stress the need for fertilization of seedlings. b) One grower uses a 3-2-2 mix of loam, peat, leaf mold in a bench. c) Many growers use a 1/4 inch layer of vermiculite over soil and sow the seed on the vermiculite. d) Bezdek gets seed 6 weeks before sowing and stores at 38-42°F. Use 1/2 peat, 1/2 sandy loam with vermiculite layer. Sterilize the whole works. Give full sun except a little shade in summer. Don't use glass on the flat. e) For summer varieties, use a germinating temperature of 62 F. Avoid higher temperatures. f) Flat liners for subirrigating seed flats are helpful. Use commercial liners, plastic sheeting, or aluminum foil.

Source: • New York State Flower Growers Incorporated, Bulletin #114

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