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Calla Lilies for Cut Flowers and Pots


Calla Lilies for Cut Flowers and Pots


The callas are species and hybrids of the genus Zantedeschia.The calla flower is as path and spadix type in florescence of elegant beauty. Within this genus, there are both warm- and cool-season types. The warm-season callas are deciduous and include Z.elliottana and Z.albomaculata. The cool-season callas include Z.aehieopicca and its derivatives. The cool-season types require adormancy period, while the warm-season types do not. The warm-season flowers include a variety of yellow and pink shades, but the cool-season types are predominately white. Callas grow from rhizomes, modified stems that resemble bulbs, and these are available from Florida, California, New Zealand, Holland, Israel, and France. They are considered hardy in zones 7-11, but may encounter difficulty surviving in areas with extremely hot summers.

Source: • Southeastern Floriculture

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