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Methyl Bromide for Sterilizing Small Quantities of Soil


Methyl Bromide for Sterilizing Small Quantities of Soil


The following simple method of sterilizing small quantities of soil with methyl bromide materials (Dowfume G and Iscobrome) was developed by Professors Newhall, Lear, and Tyler of Cornell's Department of Plant Pathology. Gas-tight containers, such as garbage cans or metal drums, are used to hold the soil. We use garbage cans of about 22 gallons capacity, since these hold 3 cubic feet of soil and have tight lids. The Dowfume G or Iscobrome is used at the rate of 50 cubic centimeters or 1 2/3 fluid ounces (2 tablespoonfuls plus 2 teaspoonfuls) per cubic foot of soil. One cubic foot of soil is equal to 7.3 gallons; hence a 50 gallon drum would hold 50 + 7.3 or approximately 7 cubic feet. 7x1 2/3 or approximately 12 fluid ounces (1 Va cupfuls) would be needed for this amount of soil, and 3x1 2/3 or 5 fluid ounces Qh cupful plus 2 tablespoonfuls) for the 3 cubic foot garbage can.

Source: • Massachusetts Flower Growers Association Bulletin #86

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