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Control of Arthropods in Harvested Chrysanthemum Cuttings


Arthropod disinfestation of chrysanthemum cuttings


Interstate and international shipment of chrysanthemum cuttings and other ornamental products requires effective control of insects and mites. Methyl bromide is widely used as a postharvest preshipping treatment for floral commodities, including chrysanthemum cuttings. In many cases, the dose necessary to provide complete control of target pests is at the upper limits of commodity tolerance and it often results in damage. Many uses of methyl bromide are scheduled to be phased out due to environmental concerns. The impending loss of this standard control method of disinfestation necessitates the development of alternative methods that provide not only quarantine security but also are compatible with floriculture commodities. Our objective was to develop an alternative disinfestation treatment for harvested chrysanthemum cuttings. The major pests of field grown chrysanthemums are: (1) melon aphid, (2) silverleaf whitefly, and (3) the agromyzid leafminer, Liriomyza trifolii. In addition, two-spotted spider mite and Western flower thrips can be incidental pests.

Source: • American Floral Endowment Special Research Reports #207

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