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Attribution of Tospoviruses in Floral Crops


Plant Breeding and Genetic Engineering


Tomato spotted wilt virus(TSWV) and Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) are species in the Tospovirus genus, and it is the only genus in the family Bunyaviridae. Hundreds of plant species, including weeds, and crops such as tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, flue-cured tobacco, peanuts. Many floral crops are among the hosts affected by TSWV in both monocots and dicots. The insect (10 thrips spp.) that transmits these viruses is also infected. Despite conventional control measures, the global movement of ornamentals is contributing to the dispersal of tospoviruses. Thus they continue to be a significant threat to the floral crop industry. INSV remains the most frequently detected virus in floral crops (personal communication, Agdia).

Source: • American Floral Endowment Special Research Reports #302

Keywords: Monocots Wilt virus Bunyaviridae Ornamentals Ospoviruses

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