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Effects of CA on Several Storage Disorders of Winter Cabbage


Low Oxygen Storage Disorders and Their Affect on Cabbage


Atmospheres low in oxygen (O2) have been reported to influence the development of storage disorders affecting head leaves of cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var capitata L.). Isenberg et jil. (9) reported a re1 duction in "pepper spot disease", which was not clearly distinguished between "black speck" (12) and cabbage "mosaic" (10). Bohling and Han sen (3) mentioned that low O2 concentrations inhibited a kind of necro sis of the outer leaves of cabbage without identifying the disorder. Geeson and Browne (7) reported a reduction or the elimination by CA sto rage of a non-microbial leaf necrosis disorder named "pepper-spotting". Walsh et al. (13) observed that an atmosphere of 3% 02 and 5% CO2 had little effect in the control of "black speck" which they considered as synomym of "pepper spot" and "grey speck", under the basis of Cox review (5).

Source: • Agriculture Canada, No. J-992

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