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Genetic Transformation of Petunia for Delayed Leaf and Flower Senescence


Genetic Transformation of Petunia


CONCLUSIONS 1. Transformation of petunias with sag12-IPT produced plants with enhanced cytokinin production. 2. IPT petunias had delayed leaf and flower senescence. 3. IPT petunias were more resistant to drought stress. 4. IPT petunias had enhanced resistance to Cercospora infection. 5. IPT petunia flowers were less sensitive to ethylene. IMPACT TO THE INDUSTRY Transgenic Petunia plants have improved post-production longevity and quality. They will be more attractive in the landscape with enhanced bloom display, decreased leaf yellowing following water stress, and increased resistance to disease. Plants will also be able to withstand retail environments where they could be exposed to water stress and/or ethylene.

Source: • American Floral Endowment Special Research Reports #301

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