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Assessing the Pollen Viability of Clerodendrum


Analyzing pollen viability of clerodendrum container production


The genus Clerodendrum with over 400 species has a wide variability in characteristics such as inflorescence shape and color, leaf shape, and plant form. These characteristics make Clerodendrum spp. candidates for container production and use as flowering potted plants. Interspecific hybridization of these species could further the use of this genus for container production. Unfortunately, there is limited information published on Clerodendrum hybridization. Determining pollen viability is an important initial steps in establishing a breeding program. Preliminary experiments indicated that interspecific crosses of various Clerodendrum species produced no seed set. The object of this experiment was to determine the duration of pollen viability after anthesis in C. speciosissimum and C. thomsoniae, two promising species.

Source: • American Floral Endowment Special Research Reports #517

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