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Effect of a Novel Phosphorus Fertilizer on Production of Florist Azalea and Pythium Resistance of Geranium


AI-P Fertilizer resists root rot and improves drought tolerance


We have developed a novel phosphorus (P) fertilizer which acts as a buffer. This is it releases P into the medium as plants remove it from the soil solution. This maintains a low but constant supply of P to the roots. Previous research indicated that buffered-P fertilizer (Al-P) provided adequate P nutrition to bedding plants and resulted in more compact, drought tolerant plants. In this study, we tested two additional hypotheses: (1) that Al-P could provide adequate P to crops with a long production time, e.g., florist azalea; and (2) that Al-P might increase resistance to disease, specifically Pythium root rot, which had previously been shown to be exacerbated by high fertilizer rates.

Source: • American Floral Endowment Special Research Reports #502

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