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Ornamental Gingers as Flowering Potted Plants – Part 5 Efficacy of Paclobutrazol and Gibberellins4+7 on Growth and Flowering


Efficacy of Paclobutrazol and Gibberellins4+7 on Growth and Flow


The genus Curcuma includes approximately 65 species that are native to southeast Asia. Commonly known as “hidden” or “surprise” gingers, these plants possess an attractive inflorescence with colorful bracts that enclose the flowers. Curcuma exhibit great diversity in color, form, and size and have few disease and insect problems. Cultural practices and optimal environmental conditions for curcuma vary according to species. The objectives of this research were to: (1) determine the effects of GA4+7 on rhizome emergence of C. alismatifolia ‘Chiang Mai Pink’, C. thorelii and C. gracillima ‘Violet’; and (2) determine the effects of GA4+7 and paclobutrazol on days to bloom, inflorescence height and number, post-production longevity, and elongation.

Source: • American Floral Endowment Special Research Reports #513

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