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Influence of Mother Bulb Nitrogen on Subsequent Nitrogen Uptake in Tulips


Influence of the nitrogen concentration of the mother bulb


Influence of the nitrogen concentration of the mother bulb ( planting bulb ) was investigated by the experiment using 15N tracer technique. Mother bulb nitrogen had no significant effect either on the growth of above-ground parts at flowering or on the bulb yield at lifting. But both nitrate and ammonia nitrogen uptakes significantly decreased with increasing nitrogen concentration of the mother bulb. Distribution factor of mother bulb nitrogen to each part of plant changed only slightly as nitrogen concentration of mother bulb increased. Regardless of mother bulb nitrogen, about 15 % of nitrogen originated from the mother bulb was transferred into the flower and removed by defloration, and finally 70 % was redistributed into daughter bulb and harvested. From the above, it was clarified that there might be the inverse correlation between the nitrogen concentration of the mother bulb and subsequent uptake of nitrogen, and high recovery percentage could be obtained for mother bulb nitrogen in tulip.

Source: • Acta Horticulturae

Keywords: Tulips Nitrogen Bulbs

Libraries: Floriculture

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