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New Virus Complex of Chrysanthemums


New Virus Complex of Chrysanthemums


The most commonly recognized symptoms of chrysanthemum stunt include dwarfing, bushiness, and early flowering (Dimock, 1947)- Brierley and Smith, in 1949 reported that the disease is caused by a virus. They showed that stunt was readily transmitted by grafting and by leaf rubbing but that symptoms were seldom expressed at the first flowering, three to four months after infection. How ever, diagnosis was possible after seven to ten months "during the second flowering. Olson (1949) reported that continual rogueing and selection of foundation stock effectively eliminated stunt. A system of graft indexing, using specific chrysanthemum varieties as indicators, was employed in the selection program and the results were checked against flower indexing of the same varieties. Olson's work also showed that the stunt virus could be spread to healthy plants by contaminated hands or knives.

Source: • New York State Flower Growers Incorporated, Bulletin #62

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