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Mine Are Little Things


Mine Are Little Things


We are prone to admire a city with a big population, a university with a large student body, an industry having an enormous produc tion and making much profit. We are also im pressed with a man with a million-dollar in come, but did we ever stop to think that this world is made up of little objects called atoms. More and more scientists are turning from the telescope to the microscope to learn how the world is made. Little things well done are the secret of all worthy achievement. Nothing in all nature is more beautiful than a brilliantly colored sunset. Its beauty is caused by a very small thing called particles of dust. The light of the sun coming through countless particles of dust in the atmosphere close to the earth. Little things are hinges on which turn the doors of destiny; so let us learn to cultivate and watch them. Little things are nothing new for we remember as far back as Soloman's time they fenced the vine yards against the large foxes, but it was the small foxes that got in and ate the buds from the vines and henceforth there was no fruit.

Source: • New York State Flower Growers Incorporated, Bulletin #55

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