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Specialty Annuals: Persian Shield


Persian Shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus)


In the quest for color in the landscape and the retail shop, some of the brighter landscapers and retailers realized a number of years ago that not only do colorful flowers sell, so does colorful foliage. Some market people feel that color is color and as long as the container catches the eye of the shopper and the gardener, then arguing about the source of the color is an futile exercise. Others feel that the only useful color is flower color. Such short-sighted people are still in the "marigold mold" of color, and are not keeping up with trends in the real world. The importance of foliage color is seen in the breeding of begonias, New Guinea impatiens and the major increase in sales of coleus. Persian Shield is an old fashioned plant and has not changed a great deal since Victorian times. However, it's large purple and silver leaves are terrific in bold landscapes or small gardens.

Source: • Southeastern Floriculture

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